NXT and AEW each borrow each other’s viewers over the last month, details on how many viewers each show gained unopposed, other key metrics

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


While AEW Dynamite and NXT on USA go head-to-head again this week, last week was the fourth week in a row the shows didn’t battle head-to-head with their first-run programs.

Last week NXT was moved to Tuesday night for the second straight week, bumped from the usual timeslot due to NHL playoffs on USA Network. It drew 838,000 live and same-night-delayed viewers last week (9/8), down from the prior week’s (9/1) viewership  of 849,000. The following are the viewership numbers for NXT the last four weeks without Dynamite as competition.

  • 9/8: 838,000
  • 9/1 849,000
  • 8/26: 824,000
  • 8/19: 853,000
  • AVERAGE: 841,000

The prior four weeks averaged 684,000 viewers. So NXT, without AEW as competition, despite airing on a different night the last two weeks, gained 157,000 viewers on average each week.

Meanwhile, AEW was unopposed in its usual Wednesday night timeslot the last two weeks, drawing 1,016,000 live and same-night-delayed viewers last week (9/9), an improvement on the 928,000 the prior wee (9/2). The preview two weeks NXT aired on Thursday and Saturday instead, bumped from its usual Wednesday night timeslot due to scheduled NBA playoff games.

The last two weeks averaged 972,000 viewers. The prior two weeks moved from its usual timeslot but airing unopposed averaged 784,000. The previous four weeks averaged 831,000. So the last two Wednesdays, unopposed by NXT, AEW drew on average 161,000 more viewers than it averaged during the prior four week “normal” period when up against NXT.

So bottom line, it appears that each show gained right around 160,000 viewers who typically would have watched the other show instead live or on a same-night-delay.  This week, the shows get back to normal and it’s possible that one of the shows will end up retaining some new viewers if some of those 160,000 who sampled the other show end up sticking with that show instead.


-The Sept. 9 AEW Dynamite finished no. 7 among all cable programs on Wednesday night in the 18-49 demographic, drawing a 0.37 rating. NBA playoffs on ESPN finished no. 1 and no. 2 with 1.32 and 1.24 ratings and 3.327 million and 2.977 million viewers.

-The Sept. 8 NXT on USA show finished no. 15 among all cable programs on Tuesday night in the 18-49 demographic, drawing a 0.22 rating.

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