Radican’s 9/30 G1 Climax 30 Night 7 report: White vs. Ospreay, Ishii vs. Shingo War at Kourakeun Hall (w/spoiler free viewing guide)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)



I will provide a list of matches for people to watch after each show at the top of my review.


(2) Jeff Cobb vs. Kota Ibushi. (***¾)

(3) Kazuchika Okada vs. Taichi (****)

(4) Will Ospreay vs. Jay White. (****)

(5) Tomohiro Ishii vs. Shingo Takagi. (****¾)

SEPT. 30, 2020

English commentary provided by Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero.


Kevin Kelly had standings for the unofficial Young Lions C Block. He said Uemura had 3 wins and Gabriel Kidd and Tsuji each had two wins. So Uemura has six points and Kidd and Tsuji each have four points. Tsuji got the upper hand and hit a big splash for a two count. He went for a Boston Crab, but Uemura got to the ropes. They went back and forth and Uemura caught Tsuji with a big dropkick as he came off the ropes and the fans fired back. Uemura was on a roll, but Tsuji sprang out of the corner and surprised him with a spear. Tsuji then got the Boston Crab in the middle of the ring.

The fans tried to fire up behind Uemura as Tsuji cranked on the Boston Crab. Tsuji sat down on the Boston Crab. Uemura nearly got to the ropes, but Tsuji turned him over into a giant swing. Tsuji hit multiple rotations before dumping Uemura to the mat. Tsuji then applied a full Boston Crab. He sat down on the hold and the fans fired up. Uemura struggled to get to the ropes, but Tsuji dragged him to the middle of the ring. Tsuji then sat down on the hold and Uemura had to tap.

Tsuji is now tied with Uemura on top of the unofficial C Block with three wins and six points.

WINNER: Yota Tsuji at 7:35. (***¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: Great action once again between these two. It’s really fun that they’ve made this the unofficial C Block of G1 Climax.)


Suzuki went right at Takahashi when he got into the ring. They began shoving each other and the bell rang. El Desperado was shown sitting in on English commentary. The action spilled to the floor and Takahashi hit a one legged dropkick. Kelly mentioned that Suzuki had never made a G1 final. Rocky mentioned how angry Suzuki was being left out of the tournament last year. Suzuki fired back inside the ring and sent Takahashi to the floor. He tossed him right into the barricade. He went to get a chair, but the ref stopped him. Suzuki tossed the ref aside and grabbed another chair. He hit Takahashi with a chairshot over the back and teased going after the fans with the chair.

Suzuki got a choke inside the ring a short time later. He let it go and made a cover for a two count. Suzuki went for a PK, but Takahashi blocked it. He then nailed Takahashi with a dropkick to the mat. The fans fired up with Takahashi attempted to mount a comeback. Suzuki was working a neck crank and trying to put Takahashi out, but he managed to counter it into a fisherman suplex.

They went to a big strike exchange. The announcers mentioned Takahashi hadn’t been in the G1 for five years. Suzuki sent Takahashi down to the mat with a big forearm to the jaw. Takahshi got back up and continued to exchange with Suzuki before decking him with a big clothesline.

Suzuki landed a beautiful counter on Takahashi and got the choke. Takahashi grabbed the ref, but Suzuki dragged him back with the choke. He then hit the GSP for the win.

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki (6 pts) at 7:53. (**3/4)

(Radican’s Analysis: An intense and fairly decisive win for Suzuki.)

(2) JEFF COBB (2) vs. KOTA IBUSHI (4) – A Block match

It looked like Cobb was going to have the advantage early by taking Ibushi down to the mat, but then he tried to strike with Ibushi. Ibushi took him down and hit a standing moonsault. Cobb fired back and hit the A.J. Styles dropkick on Ibushi for a two count. Ibushi hit a slingshot splash to the floor a short time later and the fans really fired up. Cobb went for a spear a short time later, but Ibushi caught him with a double stomp. Cobb blocked a kick a short time later and hit a back suplex.

Cobb was slow to go on the attack and he favored his chest where Ibushi had targeted his strikes and kicks. Cobb hit a big suplex and a Gachimuchi-Sault, but Ibushi kicked out at the last second. They traded bombs and Ibushi hit a big clothesline, but Cobb didn’t go down and he turned Ibushi inside out with a big clothesline of his own. Cobb hit a HUGE F-5 on Ibushi with multiple rotations, but Ibushi kicked out at the last second. WOW!

Cobb went for a TOI, but Ibushi held onto the ropes. Cobb got Ibushi up on his shoulders, but Ibushi slid out. They went back and forth. Ibushi escaped another TOI attempt. He hit a big knee to Cobb’s chin and then a Kamigoye for the win.

WINNER: Kota Ibushi (6 pts) at 10:43. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: Cobb dominated the match and Ibushi showed him respect after the match. I think Cobb is going to pick up more wins during the tournament and be a force this year even though he’s taking losses. He was really good in this match.)

The show went to an intermission for a sanitizing of the ring.


Okada needs a win here having already lost to Ibushi and White. Taichi is another opponent for Okada at the top of the standings. Taichi took Okada to the floor during the early going and whipped him into the guardrail. Desperado distracted the ref, which allowed Taichi to hit Okada with a chair to the back. Taichi shoved Okada back-first into the ringpost. Okada’s back was taped up.

Taichi continued to Target Okada’s lower back. Okada finally fired back and hit a running uppercut. He went on the attack and the fans fired up. Okada went for a Money Clip, but Taichi shoved him away. Okada placed Taichi up top a short time later and dropkicked him down to the floor.

They went to the floor and Okada caught Taichi with a DDT. The announcers pointed out that Okada didn’t go for his usual draping DDT off the guardrail due to the work on his back. Okada went up top for a missile dropkick, but Taichi swatted him away and Okada immediately sold his back. Taichi went back after Okada’s back. He applied a high angle single leg crab. The fans tried to rally behind Okada with claps. Okada struggled, but managed to get to the ropes.

They went back and forth and Okada caught Taichi with a neckbreaker over his leg. The announcers pointed out that Okada has been going after Taichi’s neck when he’s on offense. Okada went for a dropkick, but missed. Taichi immediately nailed him with a buzzsaw kick and the fans fired up. Taichi tore off his pants and set up for another kick. He took too much time nad Okada nailed him with a dropkick.

Okada went for a Tombstone, but it was blocked. He then went for a MC attempt, but Taichi countered it into a Saito Suplex and both men were down as the fans fired up. Taichi lost his grip on Okada, who nailed him with a spinning tombstone. Okada got up first and applied the MC on Taichi, who was seated on the mat. They went back and forth and Okada got out of a backslide and connected with a Rainmaker.

Okada held on to Taichi’s wrist and went for a Rainmaker, but Taichi pulled the ref in and pushed him away. Taichi then hit a low blow and got the Taichi Clutch for a nearfall. The fans fired up with both men down on the mat. Taichi connected with a big jumping kick to Okada’s head. Taichi set up for a big kick, but Okada blocked it. They traded blows and Taichi sent Okada down to the mat. They went back and forth. Oakda went for a spinning Rainmaker, but Taichi blocked it and hit a Rainmaker of his own for a nearfall and the crowd went crazy clapping with enthusiasm.

Taichi went for Black Mephisto, but Okada slipped out and got the MC. Taichi threw Okada off and went for Black Mephisto, but Okada countered it into the MC. The fans clapped as the ref checked on Taichi. Taichi fought his way up to his feet and went to the ropes, but Okada hit a backbreaker while still applying the MC. Okada then applied the MC tightly in the middle of the ring and the ref called for the bell.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada (4 pts) at 17:03 via ref stoppage. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was really good. Taichi took the fight to Okada from start to finish and was on the verge of winning several times. He worked over Okada’s back throughout the match, but Okada really forced the Money Clip over and over to the point that it’s going to be a story as to whether or not that is going to hurt him as the tournament wears on.)


White kept bailing to the floor during the early going to stall. White hit some big chops, but Ospreay decked him with one big chop and the fans fired back. Ospreay put his hands behind his back and allowed White to chop him. White put his hands behind his back, but then kicked Ospreay. Ospreay fired back with a back back body drop. He sent White to the floor and did a fake dive. White ran into the ring only to get decked with a big chop.

White suddenly dumped Ospreay to the floor and Ospreay screamed in pain. White mocked the fans and clapped inside the ring. The announcers said Ospreay hit his neck on the apron on the way down to the floor. White began to target Ospreay’s legs in addition to his neck. Ospreay fired back with a handspring spring off the ropes.

The fans fired up. Ospreay favored his leg, but still managed to hit a standing SSP for a 2 count. Ospreay was a little slow going up top, but he connected with Pip Pip Cheerio. He set up for the Sasuke Special, but Gedo dragged him out of the way. Gedo distracted Ospreay as he got back into the ring and White caught him with a draping DDT and Ospreay favored his neck.

Ospreay went up top, but White caught him and dumped him to the mat with a Flatliner variation. He then hit a deadlift German for a two count. They battled up top and Ospreay eventually hung White upside down in the corner. Ospreay then went up top for a coast-to-coast after Gedo unhooked his foot. Ospreay wiped out Gedo and White with a Sasuke Special. He followed up with a springboard 450 for a two count. White blocked an Os-cutter and eventually hit a urangi and both men were down.

White hit the Kiwi Crusher for a two count. The fans fired up and Ospreay blocked a Blade Runner and turned it into a sitout powerbomb. White blocked the Os-Cutter and went for Blade Runner. Ospreay ducked a strike from White and hit an Os-Cutter for a nearfall. Ospreay set up for the Hidden Blade, but White collapsed to avoid it.

Ospreay set up for the Stormbreaker, but White used his legs to trip the ref. Gedo ran in with a paid of golden knux, but Ospreay wiped him out. They had an incredible counter exchange. Ospreay got the upper hand and hit Hidden Blade. He then hit a Storm Breaker for the win.

WINNER: Will Ospreay (6 pts) at 18:46. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: Ospreay wouldn’t have been my choice to go over Jay White. White had appeared to be so dominant as a heel, but Ospreay didn’t have too much trouble fending off White’s dirty tactics. The story seemed to be heading towards someone overcoming all obstacles to beat Ospreay, but this was not quite that match.)


These two had an incredible match during the G1 last year that went 22:41. They went at it right away and began trading elbows in the middle of the ring. They traded a bunch of shoulder tackles and neither man would go down. Takagi finally went down after taking a big shoulder tackle from Ishii. Both men continued to brutalize each other. The action spilled to the floor and Ishii whipped Shingo into the guardrail. Shingo no-sold it and hit a shoulder tackle, but Ishii didn’t go down. BOth men began trading elbows on the floor.

Ishii no-sold a whip into the guardrail, but Shingo nailed him with a big lariat and both men were down on the outside. The fans fired up as the ref checked on both men. Shingo got the upper hand and rolled Ishii into the ring. He hit some big elbows and then a knee drop. They went to a big chop exchange and the fans clapped as they picked up the pace. Ishii countered out of Noshigami and hit a vertical suplex and both men were down.

Ishii went on the attack in the corner with chops and strikes back and forth. Ishii then hit some light kicks to Shingo’s head. He then stood on Takagi’s head. The fans tried to fire up behind Shingo. Shingo suddenly fired back with a chop and a big clothesline. Now it was Shingo’s turn to hit some light kicks to the head as he peppered Ishii with kicks. Ishii shrugged them off and got up. He told Shingo to kick him in the head. Takagi hit several big kicks, but Ishii fired back and hit several throat chops! Shingo fell down and Ishii picked him up and chopped him right in the throat.

Shingo fired back with a throat chop. He hit several strikes and then another big throat chop in the corner and Ishii went down. WOW! The announcers mentioned this wasn’t something Takagi usually does. Shingo hit Noshigami and then a wheelbarrow German. He followed up with a sliding lariat for a two count.

The fans really picked up their clapping with Takagi on the attack. They went back and forth trading counters. Shingo finally hit a lariat, but Ishii got right up and hit him with a lariat. Both men hit running lariats at the same time and collapsed and the fans clapped in appreciation. They battled up top and Ishii hit a big delayed vertical superplex for a two count.

The fans fired up big time with claps as both men were slow to get up. They went back and forth. Shingo went for MIJ, but instead turned it into a double knee gutbuster. Ishii blocked MIJ. They went back and forth and Shingo spiked Ishii with a DDT. Shingo lifted Ishii and hit MIJ for a nearfall.

Shingo hit a Pumping Bomber, but Ishii kicked out at the last second. The fans really fired up once again with enthusiastic clapping. Ishii mounted a comeback and finally decked Shingo with a big German. Both men were down on the mat. Ishii got on a roll and hit the stacked powerbomb for a nearfall. Ishii talked some junk before hitting a big lariat on Shingo for a two count.

Shingo hit a pop-up DVD, but Ishi got right up. Ishii hit a dragon suplex. He ran right into a lariat. Ishii made the cover, but Shingo kicked out at one and both men were down. WOW! This is unbelievable!! Ishii set Shingo up and hit a sliding lariat for a two count. Ishii missed an enzuguri and took a big running elbow to the back of the head and both men were down once again.

Both men got to their knees and butted heads. They to their feet and traded headbutts. This is just uncomfortable to watch at times. Ishii hit a bunch of elbows. Ishii glared and fired back with some elbows of his own. Ishii got hung up in the ropes and Takagi turned it into a GTR. Shingo got a running start and hit a HUGE Pumping Bomber, but Ishii kicked out at the last second!

Shingo hit a short DDT. Ishii blocked a Last of the Dragon attempt. They went back and forth and Ishii countered Shingo and hit a DDT. The announcers wondered how much time was left in the match. The 25 minute mark came and went. They traded headbutts to the chest. Ishii blocked a clothesline and hit an enzuguri. The fans fired up and Ishii hit a big clothesline for a nearfall. Ishii then lifted Shingo and thit he Vertical Drop Brainbuster for the win. This was just insane.

Shingo recovered and tried to go after Ishii after the match ended. They traded some light headbutts and blows. Shingo was dragged to the outside and Ishii crawled over to the apron and grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a headbutt. These guys are crazy.

WINNER: Tomorhiro Ishii (2 pts) at 26:01. (****¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: What a war. They went longer than they did last year and had an incredible war. These two traded bombs back and forth the entire match with some incredible counter wrestling and fighting spirit spots down the stretch. I wasn’t a fan of the headbutts, but these two wrestled an incredible match that captivated the crowd.)

Tomohiro Ishii does not cut promos, so there was no traditional show ending promo from the winner of the main event on this night of G1.



Taichi (3-1, 6pts)
Jay White (3-1, 6pts)
Minoru Suzuki (3-1, 6pts)
Kota Ibushi (3-1, 6pts)
Will Ospreay (3-1, 6pts)
Kazuchika Okada (2-2, 4pts)
Jeff Cobb (1-3, 2pts)
Shingo Takagi (1-3, 2pts)
Tomohiro Ishii (1-3, 2pts)
Yujiro Takahashi (0-4, 0pts)


Toru Yano (3-0, 6pts)
Tetsuya Naito (3-0, 6pts)
Juice Robinson (2-1, 4pts)
Kenta (2-1,4pts)
Hiroshi Tanahashi (1-2, 2pts)
Zack Sabre Jr. (1-2, 2pts)
Evil (1-2, 2pts)
Hirooki Goto (1-2, 2pts)
Yoshi-Hashi (1-2, 2pts)
Sanada (0-3, 0pts)

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