10/5 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Kevin Owen’s invite onto The KO Show, Drew & Profits vs. Ziggler & Roode & Orton, final pre-Draft episode

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


OCTOBER 5, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe


-Phillips and Saxton introduced and previewed the show, including the Drew McIntyre & Street Profits vs. Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode plus Bray Wyatt on The KO Show

-They went to a pretaped segment with Randy Orton who walked through what the various Legends did to him in the Ambulance Match. He said in those moments, he saw nothing but darkness and felt nothing but excruciating pain. He said seeing them gather and laugh and smile at his expense last week made him feel sick. He noted the Street Profits joined them at the poker table.

He said for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. He said that came in the form of a much-needed reintroduction to the Legend Killer. He said he wanted them to feel the way he did when those ambulance doors closed. He said he made sure they felt the same pain he did. He said he watched them through his night vision goggles as they looked to their right and to their left in the dark. He said Big Show stood and started swinging, and he knocked him down over the poker table. He said next he walked over to Christian, looking everywhere for help. He said he snuck up to him and said, “Say hi to Edge for me.” He said he took a chair from Shawn Michaels and kicked his head in. He said finally he went to Ric Flair who was trying to escape out the door. He said he turned him around and he met his fate. He said he’d like to have seen Drew’s reaction when he saw the price paid by those who tried to stop the Legend Killer. He said the full bill won’t be paid until he holds the WWE Title again.

Orton then issued a challenge “directly” to Drew through the camera for a Hell in a Cell match. He said if Drew wants to cement his legacy, facing him and beating him in the Cell could do it. Drew barged into the room, paused and shot Orton an intense look, and then shoved him against the wall violently. Drew punched away at him and took him down hard. “What do you know about hell?!” he asked as he punched away at him. A bunch of officials and referees ran into the room and frantically pried them apart.


Zelina was in the ring with her music fading. Then Natalya for her full ring entrance. Mandy came out first, then Dana. (News Flash: Dana did not flex her biceps like a proud six year old boy after lifting a heavy toy.) Mandy took out Lana with a running knee and scored the three count. Brooke flexed her muscles with her teammates on the ramp afterward.

WINNERS: Asuka & Rose & Brooke in 5:00.

-Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax walked out to ringside and surrounded Natalya and Lana. Jax lifted Natalya on her shoulders. Lana yanked her to safety. Jax gave her a Samaon drop through the announce table – again!!!

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not against just doing this every week for the rest of the year. Nothing against Lana.) [c]

-R-Truth stood in front of an ink board where he had created a his mock draft. The top picks on Smackdown were Mercy the Buzzard, Little Jimmy, Sam Roberts, Mr. McMahon, Charlie Caruso, and Brother Love. On Raw, Huskus, R-Truth, Michael Cole, Peter Rosenberg, Road Dogg, The Other Carmella, Ranjin Singh. He then noticed a janitor in a mask and thought it was Randy Orton. The janitor swung a mop at Truth, but hit the ref. It was Drew Gulak, and he rolled up Truth for the three count to win the 24/7 Title. He then ran away with the belt.

-They went to Phillips, Saxton, and Samoa Joe at ringside in front of the collapsed table.

-Backstage Ricochet, Apollo Crews, and Mustafa Ali were chatting. (They decided to film that for no apparent reason.) Then, conveniently, MVP happened upon them. (I bet they’re happy they decided to film their otherwise innocuous conversation since it suddenly got interesting with MVP there!) MVP said tonight they are on the clock because, for one night only, he has an opening in the Hurt Business. He said Cedric Alexander said no several times and he finally came around and look at his career now. He said they’re on the clock. Crews told Ali and Ricochet to ignore him. Ricochet seemed to be considering the offer after Crews and Ali left the scene.

(Keller’s Analysis: They should all take him up on the offer, honestly.) [c]

-Seth Rollins and Murphy stood in the ring. They cut to a video package on the Seth & Murphy and Mysterio family drama last week. Seth asked Murphy for the mic. He wouldn’t hand it over. Murphy’s said he had something to get off his chest. He said he’s been his loyal disciple, but for him to remain his disciple, he needs Seth to apologize. Seth, expressing disbelief, asked why he needs to apologize to him. Murphy said he should apologize to Aaliyah Mysterio. Seth yanked the mic angrily out of Murphy’s hands.

Seth said he could have shared all of their DMs, including the ones where she expresses all her feelings about her family, such as Dominik being the chosen one and how her parents don’t acknowledge her accomplishments. He said he could have put that out there last week, but he didn’t, and Murphy wants him to apologize? He poked Murphy in the forehead and said, “Disciple.” He pointed at himself and said, “Messiah!” He repeated that. Then Dominik’s music played. He came out with Humberto Carrillo. They attacked Seth and Murphy, clearing the ring. Phillips said, “This match has not been made official yet.” They stereo dove onto both of them at ringside. [c]


Murphy tagged himself in by slapping Seth’s back after Dominik knocked him into the ropes. Seth yelled at Murphy that he didn’t need him to tag in and he didn’t need him in general. Murphy yelled back at him. Dominik tagged in Humberto who dove at Seth and Murphy. He hit Murphy with a top rope dropkick. Murphy rebounded from his back bump like he had bounced on a trampoline. A Seth distraction opened up Murphy to schoolboy Humberto for a near fall. Murphy DDT’d Humberto. Dominik and Seth went at it at ringside. Seth threw Dominik over the ringside barricade, then turned to Murphy and told him he doesn’t need him. Humberto then landed a corkscrew dive onto them. Back in the ring, Humbert kicked Murphy in the face. Then he kicked Seth. When he leaped off the top rope a second later, Murphy kneed him out of mid-air and scored the pin. Joe called it “unbelievable accuracy!”

WINNERS: Murphy & Seth in about 6:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Lots of good action, especially in that closing sequence.)

-Backstage they were filming Adam Pearce talking on his cell phone. Braun Strowman then walked up to him and said he knows Raw Underground isn’t happening tonight. He said he didn’t drive all the way there for no reason, so he wants a match and, if he doesn’t get one, he’ll wreck the locker room. Pearce said he’s not a Raw wrestler, but after the draft they might see a lot more of each other. Pearce said he can give him an exhibition, though. Braun asked what that is. Pearce explained that it’d be unsanctioned, assuming he can find an opponent. Braun said if that means someone is going to get these hands, he’s alright with it. Keith Lee then walked up to Pearce and said, “Sign me up.” Pearce nodded.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’ll never understand why WWE starts these segments by filming someone doing something you’d never show on TV because it’s so boring and unremarkable – a guy on a phone – and have the person of interest walk up to them instead of the other way around. They could so easily film Braun on the warpath approaching Pearce who is standing 20 feet away when they begin the scene. It’s the difference between coming across like a skit on a bad sitcom versus a more natural documentary or backstage roving sports report scene.) [c]

-They were filming Murphy yanking off his wrist tape. Then, Seth barged in and raged at Murphy that he should apologize to him. He said he has until 10 p.m. to come find him and apologize if he wants to remain his disciple or there will be hell to pay.

-Phillips plugged “an exclusive interview” with McIntyre.

(Keller’s Analysis: Wow, congratulations, WWE Monday Night Raw, on this exclusive. I knew your hard work would pay off some day and you’d eventually have a “big get” like an interview with the WWE Champion. You deserve it.)


-The KO Show: Kevin Owens said he’s felt different for a couple of days. He said he knows The Fiend changes people. He said tonight’s KO Show isn’t going to be about having a nice chat. He threw the chairs and sign out of the ring. He said it’s different tonight. He threw to a video package from Friday’s Smackdown where Owens interviewed Alexa Bliss who said she has been cleansed by The Fiend, and then The Fiend attacking Owens.

Back in the ring, he said Fiend ripped the breath out of him. He said these dark souls keep going after him. He said first it was Aleister Black, and wondered if next it’d be The Brood. He told Bray to bring the puppets and his sweater vest out there. Bray appeared on the screen. He smiled and waved. Fiend said Kevin is his new friend, and it’s always nice to make new friends. He brought up finger painting and sleepovers and playing ball “or burying a body together in the woods.” The pig asked in a panic what happens if he gets drafted to different brand next week. The Rabbit said he doesn’t want to leave The Funhouse. Bray said friends stick together no matter what brand they’re on. Bray (poorly) sang a song about how friends warm your heart. The Buzzard then ate the Rabbit as he said, “Til death do us part.”

Owens called it a demented Mr. Rogers Reboot. He said they could have been friends, but they’re not. He said he attacked him on Friday. He called him to the ring so he doesn’t have to wait until Friday to beat the hell out of you. Bray said, “That’s not very nice and I don’t like bullies, and neither does He.” He said what’s going on between him and Bliss is not KO’s business. His voice got sinister and he said he has no idea what he got himself into. He said this Friday on Smackdown, he’ll know. They showed images of The Fiend. He waved bye.

After the jingle played, KO said he’s not waiting until Friday, so he’s going to find him. As he walked up the ramp, Aleister Black attacked him with Black Mass. [c]

-Charly Caruso interviewed Drew backstage. Drew said every time he sees Orton, he’s going to kick the crap out of him and it will continue in the main event all the way to Hell in a Cell. He said his answer is yes. “I’m not locked inside the Cell with you, you’re locked inside the Cell with Drew McIntyre. I’m not sending you to purgatory; I’m sending you straight to hell.”

-The announcers reacted. Joe said the Cell seems like the only setting to conclude this feud. Phillips talked about the Braun vs. Lee unsanctioned match. He threw to a sponsored video package on Braun.


They locked up. Then circled each other, smiling with respect at each other’s power. Lee checked Braun. Braun barely moved, then brushed his shoulder. Braun dropkicked Lee. Lee rolled to the floor. Braun went after Lee at ringside, but Lee kicked him as he charged. He kneed him and then whipped him toward the steps. Braun reverse-whipped Lee into the stairs instead. The ref counted to ten.

WINNER: Double countout in 2:00.

-Braun yelled at the ref for counting him out. He called him a moron. Braun then checked Lee into the barricade, which tipped over. Lee was down and slow to get up. They cut to a replay. Lee stood and eyed Braun. Officials tried to talk Braun out of going back after Lee. He pushed past them. Lee leaped off the stairs and went after Braun. They fought up the ramp. Lee shoved him into the LED boards. Lee tackled Braun off the stage onto a landing pad below. Three referees leaped down to check on them. “They need a forklift!” exclaimed Joe. (Great line there.)

(Keller’s Analysis: I felt giving away this match with so little build was a mistake, but that segment made me want to see more between them.) [c]

-Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin made their ring entrance. [c]

-In the ring, MVP spoke before the match that Ricochet, Crews, and Ali are on notice. He said if they run around and try to play tough, prepare to fold when they see the black and gold. He said they – Hurt Business – fit the description of what nightmares are made of.

(Keller’s Analysis: MVP is doing such consistently good work on the mic these days.)

-As he walked to the ring, Ali said MVP lost last week because he pushed back at him. Crews said with MVP, it’s always about the excuses. Ricochet interrupted and said he knows MVP gave him until the end of the night to make a decision. Ricochet then said, “It’s a pass.” He laughed uproariously. He asked if he almost had him tricked. He asked if MVP is mad. MVP said he’s about to find himself on the business-end of some hurt. Ricochet said for the past couple of months, he’s been on the business-end of a beatdown.


The Hurt Business isolated Ricochet. He made a comeback with a dropkick, tagged in Crews, and they clotheslined Lashley over the top rope to the floor. [c]

Lashley was working over Ricochet after the break. Next they took over on Crews for a while, including a high one-armed clothesline followed by Hurt Lock (Full Lashley/Full Nelson) for the tapout.

WINNERS: Hurt Business in 10:00.

-Backstage, Aaliyah told Murphy she’s been waiting all night to talk to him. He apologized to her. She said he should be worried about Seth, not her. She asked Murphy if he’s really considering apologizing to Seth. He paused and took a deep breath and said he is. [c]

-Backstage MVP was singing and saying “those kids are fools” to Lashley and Shelton. Ali approached them. MVP said he must be out of his mind being around them alone. Ali told MVP when he’s done with him, he’s going to after Lashley and Shelton, too.

-They went back to the announcers at ringside who reacted to Ali. Phillips said he’s got moxey.

-Seth made his full ring entrance. He waited for Murphy to come out and apologize. Murphy made his entrance next. Phillips said there appear to be honest feelings between Murphy and Aaliyah. Joe noted how young Aaliyah is, and said Seth might be the only stable thing in his life. Seth insisted Murphy apologize. “It shouldn’t be this difficult!” he said. He began yelling and grabbed his beard. “I made you what you are,” he said. “I made you and I can break you.” He tackled Seth and punched away at him. He knocked Seth out of the ring and then tackled him over the announce desk. Seth swung a kendo stick, but Murphy ducked. He got a hold of the stick and bashed Seth. He told Seth to apologize to him. Seth begged him to stop. Seth called for Aaliyah. Seth said, “I’m sorry.” Murphy dropped the stick. Seth then leaped at a disarmed Murphy and dug his thumbs into his eyes. Seth then whacked Murphy with the stick.

Seth grabbed a chair. Aaliyah ran out and covered Murphy. Seth backed away. Dominik ran out and had a serious talk with his sister. Rey and his wife walked out next. Seth walked up the ramp. Dominik asked Aaliyah, “Are you kidding me?” The Mysterio family left together. Seth was shown waiting for them backstage. Dominik asked Aaliyah to remember what Murphy did to their dad’s eye. “What were you thinking?”

-They showed Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax chatting backstage. [c]

-They replayed clips of the Seth-Mysterio Family segment.

(5) NIA JAX & SHAYNA BASZLER vs. THE RIOTT SQUAD (Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan) – Women’s Tag Team Title match

After Jax beat up Riott, Baszler asked for a tag. Jax hesitated, but finally did. Baszler worked over Riott’s arm, including stomping on it. As Jax beat up Riott at ringside, they cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Riott tagged in Morgan and took over against Baszler a few minutes after returning from the break. Jax joined in. Four-way action ensued. Baszler caught Riott with a knee, then applied a Kirafuda Clutch for the tapout win. Riott had to pry Baszler off of Morgan after she didn’t release the sleeper.

WINNER: Baszler & Jax in 10:00 to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

-The Street Profits talked backstage about their scheduled main event match. They closed with “We Want the Smoke!” Drew walked up and dryly said, “The smoke is all yours, and I’m going to kick the crap out of Randy.” They began their march to the ring. [c]

(6) MVP (w/Bobby Lashley, Shelton Bejamin) vs. ALI

As MVP dominated from the start, Saxton wondered if it was a mistake Ali came out alone. Ali did a 360 flip out of an MVP clothesline. Ali made a comeback with a kick to MVP’s head. MVP rolled to the floor to regroup with Shelton and Lashley. Then all three members of Hurt Business entered. They cornered Ali. The lights flickered. The Retribution logo appeared. They surrounded the ring as their logo appeared everywhere. MVP asked Ali if he’s with them. Ali joined them center-ring to fight alongside Hurt Business. Ali then rolled out of the ring and walked up to two of the Retribution members. Ali stared them down, then turned and smiled as if to reveal he’s with them. He ordered, “Get them!” Phillips gasped, “Oh my God!” Retribution attacked Ali. The announcers tried to make sense of what was going on.

WINNERS: No contest in 4:00.

-Retribution beat up Hurt Business as Ali watched. Joe asked how long Ali has been planning this. Ali entered the ring and looked around. He nodded and then Retribution lined up behind him, signalling that he was their leader pulling the strings from the beginning.

(Keller’s Analysis: The problem here is that I’m not sure the average viewer at home knew whether Ali revealing he was with Retribution meant he was turning heel or Retribution were babyfaces all along. I’m still not 100 percent sure. They beat up a heel faction. I am overall happy because Ali deserves a more prominent role. He’s great in the ring and has a real alpha personality and charisma that has never been close to fully utilized by WWE.) [c]

-Phillips touted Hurt Business as the only group that has stood up to Retribution. Joe again wondered how long Ali has been scheming this. Saxton said we know that Ali has been behind Retribution all along. (Do we know that? Or should I say, how does Saxton know that?) Phillips threw to a video package on the Draft.

-Orton made his ring entrance. Then Ziggler and Roode began theirs as they cut to a break. [c]


Drew beat up Roode and Ziggler in the opening minute. Orton went for a sudden RKO, but Drew blocked it. Montez Ford leaped onto Roode and Ziggler at ringside, then yelled into the camera as they cut to a break a minute into the match. [c]

Back from the break, Roode took over against Ford with a spinebuster. Orton slammed Ford onto the announce desk. Phillips said it shattered one of their monitors. (That’s why they always move them first!) Orton taunted Drew as he beat up Ford. Ford recovered enough to put up a fight, but Orton yanked him hard to the mat. Orton took a cheap shot at Dawkins, then tried to lure Drew into the ring. Drew held off as the ref warned him. Ford then gave a distracted Orton a DDT. Orton tagged in Ziggler just as Ford tagged in Drew. He tossed Ziggler around and fended off Roode, then went after Orton, and dragged him into the ring. He mounted him and punched away. Ziggler and Roode swarmed Drew. Drew headbutted Roode and Ziggler. Dawkins then schoolboyed Ziggler for a near fall. Ziggler tagged in Orton who isolated Dawkins in his corner. He then gave him a draping DDT. Dawkins blocked an RKO and then gave him a spinebuster and tagged in Ford. Ford landed a frog splash for a believable near fall, broken up by Ziggler and Roode. Ziggler went for a Zig Zag on Ford, but Drew gave him a Claymore to knock him out of the ring. Drew then delivered a running boot to Roode. Orton, though, then caught Drew with an RKO for a three count.

WINNER: Orton & Ziggler & Roode in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Stop the presses! A upcoming PPV challenger in a non-title tag match pinned the champion! The match was non-stop good action.)

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  1. “MVP asked Ali if he’s with them. Ali joined them center-ring to fight alongside Hurt Business. Ali then rolled out of the rin gand walked up to two of the Retribution members. Ali stared them down, then turned and smiled as if to reveal he’s withthem.He ordered, “Get them!” Phillips gasped, “Oh my God!” Retribution attacked Ali. The announcers tried to make sense of what was going on.”

    So what’s going on now? I can’t follow.

  2. He meant to say they attacked MVP. Not sure why the article still isn’t corrected because the way it still reads doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Maybe if you proofread your articles rather than aiming for snarky comments and a lame attempt to be bitchy, this would read better and make sense

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