NXT UK HITS & MISSES 10/8: Brookeside & Luna vs. Amale & Samuels, Starz vs. Huxley, Gallus promo video, Webster vs. A-Kid, Kay Lee Rae State of the Union Address

By Derrel Freeman, PWTorch contributor


•Xia Brookside & Dani Luna vs. Amale & Nina Samuels — HIT: This was a women’s tag team match to kick off the show. This match had two newcomers on both sides, Dani Luna and Amale. This was a showcase for these two. I like Xia & Luna together in this match. With Xia adding the British style to her game and Luna with a different power style, they flowed together. Amale was the other newcomer in this match. She was a highly-hyped signing before the comeback. I like her as the new heel on the block. She has that look of a heel you can imagine people hating, and her style is really nasty. This made it a hit with me because they showcased two newcomers and framed everyone where they need to be. Brookside & Luna won after Samuels left Amale, who tags herself after Samuels wouldn’t tag her into the match. Good quick match with good wrestling

•Jack Starz vs. Saxon Huxley – MISS: This match was a match set up a few weeks ago after Huxley lost to Walter. So, this was just a match to build Saxon back up after taking that loss. They tried to give Starz a little comeback, but this was a match for Saxon to beat on someone and be built back up. So, not a good match. Just another squash match.

•Gallus Promo Video – HIT: I loved this video packages going over the history of the NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The video started off showing how they won the titles back last year. It also gave a brief timeline on the champs and where they came from. Videos like this are needed to boost the tag team division before COVID. The not-long video did its job, got fans up to speed on Gallus, let them tell their story and say their purpose for the division, and tell us how much the titles mean to them. Good video package.

•Flash Morgan Webster vs. A-Kid – HIT: This was another match in the Heritage Cup Tournament. They started slowly in the first round with more of a mat style of wrestling. More a feeling-out process. The second round started to pick up. Both high-flyers started to get on their game to the point Webster picked up the pinfall in that round. After picking up that win, Webster tried to slow it down to placate to the tournament’s rule since he had the lead. A-Kid took the next two rounds, pushing the pace fast to win quickly in the 4th round. Glad this match was different than the first match in the tournament showing that different styles can work in The Heritage Cup. A-Kid won this match by tapping out Webster in the fifth round. It was an excellent, hard-fought match which was well-wrestled match.

•Promo Packages for the UK Title Match – HIT: Walter said in this promo packages he feels like one of those old school champs who brings so much to the title. The video wasn’t long, but it was powerful. They showed off Walter as the long-reigning champ with Dragunov being the young gun on a roll and coming for the title.

•Kay Lee Ray State of The Union Address – HIT: I always start off saying Kay Lee Ray is the heel champ we need as champ. “She knows y’all didn’t believe Ray was going to make it, but she did,” shesaid. She even called out the woman from all over the other brands with the best line of the night. “We here in WWE have Bosses and Queens, but to me, with might reign getting longer, all I see is a bunch of pretenders,” she said. After that, the NXT UK women came out to comfort her. But being the great heel and puppet master, she made them start fighting amongst themselves while she walked away. But before she could get away, Jinny, who waited until then to come out, stopped her and brawled with her back into the arena. But OUR champ Kay Lee Ray still found a way to come out on top; she left standing while everyone else was laid out. This segment showed fans how much of a problem Kay Lee Ray is, how good of a heel champ she is, and that NXT UK needs to find some new talent because right now they have maybe one more person for her to face, which is Jinny. They might not have anyone else who is a woman who can or should take the title off her.

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