10/8 NXT UK TV REPORT: Flash Morgan Webster vs. A-Kid in opening round of Heritage Cup Tournament, plus Brookside & Luna vs. Amale & Samuels, Huxley vs. Starz

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 8, 2020

Hosted By: Andy Shepherd from BT Sports Arena in London


Luna and Samuels start the match with a lock up and Luna tossing her to the mat. Samuels escaped and got her in an armbar momentarily before Luna exited the hold and got a tag in to Brookside. Brookside took her to the mat in a headlock that she countered into a leglock. Brookside with one of her incredibly slow escapes followed by a hip gyration. Tag back to Luna with some double teaming followed by a near pinfall. Samuels got up, grabbed Lunas hair and walked over for a tag and Amale went right to work laying in a series of strikes, a kick to the chest, and two count. Tag back to Samuels. They go for a double team clothesline that Luna reversed into a double clothesline and pinfall for two.

Luna tagged in Brookside here and she went right to the top for a cross body and two. After an airplane spin to Brookside, Samuels attacked Luna on the apron. This gave Brookside a chance for a roll up for two. Samuels got up and pounded away at Brookside before executing a reverse suplex for two.

Back on their feet, the two got into a bearhug and Amale tagged herself in. Samuels went for a pinfall without knowing she was tagged and Amale went for the kill instead but Brookside kicked out at two. Samuels looked upset here due to Amale stealing her spotlight.

Amale continued to pound Brookside into the mat until she was able to escape and tag in Luna, who got a suplex in before a near pinfall. Samuels put her hand out for the tag but Samuels pulled it and walked away. Luna with the roll up for two. Amale continued to fight but after a suplex and two on one attack after a tag back in to Brookside, she took the loss, obviously setting up a match between Amale and Samuels.

WINNER: Brookside and Luna at 6:17.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Better than I expected because the women in this ring have yet to impress me, but still nothing worthwhile. It was a match to set up another match, which is fine. I understand them pushing Brookside, as her father, Robbie Brookside, is a British wrestling legend. Plus she has the look and babyface persona, but she really needs to keep the pace going. She is always slow and lethargic in her movements. It makes her opponents look weak when it takes her so long to escape basic holds.)

-Ilja Dragunov seen backstage looking for Sid Scala, who was talking with Pete Dunne. He requested a match against both Alexander Wolfe and Walter. Scala asked who his partner would be, pointed at Dunne and said “him”. Dunne’s response of a shrug and “all right then” was priceless. Dragunov told Scala that “that was simple” and walked off.

-Drew McIntyre- the Chosen One commercial

-Piper Niven in a backstage interview being asked about what she thinking about Kay Lee Ray making an announcement tonight. Niven didn’t seem bothered and said that she thinking many women will have things to say about it.


Huxley stalked Starz around the ring and tossed him into the corner. Starz went for the arm but that immediately got reversed and he tossed him around the ring, continually holding on to Starz’ arm. Starz got some offense in after literally jumping on Huxley’s shoulders and escaping. That was short lived, however as Huxley lifted him high, and continued to “huss” like John Nord before tossing him across the ring.

The rest of the match was Huxley dominating, with next to no offense coming from the veteran Starz. He was able to get a one count on him, but that was about it. The match ended after a backbreaker.

WINNER: Huxley at 5:18.

(Koenig’s Analysis: As soon as Starz was introduced, I knew that whoever his opponent was that, that Starz was going to be looking up at the lights. It was a squash match to demonstrate the power and change of Huxley into a Bruiser Brody/ Berzerker mix.)

-Video package on Gallus

-WWE Chronicle- Jey Uso commercial

-Pretty Deadly interviewed backstage while they were coming in to the venue. They were asked about what Eddie Dennis said to them last week and they told the interviewer that it was none of her business.

-Xia Brookside and Luna interviewed backstage about Kay Lee Ray’s announcement tonight. They said that she has a lot of enemies and if she’s not careful, she will be making more.


-Opening Round Match of Heritage Cup Tournament

-British Rounds Match

Round One:

A-Kid brought Webster to the mat early and held him in a headlock. Webster escaped and they continued with some mat wrestling and arm holds, which is common in this type of match. In the final seconds, A-Kid was tossed out of the ring and springboard dropkicked from the top turnbuckle as the bell rang.

Webster: 0 A-Kid: 0

Round Two:

This round started the same way. Right to the mat. Webster got a one count after countering a bow and arrow. Webster then with a wristlock takedown and tossed A-Kind around the ring, without letting go of that arm. A-Kid escaped and picked up the action with some flashy moves. A roll through during theri offense yielded a pinfall for Webster.

Webster: 1 A-Kid: 0

Round Three:

The two circled each other and A-Kid brought Webster down with an armbar before Webster countered and the two focused their attention on each others arms. Webster then with a straitjacket that brought A-Kid to the mat. He escaped and reversed. Webster then escaped the straitjacket, but A-Kid connected with a cross body from the middle rope followed by a two count. A-Kid then hooked Webster with a fisherman’s suplex for two. A-Kid tossed Webster into the ropes but Webster hit a moonsault of the corner turnbuckle and took him down. Webster went for the pin but A-Kid countered and got a two count of his won. In the last five seconds of the match, Webster took down A-Kid with a unique flip that smashed his head to the mat. Unfortunately the time ran out before he could get the pinfall victory.

Webster: 1 A-Kid: 0

Round Four:

Right at the bell, Webster ran over and punted A-Kid in the head for a quick win, but he kicked out at two. Webster went to the top but A-Kid caught him with a kick to the head of his own before joining him on the top and taking Webster down with a Spanish Fly. A-Kid with a kick to the head and pinned Webster, evening the score early on, with 2:12 remaining.

Webster: 1 A-Kid: 1

Round Five:

Both men were blatantly tired at this point and A-Kid took the early lead with a couple of hard slaps to Webster’s face. A-Kid grabbed him for a suplex but Webster countered with a falcon arrow for two. Webster’s arm was hurt at this point and he tried to hide it from A-Kid. The two exchanged strikes before A-Kid attempted a sleeper. Webster got out and headbutt A-Kid before sending him over the top. Webster dove through the middle rope and was rammed into the barrier. Webster went to the top and flipped, but A-Kid moved and Webster went to his back. A-Kid wrapped his legs around him and starched Webster in various submissions until he tapped with five seconds remaining.

Webster: 1 A-Kid: 2

WINNER: A-Kid in Round Five.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fun match. Both of these guys are great in the ring. Since Webster is in a tag team and A-Kid is a hot young act, the right man won without Webster looking bad as he put on a hell of a performance as always. A nice sign of respect after the match, too.)

-Walter vs. Ilja Dragunov in three weeks. Video package of their rivalry.

-Kay Lee Ray comes to the ring to make her address. She said that as the longest reigning champion on the show, nobody on the roster will change it. At this point, the women’s roster came to the ring and Ray expected them to come. She taunted them in the ring, but was drowned out by Amale and Nina Samuels’ bickering outside. piper Niven was the last to come down and went right in the ring. The two “frienemies” that she charged through pulled her down and all the women started fighting in and around the ring. After laying out Xia Brookside, Ray left the women in the ring to tear each other apart. As she was nearing the entrance, Jinny came out and those two beat each other up on a table. The show ended with the women’s division laid out on the floor with Ray walking away smiling.

-NEXT WEEK: Ilja Dragunov and Pete Dunne vs. Walter (c) and Alexander Wolfe.

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  1. I am feeling pretty confident that Modfather attacked his tag partner and faked the attack on himself.
    I am dying to know what they have in store for Devlin and also Bate.
    Is Eddie Dennis injured again?

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