11/18 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Cody & Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks, The Inner Circle goes to Vegas, The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight, Serna Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa, Pac returns, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


November 18, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-A nice promo package was shown about Top Flight, giving a good introduction to the team.


The match started with Darius, of Top Flight, and Nick. The two traded moves. Top Flight then hit tandem moves again the Young Bucks. Top Flight then controlled the ring, forcing The Bucks to the outside. Dante, of Top Flight, and Matt were in the ring when the normal action resumed. The Bucks hit tandem moves and with a series of moves The Bucks were in control of the match.

Matt power bombed Dante into Darius. The Bucks then hit a series of moves leading to double back stabbers. Matt was thrown into Nick. Then both members of Top Flight tagged in and out and hit moves in the singled out Matt Jackson. Nick saved Matt from a pinning combination. Both members of Top flight then hit dives over the top rope. All four men where in the ring, leading to a near fall on Matt Jackson by Dante of Top Flight.

The Bucks hit a Sliced Bread on Dante, getting a pinning attempt, that was broken up by Darius. The bucks then hit a BTE Trigger on Dante for the pinfall win.

Winner: The Young Bucks in 9:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match went just as it should have. 1) It was a fun opening match. 2) The Bucks looked Strong. 3) Top Flight look like they will be a really good team team for a long time.)

-After the match TH2 attacked Top Flight, they were run off by The Young Bucks. The two teams then embraced.

-The announce team ran down the card for the evening.

-The Inner Circle go to Vegas: Sammy lost a hand at Blackjack, MJF won at craps, The guys watched dancers awkwardly in a red room, MJF and Jericho argued about what to drink at the bar. The two did shots of “Everclear.” Konnan appeared and the group exited a limo with lots of smoke. The group went to a bar and there was a small skirmish. A to be contained graphic appeared.

-A trailer for an AEW documentary was shown, I think it was that at least. [c]

-Jon Moxley had a backstage video talking about his match with Kenny Omega. He started by talking about his dad, he told the story about picking him up from the police station. He told him to remember that they were the good guys. He says the whole world is bearing down on him, his body hurts, he is expecting a child. But he knows what to do, he is a good guy. He will sign that contract and look Kenny in the eyes, he knows he is the best in the world. He is his father’s son, he is Goddamn Jon Moxley.


Sabian missed a punch, Cassidy responded with his standard soft slap, and then went for his pocket move. Sabian took Cassidy to the ground and controlled the match. Cassidy tried the pocket move again and Sabian responded with the same wrestling move. Kip continued to use mat wrestling moves, Cassidy finally got his hands in his pockets. Cassidy then did a series of jumps and drop kicks with his hands in the pockets. Cassidy then did a dive to the outside. Penelope Ford distracted Cassidy and Sabian took advantage. This led to a near fall. [c]

Sabian and Cassidy were on the top turnbuckle when the show returned. Cassidy got the advantage with a spinning DDT. Sabian tried to respond but hie missed a high kick, Cassidy then hit a DDT from the top rope leading to a near fall. Sabian hit a neck breaker from the apron, and hit a suplex on Cassidy. Leading to a near fall of his own. Sabian hit another move and got another near fall.

Cassidy hit a roll up for a near fall. Then Cassidy hit the mousetrap for the pinfall win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy in 10:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a solid match that continues Cassidy’s upper mid-card run. This was also a good showing for Kip, who I have been critical off a lot recently.)

-Miro attacked Cassidy after the match. [c]

-The contract signing for Moxley and Omega on December 2nd’s episode of Dynamite was next. Kenny Omega entered first, he was wearing sunglasses similar to his “Cleaner,” character from New Japan. Moxley’s music played, but he didn’t show. A camera crew showed that he had been attacked backstage. Kenny Omega said that his elbow was the reason he didn’t show last time, now it looks like it is his nose. But, he said that he will be there on December 2nd, he then signed the contract.

-Part 2 of Inner Circle in Vegas: The group are drunk on a roof top, a la Hangover. Elvis is with the group as well. MJF then said he was a loan wolf, but he found a pack, again Hangover references galore. The group then howled at the moon. The group then woke up the next morning seeing the fruits of their drunken labor. Dylan Postl (WWE’s Hornswaggle) appeared at the end. [c]


Pac started with a huge drop kick on Blade. Pac then stomped and kicked Blade on the ground. The match moved outside the ring, with Pac drilling Blade into the barricade. Back in the ring, Pac hit a top rope drop kick, he then got out of the ring and got into Butcher’s face. Blade took advantage and started throwing Pac into the barricades. Blade then threw Pac’s leg into the rope, then Pac hit a DDT in the ropes. Both moves looked very stiff.

Pac hit a series of kicks, Bunny than grabbed Pac’s legs to stop him from continuing the assault. Blade took advantage and hit a power bomb on Pac for a near fall. [c]

Blade and Pac were trading strong style shots in the ring when the show returned. Blade was able to get a near fall at the en of the exchange. The two men got on the top rope, Pac was able to hit the Superplex  for a near fall. Bunny and the Butcher tried to interfere, leading to a 2 count for Blade. Pac hit a Shooting Star Press, then transitioned to The Brutalizer for the submission win.

Winner: Pac in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: It was so good to see Pac again, he is an asset to any promotion. Having a guy who can challenge for the world title at anytime is so important. I also want to see Blade in more singles matches, he has had a great 2-3 months. I enjoyed this match a lot.)

-Pac was about to call out Eddie Kingston. As he started talking, The Butcher attacked Pac from behind. Blade and Butcher held Pac as Kingston cut a promo on him. Rey Fenix came out and made the save for Pac. Eventually Pentagon came out with a chair, he used the chair to defend Fenix and Pac. It was announced that Death Triangle was back.

-Jade Cargill is shown backstage over the top of Brandi Rhodes, with a chair next to her. [c]


The match started with a stare down, then a collar and elbow tie up. The two then traded mat based moves and transitions. Rosa had control for about 80% of this part of the match, but Deeb did get her chances in. The two then got to their feet, where they did a series of athletic moves, leading Rosa delivering a slam on Deeb. Then Rosa hit a drop toehold into the ropes, where she continued to assault Deeb in the ropes.

Deeb hit a dragon screw through the ropes to get control of the match. [c]

Rosa hit a drop toe hold and then assaulted Deeb in the corner, she then hit a dropkick to Deeb who was seated with the bottom rope on her back. Deeb returned fire with a neck breaker in the ropes, then Deeb hit a spear on the apron, which led to a near fall.

Rosa got out of a fireman’s carry, hit some shots to the head, then a missile drop kick. As Rosa was about to hit her finisher, Rebel distracted the Ref. At the same time Britt Baker attacked Thunder Rosa. Deeb took advantage ad got a near fall. The two then traded pins. Deeb got Rosa into a submission, which she got out of with a roll and double stomp. Rosa got a near fall, the two then traded pins once more. Deeb then hit a Styles Clash the move for the pinfall win.

Winner: SERENA DEEB in 14:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was really good, best of the night pending the main event. This was a well told story, with hard hitting and logical moves. The involvement with Baker means that Thunder Rosa is almost certainly signed to AEW which is a great sign.)

-Post-match Thunder Rosa attacked Rebel at ringside. Baker came out and the two brawled until they were separated.

-John Silver and Anna Jay appeared backstage. Silver announced that Jay will have a title match against Shida next week on Dynamite.

-The announce team ran down the card for next week’s Dynamite.

-Team Taz, Brian Cage & Ricky Starks, entered the arena. [c]

-A Darby Allin video is shown. It starts with hime skating around an empty church. It then shows him lighting his left leg on fire. He and Cody then enter the arena separately.


Allin and Starks started the match. The two started with mat wrestling moves and transitions, they quickly got to their feet. Both men used their speed to dodge moves. The two traded stiff slaps, then both teams tagged in. Cody and Cage started with strong strikes, Cage got a hip toss. Cody was down for a moment, but retaliated with a drop kick. Taz left the commentary team and went to ringside. [c]

Cage and Rhodes were still in the ring. Arn Anderson was kicked out durning the break. Cage connected with a German Suplex as Starks took out Allin at ringside. Cage tagged in Starks, who began to work over Cody. Allin got tagged in, who began an assault on Starks. Cage entered the match and German Suplexed both Allin and Starks.

Rhodes enters the fray and took out Cage, Starks then took out Rhodes. Quickly, it was Allin against Cage. Allin countered a power bomb and turns dit into a destroyer. Cody then hit a crossroads on Starks, Cage then took out Allin and Cody. Cage then hit an Avalanche Drill Claw on Allin for the pinfall.

Winners: Brain Cage & Ricky Starks in 11:00

(Sage’s analysis: A really solid match, I am surprised and delighted that Team Taz got a big win here. Cage did seem hesitant on the big moves tonight, cleaning that up a bit would be my only critique.)

-Team Taz continued the assault, with Will Hobbs coming out for the save. He held up the FTW belt and then attacked Cody with the belt.

(Overall show thoughts: I thought this was an excellent episode of Dynamite. If not for the lame Vegas segments, this would have been a pretty hard show to find many flaws with.)



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