AEW viewership surges above latest average, beats Raw in the 18-34 male demo, updated 7-day totals, other key metrics

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


AEW Dynamite surged to 850,000 viewers, an increase of 86,000 from last week’s viewership. NXT on USA was also up by 6,000 viewers with 638,000 viewers. The ratings were tied at 0.53 (which measure the percent of available TVs tuned into the show; the gap in viewership is indicative of more people per TV watching AEW than NXT).

The 850,000 is the best same-night viewership for AEW since Sept. 30. Since the shows went back to head-to-head timeslots on Sept. 16, AEW has averaged 806,000. The average for NXT during that same ten week period has been 682,000.

One year ago this week, AEW drew 893,000 viewers. NXT drew 916,000 viewers, part of their November surge during Survivor Series hype including “guest stars” from Raw and Smackdown.

In the 18-49 demo, AEW finished no. 7, behind the NBA Draft (holding three spots) and three political news shows. NXT finished no. 56.

In the 18-49 demo, AEW drew a 0.37 rating and NXT drew a 0.14 rating. Raw, by comparison, drew a 0.51 rating.

In the male 18-34 demo, AEW drew a 0.28 and NXT drew a 0.17 rating. Raw, by comparison, drew a 0.27. So AEW won that younger male demo. There was a larger spread once 35-49 year old males are added in. Raw outdrew AEW in the 18-49 male demo by a 0.66 to 0.46 margin.

We have updated 7-day viewership totals. NXT drew an average of 836,o00 total viewers after seven days, above the 685,000 same-night viewership average. The Nov. 4 episode finished with 702,000 viewers, affected by all the drama on cable news network that week with election coverage.

AEW Dynamite averaged 995,000 viewers after seven days in October. The Nov. 4 show drew 936,000 after seven days, again down in part due to election coverage.

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