11/30 WWE RAW TALK REVIEW: Caruso & R-Truth chat with Sheamus about Drew, Dana Brooke on Reckoning, Ricochet about Hurt Business

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Hosts: Charly Caruso and R Truth

This week’s guests: Sheamus, Dana Brooke, and Ricochet

– Charly introduced the show and sold hers and R Truth’s nickname: Chartruth, yet again. Oh brother! Before moving onto the first guest, Charly commented on Truth’s red and green apparel and said it felt like Christmas and then said they should put some tinsel and such on Truth’s 24/7 title to make it like a wreath. From this they switched to discussing the end of show angle with A.J. Styles, the Miz and the Money in the Bank contract to promote the Championship match between A.J. and Drew McIntyre at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

– They then discussed the Fiend and the opening angle on the show with Randy and Alexa Bliss, and alluded to the fact that if Randy takes Alexa away from the Fiend, the Fiend may lose some of his power (hmmmm, interesting?).

– After some R-Truth silliness they moved onto their first guest, Sheamus. Sheamus came out and sold Raw Talk as his favorite show, really? While the split screen showed the segment, Sheamus dumped the Miz and MizTV and then made a point to mention that he teamed with his “best mate”, Drew and said that there is nothing to the talk of his being jealous of Drew and that he and Drew are very close and have been so for nearly 20 years, since their days with the British independents.

– One fun moment, when Charley said “beer”, Sheamus corrected her that he and Drew drank Guinness, not beer. Great! The majority of the segment was devoted to Sheamus’ and Drew’s relationship and brought up some interesting points about their early careers. Very good, rather than a standard WWE promo appearance.

– Next up was Dana Brooke. This interview basically set up Dana as opposing Retribution and while she called Reckoning a “tough chick”, she dumped on her for taking away her Survivor Series opportunity (there is that WWE word again) and that this match was about getting back at her. I don’t think this feud with Reckoning is over, but Dana also sold that she and Mandy are going to be going after the Tag Team titles. They spent a few moments talking about Dana and Mandy’s new nick name, “The Sexy Muscle Friends”. I don’t know if it will stick but I have a thought that this nick name will come back once Mandy is healed up and she and Dana are tagging again. With that rather bland moment, they moved on.

– Ricochet was up next and he came out in the ugliest yellow and black checkered shirt and after a moment with R-Truth talking about superheroes, they moved the discussion to Retribution. Opppps, Charly asked Ricochet how it felt to beat Slapjack and Ricochet corrected her that he actually lost. Awkward! Nonetheless, Ricochet handled it pretty well and moved on to talk about how he and Retribution obviously have issues and that he (Ricochet) doesn’t need Retribution to change things in WWE for him, because he is already effecting change. When Charly asked how, he rambled on about how it is about going “out there” every night and performing and not whether you win or lose (news flash Ricochet: it is all about winning). He continued by saying how he understands that Retribution feels unappreciated, but that he is more about giving his all, and that by just tearing things down the way Retribution is doing it, is not the way to go. Charly said that he was like a “one-man island” and that he will continue to do what he needs to do to stay true to himself. (Another nickname is born.) With a final notation that the rivalry is not over between Retribution and Ricochet, Charly said good night and they signed off.


What to say about this show? The Sheamus segment was great. I really enjoyed Sheamus here and it served to not only showcase himself, but it also worked to add some more depth to the Drew McIntyre character. Well done.

As for the rest, well, it was pretty bland. Dana Brooke didn’t really show any fire as to why she was pissed at Reckoning (Mia Yim) and why she felt so great in beating her. It clearly showed that she was reciting lines and had little emotion behind them.

It was similar with Ricochet. All of what he was saying about his own feelings and why he didn’t agree with Mustafa Ali and Retribution was just delivered in a monotone without any fire. This should have been a real mission statement with emotion and a ferocity that could have really lent this feud some power. While Ricochet spoke well, I was like, yeah, so what, make me care. Ricochet didn’t make me care about what he was saying. And if he says it’s not about winning or losing, then I am not going to care about his matches. WWE really needs to work with this guy, he is so talented in the ring, but his character does nothing for me.

All in all, not a great Raw Talk tonight, it lacked energy and excitement. Watch the Sheamus segment and then I leave it up to you whether you watch the rest.

Well, that is it for now, see you all next week. Until then, take care and stay safe.

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