12/24 NXT UK TV REPORT: Brosuirweights (Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle) vs. Mark Andres & “Flash” Morgan Webster

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 24, 2020

-Andy Shepherd at home with some Christmas decorations donning a light up “Rowdy” Roddy Piper shirt. He introduced the recap show featuring some of the best moments of 2020.

(1) BROSUIRWEIGHTS (Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle) vs. MARK ANDREWS & “FLASH” MORGAN WEBSTER – First-Round match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic from NXT UK TV (1/15/20)

Andrews and Dunne start the match by running the ropes and playing a little cat and mouse. All four men got into the center of the ring as the match was then cut for edit.

The cut brought us back to the action, with Webster kicking Riddle in the face. The Brosuirweights exchanged tags and kept Webster away from his partner. Webster escaped their double teaming and tagged in Andrews who took out both Brosuirweights with a series of impressive moves, and sending them out of the ring.

He tagged in Webster and the two dove over the ropes with a double senton onto them, before rolling Dunne in and getting a near fall. Dunne then hit Webster mid-air and gave him just enough energy to make he tag to Andrews, who immediately got manhandled by Dunne. Riddle was tagged in and double teaming ensued, giving them a pinfall attempt that was interrupted by Webster, followed by another bridged suplex pinfall attempt by Riddle.

Riddle tagged in Dunne again and he went right for the ankle of the beaten-down Andrews. He escaped and executed a couple of suplexes as they prepped for a commercial break.

The show came back to Andrews flying at Webster for the tag. He came in and springboard moonsaulted on top of the Brosuirweights. He cleared the ring and went to the top rope and swanton bombed the two outside of the ring. They brought them back into ring and executed a great electric chair on Riddle, and went for the pin and missed by a split second. Riddle got up and speared both men. Tag made to Dunne and the two worked on Webster some more. Dunne went for the pin and Webster kicked out.

When Andrews was tagged in, hell broke loose and all four men fought around the sing, with the Brosuirweights dominating. Riddle pinned Andrews clean in the middle for he win

WINNER: Brosuirweights at 11:46

(Koenig’s Analysis: It was disappointing that this was cut. I remember watching this in real time and remembering how much of a barn burner it was. Really good class of styles. It was nonstop action. I recommend you watching it, but find the January 15th, 2020 episode of NXT on the WWE Network so you can see it in it’s entirety.)

-NXT UK wrestlers sending holiday wishes via cell phone videos.

-Royal Rumble commercial

-Jinny vignette

-Andy Shepherd introducing Dave Mastiff, donned in a Santa Hat, and making playful jokes about the heels on the brand.

-More holiday wish videos

-Broken Skull Sessions with Drew McIntyre commercial

– Walter vignette that led into the following match.

(2) WALTER (c) vs. JOE COFFEY – NXT UK Championship match from NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool 2 (1/12/20)

Coffey dodged a running boot at the bell that was followed by the two men circling each other. Soon after, Coffey kicked the champion out of the ring and followed him. Coffey banged him up a bit outside but Walter retaliated with a pair of forearms before they took the action out into the crowd for a brief brawl before Coffey sent Walter back into the ring.

Coffey took control of the match for the next couple minutes, getting a near pinfall after a DDT. A second kickout followed after Coffey executed an impressive standing suplex. He pissed off Walter here, however, when Coffey laid in some chest slaps. He retaliated with a strike so hard that it sent Coffey to his back.

As Walter took control of the fight, he sent Coffey outside of the ring and kicked him in the head on the barricade. Coffey came back into the ring swinging, but Walter took him down for a two count. Afterwards, Walter sent Coffey to the mat and held him in a single leg Boston crab that he transitioned to an STF.

Both men got back up and exchanged forearms before Walter slapped him back onto the canvas. Walter twisted Coffey’s neck and quickly rolled outside to rest. However, Walter pulled him back up by his hair and manhandled him on the apron. Coffey caught a forearm and used it against Walter and laid him out int he ring. He went to the top to dive, but was caught mid air. Walter transitioned quickly into a cravat from a single leg crab. Coffey avoided the tapout by getting his foot on the rope. He had little time to rest before getting lifted back up and slapped in the chest again. The two then ran their shoulders into each other like a pair of bulls. Walter took him down and got a near pinfall in.

The two took a minute to get back up. Coffey came at Walter and got in some offense and a german suplex in before both men laid flat not heir backs. Coffey was then able to make it to the top and land a moonsault to get him another near pinfall. The two then battled in the middle of the ring again, with Walter scoring a two count.

The ref got taken out here when Coffey dodged a kick, sending him out o the ring. Coffey would have had a three count in after a powerbomb and pin to the champion, but with the ref down, that couldn’t happen. Alexander Wolfe then ran down to attack Coffey, with Ilja Dragunov following to take out Wolfe. Dragunov did take him down but accidentally took down Coffey in the process, injuring his ankle. Dragunov then got taken out by Walter and it sent him out of the ring.

As Coffey continued to writhe in pain outside, Walter beat him all around the outside of the ring before rolling him back in and getting a three count but again, no ref. A ref came down right after but Coffey kicked out this time. Dragunov and Wolfe continued to battle outside as Walter went to the top rope. Coffey followed him up and Walter took him down with a heavy slap. He came up again and launched Walter from the top turnbuckle across the ring.

Both men slowly made it back to their feet and exchanged forearms. Coffey got the upper hand and sent Walter in the corner right before he pounced up and attacked his leg. He immediately got a near fall in after a big frog splash.

Both men were blatantly worn at this point int he match. Walter attempted a power bomb that Coffey reversed into a Best For The Bells. A hard lariat gave Coffey a pin, but the champ kicked out at two. Coffey went for the Bells again but Walter caught him in a sleeper. Walter then with a pair of power bombs and sleeper hold that forces Coffey to tap.

WINNER: Walter at 27:33

(Koenig’s Analysis: A great battle of hosses. This highlighted both men’s impressive strength while even getting in some impressive high spots from the big men.)

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