12/28 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: A tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee, a/k/a Jon Huber, sharing stories of Brodie making everyone laugh, previously unseen outtakes

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Brodie Lee (photo credit AEW)


BEING THE ELITE EP. 236 – “Brodie”
DECEMBER 28, 2020

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– The episode began with Matt Jackson filming himself with his phone. He said, “It’s Monday, you know what that means. This one is for you Brodie. We love you buddy.”

– A graphic was shown that read “In Memory of Brodie Lee 1979 – 2020”

– Alex Reynolds sat on a cough and said hello to the audience. He said he wanted to take this time to talk about his favorite memories from BTE with Mr. Brodie. He said when they first came up with the idea to do Dark Order bits on BTE, Brodie wasn’t on board with it. He had just debuted as “The Exalted One” and that character was supposed to be serious, but their planned bits on BTE were silly. Reynolds said after the first bit when Brodie hit Evil Uno with the roll of papers, they all knew they were onto something.

Clips aired of Brodie Lee from BTE throwing papers at various members of Dark Order, the running joke of not knowing who Griff Garrison was, and Lee’s random frustrated screaming from BTE played with intermittent clips from other AEW wrestlers.

A teary-eyed John Silver said Mr. Brodie Lee was the best and funniest guy ever and said filming BTE with Brodie was almost impossible. Silver later added that he would start laughing during a BTE skit and it would always end with Brodie Lee yelling at him and asking if he’s crying, because it’s the only cover they could come up with.

Alex Reynolds said he had the ability to not even say anything, but still make all of them crack and laugh. Reynolds said you can see it in the clips, clear as day, that they were trying to hold back laughter.

More clips played of Brodie Lee yelling at John Silver, Brodie mocking Vince McMahon, and Dark Order celebrating his TNT Championship win.

– A graphic flashed and clips aired of BTE outtakes that hadn’t been previously seen on the show.

John Silver laughed and said Brodie would never break character during a BTE skit, but if he was not in the shot he would laugh during the scene constantly, which threw them all off. Silver said he thinks there was only one time he actually laughed while on camera and that was when Trent’s mom went to throw papers at Silver, but missed and had to do it again.

Alex Reynolds said, as you can see from the outtakes, they had a lot of fun filming together. Reynolds said watching these moments back has made him very grateful that he has all these memories.

– Preston Vance said Brodie’s laugh was the most contagious laugh he’s ever been around. Vance said he’s done more for him than he could ever imagine and he will be truly, truly missed.

Alan Angels said he only knew him for about 6 months, but he is very grateful for the time he did know Lee.

John Silver said Brodie was the best and he’s going to miss him so much.

Reynolds said it won’t be the same without him and he just wanted to say thank you for his guidance and friendship.

– Another picture of Brodie Lee was shown and faded to black.


This is a very hard episode of BTE to write about. It’s a series of clips paying tribute to a man who died too young and suddenly. It’s mostly clips that have been seen before, but it’s fun to look back through, even though it’s extremely hard to watch. Brandon Cutler tweeted that this was the hardest episode of BTE he’s ever had to edit and I can understand why. You could see how much he meant to the other members of Dark Order who were in the video. In combination with what’s been said on Twitter by countless people, it’s apparent he was someone who made a lasting impact. This is an excellent tribute to Jon Huber, full of funny moments meant to make people smile, even though that’s hard to do right now.

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