12/30 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on The Celebration of the Life of Jon Huber, aka Mr. Brodie Lee. Cody & Orange Cassidy & 10 vs. Team Taz, Bucks & Colt vs. Hardy Party, Anna Jay & Conti vs. Baker & Penelope, more

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


DECEMBER 30, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Chris Jericho

-The Show opened with the entire roster on stage, a ten bell salute then occurred. Jon Huber’s Family was present on the stage.

-Jon Moxley shared his thoughts on Jon Huber’s passing, in a recorded message. He talked about how much he loved his family, and how hard 2020 has been. He says that 2021 will prove that Wrestling is a community, not a job, and that everyone can come together in a moment like this. He says that everyday is a gift and special and he treasured his time spent with Brodie.


The match started with Cabana and Kassidy, they did some rope running and holds. Cabana tagged in a Buck and all three men took out Kassidy and then Hardy. Both Young Bucks did tandem dives and Cabana followed that with a springboard Moonsault to his opponents. Nick Jackson and Hardy were in the ring after the dust settled, Nick tagged in Matt as Hardy was attempting a Razor’s Edge on Nick Jackson. Matt and Nick teamed up to get Hardy out of the ring.

Matt Jackson and Marc Quen were now the legal men. Marc Quen and team got the advantage and started to work on Matt Jackson. All members of Hardy Party were tagged in at one point or another while the assault of Matt Jackson continued. Matt got the hot tag to Cabana, who preceded to take out Marc Quen and Kassidy by himself with all of his classic moves. Colt was able to get a near fall on Marc Quen, Matt Hardy attacked from the apron and caused Kassidy to get a near fall of his own on Cabana.

Nick Jackson entered the fray and was eventually tagged in, he was about to hit a big move on Marc Quen, but Hardy was able to halt that momentarily. Hardy Party then hit about seven finishing moves on Nick Jackson. Colt and Matt Jackson ran in to break up the pin. Matt Hardy had a chair, but Marc Quen did not help him use the chair as it was not the right thing to do. Colt and the Bucks then teamed up to get the pinfall on Marc Quen.

Winner: Colt Cabana and The Young Bucks in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A very fun match to open the show. Colt with the Bucks was a nice throwback to 2015-2017 ROH. I liked the advancement of Hardy and Private Party as well.)

-Post match The Acclaimed came out to talk trash about The Dark Order stuff going on. SCU came out and helped to quiet the acclaimed.

-The announce team ran down the rest of the show. [c]

-Darby Allin had a video tribute to Brodie Lee. He talked about how he was the #1 guy that he wanted to wrestle. He then talked about his selflessness and how he wanted to build the young guys up and how he had no ego.


Uno and Kingston started the match, with Uno getting a shot in before the bell rang. Uno’s team all beat up on Kingston in the first minute. Grayson was tagged in, Bunny interfered and that caused team Kingston to get the advantage. Grayson was helped by Jake Roberts and Evil Uno this swapped the advantage. Team Archer then had Blade in their corner and started working on him. [c]

When the show retuned Uno used a Half-n-Half on Kingston that left both men laying. Archer and Blade were then tagged in, Archer got the early advantage with power moves.Archer the walked the ropes and get a back flip on Blade. Butcher entered the ring, Archer took him out quickly. Blade hit a move on Grayson that set up a near fall Kingston had on Grayson.

Archer entered and went for Blackout on Blade, Kingston entered and broke that up. Then, Uno and Grayson hit their finisher on Blade for the pinfall.

Winner: Lance Archer, Stu Grayson and Evil Uno in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another fun match, it is nice to see Uno and Grayson used in this capacity. They are an underutilized group, and I look forward to their future push. Archer also looked great, I hope he and Omega have a feud at some point. As always Kingston and B&B are the glue that have held Dynamite together. They are always so great.)

-Post match the winning team beat on Kingston, Jake Roberts then entered and hit Kingston as well.

-A video tribute about Jon Huber being such a great family man was shown with many testimonials. [c]


Page and MJF started the match, they ran the ropes, then Page threw paper at MJF. MJF then berated Brodie Lee’s son Brodie Huber at ringside.

Silver was the legal man, Ortiz was against him, Santana tagged din quickly and he was able to get some offense in. Silver quickly tagged in Reynolds to even the odds. Santana eventually cut down Reynolds. Inner Circle then got Reynolds in their corner and all three members of Inner Circle tagged in at some point. Reynolds tagged in Page, who in turn took out all three members of Inner Circle. Page was then thrown into the boot of Santana, leading to them beating him down in the inner circle corner to start the commercial break. [c]

Page got his comeback on MJF as the show returned, he got the hot tag to John Silver who was able to take out all three members of the other team. Silver hit a series of high moves and got a near fall on Ortiz. Santana came in the ring and was bale to slow down Silver, Page then came in for a save. Silver then hit a crazy good destroyer. MJF hit him from behind and hit a Heat-seeker, Inner Circle got a near fall but Reynolds broke it up.

Wardlow came in and assaulted Reynolds. Erik Redbeard came in and made the save!

MJF then ripped the mask off of Brodie’s Son, MJF received a kendo shot to the head. Back in the ring Silver and team took out Ortiz and got the pinfall.

Winner: Page, Silver and Reynolds in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was pro wrestling at its absolute best. It was so emotional and hit all the right notes. The Erik Redbeard appearance made me feel like a little kid again. It even made me feel not as conflicted about the involvement of Brodie’s son in the match.)

-Erik Redbeard held up a sign and was very emotional in the ring with the winning team.

-Eddie Kingston had a video about how much Brodie Lee loved his children. [c]


Jay and Baker started with a collar and elbow tie up. Baker was able to transition into her advantage, Jay quickly countered the counter. Penelope was tagged in as was Conti. Conti and Jay were able to hit a duo’s move on Ford. Conti was then able to get a near fall on Ford. Kip Sabian distracted the ref and Baker came in and got a cheap shot on Conti to swap momentum. Rebel even got in on the action and this led to a near fall on Conti. The assault on Conti continued into the break. [c]

Both Conti and Ford were down on the mat as the show returned. Jay and Baker were tagged in with Jay getting the advantage. Ford attacked Jay from behind, Conti ran in to attack Ford, Baker then took out Conti, Kat then took out Baker. Baker attacked from behind and got a near fall on Jay. Ford tagged herself in, hit a move, and got a near fall of her own. Jay caught Ford with a sleeper hold for the submission win.

Winner: Anna Jay and Tay Conti in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was another good win. Anna Jay has grown a ton in the ring. All four women really put on a good match, this was a lot of fun.)

-Post match Baker was complaining about the match being rigged, a Big Rig if you will. Thunder Rosa came out and attacked Baker. Setting up their future match.

-The announce team ran down the card for next week and the week after.

-Chris Jericho told an anecdote about Brodie Lee and how he was an intellectual, and how he was so talented in the ring. He also mentioned that his dog that hates everyone, loved Brodie at first sight.

-Team Taz walked out to the ring together. [c]


Cody and Hobbs started the match, with Hobbs knocking Cody down instantly. Starks was tagged in, Cody and he traded chops in the corner. Starks and Rhodes traded moves back and forth. 10 was tagged in, he was able to take control with power moves. Hobbs was tagged in, as was Cassidy. Hobbs offered his hands for a lock, Cassidy obliged by putting hi shands in his pockets. [c]

Brian Cage and company were working on Cassidy as the show returned. Orange was able to reverse a suplex by Starks, Cassidy then tagged in Rhodes, who was able to get offense in on Starks. 10 was tagged in he took out all three members of Team Taz, he then hit the Brodie Bomb on Starks. Then Starks was able to counter with a spear. Starks and Cassidy then traded and countered moves. Cage and Rhodes went at it after, 10 entered the arena and took out Cage. Starks then hit a DDT on 10. He and 10 were still the legal men.

Taz grabbed a chair, Arn Anderson grabbed one as well to even the odds. Orange, Cody, and 10 all hit their finishers on Starks to get the pinfall.

Winner: Cody, Orange Cassidy and 10 in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Orange Cassidy and Ricky Starks really have special chemistry with each other. This match was exactly what you thought and what it should have been. 10 also showed a lot of ability as well.)

-Hook came out and Team Taz assaulted the winning team. The lights went out during the assault, Darby and Sting walked out together to make the save. [c]

-Cody was on the mic when the show returned. He said that there has never been anyone like Brodie Lee. He said that he was a beautiful man, and he leaves behind a beautiful family. Cody then introduced -1, Brodie Lee Jr. He came out with his mom and the boots of his father. Tony Khan announced that -1 would be the TNT Champion for life. Tony Khan then set up the video package for Brodie Lee.

(Overall Show Analysis: This show should be saved in the Library of Congress. This show while being a great tribute to Jon Huber’s legacy as a man and as a professional wrestler, was also a great vehicle for what pro wrestling really is all about. It is about emotion, and how we all are connected as one human family. We all have the same emotions, we love, we hate, we cry and we laugh. Jon Huber led an amazing life that was cut down way to soon. I truly believe that he will be remembered by all who were witness to this show and who loved watching him over the years. 

To the show itself, this showed that the Dark Order group as a Baby face faction in the future has a ton of potential. The matches all worked for me on the whole. This show was entertaining, inspiring, heartfelt, and beautiful. As the late Jim Valvano said, you should do three things every day. Laugh, Think, and Cry. I know I did all three watching this show. That was because of Jon Huber.)


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