1/7 NXT UK TV REPORT: Ben Carter debuts against Jordan Devlin, Jinny vs. Niven, Mastiff vs. Huxley, and more



JANUARY 7, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

(1) JINNY (c) vs. PIPER NIVEN – Number One Contender’s Match

Niven went right for the jugular from the bell and cornered Jinny. Niven hit a standing senton before Jinny rolled out of the ring. Piper followed and beat Jinny down on the floor before tossing her into the barricade. Jinny was able to gain some offense after shoving Niven into the post. From there, they both got back inside of the ring and Jinny started pounding away at Niven. After, Jinny got the first pinfall attempt of the match.

After getting the larger Niven to her feet, Jinny attempted an octopus, but Niven broke free. Jinny applied a second one but this time, Niven got up and slammed Jinny into the canvas. After that, Joseph Connors walked down to the ring with commentary not knowing why.

Both women ran the ropes for a moment, not noticing Connors yet, with Niven slamming her down for a two count. Jinny rolled out of the ring as Niven climbed the turnbuckle. She dove off, but Connors moved Jinny and took the damage himself. Jinny rolled Niven back in, went to the middle rope, and jumped, but was caught. As Niven was appearing to be setting up a piledriver, Connors pushed her legs and allowed Jinny to get a roll-up victory.

WINNER: Jinny at 6:46

Koenig’s Analysis: A fairly sloppy match. These two have been feuding for quite some time and it was a surprise to see it end this way. Connors hasn’t really been involved with the storyline between these two and this match was obviously a vehicle to set that up so we will see how this goes in the coming weeks.

-Pretty Deadly was shown in a backstage vignette calling out Gallus.

-A vignette for Valkyrie aired.

-A “Best Matches of 2020” on WWE Network commercial.

-Tyler Bate was shown in a studio talking over a video package. Bate expressed his disappointment in  losing the Heritage Cup tournament, but said he needed to keep learning and building himself up. He emphasized that he wanted to “change his art” and dig deep within himself to become a better wrestler. The package ended with Sam Gradwell mocking the video.

-SPRNVA 11 Sessions returned next. Noam Dar started the show saying that this is the time of year that people start making resolutions and he wanted to share some of his. He listed that he wanted to win every championship, as well as win a bunch of ridiculous awards such as “most handsome.” He then introduced the new NXT UK signee, Ben Carter.

Dar purposely screwed up his name, calling him “Ben Carpenter.” Dar then went on to ask why he was in NXT UK. Carter gave the stereotypical response for a debut, saying he wanted to be the best. Devlin came out and interrupted the show. Devlin complained that he should have been a guest before Carter since he is the champion. Carter actually agreed. From there, Sid Scala came out and said that he would make a match between Carter and Devlin for later in the night.

-Kay Lee Ray was featured in a backstage interview saying she was ready for Jinny.

-A commercial aired for the WWE SGS (Superstar Gaming Series) on WWE Network.

-A recap aired that detailed Saxon Huxley and Mastiff’s recent rivalry.


The two beasts started out slugging, with Mastiff getting the upper hand early on. He then got a pair of pinfall attempts in after slamming Huxley to the mat. Huxley then took the lead of the match after a Lou Thesz press and a big boot to Mastiff in the corner.

As Mastiff was getting up, Huxley climbed the turnbuckle and dove on top of him, getting a two count in. Huxley then got a hold of Mastiff’s left arm and started working it. Mastiff escaped the hold and tossed Huxley into the ropes. He then got a pinfall attempt in after a lateral press. After that, Mastiff executed a big lariat and tossed Huxley into the corner. A cannonball followed and solidified the victory for “the Bomber”.

WINNER: Mastiff at 4:44

Koenig’s Analysis: I think this match was condensed a bit and would have actually liked a few a more minutes added to it. The moves and story of the match seemed a little rushed. Not a whole lot of moves or action here, disappointingly.

-A Smackdown commercial aired.

-A video package for Walter.

(3) JORDAN DEVLIN (c) vs. BEN CARTER – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

In his debut match in NXT UK, Carter got a cruiserweight championship match with one of the best on the brand. They started the match working each others arms a bit and each tried to find leverage with each other. Carter reversed a wrist lock and took the champion to the mat. Carter then held in a headlock that Devlin was able to escape. They ran the ropes and Carter hit a dropkick that sent Devlin out of the ring. He immediately got back in the ring and slammed Carter for a two count.

Devlin picked him back up and slammed him again. He stood over Carter and insulted verbally insulted him. At one point he held his foot over Carter’s head. Carter, however then got a roll up for a two count. After he hit a sunset flip and followed for yet another pinfall attempt. From there, Devlin got right up and slammed Carter to the mat hard for another two count.

Out of the pin, Devlin lifted Carter up again and toyed with him. From there, Carter got some offense in including a springboard dropkick. After, Devlin sent Carter outside. He followed and tossed Carter into the stairs before rolling him back into the ring. Devlin then connected with a lateral press for a two count.

Devlin continued to taunt Carter as the match went on. They both ran the ropes and collided while both were attempting cross-bodies. After the collision, the action soon started again in the ring with Carter rolling up the champion. Carter hit a DDT for a two count before going to the top and missing a move. Devlin retaliated with a Spanish Fly for a two count which Carter reversed into a pinfall attempt of his own. Carter went back to the top, but Devlin caught him and put him into a cloverleaf. Carter broke the hold by grabbing the ropes and both men sold their fatigue.

From there, Carter tried climbing the rope but was hurting too much to make it up. Devlin took advantage and laid in a series of kicks before simply rolling Carter over and pinning him in the middle of the ring.

WINNER: Devlin at 12:43

Koenig’s Analysis: Apart from a botched move when he was on the apron, Carter had an impressive first match against Devlin. He has talent and he has the look. It will be fun to be on the journey with him moving forward. Devlin was fantastic as always.

-NEXT WEEK- Walter vs. A-Kid in an NXT UK championship match

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