1/9 IMPACT WRESTLING GENESIS REPORT: Super X Cup Tournament, Jazz vs. Jordynne Grace, Moose vs. Willie Mack, and more



JANUARY 9, 2021

Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

-Preview video with clips of Impact’s top stars and the matches for tonight.

-Josh and Madison appeared on camera to welcome everyone to the show. They plugged the main event of next week’s Hard to Kill PPV and the matches for tonight. They pitched to a very well-done video package of Ace Austin and Suicide, with comments from Austin, Scott D’Amore, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley. This was reminiscent of ROH’s preview videos on its recent shows.

(1) ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) vs. SUICIDE – Super X Cup Tournament match

Suicide had the early advantage, but Ace quickly recovered. Ace tried to give Suicide the paper cut to the fingers with his playing card, but Suicide was wearing gloves. The announcers plugged next week’s PPV and the “go-home” show on Tuesday. Suicide had Ace in a surfboard submission. Suicide tried to dive on Ace on the outside, but Fulton stood in the way. Suicide eventually did successfully dive on Ace.

They brawled on the outside with Ace getting the upper hand, which he maintained once they were back in the ring. Ace scored a two count after a kick to the head, then hit Suicide with a barrage of punches. Suicide made a comeback and got a two count of his own. Suicide got a suplex/brain buster for a two count. Fulton got on the ring apron to cause a distraction. Ace kicked Suicide in the head and followed it up with a neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 10:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Good match. Ace really shined and looks to be on the way to being a featured player again.

-A video package with Blake Christian and KC Navarro aired and did a good job of establishing their characters. Blake was humble; KC bragged about his abs and said he was a star.

(2) BLAKE CHRISTIAN vs. KC NAVARRO – Super X Cup Tournament match

Both wrestlers were featured in a tournament preview match on the last Impact TV show. Blake and KC traded the advantage several times with fast paced moves. Navarro hit a dive on Christian to the outside to get the upper hand. Navarro talked trash throughout his offensive flurry on Christian. Blake turned the tide with a donkey kick, followed by some high flying moves of his own. Blake hit a nice dive from the top rope to Navarro, who was on the outside of the ring.

Blake got the advantage and got a two count after a neckbreaker. Blake power bombed Navarro off the top rope and followed it up with an impressive spinning splash for the win.

WINNER: Blake Christian in 9:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Good match that was all action. Both wrestlers got to establish themselves further after their appearances on Impact TV.

-Video package with Shawn Daivari and Cousin Jake talking about why the tournament was important to them. Daivari said running a wrestling school has made him a better wrestler. Jake said he had the advantage in size and speed.

(3) SHAWN DAIVARI vs. COUSIN JAKE – Super X Cup Tournament match

Jake got the early advantage and threw Daivari out of the ring. Back inside, Jake landed a big clothesline. Daivari missed a charge and was thrown out again. They brawled on the outside for awhile. Jake charged Daivari but missed and splashed against the ring apron. Daivari took control once they were back in the ring.

Daivari threw Jake out of the ring and threw him into the ring steps. Daivari kept his advantage once they were back in the ring. Jake turned the tide and landed several clotheslines. They traded near falls. Daivari put Jake in the figure four leglock but Jake reached the ropes. Jake landed a Black Hole Slam for the win.

WINNER: Cousin Jake in 11:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Not a traditional X Division style match, but still good back and forth action.

-Video package with clips of Tre Lamar and Crazzy Steve.

(4) TRE LAMAR vs. CRAZZY STEVE—Super X Cup Tournament match

Tre was cautious of locking up with Steve at the outset. They brawled on the floor for a bit, with Tre having the advantage back on the inside. Tre had Steve in a chin lock and turned it into an armlock. They battled on the top rope and Steve landed a Russian leg sweep off the ropes. After extended back and forth action, Steve landed a DDT off the ropes for the victory.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve in 10:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Another good match. I believe this was Lamar’s Impact debut and he showed a lot of promise.

-Gia Miller interviewed Moose. She asked his thoughts on his match tonight. He paused for a few seconds then said that people make stupid decisions when they are angry, like Willie Mack when he requested the I Quit match. He said he would use the match to send a message to Rich Swann about what happens when you step into the ring with an angry Moose. He said he looked forward to hurting Mack and sending him to the hospital.

(5) ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) vs. COUSIN JAKE – Super X Cup Tournament match

This was the first match of the second round. Jake used his power to get the early advantage. Jake hip tossed Ace over the top rope, but Fulton caught Ace. Jake dove over the top rope onto both of them, then had a staredown with Fulton. Jake chased Fulton around the ring, but Fulton got in front of Jake. Jake punched Fulton but Ace hit a slide kick and dive on Jake to turn the tide of the match.

Ace continued his assault in the ring. Jake made a comeback to score a two count. Jake tried to suplex Ace but got kneed in the head. They battled back and forth. Jake got near falls. Ace kicked out of a Black Hole Slam. They fought on the outside and then on the top rope. Ace landed his flying neckbreaker for the pin to advance to the finals.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 10:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Another good match. Jake showed a lot tonight as a singles competitor.

-Rich Swann approached Willie Mack backstage. Swann said Mack had a lot of heart and fight. Mack said he wasn’t a stepping-stone and that Moose would get his tonight. Swann said he would be watching.

(6) BLAKE CHRISTIAN vs. CRAZZY STEVE – Super X Cup Tournament match

Steve hugged Blake at the start. Throughout the initial back and forth action, Steve consulted his monkey in the corner. Blake kicked the monkey out of the ring, which caused Steve to fire up and start punching Blake. Steve was more aggressive and dominated the action. Blake turned the tide and made a comeback with his quickness and high-flying moves.

Steve hit a flurry of moves to gain the advantage. They fought on the outside and clotheslined each other at the same time. They both rolled back in to beat the count. Steve regained the advantage and hit a rolling senton for a two count. Blake caught Steve coming off the ropes and unleashed offense of his own. Blake hit a 450 splash with Steve laying over the top rope for the win to advance to the finals.

WINNER: Blake Christian in 12:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Good action. Steve’s gimmick sometimes overshadows his in-ring work, but he’s really good. Christian continued to impress and showed innovative moves.

-Gia Miller interviewed Jazz. Jazz ended by saying “the bitch is back”.


Grace knocked down Jazz with a shoulder block. Jazz knocked Grace down on the ring apron, but Grace rebounded quickly and threw Jazz into the ring apron. Grace suplexed Jazz for a two count. Jazz made a comeback with kicks and a legdrop. Jazz catapulted Grace onto the bottom rope, then hit her with punches and forearms. Grace rolled up Jazz for a two count, but Jazz quickly recovered.

Jazz had Grace in a chin lock, then head-butted her in the back. Jazz continued on offense, until Grace battled back, including a backdrop. Grace landed a spinebuster for a two count. Grace landed a flurry of offense, including double knees to the corner. Jazz battled back with elbows and a crossface, but Grace reached the ropes. Jazz teed off with punches, but Grace rolled her up for a two count.

Jazz landed a tornado DDT for a two count. Jazz rolled up Grace, but Grace revered it and held on for the three count. They raised each other’s hands after the match.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 13:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Really good match for these two. It was refreshing to see a babyface vs. babyface match with no angle.

-Gia Miller interviewed Blake Christian. He said tonight everyone would find out why they call him “all heart”.

(8) BLAKE CHRISTIAN vs. ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) – Super X Cup Tournament finals

Ace took control at the outset. He used the playing card to paper cut Blake’s fingers. They had a sequence of quick moves ending with Ace on the outside of the ring. Ace took Blake down with a headlock. Blake missed a flip from the top rope to the floor and they fought on the floor. After going back and forth in the ring, Ace hit a dive to the floor on Blake.

Back in the ring, Ace took over with his offense, but Blake battled right back. The advantage went back and forth with quick moves. Ace rolled out of the ring and Blake caught him with a moonsault off the top rope. Ace knocked Blake off the top rope and tried to superplex Blake, but Blake slipped out. Blake missed the 450 with Ace draped over the ropes. Ace landed a series of moves on Blake and applied a leg submission hold. Blake reached the ropes to break it.

They exchanged kicks. Both wrestlers were laid out after a standing Spanish Fly. Blake landed a dive over the top rope to Ace on the outside. Back in the ring, they had an exchange of quick moves for near falls. Ace pulled out his playing card, but Blake caught it and threw it away. Ace hit his neckbreaker finisher (called “The Fold”) out of nowhere for the pin. Scott D’Amore presented Ace a trophy after the match.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 20:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: These two worked well together throughout this excellent fast-paced match. Blake had a good showing tonight and would be a welcome addition to the X Division. Ace put in a strong performance as well.

-Josh and Madison ran down the matches for Tuesday’s Impact show and the main event for Hard to Kill.

-Video package about the history of the Moose/Willie Mack feud.

(9) MOOSE vs. WILLIE MACK – I Quit Match

There was a brief staredown, then they exchanged punches. The action quickly spilled to the outside. Willie got the better of the fight. The referee asked Moose if he wanted to quit, but he wouldn’t. Back in the ring, Mack punched Moose, but missed a charge in the corner and Moose dropkicked him. Moose continued on offense including an abdominal stretch. Mack refused to quit.

They traded punches on the apron and Moose yanked Mack’s arm over the rope. Moose pulled Mack to the outside and threw him into the guard rail. Moose threw Mack over the opposite guard rail to the concrete, then back over. Moose wouldn’t let the referee ask Mack if he wanted to quit. Moose stomped on Mack.

Moose set up a table outside. Moose tried to powerbomb Mack threw the table, but Mack escaped and fought back with punches and a chair. Back in the ring, Mack hit Moose with the chair again. Moose tried to back off, then he flipped off Mack. Mack hit Moose with a chair. The referee asked but Moose didn’t quit. Mack threw Moose into a chair that was set up in the corner. Moose waived off the microphone. Mack landed a frog splash off the top rope.

Mack landed another frog splash off the top to Moose’s back. Mack climbed to the top rope, but Moose popped up quickly and punched him. As they fought on the top rope, Moose threw Mack off the top and drove him through the table that was set up on the floor. Both wrestles were laid out. Mack bled from the elbow. They both crawled back in the ring. They exchanged punches while on their knees. They got to their feet and Mack hit a stunner. Moose got a headbutt, but Mack battled back with a clothesline.

Moose choke slammed Mack three times. Mack wouldn’t quit. Moose threw a chair in the ring. Mack threw a chair at Moose’s head while he was on the top rope. Mack superplexed Moose onto a pile of chairs in the ring. Mack attacked Moose with a chair on the outside of the ring. Moose wouldn’t quit. Moose laid out Mack with the TNA title belt. Moose rolled Mack back in the ring. Moose repeatedly elbowed Mack in the head.

Moose put Mack’s head in a chair and was about to hit him with another chair. Rich Swann ran to the ring and stopped him. Swann got in the ring and said he’d give Moose a title shot if he stopped. Moose agreed and said “I-Quit” to end the match. He walked up the ramp with the TNA title belt, as Swann checked on Mack.

WINNER: Willie Mack in 25:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Very physical match, especially the crash through the table on the outside. A unique, dramatic ending, that sets up a good feud for the world title.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another solid Impact Plus special. The show was low on star power but made up for it with good action. The new faces added freshness to the show. Nothing was on the “must-see” level, but nothing was bad.

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