Nick Jackson reveals his battle with COVID-19

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


AEW VP Nick Jackson revealed in Instagram today that he had COVID-19 in September.

Jackson detailed his battle with COVID-19 and his recvoery in a post on his story:

Crazy to think there’s still COVID deniers out there in the world. I had a pretty bad case of COVID in early September that kept me bed ridden for nearly 3 weeks. I couldn’t taste or smell for 2 in a half months. At one point my whole body had hives in it and my doctor said that it was definitely from COVID. Matt had to do the majority of the work in matches once I returned safely because I couldn’t catch my breath. My cardio is finally back but it took months to finally feel like myself again. Let’s protect each other and wear [a] mask.

The Young Bucks have been the centerpiece of AEW’s tag team division since Nick recovered from COVID-19. They defeated FTR at Full Gear in a MOTYC on Nov. 7. They have also wrestled in several high quality matches on Dynamite since Full Gear against Hybrid 2, The Accliamed, and Top Flight.

Nick Jackson’s battle with COVID-19 had not previously been made public by Nick or AEW.


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