1/27 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on The Elite vs. The Dark Order, Dax Harwood vs. Jungle Boy, Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston, Moxley Speaks, Restaurant Quality Split Screen, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 27, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The show started with a technical glitch (On Hulu live) while Eddie Kingston made his ring entrance. The interruption was resolved at 8:16pm.


WINNER: Eddie Kingston

-Jon Moxley had a promo. He was explaining/confused about the Kenny and The Young Bucks. He then brought up Death Triangle, and talked about their drama. He said he is a simple guy, he only trusts his right and left hands. But, he does like a good six-man tag and told his teammates to get ready. He said Beach Break will be wild and he can’t wait.

-The announce team ran down the card for the rest of the evening. [c]

-Sting and Darby were in a pre-recored video. Sting said that Taz and company have thrown false actuations at Darby and him, Sting did admit that Darby was a hoodlum. Darby then recited a poorly written line and the two men broke some glass panels.


The bell rang, MJF immediately grabbed a mic and talked crap too Sammy. He then told Grif Garrison to just give up, Garrison punched him in the face for the opinion. Griff continued to get offense in on MJF, who rolled out the ring and grabbed a chair. He did not bring it in the ring. He then tagged in Jericho. Garrison got a first strike on Jericho, he then tagged in Pillman Jr. MJF got a cheap shot on Pillman, leading to MJF getting the tag and working over Pillman. [c]

Griff and MJF were battling equally when the show returned. Jericho was in the fray, Garrison was able to get several moves and eventually a double spear by Garrison, leading to a near fall. Pillman was tagged in and he got a drop kick on MJF, then hit a move on Jericho, which lead to another near fall for the Blondes. Jericho and Pillman then traded some forearm shots. Eventually both were on the outside of the ring, then back in once more. Pillman made a dive, into the Judas effect, and Lionsault. He then smiled at the camera as he made the pin, happy that he hit the Lionsault so well I would assume, for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho & MJF in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match that made Griff Garrison look really good. It was refreshing to see Jericho and MJF win straight up, especially after the heel win in the first match.)

-Pac had a pre-recorded promo, he hyped the six-man tag match for next week. [c]

-A video of Shaq calling out Cody Rhodes on TNT’s coverage of the NBA was shown. Cody came out to comment, on those comments. Cody was first asked about Jade Cargill’s comments. Cody said he would rather just get the pitch for the promo for the mixed tag match at the Revolution PPV. He laid out the match, but he said that life happens and that can’t happen, because Brandi is pregnant. Cody then put over Arn Anderson, and gave him the mic. Arn said he was gonna contradict himself. He said Cody is about to be a dad, and that is the most important thing in life. Arn told the story of Dusty Rhodes having a match and flying to see the birth of Cody. Arn said a match with Shaq is a once-in-a-lifetime type match. He said Shaq dominated the NBA for 19 years, and Jade dominates wherever she goes. Arn then called Red Velvet out to the ring. Arn said that she has fire just like Cody, Red Velvet then grabbed the mic. She said that she is tired of being attacked, and Brandi getting called out. She said that Cody wouldn’t lay a hand on Jade, but she would.

(Sage’s Analysis: We’re doing this I guess. I have two questions with a match like this. 1) Am I buying a PPV because of a match like this? 2) Is anyone who wasn’t buying the PPV, going to buy it now because of this match?)

-A video about


-Page controlled the early portion of the match with his power advantage, Nemeth countered for a moment, but Page had him on the mat just as quickly. Page then got Nemeth to the outside and dove onto him, and threw him back into the ring. Matt Hardy walked out and watch Nemeth as he did a handstand hold on Page. Nemeth then hit a neck breaker on Page, and got some strikes in before Page hit a clothesline to regain control. Page then got a near fall. Nemeth hit an impressive DDT to get one last burst of offense in on Page. Page reversed a German Suplex, and hit a clothesline, and then a Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Adam Page in 5:00

-After the match, Tony asked why Matt was ringside. Matt said he was cheering Page on, he said he knows that he is confused, that The Elite burned him. The Dark Order wanted so much from him. Hardy wants nothing from him, Hardy said he deserves to be happy. He offered Page to use his personal, huge, dressing room. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: A good use to get Page a nice quick win on TV. The Matt Hardy insertion is a fun storyline to get through a few weeks of TV.)

-An explanation of why Luchasaurus would be handcuffed to Tully and Cash was shown. A nice touch I thought.


A collar and elbow tie-up started the match, with Dax pushing Jungle Boy into the corner. Dax then got Jungle Boy to the ground in a headlock. A shoulder tackle by Dax was followed by a dropkick by Jungle Boy, who then tried to get Dax in a Snare Trap. Dax then hit Jungle boy with several chops and strikes. Jungle Boy responded with chops of his own. Dax hit a knee into the lower abdomen of Jungle Boy, Dax then speared the corner of the ring post. Jungle Boy took advantage and he was able to isolate the left arm of Harwood. Jungle Boy hit a German Suplex and knocked Harwood over the tope rope. Harwood slammed Jungle Boy into the barrier going into the break. [c]

Harwood and Jungle Boy were trading offensive moves with Jungle Boy going to the top rope, Harwood got to him before he reached the summit. Harwood slammed Jungle Boy to the mat and got a near fall for his efforts. The two men traded slaps to the face, Jungle Boy hit a super Kick, Harwood hit a clothesline. Jungle Boy then reversed a power bomb, and got a near fall. Harwood hit springboard bomb and got a near fall of his own. Jungle Boy hit a backstabber then two German’s. Harwood got out of a suplex and hit a DDT and Harwood got a near fall on Jungle Boy after the DDT. Jungle Boy was on the top rope and hit a move, Harwood rolled a pinning attempt and the two traded near pins back and fourth, five or six times. Jungle Boy got Harwood into the Snare Trap and got the submission win.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 16:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A near perfect TV match that really showed off both men. It is easy to forget that Jungle Boy should be a big player for AEW in the same way MJF, Darby, and Adam Page are. I also liked the post match stuff. Very good heat for FTR and an eventual Jurassic Express #1 contender match against FTR is something that should main event a future episode of Dynamite.)

-Post match, Wheeler and Tully got out of the handcuffs and they temporarily blinded Luchasaurus. They then hit a three way attack on Jungle Boy. They then handcuffed Luchasaurus to the ropes and cut off his horns. [c]

-Team Taz had a response video for Darby and Sting. They were shown beating up some AEW employees at a merch table.


Baker started by working an arm of Shanna, who responded by doing the same to Baker. Baker then got Shanna into the corner and then onto the ground with a hammer lock. Shanna hit a few arm drags and a kick to the head to even the odds. Shanna missed a drop kick after Rebel pulled Baker out of the way. Baker then slammed Shanna against the ring apron as she was recovering. A slingblade and kicks to the head of Shanna were added before Baker rolled back into the ring. [c]

When the action returned Shanna got a near fall. Baker came back and got a crucifix into a pin, she then hit a swinging neck breaker for another near fall. Rebel then put the pink glove on Baker, Shanna was able to counter the first attempt of the claw.  But Baker then got the lock jar in and won via submission.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Just like the Page match, a good and relatively quick win for someone who is moving up the card. The Rosa stuff was good to remind us of that match organically. Good Stuff, Baker is improving a lot.)

-Baker and Rebel did some heel stuff after. Thunder Rosa made the save.

-MJF was back stage apologizing to Sammy. Sammy asked if he though he was stupid. Sammy said he see’s what MJF is up too. MJF asked if Sammy wants to play it that way. Sammy said he isn’t playing.

-The announce team went over the card for Beach Break next week on Dynamite. [c]

-The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers were backstage talking about a bullet club reunion. The Good Brothers talked about winning this week and next week at beach break. Matt Jackson asked about Callis not being a part of the match. Kenny and Don came out to remind us of the fact that Callis was “assaulted,” last week.


Uno and Anderson started the match, Uno hit a knee drop and got a near fall. Silver was tagged in, Gallows was as well. Gallows offered a test of strength, But Silver couldn’t reach his hand, he then made fun of Silver’s height. Matt Jackson was tagged in, as was Reynolds. The young Bucks teamed up on Reynolds as Dark Order looked on. Nick, who was legal, tagged in Anderson. Anderson cleared out the three members on the apron. Then all members of team Good Bucks were in the ring and they all teamed up on the singled out Reynolds. After a while Reynolds was bale to tag in Stu Greyson, who was able to run off the non-legal members of the other team. He then hit a Frog Splash on Anderson. [c]

Silver was tagged in and he went against Nick Jackson, Silver was thrown to the outside. But he flipped and took out Anderson, Gallows, and Matt. Then then got back into the ring and hit a move that turned into a near fall against Nick Jackson. Uno was tagged in, he missed the senton on Nick. Matt Jackson was tagged in an the took on Silver and Reynolds. Uno and Greyson hit their finisher and Anderson made the save on the pin. Nick took out Uno and Greyson. Silver and Reynolds were apron power bombed. The Good Bucks had a super kick party on Greyson, then a Magic Killer, then a Meltzer Driver for the pinfall win.

WINNER: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match with plenty of star power. The match itself was good, but still a mess for most of the match. The post match stuff hinted at Bucks vs. Good Brothers at Revolution. Then the post, post match stuff with Mox and Fenix. There was just a lot packed into the last 15 minutes of the show, but it was pretty good.)

(Overall Show Analysis: This show was a vast improvement over last week’s outing. On a macro level this is another example of Tony Khan and AEW learning from a poor week of Tv and bringing a better effort the next episode. The show overall was strong. The Dax and Jungle Boy match was truly something special. They were able to advancement the storylines of Kingston/Archer and The main event story of Kenny and The Bucks. The show also did a good job to level up Adam Page and Britt Baker. The stuff with Cody/Red Velvet and Shaq/Jade Cargill is not for me and it felt like Cody is on the same page. But that was not enough to stop a really good episode.)


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