2/2 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Rich Swann teams with Tommy Dreamer and TJP vs. Rohit Raju


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A Recap video of last week’s show aired

-The standard intro video played.

(1) TASHA STEELZ (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. HAVOC (w/Nevaeh)

Tasha had the early advantage and had Havoc down on the mat. Havoc turned things around and nailed Tasha with a knee lift, then she threw Tasha into the corner and continued her attack. Tasha battled back with punches and kicks, but Havoc cut her off. Kiera interfered and grabbed Havoc’s leg. Havoc pulled Kiera up on the ring apron. While the referee tried to break it up, Nevaeh punched Tasha. Havoc delivered her tombstone piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Havoc in 6:00.

-D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker appeared on camera. They discussed the previous match then cut to a clip of last week after the show went off the air where Ken Shamrock was attacking a referee. Sami Callihan tried to break it up, but Shamrock punched him and resumed attacking referees. Sami walked off.

-In his office, Scott D’Amore was yelling at Sami Callihan. Scott said that Shamrock had gone too far and he was suspended.

-D-Lo and Striker discussed the matches for the night.

-Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann were backstage. Dreamer talked about his upcoming title shot with Swann. They talked about their match tonight where they would be teaming up. Dreamer said he had Swann’s back and would do his part. [c]

-Backstage promo from the Good Brothers. Doc Gallows talked about teaming with Kenny Omega tomorrow on Dynamite to do their favorite thing: beat up Jon Moxley. He and Anderson talked about defending the belts against Private Party. James Storm and Chris Sabin approached. They asked if the Brothers had the guts to face them. Storm and Sabin said either they could get the shot next week or they could fight outside right now. The Brothers agreed to wrestle them next week.


Fulton got the early advantage with punches and a suplex. Alexander finally made a comeback, including a German suplex. Alexander had Fulton in an ankle lock but got kicked to the floor. Fulton followed Alexander out and choke slammed him on the apron. He threw Alexander back in and choke slammed him for a two count. They fought on the top rope and Alexander got the best of it. Alexander finished Fulton off with a piledriver. [c]

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 5:00.

D.L.’s Take: Nice win for Alexander, who should do very well with a singles run in Impact.

-A commercial for the Good Brothers Super 7 action figures.

-Brian Myers walked to the ring for a promo. He said he feels like he willed his feud with Eddie Edwards into existence. He called Eddie the world’s most unprofessional wrestler and that Eddie’s trainer Killer Kowalski would be rolling in his grave after seeing what Eddie has become. Myers called himself the franchise of Impact Wrestling. Eddie came out and brawled with Myers. Hernandez came out and attacked Eddie. Myers said Hernandez would face Eddie at No Surrender. Matt Cardona ran in the ring and brawled with Hernandez. Myers and Hernandez bailed.

-Backstage, John E. Bravo, Fallah Bahh, and Alisha were playing poker. Johnny Swinger came and collected a roll of money from Bravo and walked off. Alisha questioned why it seems like they are always in Swinger’s world. Bahh said it’s like Groundhog’s Day or something. [c]

-Backstage, Eddie thanked Cardona for saving him. Eddie asked Cardona to team with him against Hernandez and Myers.

(3) CRAZZY STEVE (w/Rosemary) vs. LARRY D (w/Acey Romero)

Steve attacked at the bell and punched Larry in the corner. Acey tripped Steve’s leg, causing Larry to get the advantage. Acey attacked Steve on the floor. Back in the ring, Larry took over the match. Larry landed a big splash for a two count. Steve battled back by biting Larry on the shoulder and fingers. Steve attacked Acey on the outside. Larry caught Steve coming over the top rope with a punch for the pin.

WINNER: Larry D in 5:00.

After the match, Rosemary glared at Acey and Larry. They walked up the ramp.

D.L.’s Take: Short match. Just seemed to exist to forward the Rosemary/Larry D feud.

-Gia Miller was shown backstage for an interview with Trey Miguel. Trey said he had two crutches in Impact, but now he could stand on his own two feet. Sami Callihan teleported into the interview. Sami said they’ve known each other for a long time. Sami said Trey doesn’t have what it takes to make it in Impact. Trey got angry and stood up. Sami told him to go home and think about what he wants to be and what he is. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed XXXL. Larry said they don’t fear anyone. They said they would never hit a woman. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb approached. Tenille said she would save the day and hit Rosemary for them. XXXL liked the idea.

(4) SUSAN (w/Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee) vs. JORDYNNE GRACE (w/Jazz)

Grace charged Susan in the corner, then threw her around. Susan pulled the referee in front of her, then scratched Grace’s eyes to get the advantage. Deonna and Lee attacked Grace on the floor then threw her back in the ring. Susan choked Grace in the corner and over the middle rope. Deonna tripped Grace and pulled her out of the ring. Deonna and Lee stomped Grace then threw her back in. Susan got a two count. Susan punched Grace, then threw her out of the ring on Jazz’s side. A brawl broke out outside.

Grace dominated the action back in the ring and slammed Susan. Grace knocked Deonna off the apron. Grace got her powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 5:00.

– Susan, Deonna, and Lee attacked Jordynne and Jazz after the match. ODB ran in for the save and ran Susan’s team out of the ring.

D.L.’s Take: Basic match but it was cool to see an appearance from ODB and should be a fun six-woman tag match.

-Matt Hardy and Private Party had a conversation backstage. Matt said that Big Money Matt always has a plan. He said they needed Private Party to win their match on Dynamite tomorrow so they can go on and win the AEW tag team titles. He said they would make more money if they were double champions. Matt said he had everything under control, he just needed Private Party to show up. Private Party were enthusiastic. [c]

-AEW Paid Ad. Tony Schiavone was in ridiculous beach attire. Tony Khan said this was the most exciting segment of Impact Wrestling. He said being on Impact was like being in his own fantasy league. He said he was making emotional decisions, like sending Jon Moxley to New Japan Pro Wrestling for the first time in a year. Tony Schiavone ran down the matches for tomorrow’s Dynamite. Khan bragged about tomorrow’s show.

-Grace, Jazz, and ODB were walking down a hallway backstage. ODB said her food truck was outside. Grace and Jazz asked if ODB was coming back and Jazz said a lot of people are. They all did the ODB boob grab gesture and walked off.

(5) TJP vs. ROHIT RAJU – Non-title match

TJP got the advantage at the start with a variety of fast moves. TJP had Rohit in an octopus submission, but Rohit made the ropes. Rohit made a comeback with a running kick to the head. TJP made a comeback but got dropkicked out of the ring. [c]

Rohit continued on offense. Rohit had TJP in an armlock. TJP made a comeback with an offensive flurry. TJP missed a splash off the top and Rohit got the advantage again. He missed a splash off the top and TJP caught him with a boot to the face. TJP was thrown out of the ring. Mahabali Shera came out from under the ring to choke slam TJP. Rohit pinned TJP for the win. Rohit and TJP celebrated the win afterwards. Rohit gloated with the X Division Title belt.

WINNER: TJP in 11:00.

D.L.’s Take: Good match. It’s always a treat to see TJP’s innovative offense. The return of Shera adds an interesting element to Rohit’s act.

– There was a promo by Violent By Design. Eric Young offered Cousin Jake a chance to join the group while Joe Doering and Deaner stood in the background. Ominous music played in the background. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Cousin Jake backstage. Jake said he didn’t have an answer for Eric Young’s offer but he would answer next week.

-D-Lo and Striker ran down the matches for next week including: ODB vs. Kimber Lee, Kiera Hogan vs. Nevaeh, Good Brothers vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin, and the Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer contract signing


Dreamer and Bey started it off. Dreamer took Bey down. Bey caught Dreamer with a clothesline off the second rope. [c]

Moose was punching Dreamer. Swann tagged in and gave a series of punches to Moose. Moose grabbed Swann by the throat then gave him a running uppercut. Bey tagged in and kept the advantage on Swann. Swann and Bey had a series of quick moves ending with Swann hitting a big dropkick. Dreamer tagged in and dropped in elbow on Bey then put him in an abdominal stretch.

Striker noted that Dreamer has trouble getting to his feet. Swann tagged back in and continued the offense on Bey. Swann punched Moose, who was on the outside. Moose caught Swann’s arm and yanked it over the top rope. Bey punched Swann and got a two count. Moose tagged in and ripped at Swann’s nose. Moose had Swann in an abdominal stretch and punched him in the ribs. Moose whipped Swann into the corner.

Bey tagged in and stomped at Swann’s arm. Swann got a sunset flip on Bey for a two count, but Bey rebounded to put Swann in a headlock. Swann escaped to make the hot tag to Dreamer. Dreamer knocked Moose off the apron then went after Bey. Dreamer got a two count after a suplex. Swann knocked Moose out of the ring. Dreamer DDT Bey then tagged out to Swann. Moose went for a spear, but Dreamer moved and Moose connected on Swann, then got the pin.

WINNERS: Moose & Chris Bey in 9:00.

– After the match, Moose hit the spear on Dreamer then stomped Swann. Moose lifted the Impact and TNA belts in the air. He dropped the Impact belt on Swann before he and Bey left up the ramp.

D.L.’s Take: Good match. It set the table for Swann vs. Dreamer and Swann vs. Moose. Bey is becoming a regular in the main event picture for Impact.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Most of the matches were kept short and were used to advance storylines. The TJP vs. Rohit match was good, as was the main event. Overall, a solid build to the No Surrender show later this month.

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