2/9 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: No Surrender main event contract signing, tag team title match, Dreamer’s birthday, and more




Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A recap video of last week’s events aired including Eric Young’s offer to Cousin Jake, the Sami Callihan/Trey Miguel confrontation, and the Moose/Chris Bey vs. Rich Swann/Tommy Dreamer match.

-The weekly Impact intro video played.


The announcers mentioned that all eight wrestlers would be in the Triple Threat Revolver Match at No Surrender on Saturday. Alexander started off against Christian, then Ace tagged in. Trey got the advantage on Ace, who tagged out to Bey. Bey nailed Trey with a dropkick. Suicide tagged in and exchanged moves with Bey. Wille Mack tagged in and mixed it up with Bey and Daivari. The heels finally got Mack in their corner and worked on him.

Mack finally made the tag to Trey, who took over on Christian and had him in a submission, which Bey broke up. Alexander double suplexed Bey and Davari. Alexander had Ace in an ankle lock. Christian hit a 450 to break it up. Ace and Christian argued and got clotheslined by Willie Mack. Mack dominated and hit a series of moves on Christian. Daivari took out Mack. Ace and Bey squared off against Suicide. Christian hit a series of impressive high flying moves and got a two count on Trey. Christian missed a 450 splash and got put in an hourglass submission by Trey for the win.

WINNERS: Josh Alexander & Willie Mack & Trey Miguel & Suicide in 12:00.

-After the match, Sami Callihan appeared on the big screen. He mockingly congratulated Trey, then said that Trey didn’t have the passion and might as well quit. Trey was angry in the ring.

D.L.’s Take: A fast paced opener which was a good start to the show. Everyone had a chance to shine, but Trey and Christian stood out. The match at No Surrender should be really good. Overall, it was a nice continuation of the intriguing Trey/Sami angle.

-ODB was shown warming up backstage. [c]

-A montage of Impact wrestlers wishing Tommy Dreamer a Happy 50th Birthday played.

-D-Lo and Striker appeared on camera and discussed Dreamer’s upcoming title shot at No Surrender. They then ran down the rest of the show.

(2) KIMBER LEE (w/Deonna Purrazzo & Susan) vs. ODB

Striker mentioned that ODB was trained by Eddie Sharkey. Lee consulted with Deonna and Susan, then got back in the ring. Lee mocked ODB, the ODB charged Lee and knocked her down. ODB ran Lee into the corner and chopped her. Lee turned the tables and chopped ODB. ODB chopped and clotheslined Lee. ODB ran Lee’s head into the turnbuckle. Lee took over and had ODB in a submission on the mat. Lee ran ODB into the corner, then threw her outside. Deonna and Susan stomped ODB. [c]

Back from the break, ODB had the advantage and hit the bronco buster on Lee in the corner, then scored a two count. ODB ran Lee’s head into the corner repeatedly, then hit a Thesz press for a two count. Lee came back with a kick and suplex and climbed to the ropes, but ODB threw her off. Susan jumped on the apron to distract the referee. Jordynne Grace and Jazz ran to ringside and brawled with Deonna and Susan. ODB dove off the apron on Susan and Deonna. ODB got back in the ring and Lee rolled her up for the three count.

WINNER: Kimber Lee in 11:00.

D.L.’s Take: Good match. It was fun to see ODB back and I’m looking forward to seeing these six wrestlers mix it up in upcoming matches.

-Fallah Bahh and Alisha were playing poker backstage at “Swinger’s Palace”. John E. Bravo was the dealer. Bahh tried to bet with a cookie because he didn’t have any money. Swinger had his women throw out Bahh. Bravo seized the cookie. Swinger sat at the table and asked Alisha if she was single. She said “I’m Alisha Edwards”. Swinger replied “I’m Terry Taylor”. Alisha said “Oh, the Red Lobster”. [c]

-Deonna, Lee, and Susan were shown backstage. Susan said she would talk to Scott D’Amore and demand a match against ODB, Jazz, and Jordynne at No Surrender. Deonna and Lee didn’t seem to be on board with this.

-Cousin Jake walked to the ring and took the mic. He said he thought he had everything figured out but now he sees there is another path to get back with his family. The music played for Violence by Design and Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Deaner walked to the ring. Young told Jake to open his eyes, see the truth, and be the best version of himself. Jake said he does stand for something then he attacked all three. The heels got the advantage and had Jake down. They put a chair around his neck. Young took the mic and said Jake made the biggest mistake of his life. Young said that Jake would wrestle Deaner at No Surrender and end his sickness for good.

-A promo with Rohit Raju and Shera aired. Rohit said he trusted Shera to have his back and he vowed to win the X Division title back from TJP at No Surrender. [c]

D.L.’s Take: Rohit had a serious tone and there was none of his usual comedy.

-The AEW Paid Ad played. Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan were at the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium. They talked about Kenta attacking Jon Moxley on last week’s Dynamite. Schiavone asked what was the forbidden door. Khan said HE was the forbidden door. He bragged about Dynamite’s ratings and said the forbidden door has been opened. They ran down the matches for tomorrow’s Dynamite. Khan thanked Kenny Omega and Don Callis for opening him up and opening the forbidden door. He wanted to have more people show up. He said he had something special for Impact and he would be back sooner rather than later.

-The Good Brothers cut a backstage promo. Anderson talked about Chris Sabin and James Storm both being tag team champions but that they aren’t the current champs. He said they would do their favorite thing: beat up Storm and Sabin. Gallows said tonight they would beat Storm & Sabin, then beat Private Party at No Surrender. They did the “Two Sweet” hand gesture at the end.

(3) KIERA HOGAN (w/Tasha Steelz) vs. NEVAEH (w/Havoc)

Neveah took the early advantage with punches and a sliding clothesline. Nevaeh got a backslide for a two count. Kiera tripped Nevaeh into the ropes, then choked her. Kiera kicked Nevaeh and ran her into the corner. Nevaeh made a comeback with kicks, knees, and a series of forearms. Nevaeh had Kiera in a sleeper. Kiera came back with an eye rake and dropkick. They traded chops, forearms, and punches. Nevaeh kicked Kiera in the head and got a two count.

Kiera got a small package for a two count. Nevaeh went for a German but Kiera blocked it. Nevaeh got an STO on Kiera. Tasha got in the ring and did a codebreaker on Nevaeh right in front of the referee for the DQ. Nevaeh and Havoc walked up the ramp and celebrated.

WINNER: Nevaeh by DQ in 7:00.

D.L.’s Take: Good match while it lasted. These two wrestlers are both under-utilized, so it was good to see them get the spotlight. The DQ finish was lame, but it played into something later.

-The stars of AEW wished Tommy Dreamer a Happy 50th Birthday. They included Matt Hardy, MJF, Chris Jericho, the Young Bucks, Santana & Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston. Some of them were sincere and some were funny. The segment ended with MJF saying he can’t wait to see Dreamer croak in the middle of the ring. [c]

-Kiera and Tasha barged into Scott D’Amore’s office. They blamed referee Brandon Tolle for disqualifying them because he was mad about being cheated at Fire N Flava Fest. Scott said Tolle wouldn’t be the referee for their tag team title match against Havoc & Nevaeh at No Surrender, plus the match would be no DQ. Kiera and Tasha were furious at having to defend the titles.

-XXXL was in the ring with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb. Larry D had the mic and said he would never put his hands on a woman but they found someone that would: Tenille. She took the mic and asked what kind of name was “Decay”. Kaleb referred to Decay as “Tooth Decay” and called them out. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve’s music played and they walked to the ring. Rosemary said they had found a partner. It was Black Taurus of AAA Wrestling in Mexico.


Taurus dominated from the start and hit a Samoan Drop on Kaleb. Taurus hit a power slam on Kaleb for the pin.

WINNER: Black Taurus in 1:00.

-After the match, Striker and D-Lo talked up Taurus and said he was a game changer. [c]

-Brian Myers gave Hernandez a bunch of cash as a payoff for last week’s attack on Eddie Edwards. Myers said he would pay half up front and half after they won their match at No Surrender. Myers walked off as Hernandez counted the money. Fallah Bahh was lurking in the background.

(5) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (c) vs. JAMES STORM & CHRIS SABIN – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match

Sabin got the early advantage on Anderson. Storm tagged in and worked Anderson’s arm. Sabin continued to work the arm. Storm and Sabin knocked Anderson out of the ring then clotheslined Gallows out of the ring. [c]

Sabin and Storm were working over Anderson when the action returned. Gallows eventually got the advantage on Sabin. Private Party and Matt Hardy walked to the stage. Storm made a comeback on Gallows and Anderson and hit a series of moves including a head scissors. Sabin & Storm were on the verge of victory, when Private Party interfered for the DQ. Striker and D-Lo speculated that Private Party interfered because they were mad that Sabin and Storm got a title shot ahead of them. [c]

WINNERS: Chris Sabin & James Storm by DQ in 13:00.

D.L.’s Take: It was an okay match, but the DQ finish took it down a notch. The commercial break interrupted the momentum of everything as well.

-Backstage, Matt Hardy congratulated Private Party on taking control of the situation. Hardy offered them a bonus if they get the Impact belts. Scott D’Amore approached. He said it was an honor to have them in Impact. Scott said Private Party had crossed the line. He said they had to figure out a way to keep Storm and Sabin from interfering in the match on Saturday. Private Party and Hardy were excited, until Scott said he would add Storm & Sabin to the match. Private Party and Hardy were outraged.

-D-Lo and Striker ran down the matches for No Surrender

-Contract Signing: A table was in the ring. Scott D’Amore was at the head of the table. Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer sat across from each other. Swann signed first. Dreamer took the mic and said he defeated his friends Taz and Christian in prior matches to win previous titles. Dreamer said there were no holes in Swann’s offense, but there are holes in his defense and he would bring it at No Surrender. Moose’s music played and he walked to the ring. Moose said their match was pissing him off because he was promised a title match first. Moose said it seems like Swann was taking a night off because he was facing a man who was turning 50 years old. Swann and Moose squared off. Scott said he would suspend Moose if he got involved in the match. Moose said he had no reason to get involved because he knew he could beat both wrestlers.

Moose said he was the real world champion. Swann said he was the real champion. Dreamer told them both to shut up. He read a text message from Moose saying how tough Tommy Dreamer was after their match against each other. He said that Moose still doesn’t get it. Dreamer said he doesn’t wrestle for money anymore, but to help the young wrestlers in the back and the dreamers.

Dreamer said he would continue to use his platform for good and using the Impact title as a platform would help him spread good. He wanted people to be able to forget their troubles for three hours at No Surrender. Dreamer signed the contract and said he and Swann were united in their love for this business. They shook hands. Swann and Dreamer eyed Moose.

FINAL THOUGHTS: They left no doubt it was the go-home show for No Surrender, as it was heavily promoted throughout the show. Some of it was predictable (adding Storm and Sabin to the tag match, Team Susan wanting a match with Team ODB, etc), but it was still fun and they did an effective job of making No Surrender a big deal. The in-ring action was decent, but there were a couple of lame finishes. In addition, there were funny moments with the Swinger’s Palace, the AEW paid segment, and Tommy Dreamer birthday wishes. An entertaining episode and the time flew by.

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