2/11 NXT UK TV REPORT: Meiko Satomura debuts and big street fight main event



FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

-A video package on the rivalry between The Hunt and Morgan & Webster started the show. Wild Boar was taken out of the match after by Andrews and Webster in the context of the video package because they were “sick of the numbers game.”


Dawn attempted her signature kicks early on, but the legendary Satomura matched her kick for kick. She then kicked Dawn in the gut after holding her to the ropes, and soon grounded the action by putting her in a front face lock. After showing that Kay Lee Ray was watching from a distance, Dawn got a little offense in before Satomura went back to controlling the match. A lightning fast fisherman’s suplex gave Satomura the first near fall of the match. Dawn luckily got in a double knee to get a two count of her own.

Dawn decided to go to the top rope here, but Satomura jumped up and took her down with a superplex. A kick to the skull followed and Satomura got another near fall. Dawn then with a suplex and a two count. The women got back to their feet while exchanging punches, but Satomura flattened her with an uppercut and a kick that brought Dawn face first in the mat.

As Dawn was dazed, Satomura connected with her finisher, the Scorpio Rising for the win. Ray was shown applauding the veteran.

WINNER: Satomura at 5:24

Koenig’s Analysis: I think we all went in knowing that this was going to be a squash match and it served that purpose well. For people who are unfamiliar with Satomura, it was a fine demonstration on her incredible skills. I look forward to her working with stronger opponents.

-Rampage Brown was shown earlier this week in a room with Joe Coffey. They focused their attention to the TC screen where Johnny Saint told them that the two will be fighting next week. Coffey left saying that he’s glad Brown was there, but that it’s “his company.”

-A video package on Dani Luna, emphasizing her power lifting background, played.

-A Smackdown commercial aired featuring the return of Seth Rollins.

-A video package on Valkyrie played.

-Meiko Satomura was interviewed backstage. She spoke in Japanese before saying in broken English that she was ready for Kay Lee Ray.

-SPRNVA SESSIONS with Noam Dar made its return. On the show, Dar told the NXT UK universe that his therapist told him that he needs to starts showing his feelings more. He went on to say that he is in a state of happiness and was pleased to introduce his “best friend” Sha Samuels. They buddied it up a bit and shared the couch. Samuels said that he is exactly where he wants to be right now and that half of the roster wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his hard work. He went on to say that he couldn’t believe that they called him “Ed Harvey” when he debuted last month. Dar went on to tell a story about the two of them but Samuels stopped the conversation and told him nobody could know their crazy stories.

From there, Sid Scala walked out on stage and told Dar that he couldn’t put matches together. Dar suggested that Samuels should face A-Kid for the Heritage Cup (which I didn’t think could continued to be fought for). Scala said that he will talk to Johnny Saint about it.

-Nina Samuels was shown in a video accepting a rematch with Xia Brookside. She said there was a stipulation that if she lost, she would have to carry her bags for an entire month.

-A NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day commercial aired.

-A Trent Seven video package played showing his training as he tries to drop down to below 205.


Niven slammed her to the mat early on and got her first near pinfall. She sent Amale to the corner and started to kick her as the camera pointed to Joe Connors coming out from the back. Niven made eye contact with him and Amale attempted to take advantage. She got in a little offense and kicked her in the face, followed by a two count. Niven got up and hit Amale with a headbutt, followed by a cannonball and Piper Driver for the win.

WINNER: Niven at 2:19

Koenig’s Analysis: An uneventful match that just furthered the story between Jinny and Niven by having Connors come down to the ring to distract her. The match itself was completely skippable.

-Sid Scala showed clips of the contract signing between Gallus and Pretty Deadly, stating that the match would take place in two weeks. A video package on the two and their history followed.

-A WWE Elimination Chamber commercial played.

-A Ben Carter video package aired.


-Tornado tag rules are in affect so all four competitors are legal at any time.

-Prior to the match, Eddie Dennis and Wild Boar shown backstage beating up Morgan & Webster. They brought the team to the ring and continued the beating.

Dennis and Webster “started” the match. Of course, Webster is still hurting from the pre-match attack. Webster went to the top rope and missed at attack on Dennis, but he did dropkick him out of the ring afterwards. Andrews was still in the back and the two continued to beat down Webster outside of the ring. After throwing Webster over the barricade, Primate held him so Dennis could beat the hell out of him.

As they were beating Webster towards the backstage area, Andrews was seen over the entrance and dove on top of The Hunt at twenty feet. After the smoke cleared, the four men continued to fight until they all ended up ringside. They all met in the ring simultaneously while holding steel chairs. The “concavity of steel” (my favorite line of the night from commentary) rang hard as they used them almost as if they were fencing. Primate and Webster made it to their feet and Webster landed a great headbutt right before Dennis hit him in the back with a kendo stick. Webster rolled out of the ring as Andrews connected with an enziguri on Dennis. Dennis then attacked his leg, but Andrews reversed with a Stundog Millionaire. He then went to the top, but Primate knocked him down with a kendo stick.

As Andrews lie in pain holding his knee, The Hunt continued to attack it by sandwiching it in a steel chair. Luckily, Webster came back in time to save his partner. He cleaned house upon entry and Andrews & Webster sent both men out of the ring. Dennis made his way back into the ring alone, but was met with a double team of kendo sticks. The two went out of the ring and grabbed a table. They put it in the ring and kept Dennis down as they set up the table. They placed Dennis’ body on it as Primate was making it back into the ring. Primate caught him and tossed him out of the ring. Webster had to think on his feet as he was alone now, and Dennis rolled off the table. Webster then landed a beautiful senton from the top and over the table, but after connecting with Dennis, Primate was there and Webster attempted to fight off both before Primate hit an exploder into the corner.

Primate grabbed the table and set it in the corner. Webster was hoisted up but Andrews made the save on time. As Webster was resting on the ropes, Dennis came from behind and set up a Splash Mountain that was reversed into a hurricanrana. Primate then ran at Andrews, but he moved and sent Primate running through the table using his own momentum. Webster and Morgan both went to different corners and simultaneously landed 450 splashes, with Andrews making the pin on Primate.

WINNER: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster at 16:04 (from the bell)

Koenig’s Analysis: A fast paced match that was full of action. I liked the storyline being carried throughout the show. It doesn’t seem to me as if this rivalry is finished, though.

NEXT WEEK: Sha Samuels vs. A-Kid, Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown, Ben Carter in action

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