TORCH EXCLUSIVE: Soldiers of Savagery talk getting into the wrestling business, Shane Taylor Promotions, ROH, more


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Kaun and Moses of the Soldiers of Savagery joined the PWTorch VIP podcast, Podcast of Honor this week and discussed a multitude of topics including getting into the wrestling business, Ring of Honor, and much more.

Both men have roots and memories of the wrestling business as kids and those memories influenced their current involvement. For Kaun, Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz in the Terri Invitational Ladder Match was inspirational out of the gate, but it was the WWE 24 episode on Seth Rollins that solidified his choice to become a wrestler. For Moses, it was the Monday Night Wars that attracted his interest early on.

Both men discussed their journey to Ring of Honor. After working in MCW, Moses and Kaun got their shot at an ROH tryout which is the company they currently call home and talked about the importance of that tryout. “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life,” Kaun said. “Going there and breaking down our old film, having matches everyday, doing promos, really gelling together and having creative ideas together. I think that has helped us so much.”

Currently, Kaun and Moses have joined forces with Shane Taylor to complete the Shane Taylor Promotions trio. Both men spoke incredibly high of Taylor and his influence on their careers. “He let us know from day one that this wasn’t a dictatorship and that they were all equals,” said Moses. “He said, if you have ideas, bring them to me, we can discuss them, and we can see where we go from there. Literally, we pitch things and he says yeah that’s cool I like that, but let’s tweak it here and vice versa. It’s more about just what’s in the ring. We talk about life and about our different experiences and backgrounds.”

Kaun spoke highly of Taylor’s impact on them as well. “We didn’t really have a direction or a story,” Kaun said. “Shane approached us with this idea about Shane Taylor Promotions and why not jump at the opportunity? We didn’t know where we were going to go from there, but we knew it was something. We saw him slowly getting a push as the ROH TV Champion and building this stable. The possibilities were endless from there.”

Shane Taylor Promotions are the current ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions. They defeated MexiSquad on the February 19 episode of ROH television.

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