3/16 IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Sacrifice fallout, Callis confronts Swann, Miguel vs. Callihan, more




Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A video package with highlights of the Sacrifice show including the tag team title change and Rich Swann beating Moose to unify the Impact and TNA titles aired.

-The opening video montage played.

(1) FINJUICE (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs. XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

This was a non-title match. Juice squared off with Larry to start the match. Finjuice used double team moves to get the advantage. Acey got in the ring and took on Finjuice by himself, including hitting them with a crossbody block. Acey rolled into Juice’s legs, then splashed him from behind. Juice made the hot tag to Finlay. Finlay took on both members of XXXL. Acey broke up a pin attempt but accidentally landed on Larry. Finjuice hit a flapjack on Larry. Finlay hit the Acid Drop on Larry for the pin.

WINNERS: David Finlay & Juice Robinson in 4:00.

-Right on cue, The Good Brothers walked down the ramp. Karl Anderson said the match shouldn’t have even counted. They entered the ring. Anderson they’ve been busy being on Dynamite and being with his family, so they were exhausted. Doc Gallows said he had been jet-lagged from traveling from Atlanta to Nashville. Good Brothers wanted a rematch. Juice said they could have a rematch. Finlay said they would have to wait until Finjuice returned from Japan in April. They had a brief brawl before Finjuice left the ring and walked up the ramp holding the belts.

(D.L.’s Take: Overall, the tag team match was effective in making Finjuice look like a dominant team.)

-D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker discussed the Kenny Omega vs. Rich Swann match at the PPV, then ran down the matches for tonight.

-Sami Callihan vignette. Sami said that Trey Miguel had all the talent in the world but he lacked passion. He said Trey wouldn’t do what it takes to get the job done. Sami vowed to embarrass Trey tonight and make an example of him. [c]

-The Good Brothers barged into Scott D’Amore’s office. They complained about Finjuice taking the belts to Japan. Scott said they could have the rematch at the Rebellion PPV next month. As the Good Brothers left, Tommy Dreamer entered the office. He and Scott talked about the tag belts going back to Japan. Scott talked about it being a consequence of working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He said he couldn’t be like Dreamer and Paul E. and just run a company into the ground. Scott said that if Dreamer thought it was so easy, maybe he should run the show. Scott said that Tommy Dreamer could book the card for Hardcore Justice. Dreamer handed him a paper and said that he had already done it. Scott was impressed with the matches and they shook hands.

(2) RHINO (w/Eric Young & Joe Doering& Deaner) vs. JAKE SOMETHING (w/Chris Sabin & James Storm)

Rhino got the early advantage, but Jake battled back. Rhino got the upper hand with a headbutt and a clothesline. Young shouted encouragement to Rhino from ringside. Rhino had Jake in a chin lock. Jake fought back with elbows and punches. Deaner distracted the referee but Sabin pulled him off the apron. Jake was distracted by the fighting outside the ring and turned into a gore and got pinned.

WINNER: Rhino in 3:00.

-Violent by Design got in the ring and beat down Jake, Sabin, and Storm after the match. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: Match was too short to get going. It further established Rhino’s heel turn).

-Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb were standing with their partners in the upcoming tag match, Fire N Flava, Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan. Tenille and Kaleb said they had come up with a name for the team: “Tenille Dashwood & The Followers”. Deonna said they should come up with a team plan instead of a team name. She argued with Fire N Flava about who should be in charge. Deonna urged them all to get on the same page and they should lay out their opponents. The group walked off and Tenille was mad that she wasn’t able to do her inspirational quote.


Rohit attacked Shera at the bell. Shera landed a big boot to turn the tide. Rohit went to the outside. He yanked Shera’s arm over the top rope. Back in the ring, Rohit stomped and punched Shera. Rohit ran Shera’s face across the top rope. Shera fired back with punches and kicks. Rohit battled back and went after the arm. Shera made a comeback with clotheslines.

Rohit came back with a kick and a jumping knee, then a cannonball to the corner. Shera caught Rohit coming off the top rope and choke slammed him across his knee for a two count. Shera missed a charge in the corner. Rohit rolled him up with his feet on the ropes to get the pin. Rohit scurried out of the ring.

WINNER: Rohit Raju in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good action while it lasted. Rohit continues to show a more aggressive side in the ring and less comedy.)

-Backstage, Willie Mack congratulated Rich Swann for beating Moose. Mack wanted to celebrate. Swann said this wasn’t the time for a party. He said he had to go to the ring to take care of some business. [c]

-Rich Swann walked to the ring with the Impact and TNA belts over his shoulder. Swann said he was weighed down with all that gold. He got serious and said beating Moose was one of the toughest things he had ever done. He said that he and Moose went out and showed everyone what Impact was about. He said he respected Moose. Swann said it was hard enough to be champion, but to have two belts is unthinkable. He said that Kenny Omega was the monkey on his back. He talked about being pinned by Omega at Hard to Kill but the upcoming match was his chance to win. He said the match was one of the most important things that could ever happen in this industry and at Rebellion we would see who is the best wrestler in the world.

Music played and Don Callis walked to the ring with a smirk. He shook hands with Swann then hugged him. They talked but we couldn’t hear what they were saying. Callis got the mic and said he was proud of Swann. He told Swann to stop him if he said anything that wasn’t true. He said he was a huge Rich Swann guy and it was him that fought to bring Swann to Impact. He said that he made sure Swann got paid while he was injured and that he called Swann once a week while he was out. He said Rich was his guy. He called Swann his shiny toy that he was so proud of.

Callis brought up the Golden Sheik who had trained him. He told a story of having a car then he saw someone else with a better car and he wanted it. He said the Sheik told him that there would always be something better. Callis said that he moved on from Swann for Kenny Omega. He asked if Swann had been thinking about the One Winged Angel at Hard to Kill. He said that Swann couldn’t change history and that he got beat at Hard to Kill.

Callis said Swann was a once in a decade performer, but Omega was once in a millennium. He said Swann was a superstar, but Omega was a god of wrestling. Callis said he was there for Omega when no one thought he could beat Okada and Jon Moxley and that he was on commentary for those matches. Callis said he would say “One Winged Angel” at the end of those matches and it would be over. He yelled “One Winged Angel” at Swann. He said Swann would be a part of history but Callis has already written that history. He told Swann “sleep well, brother”. Callis left the ring and Swann just stared at him. Swann looked at his belts. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent, intense promo segment to set the stage for the unification match. Swann and Callis were great in their roles.)

-AEW Paid Ad: Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan were in front of a St. Patrick’s Day set. Khan said that Schiavone may have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day already. Khan ran down the matches for Dynamite and said it was going to be one of the biggest shows in Dynamite history. He said that Impact knows nothing about this kind of thing. Schiavone ran down the rest of the matches.

-Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona were talking backstage when Brian Myers came in the room. Eddie left. Myers wanted to know why Cardona was in his business. Cardona said he wanted to make it fair. Myers said he didn’t want Cardona here and to get lost.


Alisha charged Tenille at the bell. Tenille flattened Alisha with a punch. Tenille gave her a noogie and threw her around. Alisha battled back then tagged to ODB. ODB did the Bronco Buster to Tenille in the corner. ODB took Susan down. Nevaeh and Lee squared off. Havoc gave Lee a backbreaker. Havoc pie faced Kiera and threw her around. Jazz caught Deonna with punches. Wrestlers came in one after the other and traded moves. Tasha and Grace brawled in the ring, then did a double dive into the pile outside the ring. [c]

The heels worked on Alisha in their corner. Alisha and Susan hit each other with a crossbody block at the same time. Both tagged out. Grace ran wild on Lee. Grace got a two count after a Grace Driver. Jazz fought Lee, but Lee came back with a backbreaker. Alisha hit Lee with a stunner. Striker noted it was 3:16 day. The match broke down again and wrestlers were in and out exchanging moves. Everyone brawled around ringside. Jazz and Lee exchanged punches. Jazz put Lee in an STF and Lee tapped.

WINNERS: Alisha Edwards & ODB & Jazz & Jordynne Grace & Havoc & Nevaeh in 16:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fun match that was all action. I was surprised that no angles came out of this.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Ace said that all was right with the world with him regaining the X Division title. He said that TJP had humbled him when he beat Ace for the X Division title, but he got it back. Chris Bey walked in. Bey said the belt would look better on him. Josh Alexander joined in. He said he was the number one contender. TJP walked in and Ace told him to step to the back of the line. TJP said that he and Ace would have a rematch next week, then walked off. [c]

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and discussed the upcoming Hardcore Justice show, then ran down the matches for next week including:

  • Ace Austin vs. TJP
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jazz
  • Karl Anderson vs. Eddie Edwards


Trey charged into the ring and brawled with Sami. Trey hit a jumping knee. Sami came back with a clothesline. Trey hit a superkick and Sami fell to the floor. Trey connected with a slide. Trey punched Sami around the ring and up the ramp. Sami went for a powerbomb but Trey got out of it and made a comeback. Sami caught Trey on a dive attempt and put him in a Boston Crab on the floor. [c]

Sami had the advantage out of the break. Sami wedged Trey’s ankle in the ring post. Sami continued his attack in the ring. Sami threw Trey into the corners. Sami worked on the ankle. Trey made a comeback, but Sami caught him and put him in a Boston Crab in the ropes. Trey connected with a kick to the head. Trey continued to fight but his leg gave out. Sami hit a ripcord clothesline. Trey rolled up Sami and hit a double stomp. [c]

Trey and Sami exchanged chops and punches. Trey hit a big clothesline, followed by a series of moves. Sami hit a neckbreaker off the ropes for a two count. Trey got out of a piledriver attempt and came back with kicks and a twisting neckbreaker. Trey still had trouble with his ankle. Trey went for his hourglass submission, but Sami bit his ankle. Sami came back with clotheslines. Sami landed the powerbomb for a two count, then locked in an STF.

Trey battled and finally made the ropes, then fell to the outside. Sami went to ringside and ran Trey into the railings. Sami chopped Trey. Sami charged Trey, but Trey ran up the steps and delivered a cutter on the floor. Trey tried to get back in the ring, but Sami kicked him into the steps. Trey’s head hit the steps. Back in the ring, Sami slapped Trey repeatedly but Trey rebounded with a spinning neckbreaker. Trey went to the top while the referee checked on Sami. Sami got up and caught Trey on the top rope and got a package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Sami Callihan in 25:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good main event. The feud will continue and it will be interesting to see how Trey rebounds from the loss.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good reset after the Sacrifice show. The Swann/Callis confrontation was intense and worth seeking out if you missed it. The show was kind of light on in-ring action, but picked up with the lengthy Trey vs. Sami match, which was good. A fun two hours.

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