3/9 IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Final hype for Sacrifice, Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A recap video of last week’s show featuring the Good Brothers/Finlay & Juice feud plus the Deonna/ODB feud aired.

-The weekly intro video played.

(1) TASHA STEELZ (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. JAZZ (w/Jordynne Grace)

Tasha mockingly clapped for Jazz at the start. Jazz got an arm drag after the initial lock up. Tasha went to the floor to regroup. Back inside, Tasha took Jazz off her feet and had her in a headlock. Jazz got out of it and applied a head scissor. Jazz and Tasha traded the advantage on the mat. Tasha tripped Jazz into the ropes and took over on offense. Tasha missed a charge in the corner and hit the ring post. Tasha got a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Jazz teed off on Tasha with punches and followed with a Samoan drop. Jazz got a sit-out powerslam for a two count. Jordynne pulled Tasha off the apron. Jazz applied the STF for the submission victory.

WINNER: Jazz in 6:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fine opener and a good setup for the tag team title match this weekend.)

-Gia Miller interviewed ODB. ODB drank from a flask and called herself the four-time Knocked Up champ and was going for five. Susan entered and challenged her to a match tonight.

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and ran down the matches for the show.

-Backstage, Trey Miguel ran into Sam Beale (the wrestler from the wrestling school last week). Sam said Sami Callihan wasn’t as bad as everyone thought. Trey warned him about Callihan. Sam said that Callihan was right all along and that Trey didn’t have the passion. Trey was reluctant at first, but they agreed for a match tonight. [c]

-Moose and Rich Swann video package. Moose said he always claimed to be the real world champion but no one took him seriously. Swann called Moose one of the best athletes he’s ever seen, but he’s never won the world title. Moose talked about Swann’s athleticism. Rich said he had the heart and determination and talked about all he has overcome. Moose said he would fulfill his destiny at Sacrifice.


Sabin and Rohit went at it to start. Storm and Sabin double teamed Rohit. Shera squared off with Storm and they traded big punches. Storm punched Shera in the corner, but Shera came back with a boot to the face. Sabin and Storm used teamwork to take Shera down. [c]

Shera and Rohit worked on Sabin in the corner. Sabin battled back and made the hot tag to Storm. Storm took over on Rohit. Sabin tagged back in and got a DDT for a two count. Storm tagged in and got booted by Rohit. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Rohit hit a jumping knee on Storm. Shera tagged in and was about to do a move but Rohit yelled and made him stop. Sabin dropkicked Rohit and Shera. Storm hit a lung blower on Rohit and Sabin followed it up with a cradle shock slam for the pin.

WINNERS: Chris Sabin and James Storm in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Decent tag match. Sabin looked really good.)

-Reno Scum and XXXL argued backstage. Decay approached. Rosemary taunted Larry D, then XXXL walked off. Decay squared off with Reno Scum and they agreed to a match at Sacrifice.

-Flashback Moment of the Week: Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns from Sacrifice 2010.

-Violent by Design was backstage. Eric Young lectured Deaner about losing. Sabin and Storm approached after their match. Storm told Young what he was doing to Deaner was wrong. VBD attacked Storm and Sabin and left them laying. Young warned them to stay out of their business. [c]

-Brian Myers barged into Scott D’Amore’s office. Myers said if Scott would terminate Eddie Edwards’ contract then he would withdraw his lawsuits. Scott put Myers and Eddie in a “Hold Harmless” match at Sacrifice, which means a no rules match. Myers sighed and walked off.


After Trey’s entrance, Sami Callihan walked to the stage. Sami said the “packed crowd” tonight knows that Trey is a quitter. He said Trey’s one accomplishment was training Sam Beale. He introduced Sam Beale as his protégé. Trey didn’t want to fight. Beale started the match with punches, then Trey battled back and quickly put him in a figure four leglock for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 1:00.

Sami clapped from the stage. Trey approached Sami on the stage but the lights went off. When they came back on, Sami was in the ring and gave a piledriver to Beale. Trey ran in for the save, but the lights went out again and Sami had disappeared when the lights came back on.

-Chris Sabin and James Storm cut a serious promo challenging VBD at Sacrifice. Storm said he would kick their ass. Jake Something approached and offered to be in Storm and Sabin’s corner at Sacrifice. Uh oh. They shook hands and walked off. [c]

-AEW Paid Ad. Tony Khan said he was very excited about the big buyrate for Revolution. He talked about the events of the PPV, including Christian Cage signing, Scorpio Sky winning, Sting returning, and the Omega/Moxley match. He ran down the matches for tomorrow’s Dynamite while talking about the Revolution show. Stills were shown from Revolution. He said that Kenny Omega may be the best wrestler in the world, but he was terrible at building exploding rings. He said that although the exploding ring didn’t hurt either of the wrestlers, it didn’t diminish what Eddie Kingston did. He said Moxley may not have won the title but he did win a friend. Khan said we would find out why Kingston did what he did on Dynamite. Tony Schiavone ran down the matches for Dynamite again.

-Scott D’Amore sat at a conference table with The Good Brothers and Juice Robinson & David Finlay on opposite sides of the table. Both teams were drinking. Scott walked out and left them. Karl Anderson said that now that “The Office” was gone, they could take some shots. They all drank and did a toast. They kept challenging each other to take additional shots. The Good Brothers signed the contract and said Juice and Finlay were screwed. Juice and Finlay signed too. The Good Brothers drank their shot, but Juice and Finlay threw their drinks in the Good Brothers faces. All four wrestlers brawled around the conference room.

(4) ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) vs. CHRIS BEY

Ace immediately went to the outside, then came back in at the count of nine. Bey and Ace traded holds on the mat. Ace had Bey in a front face lock. Bey took Ace down, but Ace made the ropes. Ace got a Northern Lights suplex. Bey threw Ace to the outside, then landed a sliding dropkick followed by a spectacular dive over the top rope on Ace. They fought on the floor. Ace got back in the ring then hit a Fosbury Flop on Bey to the outside.

Ace got a two count after a kick. Bey got a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Ace went to the top and hit a senton for a two count. Ace took out a playing card then missed a crossbody block. They traded swift moves that D’Lo noted were too fast to even call. Ace hit a spin kick on Bey, who was on the top rope. They fought on the top rope. They both tumbled to the floor. [c]

They continued to exchange high flying moves. Bey hit a clothesline off the top. Bey missed a cutter and got caught. Bey hit a vertabreaker on Ace for a two count. Bey missed his finisher and Ace rolled to the floor. Fulton confronted Bey and stopped him from attacking Ace. Ace kicked Bey in the face then they went back in the ring. TJP walked to the stage and sat in a chair. Fulton walked towards TJP and he left. Ace was distracted and Bey landed two cutters for the win.

WINNER: Chris Bey in 20:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent match. It started off slow and built up well to the end. Lots of high flying and innovative moves. One of the longer matches on Impact in awhile.)

Swinger’s Palace segment. Josh Alexander paid off TJP because they had a bet on the Chris Bey/Ace Austin match. They confronted each other. Alexander said no matter who won at Sacrifice, he would be waiting. [c]

-Backstage, Rohit yelled at Shera and blamed him for losing the match. Shera lifted Rohit up by the ears up against the wall and said he doesn’t owe Rohit anything.

(5) ODB vs. SUSAN

ODB rubbed Susan’s face in her chest. ODB chopped Susan in the corner and followed up with a splash. ODB did the Bronco Buster on Susan and gave her a Samoan Drop. [c]

Susan gave ODB a low blow, and ODB was puzzled. Susan gouged ODB’s eyes to get the advantage. Susan punched ODB in the corner. ODB climbed the ropes and rammed Susan’s head into the top turnbuckle. ODB hit a Thesz press for a two count.

Susan had ODB in a full nelson, then switched it to sleeper. ODB backed Susan into the corner to break the hold, but Susan yanked ODB down by the hair. Susan poured out ODB’s flask. ODB hit a Samoan Drop for the win.

WINNER: ODB in 9:00.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee hit the ring and attacked ODB. Jordynne Grace and Jazz ran in for the save. Fire N Flava ran in to attack Grace and Jazz. Kiera hit a neckbreaker on ODB. Grace, Jazz, and ODB were left laying. Deonna and Fire N Flava held their belts in the air.

(D.L.’s Take: Mostly comedy but a good angle at the end.)

D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and ran down the matches for Sacrifice, including:

  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. ODB
  • Fire N Flava vs. Jazz & Jordynne Grace
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers
  • VBD vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin
  • Decay vs. Reno Scum
  • Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb vs. Havoc and Nevaeh
  • TJP vs. Ace Austin
  • The Good Brothers vs. Juice Robinson & David Finlay
  • Rich Swann vs. Moose

-Scott was in his office and talking to someone off camera. He said he had the deal signed, sealed, and delivered. He was distracted by Moose’s music.

-Back in the arena, Moose was in the ring and asked Scott to please bring his ass to the ring. Scott told the off-camera person it was time to reveal his news and he headed to the ring. [c]

-Moose called out Scott D’Amore. Scott walked to the stage and into the ring. Scott brought out Rich Swann, who entered the ring. Swann and Moose faced off with Scott between them. Scott said they would settle it once and for all and that the Impact Title and the TNA Title would be on the line in a unification match at Sacrifice. The announcers sold it as a big deal. Scott said that whoever won would be in the main event at Rebellion in April in a title vs. title match against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Swann and Moose got in each other’s face and held up their titles.

-Don Callis was on the phone in Scott’s office. He said “Yeah, Kenny. I just saw it. It’s done—just like you planned”.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A well-rounded go-home show and a good build for Sacrifice. Excellent in-ring action with the Chris Bey vs. Ace Austin match. Pretty big news at the end with the announcement that the winner of the Sacrifice match will face AEW’s Kenny Omega as well.

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