4/6 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Dark Order in action, The Butcher vs. Jon Cruz, Drake vs. Black, more



APRIL 6, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Excalibur and Taz on the call, welcoming us to the show, giving us a rundown.


Alex Reynolds is taking the place of Colt Cabana this week joining Stu & Uno in trios duty. St. Patrick, Scott & Hopkins all try the cheap shot early, but it didn’t go well as Hopkins got starched by Stu with a right hand, then overhead belly to belly. Quick tag made to Reynolds, who connected with a leaping back elbow & dropkick as Dark Order makes some quick tags & trios offense until Hopkins hits a desperation Stun Gun on Stu allowing his team to isolate Grayson. That only lasts about 30 seconds as Stu nails a Uranage on St. Patrick, tag made to Uno, who takes the fight to Hopkins, knocking him loopy with a Flatliner. Double team elbow drop by Stu & Uno, pop up knee & small package driver by Reynolds gets the 3 count.

WINNERS: Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Alex Reynolds in 3 minutes.

(Howard’s Analysis: Yet another quick dominant win for a Dark Order combo as if there were any people who need a trios title, it’s Dark Order for sure. They need tougher competition in trios action.)

-Backstage we go to Ryan Nemeth telling Cezar Bononi that he needs two wingmen as JD Drake walks in on Nemeth calling him supple. Drake sees nothing wrong with his appearance, but Nemeth wants him to shave his beard & get a tan.


Starks was looking to start, but Cage instead took the honors with Law as he planted Justin down with a tilt a whirl slam, as the bigger Aldridge tags in and they trade shoulder blocks, but Cage wins that battle. Cage connects with a tilt a whirl head scissors, snap suplex & snap leg drop as Cage looks at Starks before tagging Hobbs. Clobbering shots by Hobbs as Aldridge almost takes him off his feet with a shoulder block, but as he charged again, Hobbs planted Brick with a spinebuster. Starks intercepts a tag meant for Cage, but gets pie-faced down by Brick, who tags in Backlund, dropping Ricky with a lariat. Starks fights out of his opponents corner, backdrops Backlund over the top and Hayden lost his footing on the apron and literally fell onto his downed partner Law on the floor. Back inside, Starks caught Backlund in mid air and hit a scary Roshambo before tagging Cage (Hook tripped up Aldridge on the apron), who hit the Drill Claw for the 3 count.

WINNERS: Brian Cage, Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs in 4 minutes.

(Howard Analysis: Team Taz put their differences aside to look strong once again as the subtlety of Starks’ mannerisms at Cage I really enjoyed. I appreciate the slow build they’re doing of this break up. Poor Backlund got hit with that scary Roshambo & the Drill Claw – hope he’s ok.)


The lack of Taz singing to Tarzan Boy this week disappointed me. Excalibur asks him who would win in a fight between Rex Lawless & Justin Law, as Taz says whoever would be the more law abiding citizen. After a quick back & forth between Alexander and Jungle Boy, the two big men tag in as Luchasaurus blocks a boot from Lawless and popped him with a knee to the face. The dinosaur connected with a huge chokeslam, he knocked Alexander off the apron, as Jungle Boy tags in and hit a running lariat to the back of Rex’s neck for the quick 3 count.

WINNERS: Jurassic Express in 1:30.

(Howard’s Analysis: Super quick squash for Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus in route to their showdown against Bear Country tomorrow night on Dynamite. Not really much more to say than that.)

(4) FUEGO DEL SOL (w/Griff Garrison & Marko Stunt) vs. RYAN NEMETH (w/J.D. Drake)

Griff & Marko are usually with Fuego on Sammy Guevara’s vlog, thus explaining them walking out with Fuego during his entrance, but they went to the back. Excalibur points out that Nemeth’s skin color is the same as Drake’s red jacket as his tan is bordering on Hogan levels. Fuego works the arm in the early going, tried a victory roll, but only managed two. Fuego signals for his Tornado DDT, but Nemeth caught him in mid air and dumped him to the floor as Fuego went splat. Nemeth quickly out to throw him back inside for a near fall as Nemeth unloads right hands. Nemeth worked the arm before doing the Pee-Wee Herman Tequila dance for some reason before he hit a stalling back suplex for another two. Cobra Clutch briefly applied by Nemeth as Fuego fought his way out with an enziguri, looks for the DDT again, but settled for an arm breaker instead. Fuego tried a springboard off the apron, but Nemeth connected with a mid air dropkick before putting away Del Sol with the Rude Awakening neckbreaker for 3.

WINNER: Ryan Nemeth in 6 minutes.

(Howard’s Analysis: At the beginning of the match, Excalibur called Fuego Mobile Alabama’s second best luchador, but by the end he was 112th best luchador. Poor Fuego.)

(5) THE BUTCHER (w/The Blade, The Bunny & Private Party) vs. JON CRUZ

Bell sounds and Butcher absolutely mows down Cruz in the corner with a splash & chop. Running body block follows before connecting with the Filet Mignon back suplex slam for the ultra quick 3 count.

WINNER: The Butcher in 35 seconds.

(Howard’s Analysis: Total destruction by The Butcher, who had 4 people in his corner for his 35 second match. I did laugh at Excalibur calling the finisher The Filet Mignon.)

(6) SEA STARS (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs. VERTVIXEN & JAZMIN ALLURE

Last week Vertvixen teamed with the Sea Stars in that six woman tag that started shaky, but ended up pretty great, so let’s see how she fares on the opposing end. Super quick tags by both teams in the opening seconds as it was Exo & Vertvixen who got the most offense early as Vertvixen hung up Exo in the corner, then drove the knee down onto the chest for two. Allure tags in as they isolate Exo and continue with their quick tags as Allure hit a leg/arm trap Paige Turner looking move for a near fall. Vertvixen tagged in and quickly hit a Michinoku Driver for another two as Vox is screaming for her sister to fight, who right on cue hit a desperation neckbreaker for the double down. Tag to Vox, who lured Vertvixen into her corner and hit the head scissors & clothesline, fish hooks Vertvixen into a lariat for two. Exo jumps in and sends Allure to the floor as the Sea Stars connect with an Exploder Suplex by Exo and assisted senton by Vox on Vertvixen for the victory.

WINNERS: Sea Stars in 4:30.

(Howard’s Analysis: Solid victory for the Sea Stars, as this was a pretty even match with the sister duo turning it on at the end hitting their finisher. To be honest, I had no idea who was heel & face to start (I missed who came out which tunnel). It wasn’t until Vertvixen & Allure isolated Exo and trash talked her did I figure it out. Hopefully we continue to see these women on Dark as this is the perfect show to work stuff out and improve.)

-We get a Max Caster rap video on Hangman Page about he has no friends, dressed up as a cowboy at a bar. I should point out Caster had a toy gun shooting bottles, then proceeded to hit a running Death Valley Driver on a toy horse, which he also clocked with a chair, signaling he’s going to knock Hangman off his high horse. Platinum Max continues to be one of my favorite parts of the AEW roster and is really making the most of his time on Dark & Elevation.


Madi & King tie up at the bell with some back & forth headlocks as King drives Madi down with a shoulder block and arm drag into the corner as Madi scurries to her corner, tagging Vipress. Commentary put over how smart that was, but it ultimately led to Vipress getting double teamed by Velvet & King as they make quick tags isolating Vipress. Leg lariat and wheelbarrow slam by King using her partner onto Vipress for two. Velvet stirs it up a bit as Madi takes the ref, allowing Vipress to rake Velvet’s eyes and they go on the attack. Running facebuster connected by Madi to get a quick two count on Velvet as Madi hit a double leg drop onto the midsection as Vipress tried the Kofi Kingston S.O.S. move, but damn near landed right on her own head in the process. Velvet was able to fight back & got the hot tag to King, who cleaned house, popping Madi right in the head with a high kick, then dropped Madi right on her noggin with a release German suplex, which Taz pointed out how nasty that was. Velvet tagged in, hit a bulldog on Vipress, followed by an Iconoclasm as Kilynn tags in, hits Kingdom Falls, then the Velvet nails the Chef’s Kiss for the win.

WINNERS: Red Velvet & Kilynn King in 5:30.

(Howard’s Analysis: Very impressive showing from King & Velvet as their combo of moves at the end was excellent. That said, I want to know how Vipress is after trying that S.O.S. and almost landing on her head, not to mention Madi landing on her head off that release German suplex. Kilynn King continues to be my favorite female wrestler on Dark and hopefully she continues to improve and we see more of her on Dynamite in the near future.)

(8) JD DRAKE (w/Ryan Nemeth) vs. BARON BLACK

Drake launched Black over the top to the floor with a huge hip toss, but went to slam Baron into the post, but Black put on the brakes, charged, only for Drake to hit the pop up right hand using the ropes a springboard. Black hit a chop early on Drake and you can see the handprint on his chest. Back inside, Black got steamrolled into the corner with a splash, took a hard belly to belly followed by a Vader Bomb for a near fall. Black blocked a chop, tried an exploder, then German suplex, but the sheer size of Drake makes that impossible. Baron connected with a few clotheslines and Manhattan Drop, then actually nailed a snap German on the big man. Discus lariat connected in the corner, then a quick Exploder that Drake tucked his head on last second to avoid disaster. Baron tried for a Texas Cloverleaf, but Drake’s legs are too big as JD fights his way to his feet. We then get a stiff chop battle that ends in a combo of strikes by Drake, who ducks a Black lariat and demolishes him with a Claymore Kick for the three count.

WINNER: J.D. Drake in 5 minutes.

(Howard’s Analysis: J.D. Drake’s chest was bleeding after that chop battle and this was the best match of the night so far due to how hard hitting it was. With Drake getting a TNT Championship match tomorrow night, I don’t know if he should’ve had such a back & forth battle against Baron. Don’t get me wrong, this match was awesome and Baron was super impressive, but I almost wish Drake would’ve steamrolled him.)


Navarro & Frye tried the early attack on Kiss, who bent out of the way as Janela clobbered them both with a double clothesline. Manhattan Drop by Joey, then an assisted sit out powerbomb by the duo to give Joey a two count on Navarro. Joey throws KC to tag his partner as Janela quickly plants Frye with a brainbuster for a count of one. Sonny tags in and they take turns with splashes off the second & top ropes, which ended in Joey hitting the least impressive top rope splash you’ll ever see. After a little strutting, KC was absolutely destroyed by Janela with a snap Death Valley Driver as Frye suffered a split out stunner by Sonny as Joey followed with the Greetings From Asbury Park elbow off the top for the win.

WINNERS: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela in 3 minutes.

(Howard’s Analysis: Super quick win for Joey & Sonny as they’ve seemingly done away with Joey having problems with Sonny, who he berated a few weeks ago, but apologized to. I guess it was all water under the bridge.)

(10) MATT SYDAL (w/Mike Sydal) vs. MIKE MAGNUM

Magnum gets in with a paintbrush and tries to smack Sydal with it, but Sydal nails some kicks to the legs and a high kick, then the Lightning Spiral for the lightning quick win.

WINNER: Matt Sydal in 45 seconds.

(Howard’s Analysis: Sydal got back on the winning track and I can’t say much more than that about this.)

(11) MATT HARDY (w/Hardy Family Office) vs. VARY MORALES

Before the bell we got a shot of Darby Allin watching on from the rafters as Matt just trash talks the much smaller Morales, driving shoulders into the mid section in the corner. Snake Eyes connects (shout out Vinnie Vegas) before Matt took Morales’ head off with a lariat. Vary is able to hit a dropkick, peppering Matt with shots in the corner as he looked for a springboard, rolled through, charges as Matt hit a Side Effect for a two count. Matt locked on the butterfly lock with grapevine called The Leach he used last night on Elevation for the submission win. Post match, Matt got on the mic and called Darby a corporate sell out and told him he’ll show him how extreme Big Money Matt is and he’s going to take his TNT title.

WINNER: Matt Hardy in 2 minutes.

(Howard’s Analysis: Quick win for Big Money Matt. I’m glad they had Darby watching as I hope they slow build this a bit and actually build up this match more instead of rushing it. Having stuff like this on Dark is good in the long run. I will say, Darby not at least watching J.D. Drake’s match takes away from their title match tomorrow night.)


Angelico tried to take down Bronson with some mat work early, but can’t power the big man down, so he opts to work over the arm. That also doesn’t work as Bronson hits a shoulder tackle as Evans tags in, telling Bronson to get his punk ass out of his ring, calling for Boulder. Bear Country obliges as Evans does a handstand that doesn’t impress Boulder in the slightest as he chucked Evans to the floor. Despite this, Evans keeps trash talking as he staggers Boulder with a few dropsaults, charges for a third, but Boulder turns him inside out with a big boot. Bear Country take turns just beating up Evans making quick tags, connecting with a double gorilla press pancake as Evans rakes the eyes and Angelico tags in, charges, but Boulder nails a tilt a whirl powerslam. Bronson with the tag as Angelico hit a jawbreaker, then tags Evans, who literally just got back to his feet, as he nailed Bronson with a springboard merry go round kick. That was the only offense Jack could muster as Bronson nailed an exploder suplex, tried a pop up, but Evans nailed a dropkick in mid air. Blind tag by Angelico as TH2 goes after the left leg of Bronson. Again, this didn’t last long as Bear Boulder jumped in and demolished both Jack & Angelico with a Samoan Drop/Fall Away Slam combo until Bronson tags in, gets on his partners shoulders as they hit the Bear Bomb on Angelico for the 3 count.

WINNERS: Bear Country in 7 minutes.

(Howard’s Analysis: This was an impressive & dominating win for Bear Country, who needed a longer match as they’ve done the squash route in the past. Beating a team like TH2 was important heading into their showdown with Jurassic Express tomorrow night. Jack Evans is the perfect guy to bump around for the bigger Boulder & Bronson.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A very enjoyable episode of Dynamite and I wish they were all this length. We got some fun squashes, some solid back & forth wrestling, slow build towards future programs, and really everything you’d want in a show like this. We didn’t get a send off though, which was weird. They just quickly cut to a commercial for Dynamite and that was it.

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