5/5 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Blood & Guts Match, Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall, Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


MAY 5, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-Don Callis announced that Kenny Omega could not attend the match tonight, the announcers debated that claim by Callis.


Kenny Omega used his championship belt to attack Kingston and Moxley. The bell rang with Nakazawa choking Kingston, Omega tagged in and then he and Nakazawa teamed up on Kingston, until Moxley came in. Omega and Moxley then battled with Omega getting sent to the outside and there he was beaten on by Moxley and Kingston. Nakazawa was thrown in the ring, Moxley and Kingston worked him over until Kingston got a near fall on Nakazawa.

All four men were in the ring, Nakazawa then hit Kingston with a low blow and then choked him with his lanyard. Omega tagged in and continued working over Kingston. Omega hit a chop in the corner, which awoke the beaten Kingston. The two men then traded stiff chops, Omega hit a head kick and Omega regained control after that. Kingston dodged a moonsault and hit a clothesline, then both men tagged.

Moxley easily got the advantage on Nakazawa, eventually hitting a pile driver and getting a near fall that was broken up by Omega. Moxley had Nakazawa in a head lock but Omega ran away from saving his partner. Omega left the arena, and Moxley got the pin on Nakazawa.

WINNER: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A bit of a mess, especially in the beginning. But this told a good story about the cowardice and character of Kenny Omega and The Elite.)

-The Young Bucks came out and looked to call out Kingston and Moxley. The Good Brothers appeared and took out Moxley and Kingston. The Young Bucks joined in on the beatdown, Omega then reemerged and hit a One Winged Angel on Kingston.

-The announce team discussed Double or Nothing matches and hyped the Cody and QT Marshall match. [c]


Cody attacked QT Marshall as soon as he entered the ring. Cody hit a vertical suplex, then took off his weight lifting belt, but the ref took the belt. At this time QT hit Cody with his similar belt, before the ref took that belt as well. QT and Cody then battled back and fourth with chops and strikes. Cody followed up with a rake of the eyes and back, and a shoulder tackle. QT followed that up with a superplex and German suplex. QT then pushed Arn Anderson. Anderson fought back and ground the face of QT on the ring post. [c]

Cody and QT were evenly matched when the show returned. QT was able to get an advantage with a big boot, sending Cody to the outside apron. Cody countered and hit a DDT, and followed that with a moonsault and a near fall. QT then dodged a disaster kick and countered, trying to set up the Diamond Cutter. Cody dodged it but QT hit a buckle bomb. Cody and QT then traded pile driver holds, Cody eventually hit a pile driver and got a near fall.

Cody then hit a Cross Roads and QT kicked out at two. Cody grabbed the wrist of Marshall and helped him up and immediately dropped him and set up the figure four, with blood dripping from his face. QT tapped out.


(Sage’s Analysis: That was a really good, action packed match. I have not been a fan of anything QT has done recently. But, I thought he did a great job here. The Ogogo stuff at the end is fine, I am curious to see him in his first competitive match, but I still attest that stomach punch is more lame than realistic.)

-After the match Anthony Ogogo came out and pushed Cody in the Stomach.

-Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky were backstage. Sky called out Sting and called him a mosquito sucking the blood of AEW. He said that Sting has overstayed his welcome. Page called out Darby and brushed over their in ring time. He then called out the cuts and scars that Page gave him. Darby attacked out of nowhere and the three men battled. Page and Sky teamed up threw Darby down concrete steps. [c]


Britt Baker kicked Julia Heart in the stomach and then pummeled her with strikes, Baker hit a slam and pulled up her opponent at two and then locked in the Lock Jaw submission for the win.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker in 1:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Squash)

-Taz did a breakdown of Christian Cage and the things that are wrong with his skills.


Frankie Kazarian and Jungle Boy started the match, the two traded mat based moves. Max Caster and Pillman Jr. tagged in, but all 8 men got in a brawl going into the break. [c]

Caster and Daniels were battling when the show returned, Bowens was tagged in and got a near fall. Daniels took out Caster and Bowens, but Luchasaurus tagged himself in and he kept working on the other teams in the match. Jungle Boy was tagged in, and he got a near fall that Daniels was able to break up. Pillman came in and got a near fall on Jungle Boy, Who in turn hit a big clothesline and was taken out by Daniels and Kaz. Frankie then got a near fall on Pillman and hit a lariat on Jungle boy.

Pillman then got a near fall on Kararian, who in turn was hit by The BME and pinned by SCU.

WINNER: SCU in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: The obvious finish which always hurts a match like this. The ability of a non participant team to tag in by hitting a legal man is the dumbest thing in pro wrestling, just make a member of each team legal so that you don’t have to track who is and isn’t legal. SCU vs The Bucks should help to push the hell bucks even further next week.)

-A promo about the IWGP United States Title was shown, then the Yuji Nagata and Jon Moxley match next week was promoted.

-The Blood & Guts cage was shown being lowered.

-Tony and Kenny Omega were on the stage area to talk about the AEW championship at Double or Nothing. Omega fist asked the crowd who was ready for blood & guts a few times, after the crowd cheered he said he was not as excited as the crowd. Omega said he has been a busy man and showed off all the gold he collected. He said he was not here for fun and games, he didn’t even want to be there. Tony announced that PAC and Orange Cassidy would have a match next week to determine who would get a title shot at Double or Nothing. Omega then ran down how great Pac is and asked Tony to just announce Omega vs. Pac, dismissing Orange Cassidy. Orange Cassidy then came out and put his arm on Tony’s shoulder.

Omega laughed at the idea that Orange Cassidy might get a title shot. The crowd chanted “freshly squeezed,” Omega said that people love Orange Cassidy. He said that he understands that he is a feel good wrestler, because people could be him, but they couldn’t be like Omega. He said Cassidy is not championship material. Omega said he ripped off the sunglasses look, he took off the glasses on Cassidy’s face and said they were worth $1,000. Omega said that Cassidy wasted his valuable time and put the glasses on Nakazawa. Omega said the glasses looked better on Nakazawa and that he looked more like a champion. [c]

-Miro was on the stage next, he ripped the mic form Tony. Miro announced that he had a match for the TNT title with Darby Allin next week.

-The announce team ran down the card for next week’s episode of Dynamite.

-The rules for Blood & Guts was announced before the teams entered.


Sammy Guevara and Dax Harwood started the match, with Guevara hitting a spinning dive over the ropes connecting both rings. Sammy dodged Harwood in unique ways as Harwood was running the ropes. Guevara ate some chops and then slammed Harwood into the turnbuckle, and then the two men battled on the top rope against the fencing. Harwood fell off and fell in-between the cage and ropes. Sammy threw Harwood into the chain link over and over on opposite sides. Sammy hit a double springboard cutter on Harwood.

Shawn Spears entered with a chair and hit a spine buster on Sammy. Spears hit Sammy with the chair, spears took a moment to soak in the violence. Harwood was shown and he was bleeding. Ortiz entered for the Inner Circle. He ran threw Spears and Harwood as he entered with a chair of his own. Ortiz threw a chair in Harwood’s face and then stepped on Harwood’s throat. Sammy and Spears did a Spanish Fly from corresponding ropes. Sammy then tripped on a springboard attempt and looked to be legit hurt for a moment.

Dash Wheeler then entered the fray, giving the pinnacle an advantage once more. FTR hit a brain buster on Ortiz, Sammy wa then thrown into the fencing multiple times. Santana was next to enter for Inner Circle. He was able to get a brief advantage, getting a slam on Wheeler and a backdrop on Harwood. [c]

Wardlow had entered during the break, he threw Sammy over the rope and into the fencing. Jake Hager entered next for Inner Circle, he beat on the bloodied members of FTR and then hit an ankle lock on Spears, who tapped but was unable to exit the match until all 10 men were in the cage. Hager and Wardlow then stared down and traded strikes.

MJF entered the match and he began work on Santana and Ortiz, then he backed down to Hager as Wardlow took him out. MJF then got on the top rope and basked in the boos. Jericho was the last man to enter, now the match had officially started. The 10 men charged, leading to single combat. Jericho pulled out Floyd the bat and hit his opponents. Jericho climbed up and choked Shawn Spears in the structure of the cage. [c]

The ring pad had been removed, exposing the wood of the ring, Santana and Ortiz hit tandem piledrivers against FTR on the exposed wood. Ortiz then set up a chair on the face of spears, Sammy did a coast to coast and really got all of the chair into spears. Jericho hit MJF with a removed turnbuckle. Santana pulled out a fork and stabbed MJF in the head with said fork, he was now bleeding. The Inner Circle were dominate at this juncture of the match. Wardlow started a comeback for his team, hitting some quick slams, but he was quickly taken down with chair shots. [c]

MJF climbed to the top of the cage during the last break, Jericho climbed up as well, the remaining 8 men battled in the cage. Both Jericho and MJF were at the top of the cage, Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, MJF hit a low blow to get out of the hold. MJF lock in an arm bar, The Salt of the Earth. Jericho held on and MJF stomped on the hand of Jericho, he then bit the same hand and then went back to the arm bar. MJF pulled out the Dynamite Diamond Ring and he punched Jericho. MJF looks dover the side of the ring and then back at Jericho. MJF pulled Jericho to the side of the roof, he said that Inner Circle had to surrender or he would thrown him off the ring. Sammy Surrendered ending the match, but…MJF then threw Jericho off the roof of the cage anyway.

WINNER: The Pinnacle in 17:00 (38:00 of real time)

(Sage’s Analysis: The match delivered on expectations. The cage was really big time, the match was absolutely brutal, the crowd was hot and added to the big fight feel. This felt like a PPV match and has to be the most memorable match of Dynamite history, if not in the short history of AEW.)


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  1. The Blood and Guts match was good but the Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa blood bath is far more memorable and will stand the test of time.

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