Garett Bischoff talks Eric Bischoff, riding with TNA legends, more


Eric Bischoff speaks highly of AEW talent
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In an interview with the It’s Our House podcast, Garett Bischoff spoke about his time with TNA, working with his father, Eric Bischoff, and riding with TNA legends.

Bischoff said that he always wanted to be in the wrestling business and that having the chance to work with his Dad was very important to him.

“If you remember I came in as a referee and that’s where that idea sort of started brewing,” Bischoff said. “Come in as a referee, but not say who I am. That way, when the time comes to do that reveal of who I am, at least we could have a cool backstory to tell and then everybody will catch on. And it was fun. Growing up obviously I wanted to be in the wrestling business. So that’s one side, but what was more important to me is that I got the opportunity to be in the business while he (Eric) was as well. That was important to me.”

Bischoff spoke about Lockdown 2012 and said that his father beat him up during the match and that is mother wasn’t aware of what was planned to happen between her son and husband.

“That lockdown match in that cage, he beat the living hell out of me, Bischoff said.” “So I made sure when I finally was able to secure that guitar I busted it on his dome, which by the way my mother didn’t know that was gonna happen until she was watching her husband and her son teeing off on each other.”

Bischoff also discussed about how he was treated by some of the TNA stars and how they took him under their wing during his time with the company.

“They were all very gracious,” said Bischoff. “James Storm was one of the first guys to say ‘hey kid you want to ride with me on the road, jump in.’ We get along very good. I mean, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles Kazarian and Christopher Daniels and Kurt Angle and, you know I don’t have a bad thing to say about any of them. They all could have very easily been not gracious, at all. They could have taken liberties, they could have done a lot of things that they didn’t, you know. They took me under the wing.”

Garett Bischoff made his TNA debut in 2010. He left the company in 2015, taking a hiatus from wrestling all together shortly thereafter. Bischoff returned to the independent scene in 2018.

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