6/28 WWE RAW TALK REPORT: Drew McIntyre discusses winning MITB, Ryker talks split with Elias, more



JUNE 28, 2021

Hosts: Kevin Patrick and R-Truth

This week’s guests: Jaxson Ryker, Natalya & Tamina, and Drew McIntyre

– After welcoming us to the show, Kevin Patrick touted the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV and introduced R-Truth and of course had to talk about the 24/7 title that Truth won back and then lost again. Truth blamed Patrick for not helping him and unfortunately for this show, they kept talking about it.

– They finally got off the subject and started talking about the show, especially Matt Riddle and his night of trying to get Randy Orton into the Money in the Bank match. They recapped the MVP and Kofi mid-ring conversation and the Nikki Cross victory over Shayna Baszler and her strange relationship with Alexa Bliss. After hyping the upcoming guests for the show, we were sent to break for a Smackdown promo (featuring Edge and Roman & Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn) and the vaccine PSA.

– And we are back, replaying Truth’s encounter with Jaxson Ryker while he whipped himself with the strap.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I will tell you right now that I have no patience for Ryker and do not understand this current push, so this segment with Ryker was not to my taste.)

– The segment started with Ryker allowing Truth to borrow the leather strap in his quest for the 24/7 title and then moved into the interview with Patrick asking Ryker why he now has a problem with Elias. Ryker reiterated what he has said on RAW — that Elias let him down and that was the reason that he has “snapped” and is no longer “walking with Elias.”

– Ryker talked about how trust is everything for him and he can no longer trust Elias and that Elias is now an enemy and that he (Ryker) will ultimately ascend to the top.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I really hope not. I will give Ryker credit. He learned his lines well and spoke them well, but he was somewhat monotone and despite Patrick saying that the intensity of Ryker was on display, he did not come across intense. Instead, he came across as a perfect Vince McMahon clone of what Vince seems to think is important.)

– Off to break we go for a Back on the Road promo and an NXT commercial, coming back with Natalya and Tamina.

– This segment was full of Natalya spouting WWE-isms. Natalya gave Mandy and Dana some credit for finally stepping up (at least a little bit). Natalya and Tamina really seemed a bit delusional that people are clamoring for their titles. Tamina stormed off, mad at R-Truth for some reason, while Natalya stayed on set for a bit air-kissing with Truth.

(Morgan’s Analysis: This was bad. Natalya was trying her best, but without any real storylines behind their matches, Natalya and Tamina and the tag team championship are just time fillers.)

– As they left, we go to another break with ads for both Money in the Bank and Summerslam.

– Next up, Drew McIntyre who of course came out shirtless. I don’t think the guy has worn a shirt in 15 months. Drew proudly said the did what he had to do tonight and got himself into the Money in the Bank match. He then went on an extended rant that for the past 18 months he has been there every night and done everything that has been asked of him and that now when he hears people say, hey Drew it’s okay to take it a bit easier, it bothers him because it isn’t in his DNA. He said he must fight and fight hard at all times. Drew laid out that this Money in the Bank match is possibly his last chance to get his hands on the title for quite a while.

– Interestingly, Patrick outright noted that during the pandemic, Drew has kept the flags flying and that he must now be looking forward to getting back in front of his adoring fans in public as WWE hits the road in mid-July.

Morgan’s Analysis: To me, this was basically a blatant attempt to plant the seeds that fans at these live shows need to cheer Drew. Personally, I think Drew deserves a standing ovation for what he has done over the “pandemic era,” but many (including WWE it seems) believe that some fans may begrudge Drew for all his title chances and may not bestow on him their affection.

– At this point, the show went full bore, WWE corporate speak, as Drew said the WWE Universe were part of the show (they should be on the roster page), and he can’t wait to welcome them back. Cheer, boo, whatever, just bring the energy and he can’t wait to perform for them.

– After some quick banter about the soccer championships, Patrick said goodnight and we are out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A relatively quick show tonight at about 25 minutes, but there was not much here. Ryker did what he had to, though I personally have no time for him. Natalya and Tamina continued this weird roadshow that nobody seems to care about in a division that basically has no competitors to line up against them. While the best segment tonight, trotting out Drew McIntyre again, to apparently fulfill his WWE corporate speak quota and beg the fans to come out and cheer, was so repetitive with what he has done the past few appearances that it is just getting old. I really wish they had addressed what most people are thinking about: If Drew wins the Money in the Bank briefcase, can he use it against Lashley or does the Hell in a Cell stipulation that he can’t challenge Lashley for the title anymore prevent him doing so? Come on WWE, make this show a little bit more than just a couple of simpering hosts setting up bland and blatant promo spots for WWE. Put some effort into it. Talking Smack does and Raw Talk can too.

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