7/6 NXT GREAT AMERICAN BASH REPORT: Lindberg’s Report on Cole vs. KOR, Stark & Shirai vs. The Way, MSK vs. Ciampa Thatcher, more.

By @NateLindberg - PWTorch Contributor


JULY 6th, 2021

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix


-The show opened with a video package running down tonight’s card.

(1) MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter) vs. TOMASSO CIAMPA & TIMOTHY THATCHER – NXT Tag Team Title match

Ciampa and Carter kicked the match off, locking up with Ciampa backing Carter into the corner. The two continued chain wrestling for a few moments before Ciampa chopped Carter hard in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Carter got up and hit a corkscrew crossbody springboard from the middle rope. Ciampa tagged Thatcher in, and he and Carter locked horns. He took Carter out, sending Wes Lee into the ring to help. Ciampa exploded from his corner and he and Thatcher took out MSK and put them in simultaneous submissions before the ref broke it up after 5.

Wes Lee tagged in and Ciampa bent him in half with a modified STF. Ciampa tagged back in and delivered a knee to the face of a seated Lee for a two count. He locked in a chinlock, but Lee wrestled to his feet. He reversed a scoop slam and dropkicked Ciampa into the corner. He tagged Carter in, and both members of MSK dominated Ciampa. Carter went to moonsault Ciampa on the outside, but Ciampa was shoved away by Thatcher, Thatcher sacrificing his body for his partner, the legal man. (c)

Back from commercial, Lee and Ciampa were the legal men with Carter and Thatcher off of the aprons Lee went to run the ropes, but Thatcher pulled the middle rope down, sending Lee through the ropes. Thatcher threw Lee back inside and Ciampa covered for two. He tagged Thatcher back in the ring and Lee made it to Carter. MSK double teamed Thatcher and performed their standing moonsault for two. Thatcher retaliated with a belly to belly suplex on Carter before tagging Ciampa back in.

Ciampa and Thatcher continued with quick tags and beating on Careter in the corner for awhile. Carter showed some heart and tried fighting out, but was unable to get past Ciampa’s fierce kicks. Carter finally made the hot tag to Wes Lee, who ducked an uppercut from Thatcher sending Thatcher’s fist into Ciampa’s face. He went for a springboard back elbow but Ciampa drop kicked him in the face while Lee was upside-down for the springboard for a near fall. Ciampa looked for the Fairy Tale Ending, but it was reversed by Lee into a near fall. Thatcher tagged back in, unable to get hands on a squirmy Lee. Carter tagged in, Ciampa tagged in. Ciampa took out both members of MSK and looked for the top rope Air Raid Crash on Carter. Carter wriggled free and tagged Lee back in. They double teamed Ciampa before Lee climbed to the top and hit a Senton Bomb on Ciampa. He tagged in Lee who hit a Human Highlight Reel for what looked like the win, but Thatcher made the save.

Thatcher hit the fairy tale ending, Thatcher locked in an ankle lock on Lee. Lee quickly rolled Thatcher up for the win.

WINNERS: MSK in 15:20.

(Lindberg’s Analysis: I loved everything about this match except for the finish. This match deserved an actual finish, not yet another roll-up “upset victory”. Wade Keller and I talked about this at length on yesterday’s Raw Post Show, Roll-up finishes are too overdone. Otherwise, this was a fantastic tag team match with the correct winners. Though I love Ciampa and Thatcher, MSK is too new into their title run to lose it this soon and remain credible.)

-The battery charger icon came on screen again, charging to 91%. Next week, perhaps?

-Samoa Joe and William Regal were standing in the ring, demanding Kross and Gargano join them in the ring. Johnny Gargano came out first, followed by the NXT Champion. Gargano told Kross that he sucks and has lived in Kross’s head rent-free for weeks. He’s terrified of Gargano that’s why he tried hitting Gargano with a car. Joe stopped Gargano from talking and Regal made the NXT title match official for next week. Kross said he wasn’t afraid of Gargano and that Gargano was just in the way of his car last week. Kross said that he knows that Gargano thinks he’s going to win, but this is real life and people like him get the living daylights beaten out of them like people like him. Regal said that the special guest referee for the match will be Samoa Joe to make sure things go smoothly. Kross went to attack Gargano, but Joe stepped between them to end the segment. (c)

-A vignette for Kushida aired, him talking about being proud to be Cruiserweight champion and how he’s ready for Diamond Mine.

(2) CAMERON GRIMES vs. L.A. KNIGHT – If Grimes loses, he becomes Knight’s butler

The bell rang and Grimes exploded with a kick to the face of Knight, sending him outside. He threw Knight back in and climbed to the top. He hit a cross body for a near fall. Grimes locked in a chin lock as Knight tried fighting free. Knight shot Grimes off the ropes and shoulder blocked him. Knight backed him into the corner as “You Suck” chants broke out, prompting Knight to mock the fans. This gave Grimes an opening with an uppercut for two.

Grimes hit a standing moonsault for two before locking in another chin lock. LA Knight struggled to break free, but finally managed to do so. He planted Grimes with a powerslam for two before cutting to a picture in picture commercial break. (c)

LA Knight remained in control for the majority of the break with Grimes getting very little offense in. After the break, the two shot each other off the ropes and collided with a double cross body, leaving both men laying. They made their way to their feet and traded strikes and forearms. Knight went to pull Grimes hair, sending Grimes into a hulk-like rage. Veins popping from his neck, he attacked Knight ending with a massive side slam for two.

Knight hit a reverse death valley driver for two, Grimes hit a backslide pin for two. They continued trading offense before Grimes tried climbing to the top for a move, but LA Knight sprung to the top rope and reversed it into a superplex for a near fall.

Knight went to grab his title and leave, but Grimes rolled him up for a two count. Knight rolled him through for a two count as well. Grimes hit a poisonrana on Knight for another near fall.  The fight spilled out of the ring, and Knight pulled off a DDT to Grimes on the Million Dollar Title. Grimes barely made it back inside the ring at the ref’s 10 count. Grimes fell to a BFT from Knight to retain his title.

WINNER: L.A. Knight in approx 13:20.

(Lindberg’s Analysis: I could watch these two wrestle every week. Amazing chemistry with Mid-South vibes coming out their ears. This was the way the match should have gone, and seeing Grimes have to be the butler to the cocky Knight is some NXT TV that I, for one, am looking forward to. 

-They introduced the members of the breakout tournament. Josh Briggs, Trey Baxter, Carmelo Hayes, Andre Chase, Ikeman Jiro, Joe Gacy, Odyssey Jones, & Duke Hudson. Duke Hudson vs. Ikeman Jiro announced for next week.

-Adam Cole was shown backstage getting ready for the match later.


(3) ZOEY STARK & IO SHIRAI vs. THE WAY (Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae)

Shirai and Hartwell kicked things off, with Hartwell taking Shirai to the mat early on. Shirai shifted the momentum in her favor, but was met with some double team offense by Hartwell and LaRae when LaRae tagged in. She tagged Hartwell back in, Shirai able to finally thwart both champions. She covered Hartwell for two before tagging Stark. Double suplex to Hartwell for two.

Stark remained in control and sent Hartwell into the corner. Hartwell reversed with a suplex hangman over the top rope. (c)

Back from commerical, LaRae and Shirai squared off with Shirai in control with a 619 into a missile dropkick for two. Stark tagged in and they hit a double team suplex for two once again. Shirai tagged back in and looked for the Over the Moonsault and missed. She was put into a crossface by LaRae and was able to escape. Shirai palm striked LaRae and went for the moonsault once again. LaRae turned it into a top rope German Suplex for two.

The lights went out and the battery charge icon appeared, filling to 100%. Teagan Nox appeared on stage, freaking LaRae out and allowing Shirai and Stark to overcome and win the tag titles.

WINNERS: Zoey Stark & Io Shirai – NEW Champions in 12:40

-After the match Nox attacked LaRae with a vengeance while Shirai and Stark celebrated.

(Lindberg’s Analysis: Glad to see new champions and glad to see Stark get gold this early on in her tenure. Nox returning is a big get for the women’s division and the feud with LaRae should be must-watch TV if booked correctly.)

-Toni Storm requested time to talk, wanting an NXT Women’s title match. She responded to Sarray calling her out last week and felt offended that Sarray picked her name out of a hat it seemed. She declined the match.

-Dexter Lumis was shown helping Indi Hartwell from the ring after her loss.

-Hit Row celebrated with a Cypher Celebration at Swerve’s new Championship win. Apparently, a cypher celebration is a concert in the middle of the show with Hit Row performing to celebrate.

(Lindberg’s Analysis: I would normally think a rap battle in the middle of a show was cheesy. But this was freaking awesome. They could legit be their own musical group. Just when I thought the segment was over, it would get better and better.)


The bell rang and the two took a moment before locking horns. They jockeyed for position for awhile, chain grappling until Cole was able to roll KOR up for a one count. KOR looked for a roundhouse kick, and Cole ducked out of the ring as they cut to commercial. (c)

Back from break, Cole was in control with KOR reversing offense into an armbar. When Cole escaped, KOR locked in an ankle lock. Cole made it to the bottom rope to break the hold. KOR continued break-neck speed offense on Cole, keeping Cole on the mat. Cole eventually rolled out of the ring. The action spilled outside the ring with Cole hitting a neckbreaker on Cole on the mat. Cole threw KOR back into the ring and covered for two.

Adam Cole locked in a figure four neck lock on KOR and broke the hold after KOR wouldn’t tap. KOR fought to his feet and delivered a knee to the gut of Cole to switch the momentum in his favor. KOR delivered a combination of kicks to Cole to bring him to the mat. KOR hit three double underhook suplexes before covering for a near fall. Cole reversed KOR and covered for two while calling him a disappointment to himself and his wife. This incensed KOR and he exploded with offense on Cole, but Cole ducked out of the way and kicked KOR in the back of the leg before using the ringpost to work the leg more. (c)

Through the picture in picture commercial, Cole stayed in control of KOR with various leg holds, continuing to work that leg.

As soon as the break was over, both men hit a double clothesline on one another bringing both men to the mat. They fought back to their feet with Cole managing to get KOR draped over the middle rope and locked in a modifed single leg crab using the rope for leverage. KOR tried for a brainbuster, but Cole reversed it. The two kicked one another in the center of the ring for a bit before KOR was chop blocked to his knees. A knee to the face and Cole covered for two.

KOR hit a bridging suplex for two, with the ref running to both Cole and KOR right after to seemingly relay some information directly after. KOR and Cole jockeyed for position again with KOR locking in an armbar in the center of the ring. Cole escaped and cradled KOR for two. Cole locked in a figure-four leg lock on KOR with KOR tryingto reverse it and turn the hold on Cole. He squirmed free and put Cole into a unique leg submission. Cole managed to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.

KOR hit a kick to the head followed by a forearm to the head. KOR kicked a seated Cole and his momentum sent KOR through the ropes to the mat below. Cole hit a Panama Sunrise on KOR on the outside mat and rolled him into the ring for a two count when KOR got his leg on the bottom rope.

Cole removed his kneepad and went for the knee to the face. KOR saw it, and blocked it. KOR hit a lariat followed by a brainbuster. He went to the top rope for the exclamation point and went for a knee to the face, but Cole escaped and hit the Last Shot for a 2.9 count.

Cole went to the top and hit a knee to the chest of KOR. He then hit another Panama Sunrise and another Last Shot to put KOR away for  the night.

WINNER: Adam Cole (BAYBAY) in approx 25:00

(Lindberg’s Analysis: What a main event! While it went maybe a tad too long, this was such a great technical wrestling masterpiece with two of the greatest talents NXT has to offer. Sure, KOR is not on the same level as Cole in terms of charisma and mic work. But between the ropes, you’d be hard pressed to find many better than KOR and Cole. With Adam Cole winning, where does this leave KOR? With them at one and one, do we get a third Cole-KOR match? Will that lead to Cole’s call up? Time shall tell.)

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