WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW LIVE IN-PERSON REPORT 7/19: Notes and nuggets from an on-site perspective concerning this week’s show



WWE Monday Night Raw TV Report
July 19, 2021
Dallas, TX


  • Lilly doll sold out
  • New John Cena shirt and hat for sale
  • New shirt for The Fiend on hand

Overall: Lot of Cena shirts worn in the audience and a good number of McIntyre shirts as well. A distant third place was the RK-Bro shirts for Riddle and Randy Orton.

Main Event Tapings:

  • Angel Garza defeated Gulak with the Wing Clipper.

Notes: No defined heel or face, but fans cheered for both guys.

  • Ricochet vs Cedric Alexander.

Notes: Crowd very invested in Ricochet. A must watch match once WWE Main Event drops.

Monday Night Raw Notes:

  • The audience was fully engaged with the the John Cena promo segment.
  • There wasn’t any pyro for A.J. Styles and Omos
  • Chants during the show included “use the cowbell” and use the chello.”
  • A drastic lack of response to Jaxon Ryker, but the finish to the match got a big pop.
  • Batches of respectful cheers for Charlotte Flair throughout the night. Some Rhea Ripley chants, too, but the loudest ones were for Becky Lynch.
  • Sheamus paced in the ring during break and did pushups against announce table
  • A negative reaction for Bobby Lashley, and a strong pop for Keith Lee’s return to the company. Goldberg also received a strong positive reaction.
  • In regards to Goldberg, off camera he picked up a fans child much to the child’s delight.
  • A major pop for the Nikki A.S.H MITB cash-in. The crowd ate the moment up live as it happened.

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