7/21 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer in a Texas Death Match, Dr. Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose, Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JULY 21, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


MJF joined the commentary team before the match started. The match started with Spears holding a chair in the ring, and Jericho with his hands up. Jericho quickly knocked the chair out of Shan Spears hands. Once that occurred Jericho started to beat down Spears. The Ref pulled the chair away from Jericho, and Spears in turn began to hit knife-edge chops. Jericho quickly regained control and brought the fight to the outside. The two men brawled on the outside, with Jericho doing his camera move.

Jericho reentered the ring, Spears grabbed a new chair from under the ring. Spears proceeded to hit Jericho with the chair as he was attempting a springboard move. Spears then took control of the match momentarily, Jericho won an exchange and went to the top rope. Spears got the upper hand and landed a move on Jericho and got a near fall. Spears then hit the injured elbow of Jericho with a chair.

Spears tried an elbow in the corner, but Jericho edged and hit an axe handle from the top rope. Jericho then punched Spears 10 times and then he hit a hurricanrana off the top rope, leading to a two count. Spears countered and got a two count of his own. Spears then got a third chair from the ringside area, he used it on the back of Jericho. Spears then teased a headshot, but Jericho countered and put Spears in The Walls of Jericho. Tully got on the apron and distracted the ref, Sammy entered and took care of Tully. Spears hit Jericho in the head with a chair, then a C4, for a near fall.

Spears complained after the kick out. After that Spears placed the chair on the top rope, to set up a chair C4. Jericho countered and hit the Judas Effect for the Pinfall.

WINNER: Chris Jericho in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good opening match in terms of firing up the live crowd. Jericho had to win labor #1 so this was pretty straight forward. I would say any credibility with the Shawn Spears character was extinguished after Jericho was hit in the head with a chair and then took Spears’ finisher. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, just laying out facts. Also, I cannot believe Nick Gage is gonna be wrestling on AEW next week.)

-After the match, MJF said that Jericho passed labor #1. He called Sammy a simp, and said that no one else could help him in upcoming labors. He said labor #2 would be a no DQ match with Nick Gage. [c]

-Miro had a video package, saying there will never be another TNT champion. He said that in two weeks in Jacksonville he will fight once more, that was the word of the redeemer.


Kazarian charged Gallows to start the match, Gallows remained on his feet as Kazarian hit a top rope drop kick. Gallows then hit a big boot, that took down Kazarian. Gallows then controlled the match as Kazarian sold the offense, as he fell outside the ring. Karl Anderson got in a cheap shot here. [c]

Gallows had a headlock in on Kazarian when the show returned. A beard pull by Kaz freed him, He then hit a clothesline on Gallows to get him off his feet. Kazarian then hit a suplex and a leg drop to get a two count. Gallows hit a power bomb to end the match.

WINNER: Doc Gallows in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Not a very good match that pretty much ended this Kazarian character. It reminded me of a Bad Luck Fale match in New Japan, and not in a good way. Gallows is just not a guy who should be in a singles match.)

-Post match Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer and then Kenny Omega’s music hit. He and Don Callis walked out, Callis said that all the Texans in the crowd need to see what happens when you mess with The Elite. Omega then said welcome to his web, he then acted like he forgot his line and Callis whispered in his ear the line. Adam Page’s music hit and he walked out to the ring, as the crowd chanted for him. Page entered the ringing confronted the four men. Callis pointed out the differential and said that Cowboy’s are not smart, or was he drunk. Page then attacked and Omega ran. The Dark Order came out to backup Page, and they teamed up to beat up on The Good Brothers.

-Team Taz had a video praising Ricky Starks for being the new FTW champion. Starks said that next week he would have a party to celebrate. Brian Cage, who had just watched date video, said that he was excited for the celebration.


The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, Allin and Yuta then traded wrestling moves, holds, and pinning attempts. Allin seemed to get the best of the exchange, until Yuta was able to suplex Darby on to the ropes. Wheeler and Allin then traded strikes and positions in the corner. Yuta broke up the action with an octopus hold on Allin, who bit the rope to break the hold.

Yuta then hit a German Suplex just after, for a near fall. Allin got Yuta on the top rope and then hit a Superplex. Orange Cassidy and Sting then had an interaction at ringside, where they traded fake kicks. Allin got distracted by this and almost got pinned on a roll up. Darby hit a stunner and then a Coffin Drop for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Darby Allin in 4:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another high end squash that Yuta has done for the stars of AEW in the last two weeks. A future match up between these twos is something that AEW could build up.)

-Postmatch The Blade punched Orange Cassidy with brass knuckles.

-A video of Jon Moxley and Lance Archer setting up the main event was shown. This video showed clips of their previous match and promo’s by both men. [c]


The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, which did not have a winner. Nyla Rose grabbed Britt Baker from behind, Baker countered and had wrist control on the mat. Rose got herself free, but Baker got a pinning attempt, followed by a pinning attempt by Rose. Nyla was able to gain control of the match by slamming a prone Baker on the mat, head first. Baker was able to drive Rose’s head into a turnbuckle to counter the offense. [c]

Baker was still in control when the action returned, Nyla quickly countered and hit a backbreaker and a Samoan Drop. Britt then countered with a sling blade, and then tried to get a pin with a backslide. Britt then put on the glove for the lock jaw, taking her eye off of Rose. Nyla hit her from behind, Baker countered and tried for the lockjaw. Rose powered out and put Baker on the top rope and hit the leg drop on her and Rose got a near fall.

Baker countered with a neck breaker, a kick, and then a super kick. This led to a two count for Baker. Rose then countered with a choke slam and a two count followed. Baker then hit a crucifix bomb for a two count, Baker then hit a curb stomp, and then another leading to another near fall. The two women then traded strikes, with Rose getting the advantage and knocking down Rose. Rebel distracted the ref, Baker and Rose traded the fake belt hit spot. The ref looked back and Rose hit a beast bomb for a near fall. Baker then got the Lockjaw hold and taped out Nyla Rose.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An ok match with a better ending than beginning. The chemistry was weird the first 6 minutes and the crowd almost turned on the match. But the two performers turned it around and ended up making the match pretty solid when it was all said and done.)

-A video of a press conference between Santana & Ortiz & FTR was shown. It set up the match next week between the two teams. Santana went through pictures to document his upbringing in the Bronx. Dax Harwood said the only cares about God, his family, and Professional Wrestling. The two teams then brawled. [c]

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring and he introduced Andrade el Idolo to the ring. Andrade took the mic form Tony and asked to crowd to chill, tranquillo. He said he had a surprise for everyone, Tony announce that Chavo Guerrero was his executive consultant, and Chavo entered the ring. Chavo started by saying, “wow, you remember!” He said this is the place to be and that everyone in the back is talented. But they are not as talented as Andrade. Death Triangles music hit and all three men emerged.

Pac got on the mic, he said that he doesn’t know who Andrade thinks who he is. He said that Death Triangle hides form no one. Andrade thanked them for coming, he then spoke in Spanish to them. He said that he was a lead superstar. Chavo explained it to Pac that they were all talented. But if Pac wanted gold around his waist, he should listen to him. He asked why Rey and Penta worked for Pac, he said they now work for him. Pac said they don’t work for him, they are a team and a family. Rey Fenix affirmed Pac and said they were the real face of Latinos. Penta said that Andrade is not on their level. Death Triangle got in the apron to confront Andrade. Refs came out to break up the situation as the segment ended.

-A clip from earlier showed Christian Cage came out and make the save for Jurassic Express. Cage suggested a Six-Man tag to end the Hardy Family Office. [c]

-QT Marshal and The Factory were backstage, he was asked if he should apologize. QT said there would be an apology next week in the ring.


Orange Cassidy rolled into the ring behind The Blade and attacked him to start the match. Blade rolled out and back in and got the drop on Cassidy, taking brief control of the match. Cassidy countered and tried some ground and pound offense on Blade. Cassidy threw Blade in the corner and he acted like his knee was injured, Bunny was there as well. Blade got up quickly and hit a drop kick on Cassidy. Blade tried a moves, but Cassidy hit the SDM. Orange went to the top rope, Blade hit a gut wrench bomb onto the top rope, sending Cassidy to the floor. [c]

When the action returned The Blade was still working over his opponent. Cassidy countered and hit a splash, then a DDT for a near fall. The Bunny got on the apron, but Kris Statlander came down to even the odds. Cassidy did a dive and Statlander was used a a shield. After and exchange Blade threw Cassidy into the ring and slammed Cassidy on the top rope and then hit an inside out for a near fall. Cassidy hit a Beach Break for a near fall. Bunny threw the brass Knuckles, Cassidy dodged and hit an orange punch for the win.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: There was way too much going on in this match that didn’t feel very important. It also felt on the long side for the way this show is running. Also, I don’t know if this version of Orange Cassidy would attack a defeated opponent with brass knuckles after a match, very odd.)

-Postmatch Cassidy hit an Orange Punch with the brass knuckles on The Blade.

-Chris Jericho was asked about his match with Nick gage next week. Jericho said he was gonna bring the most violent version of himself. He said next week it would be The Painmaker vs Nick Gage.

-A video package setting up Black and Cody Rhodes at the August 4th show was shown. [c]


Moxley attacked Lance Archer as soon as he entered the ring. Jon Moxley then grabbed a kendo stick and hit Archer with said stick. Archer got Moxley out of the ring and hit a senton outside onto Moxley. The two men then battled out into the crowd, and up into the stadium seating section. Moxley fought back and sent Archer back into the ring area. Archer grabbed a planted fan as a weapon and hit Moxley with him.

Back in the ring, Moxley tried a dive but was met with the fist of Archer. The pad was removed, and Moxley hit a DDT with Archer’s head hitting the concrete floor. Moxley rolled in and tried to get the count out win. Archer got up and was bleeding from the head as he got into the ring. Moxley had a fork and stabbed Archer with said fork. [c]

Archer and Moxley traded offense throughout the break, with Moxley in control as the broadcast returned. Moxley hit a German, Archer countered with a ripcord leaving both men laying. Archer then hit Moxley with a trashcan, he then set up two chairs and he attempted a blackout, but was countered with a low blow. Moxley then set up the chairs for the backs were joined. Archer then choke slammed him into the backs of the chairs. Archer then hit a boot, Moxley countered with a lariat.

Archer got up at a four count and then Moxley stabbed him again with the fork. Moxley then put barbed wire on the table son the outside of the ring. Archer stabbed Moxley with the fork, he then choke slammed Moxley into the barbed wire tables. Moxley was counted out, giving Lance Archer the win.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 14:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A brutal match that fit the death match billing. Lance Archer needed a big win and Moxley is bullet proof at this point.)

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  1. Much better (and more impartial) recap than Meltz-lite Keller’s. Which means you’ll probably be let go next week and replaced by a Twitter user with Tony Khan as his avatar.

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