7/25 WWE Supershow in Louisville, Ky.: Cena & Mysterios vs. Reigns & Usos, Nikki defends against Charlotte and Nikki, Lashley vs. Kofi, who got cheered and who got booed


JULY 25, 2021

Attendance: Bottom bowl and floor filled. Yum center announced WWE opened up more seating due to demand. Crowd was loud and excited. They played WWE videos during pre-show. Large LED screens up and camera to show on screens. Lots of families.

(1) Bianca Belair beat Carmella in 12:00. Bianca got a great response from crowd. Carmella got a lot of boos. They did not loose crowd at all. It got a little clunky at times. Carmella’s top came undone as they went to the finish, but still very good match.

(2) Drew McIntyre beat Sheamus. Sheamus out to mixed boos then cheers. He did a promo running down the town and people. He quickly got booed. Then McIntyre came out to a nice pop and cheers. Quickly got changed as Jinder Mahal came out and attacked McIntyre from behind before the match. Hard-hitting match, Drew was clearly the favorite and Sheamus got good heat. Jinder came out and attacked Drew once more, but Drew landed a Claymore on him and made the crowd happy. Drew played to the crowd and they loved Drew big time.

(3) Natalya & Tamina beat Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles in about 15:00. The crowd chanted “Reggie!” to taunt Jax, which Jax got upset over. Very good basic match. The wrestlers had fun with the crowd and vice versa.

(4) Bobby Lashley beat The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) in a two-on-one match in about 20:00. Lashley came out smiling. New Day’s music played, but New Day ddin’t come out. Lashley said he had to make an adjustment to the match. A video played of Xavier being attacked, so it was down to just Kofi vs. Lashley. Kingston came out to cheers and made a bee-line to Lashley. Hard-hitting right off. Lashley got a mix of cheers and boos, whereas Kofi got all cheers. Lashley won with a Hurt Lock. After the match, Kofi left the ring to a round of applause.

Intermission. Ring announcer Mike Rome made a pitch for merchandise.

(5) Riddle beat A.J. Styles (w/Omas). About one-fourth of the fans cheered Styles, the rest for Riddle. Best match of the night. Omas was ejected by the ref after interfering, which got a big pop. When Riddle won, it got a huge pop. After the match, Riddle walked around ringside for pics and autographs. He was over with everyone and was such a great entertainer.

(6) Nikki Ash beat Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in about 20:00. Nikki got a smattering of applause. Charlotte got the loudest reaction with a lot of “wooos.” Ripley got a babyface pop and cheers. During the match, Charlotte was booed and Ripley got cheers while poor Nikki was the third wheel. Another good match, but a confusing finish with Charlotte pinning Ripley, but Nikki then got on top of Charlotte and scored the three count to retain.

(7) John Cena & The Mysterios beat The Bloodline (Roman Reigns & The Usos) when Cena pinned an Uso after an AA. The Usos were booed. Reigns came out to even louder boos. A long ring entrance, but a star reaction the entire time. The Mysterios came out to a nice pop. Then, after a small pause, John Cena chants started. Then Cena came out to a massive pop. He ran to the ring and the match took off, but Roman rolled to the floor and didn’t want to get touched. After 20 minutes, Cena began no-selling and ran the ropes to build the crowd. After a ref bump, there was chaos as Cena gave Attitude Adjustments to the Usos. Roman punched and suplexed Cena. Cena made a comeback once an Uso tagged back in and he got the pin. Loud pop. After Reigns and the Usos left, Cena went around ringside and took pictures and signed autographs.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The crowd was enthusiastic throughout from beginning to end. No low periods. Bottom howl and middle area open and full. Upper deck blacked out. Overall, a great experience.

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