8/25 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Tag Team Tournament semifinal, CM Punk’s Dynamite Debut, Red Velvet vs. Jamie Hayter, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


AUGUST 25, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy traded light kicks and delete motions as the match started. Matt did the pockets gimmick and pulled out cash, Cassidy followed that up with a drop kick, Cassidy picked up some fallen cash than dived out to Hardy. Matt hit a Side effect on the outside and took control of the match. Hardy threw Cassidy into the barrier, used the ring post, and bit the fingers of his opponent. Hardy then hit a number of slams once the match got back into the ring. Hardy then did Cassidy kicks on Orange as he was down.

Cassidy ate a vertical suplex, Hardy then got the money back that Orange picked up earlier in the match. Cassidy was thrown into the corner and thrown into the opposite one, here he countered out on to the apron. Orange tried a move off the top, which was avoided by Hardy, then he tried a Beach Break. Hardy dodged and hit a power bomb for a two count. Cassidy countered out of a Twist of Fate and hit a dive to the outside.

Cassidy then hit a top rope crossbody, then a spinning DDT leading to a two count. Hardy was bleeding from his nose naturally from the crossbody. Off the top rope, Cassidy hit a hands in the pocket senton. Cassidy then tried a twist of fate, but Hardy countered and got a two count. Cassidy then hit a twist of fate leading to a near fall. Hardy dodged an Orange Punch, tried a submission, Orange then got a quick pin for the three count.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis:A lower tier workmate match for a Dynamite opener. The match picked up as soon as Hardy was bleeding form the nose and the men traded finishers. The first ten minutes was a standard Orange Cassidy match, where he gets worked over 90% of the match. I would like to see his matches vary a bit to advance his character.)

-Malakai Black had a warning message to Brock. He said that when the bell rings tonight, Brock will roll out take a count out and then apologize to him and walk back with his dad and think about what he has done. If he doesn’t he will take him out and anyone that has ever known him. [c]

-Chris Jericho came out to talk about his future after his loss to MJF last week. He thanked the crowd and said everyone was talking about wrestling this week. He said that he was not enjoying it like everyone else because he lost last week. He said that he has lost sleep and it bothers him so much because he is Chris Jericho, and he has always tried to be the best and be on top. He said he does all of this because he has too, because it is what he does. He said that he is going crazy because he hasn’t beaten him yet. He said he will continue to hunt him until he beats him. He asked MJF to come out and hear his proposal. He asked for one more match, at All Out. He said that if he can’t beat MJF that he doesn’t belong in AEW anymore. He said that he will go full time on commentary, he will never wrestle in AEW again if he loses at All Out.

MJF came out after hearing the stipulation. He said that this is all getting a bit embarrassing. He said he is not an idiot like the crowd, he said that Jericho keeps coming back because he needs MJF to stay relevant. MJF said that he is over having matches with him. He said he loves saying he tapped out Chris Jericho, but he wants to be legendary and be able to say he ended Chris Jericho. He said he would take the fight, and asked Jericho to really think about it.

-The Varsity Blondes had a promo setting up their match with Lucha Bros. Griff Garrison said they were a family, Pillman Jr. seconded that and talked about a match with the Young Bucks in a Steel Cage.


Griff Garrison and Rey Fenix started the match, Garrison used his size and strength to get the early advantage. Rey countered and hit some impressive moves while having wrist control, Rey then matrix dodged a big boot. Pentagon was tagged in along with Brian Pillman Jr. Penta did his zero fear move in the face of Pillman Jr. Penta hit a super kick, Pillman rescinded with a super kick of his own. Pillman then hit a hurricanrana and pumped up the crowd. Penta took advance and then started chopping the chest of his opponent. [c]

When the show returned, The Blondes teamed up on Penta but it was even at the end of the exchange. Rey was tagged in and he took on Pillman Jr. Rey hit a springboard dropkick, then a snap cutter, which was a near fall that Garrison needed to break up. Pillman saved his teammate from a apron pile-driver. The Lucha Bros hit stereo kicks, Fenix then dove to the outside on the Blondes. Pillman was able to get a two count against Rey, Garrison hit an elbow off the top rope and Pillman then got a two count once more.

The brothers then hit more tandem offense on Pillman. Penta hit a pile-driver, Rey then covered for the pinfall.

WINNER: Lucha Bros in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun tag match that didn’t get too out of hand. Varsity Blondes have been in this spot a few times now, I do wonder if/when they will break through as a main event tag team.)

-Post match Jurassic Express entered the ring and got into the face of the Lucha Bros. The Young Bucks got on the apron and the two teams in the ring took them out.

-A video about the Pac & Andrade El Idolo match was shown.

-The announce team ran down the announced matches for All Out


Red Velvet hit a Thesz press to open the match. Jamie Hayter countered quickly and then started to beat down on Velvet. After a moment, Velvet got Hayter out of the ring and then she hit two brutal dives onto Hayter. The announce team cut to break and then the match continued for about 20 seconds. [c]

Hayter controlled during the break, Velvet started trading forearms with Hayter. Velvet hit some forearms and elbows, leading to a face buster and knees to the back. Velvet then hit Baker at ringside, while distracted Hayter hit a back breaker and then a lariat to get the pinfall.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter in 7:00

-Post match Baker and company tried to beat down Velvet. Kris Statlander ran out and made the save.

-The Dark Order were backstage. Evil Uno said that they are a unit, he said some of them did not support him and Grayson. Alex Reynolds said it was Uno’s fault that that Page was beat down. Reynolds then left Dark Order and Uno seemed frazzled. [c]

-A recap video of CM Punk last Friday was shown.

-Tony welcomed CM Punk to the ring. Tony asked him what brought Punk back to the ring, CM Punk said he couldn’t hear him with a smile. The crowd continued to chant CM Punk. He finally answered that it was all the young non-WWE talent. He then said it was one guy, that was Darby. He said that Darby is so talented but he is reckless. He wonders if he can still go, he said that if he can be best in the world it starts with Darby. He said that he would be his favorite wrestler when he was 15, he reminds him of himself and he wants to go in the ring with someone like him. The crowd did a yes chant, Punk said they need to be a little patient with that chant. Punk then said hello to his wife at home.

-Miro had a video, he said that God reminded him that Eddie Kingston was the original sin of AEW. He said that he is the judgment, and his wife will love him because he is a champion. [c]


JD Drake and Darby Allin started the match. Allin got on the back of Drake and then got him to the outside. Kingston was tagged in, as well as Ryan Nemeth. Ryan tried a light chop, Eddie hit one chop and then Cesar was tagged in and the two traded chops and forearms. Moxley tagged himself in and threw all three Wingman to the outside. [c]

Moxley and Cesar were battling, Moxley hit a side suplex, Drake was tagged in. Moxley hit a big chop, then tagged in Kingston who continued the assault. Drake was able to counter, but Moxley bit Drake as he tried to continue. Darby was tagged in and he hit a code red on Drake. Peter Avalon took out Allin, Sting stared him down. Kingston and Moxley then beat up Avalon. All six men were in the ring at one point, with Moxley and Kingston clearing house. Darby hit a stunner and then a Coffin Drop on Drake for the pinfall.

WINNER: Allin, Moxley and Kingston in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine squash match for the winning side. This set up the future Allin match with Garcia and put Kingston and Moxley in a good light going into All Out)

-Daniel Garcia came in and blindsided Allin before running away.

-Tay Conti was interviewed about being in the battle royal. Bunny quickly emerged and offered her to join the HFO. Conti took the offer and ripped it up, the two women brawled after.

-Kenny Omega and Don Callis walked out to the ring. [c]

-Dax Harwood said that Cash Wheeler has nerve damage, but FTR need to have at least one more match against Santana and Ortiz

-Tony was in the ring with Kenny Omega, Don Callis grabbed the mic and said that they were gonna take down Christian Cage once and for all. Christian’s music hit and he walked out to the stage. Cage showed a video and called Callis a carney POS. Kenny Omega grabbed the mic and said that it proved that Kenny was a better athlete at 10 and today than Christian. Cage then said that he was manipulated by Callis, Omega said you think you know me? Callis then took off his scarf and jacket and got in the face of Cage. He said that at All Out Cage would be what he has always been, second best. The members of The Elite beat up Cage, Frankie Kazarian ran out to make the save.

-Jon Moxley was in the back, he said he got a contract from Japan. He said that Kojima Satoshi was the one to step up and walk through the forbidden door. He talked about how he wants to destroy everyone that enters the ring, and called the match Kojima’s public execution.


Billy Gunn and Camarado started the match, Aaron Solow entered soon and the Gunn boys entered after their father. [c]

Camarado and Solow were working over Austin Gunn, who tagged in Colton Gunn and he was beaten down. Paul Wight distracted QT and he was pinned.

WINNER: Gunn Club

(Sage’s Analysis: This was an absolute waste of time and should have been cut in my opinion. To make matters worse it had a lame distraction finish that makes all seven men involved (including Paul Wight) look less than.)

-Dan Lambert was backstage with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky, Lambert took down Sammy, Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy. He said that soft people want to watch soft people. He said that men like Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are a real example for the AEW audience.

-The announce team ran down the card once more for All Out.

-Arn Anderson said that he stood by his son, before the main event. [c]


Brock took down Black and hit some punches. Black took control and hit several punches in the corner, he was topped and hit several more. Black pulled Brock by the hair and Brough him close to his father. Black got in the face of Arn and told him to throw in the towel. Brock got some hits in and then Black hit a back drop and then the Black Out kick. Black waited and then pinned Brock Anderson.

WINNER: Malakai Black in 2:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A weird match and story. The post match stuff was ok, I don’t really understand Black not taking out Lee Johnson, attacking him would have hammered the point of the segment home.)

-Post match Black grabbed a chair, Arn Anderson got in front of his son to protect him. Anderson blocked a kick, Black it a low blow and then the roundhouse kick to Anderson. Black then sat on the top rope and looked over his victims. Lee Johnson entered the ring to make the save.



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  1. This was nothing near like the show I watched. Is the “writer” of this “review” that big of a WWE shill? He can’t even get the wrestlers names correct. Nice try, junior.

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