VIP AUDIO 9/9 – The Fix Mailbag w/Todd Martin & Wade Keller (pt. 2 of 2): Should Cole lead Elite? Advice for Vince to compete with AEW? Lesnar-Reigns timing? Is AEW ready for an NFL stadium? Plus Tessa, Hangman, Foley, more (122 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix, PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller address the following questions and topics submitted by listeners:

  • Could AEW run a big PPV in an NFL stadium right now? If not, what would it take?
  • What advice would you give Vince McMahon to fend off AEW?
  • How did Todd so accurately predict for years that Bryan Danielson would sign with AEW?
  • How can AEW capitalize on C.M. Punk in the best way?
  • Should Punk change his entrance music?
  • When were punches illegal in wrestling over this industry’s history?
  • How successful could Nigel McGuinness’s career have been without health issues?
  • Should Brock Lesnar challenge Roman Reigns before WrestleMania next year?
  • Why would anyone be interested in another Brock Lesnar match?
  • Was All Out the best PPV since maybe Money in the Bank 2011?
  • Is Kenny Omega’s title reign a blight on a renaissance of wrestling?
  • How do you gage wrestling’s interest as objectively as possible?
  • What matches has Wade given five stars to and what does Todd make of his (alleged) stinginess when it comes to star ratings?
  • Can AEW solve having too many top names by sending wrestlers to other companies for stretches?
  • Has Joey Janela been underutilized by Tony Khan?
  • Is Tessa Blanchard being unfairly maligned and ostracized relative to others?
  • Has Cody Rhodes benefited from not being around during this influx of big names to AEW?
  • How would you rank the Okada-Omega matches?
  • Do you trust AEW more than any other company ever?
  • Should Hangman Page still be the one to beat Kenny Omega for the AEW Title?
  • Thoughts on Mick Foley’s “WWE, you’ve got a problem” video?
  • What is the legacy of Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong)?
  • Can WWE sue AEW for Jim Ross slipping up and calling Paul Wight “The Big Show”?
  • Will AEW pull Jon Moxley from the New Japan show on Nov. 13 with Full Gear being moved?
  • What is Gable Steveson’s value to WWE?
  • Any Fantasy Football tips?
  • Is there any merit to AEW being made of “all ex-WWE guys?”
  • What old finishing moves should be brought back?
  • Would AEW have been better off spreading out the debuts of Punk, Danielson, and Cole?
  • Have you ever cried watching pro wrestling?
  • Is this something more than just the start of a hot period in pro wrestling, a transcendent period?
  • Should Adam Cole become the leader of The Elite?
  • How tone deaf do you expect the WWE documentary to be about being the first live gathering after Sept. 11, 2011.



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