9/29 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s detailed report and analysis of Miro vs. Guevera for the TNT Title, Jungle Boy vs. Adam Cole, Moxley & Kingston & Darby vs. Bear Country, Punk on commentary

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


-A graphic acknowledged the death last year of Jon “Brodie Lee” Huber.

-Jim Ross introduced the show and noted they’re in Rochester, N.Y., the home of Brodie Lee. C.M. Punk then made his entrance as his music played. He was hyped up and circled the ring, slapping hands. Fans chanted “C.M. Punk!” Ross and Tony Schiavone explained that he’d be the fourth man on commentary tonight. They also discussed the Jon Huber Legacy Organization. They also hyped the line-up of matches.


Punk said like him or hate him, Cole is a superstar walking. Punk says Cole looks like the type of person who listens to his own entrance music at the gym. Fans chanted “Adam Cole!” several minutes into the match. Excalibur acknowledged the support for Cole among fans, but said there was even more for Jungle Boy. The crowd did pop for Jungle Boy’s comeback several minutes in and popped for his near falls. When JB went to dive through the ropes at Cole at ringside, Cole punched him out of mid-air. JB came back with a snap huracanrana to take Cole off the ring apron seconds later. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” Back in the ring, Cole took over quickly and landed a Panama Sunrise for a convincing near fall. Cole’s jaw dropped. Ross said he can’t believe it. JB ducked a Cole running kick and applied his Snare Trap m,id-ring. Cole crawled toward the bottom rope. Excalibur noted that no one has ever broken this hold. JB released it when Cole got near the bottom rope. Cole mule kicked JB against the ropes with the ref trapped, then landed the Boom kick for the win.

WINNER: Cole in 14:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: A very good match. It didn’t leap off the screen as a barn burner of an effort, but it was smart and well executed. It would have been just fine to have Cole beat JB without the low blow, but they are committed to “protecting” JB from seeming a level lower than new signings from WWE/NXT.)

-The Elite then marched out to the Elite theme song. Punk said the song sucks. He said there are some champs and also some goofs in this group. [c]

-Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa, Brandon Cutler, The Young Bucks, and Cole stood in the ring. Anderson talked about each of the Elite members. Cole said he told the world he was going to beat JB, and he did just that. He said he did it by himself because he is Elite. He bragged that he is undefeated. Brandon tried to talk, but Nick yanked the mic away and told him to shut up. Nick then asked Rochester if they were ready to hear the best promo in all of pro wrestling. He handed the mic to Nakazawa. Fans chanted “C.M. Punk!” Omega said he doesn’t care about that chant. He said his phone has been ringing off the hook all week. He said people keep telling him last week’s match was possibly the best match in AEW history. He said Bryan Danielson took him the limit and kicked in his chest and head. Fans chanted “Yes!” He said the problem is he couldn’t get the job done when it counted. He said he isn’t getting a rematch and he won’t see him face-to-face in that ring again.

Danielson’s music then played and he walked out. Punk said Omega has everything to lose and Danielson has nothing to lose. Danielson asked the fans if they want to see a rematch between them. Fans chanted “Yes!” Omega protested in the ring. He said he wants a rematch and the fans don’t want a rematch, but it appears Omega doesn’t have the balls to give him a rematch. Fans chanted, “No balls! No balls!” Danielson said: “I present to you, Kenny ‘No Balls’ Omega!” Fans kept chanting. Omega threw a fit in the ring as his Elite cohorts tried to calm him down. Fans chanted, “Kenny No Balls!” He asked if anyone in The Elite has any balls. He challenged any of them to a match on Rampage. Omega said, “Wow, big words from such a small little man. Why Rampage, man? How about right now? Today is your lucky day.” Danielson said he’s up for fighting right now. He said he’s not coming alone. He called out Frankie Kazarian, Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy. The Elite fled the ring and and yelled back at the ring. Fans continued the chant of “Kenny No Balls!” Danielson’s music then played to close out the segment.

(Keller’s Analysis: Decent segment, I guess. It’s good to have The Elite be together regularly. The downside is that when they are together, the act feels like mid-card comedy and lacks a real edge. The crowd ate up the chant for Kenny, though.) [c]

-Backstage, Schiavone was standing with the Lucha Bros. and Andrade and Alex Alahambres. Andrade asked where Pac was. Andrade’s new assistant said it’s about time the Lucha Bros. defend their tag titles. Andrade challenged them to defend their AAA Tag Team Titles. Rey Fenix said anytime. Andrade said he has some friends in mind to take those titles. Punk asked if Andrade has any friends he doesn’t pay.


Dante and Sydal came out first. When Cody’s pompous ring entrance began, some scattered boos could be heard. Cody was lifted from a hole in the stage. Pyro blasted and he smiled and played to the crowd like a babyface. He struck a pose and pounded his chest. Johnson, Brandi Rhodes, and Arn Anderson came out and joined him. He was booed his entire way to the ring. Punk said he was curious how much that ring entrance cost. He also mentioned his new TV show. Cody had a brief conference with Arn, then he leaped into the ring. Fans booed. Punk said the fans seem a little conflicted when it comes to Cody. Just then a “Cody sucks!” chant broke out, although it wasn’t necessarily the majority of the fans. Cody and Dante wrestled briefly. Johnson and Sydal then tagged in. Arn was shouting advice and seemed upset with how things went early. Four-way action broke out, and then they cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Sydal ducked Cody leaping off the ring apron, then took him down with his own leap off the ring apron with a meteora. Johnson leaped onto Sylda at ringside. Dante leaped onto Johnson and Cody at ringside. Back full screen after the break, Johnson dropkicked Sydal, who took a great bump. Dante entered against Cody. More boos. Cody snap powerslammed Dante. Dante came back with a head scissors. Punk joked about how he can call a dropkick by name, while Excalibur can call everything. Dante landed a floating missile dropkick on Cody for a near fall for a two count. Dante followed with a double-jump moonsault off the top rope for a near fall. Johnson tagged himself in, but ate a Sydal sidekick. Johnson kicked him in the face right after. Johnson then gave Dante a modified brainbuster onto his knee for the clean win. Cody congratulated Johnson on the win. Punk said there’s some drama going on with the Nightmare Family, though.

WINNERS: Cody & Johnson in 8:00.

-Schiavone interviewed Cody, Johnson, and Arn. Fans booed. Cody said he knows the audience waited a long time for this show, so why doesn’t Malakai Black came out right now. Arn told Cody to stop talking. He said on July 2, Black came into his life and he has systematically destroyed all of them. He said he used him to get to Cody. He asked Cody why he took his boot off. “What’s that all about,” he said. “We didn’t talk about that.” He told Cody he should’ve finished his fight against Black, not worried about him at ringside. He said Black is an assassin and will do anything to destroy anyone he’s in the ring with. Arn said he’d step in and take the fight, “but I’m too damn old.” He said Cody would succumb to a carjacker whereas he, Arn, would take his gun and splatter his brains on the concrete. “I’m Arn Anderson and all that that implies,” he said. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to coach a loser.” He told Johnson to leave with him because at least he listens to him. Cody was left alone in the ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: I was curious if Cody would acknowledge the boos at all. He didn’t. At least Punk acknowledged them on commentary, since they acknowledged fans cheering Cole earlier. That was Arn’s best interview in AEW to date. He was fired up. I don’t know how Cody comes out of this, but the journey interests me.)  [c]


A brawl broke out at the start, then it settled into a standard six-man tag match. Bear Country settled into a beatdown of Moxley including a two count by Bronson after a powerslam. Kingston and Moxley came back with some suplexes. Darby then leaped onto Bear Country at ringside. Green leaped off the top rope at Kingston and Moxley, but he bounced off of them. Then Moxley and Kingston finished him with a Violent Crown.

WINNER: Mox & Kingston & Darby in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That felt like a night off for Darby compared to usual.)

-Afterward, Kingston welcomed Sting into the ring. He had a Brodie Lee sign. Sting then gave Green a Scorpion Death Drop.

(Keller’s Analysis: What the heck did Green do to deserve that extra beating after the match?)


-A video package aired on Britt Baker talking Ruby Soho. She said fans like singing her song, but that doesn’t mean they like her. Ruby said she has some work to do after being moved to the back of the line. Ruby promised that the next time they wrestle, she’ll face the consequences of costing her something she wanted long before she got there – the AEW Women’s Championship.

(Keller’s Analysis: There wasn’t a lot to this, and it didn’t take a ton of time, but it was a good use of time and effective. Britt got her personality across and Ruby got to acknowledge coming up short and establishing she’s not done fighting for another title shot.)

-Matt Hardy cut a promo mid-ring and insulted the fans of Rochester. Then Orange Cassidy walked out followed by Dark Order.

(4) ORANGE CASSIDY & DARK ORDER (Alan “5” Angels & Preston “10” Vance & Evil Uno & Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana & John Silver & Alex Reynolds w/”-1″) vs. MATT HARDY & PRIVATE PARTY & BUTCHER & BLADE & ANGELICO & JACK EVANS & JORA JOHL

Fans chanted for Brodie during the early action. Orange tagged in early and avoided Private Party with his hands in his pockets. They cut to an early split-screen break as everyone entered the ring and created a battle royal scene. [c/ss]

Evil Uno argued with Grayson, then walked out. Silver and Colt tried to create some peace. Amanda Huber, -1, Tay Conti, and Anna Jay walked out. Amanda, Jon’s widow, ordered Uno to get back to the ring fight alongside with Dark Order. Dark Order hit some dives to the floor. Evans took a great bump for Silver at ringside. Back in the ring, Cassidy gave Hardy an Orange Punch. Uno and Grayson double-teamed Johl, then Silver scored the three count. The crowd popped.

WINNERS: Dark Order & Cassidy in 9:00.

-After the match, Amanda and her son joined Dark Order in the ring to pay tribute to Brodie Lee.

-A vignette aired on Lio Rush arriving in AEW. He said he’s a businessman and he’s into an LBO. He said he’s the captain and he runs the ship. He said he makes the profits for himself and the companies, then uses his profits to make sure him and his people are treated well. He said it works if you know what you’re doing. [c]

-Dax Harwood stood with Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard. Dax said Cash might have almost lost his life, but with Tully steering the ship, they’re rejuvenated and refocused, which is bad news for everyone other than The Pinnacle. “Top guys, out,” he said.

-In the ring, Dan Lambert stood with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Lambert cut a promo and asked the fans to pay respect to their elders for the first time in their lives. He said he wanted to compliment Chris Jericho for having a successful career. He said he took a start-up company that was floundering and bad booking decisions and skinny little acrobats and put it on his shoulders, injected it with rocket fuel, and turned it into the hottest company this industry had seen in decades. He said this story still has an even happier ending than a millennial’s night at home in mom’s basement, “if you know what I mean.” He said regarding Jericho that they bashed his brains in and his career in wrestling and rock music is over. He said his earnings potential is the same as the fans – zero. He said they will never again swing on the balls of Jericho. Fans chanted, “Shut the f— up!” Scorpio Sky told them to shut up.

Scorpio talked about having the best winning record and he didn’t get what he deserved, but Lambert sees what others ignore. He said he sees him as a main eventer. Ethan called the fans idiots. He said he’s never been pinned or submitted in AEW and he has two black belts in karate. He said he and Sky won’t be overlooked anymore. He said he has the best smile “and the tightest tits in the game.” He said he talks, dresses, and walks like a champ. He said he now rolls with champions.

-A vignette aired on Hikaru Shida. She talked about having a big year, but her next goal is her 50th win. Serena Deeb said she won’t get that win against her. They hyped a match between them next week.


Penelope Ford and The Bunny made their ring entrance. Then Tay Conti & Anna Jay came out. They brawled before the bell. They cut to a break a couple minutes in. [c]

At ringside, Conti hit a Tay-KO on Bunny, although it showed some light. Back in the ring Jay back hook kicked Ford and then applied a body scissors sleeper for the win. After the match, Jay and Conti celebrated in the ring with Brodie Lee Jr. (“-1”).

WINNERS: Jay & Conti in 6:00.

-A video package aired on the Jade Cargill vs. Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose match on Rampage this Friday night including soundbites from everyone involved including Mark Sterling and Vickie Guerrero.

-MJF and Wardlow walked out. MJF said to cut his music as he entered the ring. He said he wants AEW to be successful and he will do whatever it takes to make it happen, “as long as I am given what I deserve.” He said there are young wrestlers who will keep pushing the company forward for decades to come. He said there are four pillars. Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and MJF. He noted he has already defeated JB and Guevara, then skipped over Darby really quickly. He then touted his accomplishments in AEW so far including being the youngest wrestler to headline a PPV. He said without him, AEW “ain’t shit.” He said he deserves to be AEW Champion. “Then earn it in the ring then, dude,” said Schiavone. MJF said he loves Tony Khan. He said of all the Khan’s in pro wrestling, he’s easily in his top two. He said if he’s not given his deserved opportunities, he has friends from back in the MLW days. He said his name is Bruce Prichard, “and I’ve got Brucie on speed dial.”

Darby walked out to his music. Punk said everybody has Bruce Prichard on speed dial, and that’s nothing to brag about. MJF told Darby, “As much as I like the whole school shooter mime on a skateboard routine, not a huge fan of you interrupting me, bud.” He said he interrupted him because he’s jealous of him. He said there is nothing wrong with being the second best pillar. He brought up athletes who were great at being no. 2, and said his friend was a great no. 2 also. MJF said he’s Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky. Darby asked if he’s done talking. He said he keeps saying he’s going to leave if he doesn’t get what he wants. He said he doesn’t care and the fans wouldn’t, either. Darby said he is AEW for life until death. (There goes his negotiating leverage!) He said between them, he’s the only one who has won a championship. MJF said he loves his Batman voice, and he respects him because he’s straight edge. He said when he was a little boy, he decided to get in the car with his drunken, sloppy, alcoholic uncle and they got into a little accident and his uncle died. Darby closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He said it’s a travesty. Fans chanted, “Asshole!” MJF said, “That night, the wrong man died!” He told Darby to hit him. Darby said, “No, Max, I’m not going to hit you because you will not break me mentally.” He told him to keep talking. MJF took that as a challenge. He told Wardlow they’re done, and they left. Schiavone said he didn’t expect that to happen. Punk said when bullies are stood up to, bullies retreat. Darby held his ground in the ring.

-Excalibur plugged Nick Jackson vs. Danielson for Rampage. That’s going to be crazy good. Also, Cargill vs. Rose vs. Rosa and Cassidy vs. Jack Evans. Then next week’s Dynamite anniversary show features Omega & Cole & The Bucks vs. Christian & Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus & Danielson, Shida vs. Deeb, and the Casino Ladder match for a future title shot.

-A video feature aired hyping the Guevara vs. Miro match including the backstory with Fuego del Sol. [c]

(6) MIRO vs. SAMMY GUEVARA – TNT Title match

Guevara came out first. Then Miro. The graphic noted he has been the champ for 140 days, undefeated for 329 days, and is 15-0 this year. The bell rang 46 minutes into the second hour. They battled back and forth early, with Miro overpowering Guevara and then going after his necklace. Punk said Guevara wore it into the ring, so it’s fair game, the ref can’t DQ him. Guevara fought back with a crossbody that sent both of them tumbling over the top rope to the floor. Miro charged, but Sammy side-stepped him and threw him into the ringside steps. He rammed his head into the steps and then threw him back into the ring. He leaped off the top rope with a shooting star press, but Miro caught him and tossed him hard to the mat. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Miro played to the crowd, then beat up Guevara at ringside during the break. Back to full screen, he had Guevara grounded with a chinlock. Miro dominated until Sammy countered a charging Miro with a Spanish Fly. Punk said it feels like now or never for Sammy. Sammy kicked Miro in the head, then landed running knee to the head. Next, he went for a pump kick, but Miro avoided it. Sammy avoided a diving Miro, who flew into the corner and then flipped to the floor. Sammy then landed a twisting corkscrew dive on Miro at ringside. Sammy threw Miro into the ring, but Miro caught him and slammed him for a two count. Both were slow to get up as fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Miro set up running Machka Kick, but Sammy avoided it and then landed a leaping high knee strike twice. He climbed to the top rope. Miro met him up there, but Sammy headbutted Miro and then landed a top rope cutter. He set up a GTH, but Miro resisted and then kicked Sammy in the head for a convincing near fall. Miro yanked off the corner turnbuckle pad in frustration. He tore off a second one. Then a third. And finally a fourth. Punk said he should let the ref count Sammy out. Fuego ran out and DISTRACTED Miro. Sammy re-entered the ring and knocked Miro face-first into the exposed turnbuckle followed by a tornado DDT. He then hit the GTH. He followed with a 630 senton for the three count. Miro held his crotch as if Sammy injured his testicles when he landed. Golden Glitter dropped from the rafters as other babyfaces entered the ring to congratulate him. Excalibur said they’d hear from Guevara during the first break of “Rhodes to the Top.”

WINNER: Guevara in 14:00 to capture the TNT Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match. A fun contrast in styles. I didn’t expect that finish, either. I suspect Miro will come back after Guevara, perhaps a rematch Full Gear. I also wouldn’t rule out Miro winning the Casino Battle Royal as a way to set him up for a future World Title shot, perhaps against Danielson or Hangman Page, whomever beats Omega.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A solid episode of Dynamite, a typical non-major themed episode with good wrestling mixed with some solid promos and vignettes.


-During the first commercial break during “Rhodes to the Top,” Schiavone interviewed Guevara, who was with Fuego backstage in front of a brick wall. He said he wants to go on to become the best TNT Champion. He pointed at his Brodie Lee t-shirt and said we all know who the greatest is, but he’ll try to fill his shoes. He said as he’s celebrating, he saw Bobby Fish tweeting at him. He said he’d defend against him in an open challenge next week. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky walked in and gave Guevara a hard time. Sky said he should be facing the best, “and that is us.” Sammy stepped up and said they Bobby is next week, but they could do this right now. They began shoving each other. Schiavone asked for decorum. He said it appears the “forbidden door” has been opened again and they’ll have Fish facing Sammy for the TNT Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not sure Fish is a big enough name to justify him leapfrogging all other contenders as Guevara’s first title defense.)


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  1. I attended the show in person (it was good, but between Dark/Dynamite/Rampage it was 4 1/2 hours and that’s a long time for any wrestling event) and it was good. MJF was easily the biggest heel all night. And I don’t know if it was a production screwup or what, but we could SEE the Britt Baker promo but couldn’t actually hear it. And we didn’t see that “bonus interview segment” in the arena (although Sammy did cut a promo where he got real emotional and said some of the same things, and ended things by encouraging the fans to chant Brodie’s name). And it was funny seeing Danielson challenge anyone from The Elite for a match on Rampage when they already advertised before that that we would see Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson during the Rampage taping lol

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