10/6 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s detailed report and analysis of 2nd Anniversary Show, Guevara defends TNT Title against debuting Bobby Fish, Casino Ladder Match, Eight-Man Tag

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


OCTOBER 6, 2021

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts



Lots of action, needless to say, in the opening minutes. The Bucks gave Christian an Indy Taker tombstone on the ringside ramp. Marko and an official checked on him. Matt Jackson superkicked Marko and then made mocking crying faces. Omega joined in. Back in the ring, Matt took over on Jungle Boy. Cole put JB in a camel clutch and then the Bucks ran the ropes and then stopped and kissed Cole on the cheeks. They were very proud of themselves. Schiavone said, with disdain, “They’re just entertaining themselves.” Fans chanted “Holy shit!” The announcers plugged Sammy Guevara defending the TNT Title against the debuting Bobby Fish plus Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deep and Darby Allin vs. Nick Comoroto. JB eventually hot-tagged Danielson, which got a crowd pop. (The crowd was well-mic’d for this episode.) Omega and Danielson squared off; fans stood and applauded. They exchanged strikes mid-ring. Danielson applied Cattle Mutilation, but Nick broke it up with a top rope senton as Danielson was bridging. Both were slow to get up as fans chanted “AEW! AEW!” Both tagged out.

Luchasaurus countered a Panama Sunrise by Cole. Then he ducked stereo superkicks from the Bucks. He landed a moonsault press onto Omega and Cole at ringside. JB took Nick off the ring apron with a huracanrana. Danielson then landed a dive through the ropes. Omega got fired up and dove onto a crowd of opponents at ringside. Cole teased a dive, but instead stopped mid-ring and yelled, “Adam Cole Bay-bay!” Luchasaurus gave him a chokeslam and a standing moonsault for a near fall at 16:00. Fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Cole gave Luchasaurus a low blow from behind. Fans booed. The Elite gave Luchasaurus a group powerbomb that mind of collapsed under it’s own went when Omega just fell down. Fans booed.

JB tried to take on the Elite, but Cole delivered a Panama Sunrise. Danielson re-entered the ring and took control, including a barrage of Yes kicks to Omega. The Bucks and Cole gave Jungle Boy a triple superkick. They gave him a four-way BTE Trigger for the win. Cutler sprayed Nick with cold spray afterward.

WINNERS: The Elite in 18:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was wild start to finish with great crowd heat.)

-Schiavone hyped a special announcement from Tony Khan later. The announcers hyped other matches. Ross said C.M. Punk was up next with plenty to say. [c]

-Backstage, Jon Moxley said lately he’s been a little out of sorts and pissed off. He said he has no patience for anything that takes patience. He said no matter what anyone says, no one can pin or submit him. He said he’s been in a ladder match before. “Wanna get weird, wanna get stupid with ladders, let’s do it,” he said. He said he doesn’t know what’s going on any more because he has a three month at home “and she’s insane!” He said Philadelphia is his city, AEW is his company, and that’s his belt and he wants it back.

(Keller’s Analysis: Great stuff from Moxley. He’s been a little lost in the mix lately among big names in AEW since there’s so many newer names.)

-The director showed fans holding up a sign that said “Punk Fears Hook.” Punk greeted the announcers and gave one of them a middle finger with a smile. Punk then did a stage dive into the crowd. They caught him. He then chatted with an Orange Cassidy look-alike kid who, true to form, barely reacted to Punk. Just a shoulder shrug and nod after Punk whispered something to him. Tremendous. Punk entered the ring.

Fans loudly chanted “C.M. Punk!” He asked if they were tired of this yet. He said every week he shows up thinking they’ll get tired of it, but he’s all for keeping the love fest going. He pointed at his red Jordans. He said he came from humble beginnings. He talked about his history in Philadelphia. He talked about wrestling Wednesdays through Sunday, then ran a wrestling training school on Mondays and Tuesdays. He said he ran a wrestling training school and ate, sleeped, and breathed pro wrestling.

He said he loved Philadelphia so much because it gave him so much. He said because of the money he made in Philadelphia, he bought himself an iPod and a laptop “and holy shit was I rich.” He said he wasn’t rich because of the money, he was spiritually rich because he had everything he wanted. He said he immersed himself in a community and he said he’s glad he’s re-immersed back in the community. Another “C.M. Punk!” chant broke out.

He said Philly is and always will be special to him, so he wants to give back to them. He said he’s going to buy them all cheese steaks, but he joked he wasn’t sure if it was cheese cake. He said he’ll either wrestle for them or buy them cheese steaks. “What’s it going to be, Philadephia?” Fans chanted “Wrestle!” He told them to go buy themselves a cheese steak and he’ll wrestle. He said Daniel Garcia tried to end this before it all started back in Chicago, so he said if he has any balls, he’ll face him on Rampage. His music then played. He took his Jordans off and gave them to the Orange Cassidy kid and had a few more words with him. Excalibur said Tony Khan just made Punk vs. Garcia official for Friday.

(Keller’s Analysis: Some viewers will be confused that Punk offered to wrestle for them, but then scheduled the match to Friday instead of tonight. It was a great idea to have Punk have that kind of promo reflecting on his background in Philadelphia when in Philadelphia.)

-They threw to a clip from Busted Open of Arn Anderson saying Cody is too Hollywood. They showed Arn burning Cody’s suit in a fire in Cody’s back yard. Cody stepped onto the balcony and asked what he was doing. Cody came down the stairs and asked, “What are you going to do? Shoot me?” Cody said that was an expensive suit. Arn asked for Cody’s pink tie. Arn was about to burn it and he said it was excess. Cody told him not to burn it, he gets it. Arn slapped him. Cody threw it into the fire. [c]

(2) SAMMY GUEVARA vs. BOBBY FISH – TNT Title match

As Sammy made his ring entrance, he presented El Fuego with a new Ram pick-up truck. He handed him the keys, then Fuego immediately joked that he’ll put it on the line in exchange for a title shot. After a second, they both broke into a laughter. They cut to a split-screen break a couple minutes in. [c/ss]

Fish delivered a top rope Falcon Arrow for a two count. Guevera came back with a GTH for the win.

WINNER: Guevera in 9:00.

-After the match, Dan Lambert, American Top Team, and Scorpio Sky attacked Guevara. When Fuego tried to make the save, they beat him down too. Ross said if this wasn’t a wrestling ring, they’d be arrested. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager ran out for the save next. They cleared the ring. Lambert said, “Enough of this stupid song.” The song stopped, but the fans kept singing it. “Hurry up, would ya’?” Lambert pleaded. When it was over, he said he wanted to clear up some confusion on who’s in control here. He called Philadelphia a “shit-stain town.” He said on Oct. 15, Dynamite will be in Miami, and Jorge Masvidal is the king of the 305. He challenged them to a match against Men of the Year & Junior Dos Santos with Masvidal at ringside as an enforcer. Jericho said he didn’t hear a damn thing that he said. The mic went dead. Jericho threw it to the mat. Jericho picked up the mic and it worked. He vowed to “beat the living shit out of you.”

-A soundbite aired with The Acclaimed in a staircase talking about facing The Lucha Brothers on Rampage for the AEW Tag Team Titles. [c]

-Schiavone stood in the ring as referee Aubry Edwards held something in a felt bag in her hands. Schaivone said they changed the wrestling business in the last two years. He said one year ago they made history by introducing the TNT Championship. He said Dynamite will be moving to TBS this January. “How about that for some old school stuff,” he said. He said there will also be a new championship. He said it will be a new women’s title called the TBS Championship. Edwards revealed the belt.

(Keller’s Analysis: The belt looks good. I like that they didn’t put “women” in the title anywhere. It’s just a given. When does Tony Khan make an announcement, by the way? That’s what they promised! It’s smart to begin promoting AEW is moving to TBS this early. NXT really took a viewership hit when it moved from USA to SyFy for two weeks earlier this year. They shouldn’t take anything for granted.)


-Ross had a sit-down interview with Darby Allin. Ross said MJF was a total arse last week. He brought up his facepaint. Darby said Max made things very public last week. He said he had an experience with his uncle when he was five years old. He said he was drinking and driving that night, and he died. He said he paints half his face because 50 percent of him feels dead inside. He said he faced death that day, but he’s still there. He said Max can say whatever he wants, and everyone expected him to pop Mox in the face, but mentally and physically he won’t let Max beat him. He said Max has never faced someone like him before.

(3) DARBY ALLIN vs. NICK COMOROTO (w/”Human Saltine Cracker” Q.T. Marshall)

Darby dove onto Comoroto and Marshall at ringside before the bell. They cut to an early split-screen break. [c/ss]

Back from the break, Darby landed a Coffin Drop for a clean quick win.

WINNER: Darby in 5:00.

-After the match, Marshall gave Sting a Diamond Cutter, but Sting no-sold it and popped up. He then gave Marshall a low-blow and a Scorpion Death Drop.

-Backstage, Evil Uno told Dark Order that he hasn’t always made the best decisions on everyone’s behalf, so now it’s up to them. They agreed to vote on all decisions. They argued over whether Stu Grayson should have to go back to wearing a mask.

-Schiavone stood mid-ring with Dante Martin. He said for the past couple months, he’s been proving he’s a problem for everyone in that locker room. He said he even gave Kenny Omega a run for his money. He said he’s there to fight anybody they sent his way. The lights went dark. When they came back on, Malakai Black stood behind him. He sprayed black mist at Dante, then landed a spinning hook kick. The lights went out again. When they came back on, Black was in the ring and there was no sign of Dante. Black then picked up the mic and said, “The House of Black accepts.” They showed Dante knocked out on the floor. Excalibur said they’d collide in the near future. [c]

-Ricky Starks stood mid-ring with the original FTW Title belt. He said the belt was built in Philadelphia. He said Taz’s mindset that created it is his mindset. He said he can’t say the same thing about Brian Cage. He said in typical Brian Cage fashion, he didn’t show up to work. He said he really wanted to wrestle him tonight in a Philly Street Fight. Cage then charged out and attacked Starks. Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs pulled him out of the ring and they all retreated.

-They aired soundbite from Thunder Rosa, Ruby Soho, Jade Cargill (w/Mark Sterling), and Skye Blue reacting to the creation of the TBS Title.


They showed a trophy ready to award Shida if she wins her 50th AEW match tonight. They cut to a split-screen break a few minutes in. [c/ss]

Shida scored a near fall after a Falcon Arrow. Deeb came back with a chop block and an eye rake. She landed a Detox face driver for a near fall. Deeb rammed Shida’s knee into the mat, then applied a half crab and Shida tapped out.

WINNER: Deeb in 11:00.

-After the match, Deeb hit Shida with the glass trophy. The announcers said Deeb is a different person.

-Alex Marvez caught up with Darby Allin out back and said MJF has challenged him to a match next week on Dynamite. Darby said of course. A limo drove up. Darby took off his shirt and was ready for a fight when a masked man hit him from behind with a chair. Two other masked men got out of the limo and beat up Darby. They rammed him into a stop sign attached to a barricade. One of them gave him an F10 on a stack of metal barricades. Excalibur said that must be Wardlow. Another masked wrestler jabbed Darby in the throat with the skateboard. Schiavone said it’s MJF and he’s not fooling anyone at all. They left Darby gasping for breath. Excalibur called it a sickening display.

-They went to the announcers on camera who were disgusted. They pivoted to hyping Rampage: Punk vs. Garcia, Skye Blue vs. Jade Cargill, Starks vs. Cage in a Philadelphia Street Fight for the FTW belt, and Lucha Brothers vs. The Acclaimed for the AEW Tag Team Titles.

-A soundbite aired with Lio Rush. He said he’s a businessman and he offered guidance to Dante Martin. He offered to have his people call his people “and we’ll talk some.” [c]

-Schiavone stood backstage and interviewed Britt Baker and Rebel. She reacted to the TBS Title. She said she wanted it to be the Cartoon Network Title. She said it’s great because now the “jealous bitches” in the back can fight over another title since they can’t ever beat her for hers. “I’ll be watching from the top.”

(5) CASINO LADDER MATCH – Winner Earns a Future AEW World Title shot

Justin Roberts explained the rules. Orange Cassidy came out with the Philadelphia 76ers mascot and Chuck Taylor. They showed the Orange Cassidy kid in the front row again. Pac then came out next. Pac beat up Cassidy, who at first no sold the beating with a casual pose on the mat. Third out was Andrade El Idolo. Pac set up a ladder and climbed it. Andrade springboarded onto the ladder and met Pac at the top, then executed a sunset bomb off the ladder. He put the ladder on Pac in the corner, but Cassidy stepped between them. He threw slo-mo kicks. Andrade chopped him. Cassidy ducked another chop and took Andrade down with a head scissors while his hands were in his pockets. He dropkicked Pac next. Matt Hardy was fourth out. He gave Cassidy a Side Effect. Hardy used the ladder to knock all three opponents down. Hardy climbed the ladder, but Cassidy grabbed his leg and pulled him down. Excalibur threw to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

During the break, Lance Archer came out with Jake Roberts. He threw a knocked out backstage worker at Andrade, then battled Pac in the ring. He no sold a Hardy forearm to the back, then delivered a one-armed turning slam. He set up a ladder mid-ring. Back to full screen, Archer bridged another ladder from the ladder to the ropes, then put Cassidy on the bridged ladder. He then splashed Cassidy on it. He set up the ladder mid-ring as the fans counted down the next entrant. Out came Moxley. They brawled amongst fans. Moxley threw a chair at Archer. Schiavone said he just was informed Darby isn’t cleared to wrestle next week because of what happened out back. Ross said MJF and his cohorts will deny it was them. Cassidy climbed Archier’s back to climb a ladder, but Moxley intervened. Mox dropkicked a ladder into Archer in the corner. The final entrant, the Joker, was “Hangman” Adam Page. The crowd erupted for Page’s entrance. The screen noted he is 11-1 this year in singles matches.

Hangman and Mox fought mid-ring as fans chanted “Cowboy Shit!” Hangman knocked Mox to the floor then caught Cassidy mid-air and threw him into a ladder. He fended off Andrade and Hardy next. Pac then hit Hangman from behind with a chair. Pac grabbed a table and slid it into the ring. Pac put Hangman on the table and climbed to the top of a ladder. Andrade fought Pac on top of the ladder. Pac knocked Andrade onto a ladder on the floor. That was a hard landing. Hangman popped up and met Pac on top of the ladder. He then delivered a Dead Eye off the ladder through the table. Yikes. Mox then delivered a Paradigm Shift on Hangman as Hangman was celebrating the move.

Mox set up the ladder. Cassidy met him on the top. Mox bit Cassidy’s face. Hardy knocked them both over. Schiavone said Mox deserves the title shot more than anyone else after what happened with Omega and Don Callis. Hardy then leaped off the ladder at ringside with a legdrop onto Cassidy on a table at ringside. Meanwhile, Archer knocked Mox off a ladder in the ring. Hangman gave Archer a Buckshot Lariat. He then climbed the ladder. Mox hit Hangman from behind with a chair to the back. Fans booed. Hangman and Mox battled on top of the ladder as fans chanted “Cowboy Shit.” Hangman knocked Mox down, looked around wide-eyed, and pulled the hanging chip down to earn the future title shot.

WINNER: Hangman Page in 17:00 to earn an AEW Title match.

(Keller’s Analysis: Wild, entertaining match. They really kept you guessing what the finish would be, as it’s not inconceivable that Hangman would come up short in his return. Archer, Mox, Andrade all felt viable at various times to win. It was notable fans seemed to clearly side with Hangman over Moxley late in the match. This gets Hangman right back into the AEW Title mix. I like the idea of Danielson being sidetracked by teaming with C.M. Punk against The Young Bucks and give a clear path for Hangman-Omega to happen.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good show overall. They didn’t do a lot to commemorate being on TNT for two years. I’d have liked more clips, but that’s not what Tony Khan wanted to do. No big deal. There’s a lot of star power on the roster right now, but they’re successfully mixing in long-time AEW regulars – main eventers and rising stars – into the mix with them.

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