10/23 IMPACT WRESTLING BOUND FOR GLORY 2021 PPV REPORT: Cage vs. Alexander for the Impact World Championship, IInspiration debut, Purrazzo vs. James, more


PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling


OCTOBER 23, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown

-The opening video package featured Josh Alexander talking about his journey to the title match. Footage was shown of his family as well. Christian Cage talked about being in big matches. Excellent package.

(1) DECAY (ROSEMARY & HAVOK) (c) vs. THE IINSPIRATION (Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Singer Harley Cameron sang The IInspiration to the ring. They got an enthusiastic reception. The IInspiration took the mic before the match and introduced themselves. Rosemary and McKay started the match. Lee quickly tagged in and was slammed by Rosemary. Decay double teamed Lee. McKay kicked Havok, but Havok quickly took charge. Rosemary and Havok double teamed McKay. Rosemary bit McKay.

Lee tagged in and punched Rosemary. Lee and McKay double teamed Rosemary. McKay and Rosemary took each other to the mat. Lee and Havok fought, with Havok getting the better of it. Havok took on the IInspiration by herself. Lee sent Havok sailing over the top rope. Lee clotheslined Rosemary. McKay suplexed Rosemary.

IInspiration double teamed Rosemary and got a close two count. Rosemary got a Scorpion Death Drop on Lee. Rosemary speared Lee. Havok and McKay had a staredown. Havok missed a leg drop. McKay booted Lee. Both teams traded moves. Fans chanted for Decay. Lee clotheslined Rosemary over the top rope.

The IInspiration double teamed Havok on the outside. Rosemary punched McKay. Lee caught Rosemary with a knee. Lee pinned Rosemary after a double team move.

WINNERS: Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee in 9:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Titles

(D.L.’s Take: A solid match that got the crowd into things. The IInspiration did some flashy moves and looked good in the ring. An impressive debut.)

-Striker and D’Lo ran down the matches for the show.

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt. Deonna said Mickie James consistently attacked her first. She said it was ridiculous that Rehwoldt was being banned from ringside. Deonna said Mickie isn’t a legend to her. She vowed to break both of Mickie’s arms.

-Video package for the X Division match

(2) EL PHANTASMO vs. STEVE MACLIN vs. TREY MIGUEL – Impact X Division Championship Match

Trey had a new ring entrance where it looks like he spray paints the entrance screen.  Fans had “Trey Miguel Fan Club” signs at ringside.  Trey and Maclin battled at the start, then ELP joined in.  Maclin was sent to the floor.  Trey drop kicked ELP.  Trey super kicked Maclin on the floor.  Maclin hit Trey from behind in the ring.

Maclin chopped Trey hard.  ELP pinched Maclin’s chest.  Maclin floored ELP.  Trey put ELP in a submission while taking Maclin down.  Trey suplexed Maclin.  Trey was sent to the floor.  ELP did a Lionsault on Maclin.  ELP walked the top rope and did a rana on Maclin.  ELP scratched Trey’s back on the floor.  The action returned to the ring.

Trey double stomped ELP and Maclin in the back.  All three wrestlers traded moves.  Maclin DDT’d Trey and ELP.  Maclin hung up ELP and Trey in the corners.  Maclin charged ELP.  Maclin speared Trey through the ropes to the floor.  Maclin dove from the ring to the floor onto ELP.  He also dove over the top rope on Trey.

ELP kicked Maclin in the back of the head then hit a dive on him.  Trey got a cutter on ELP on the floor.  The fans chanted “This is awesome!”  Maclin and Trey went back and forth in the ring.  All three wrestlers battled on the top rope.  ELP did a rana that sent Trey onto Maclin.  ELP splashed Maclin.  Maclin powerbombed ELP.

Maclin was kicked to the floor.  Trey got a close two count on ELP.  ELP tried to go for a low blow, but Trey had a cup.  Trey hit a brainbuster on ELP.  Trey hit a meteora on ELP for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 14:00 to win the Impact Wrestling X Division Title.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent X Division style match.  All three wrestlers had a chance to shine and brought their A game.  Maclin even delivered some high flying moves.  The crowd was really into this).

-Gia Miller interviewed Mickie James.  Mickie said it was her toughest challenge to date.  Mickie said that Deonna had made the match very personal.  She said that she last held the Knockouts Title eight years ago.  She said tonight was about proving to herself that she is worthy to hold the title.

-Video package on the Violent By Design vs. Heath & Rhino feud.


Heath walked to the ring alone.  Deaner and Doering attacked Heath from behind before the bell.  The bell rang and Heath punched Deaner repeatedly. Heath got a series of punches on Doering as well.  Deaner jumped Heath from behind to get the advantage.  Deaner stomped Heath.  Doering stomped Heath.

Deaner choked Heath over the bottom rope.  Doering slammed Heath and got a two count.   Doering knocked Heath down with a running cross body block.  Deaner missed a flying headbutt.  Heath punched Deaner and clotheslined him.  Heath threw Doering over the top rope.  Heath and Deaner clotheslined each other down.

Rhino’s music played and he walked to the ring.  Fans chanted “GORE!”  Rhino said “Tag me!” and Heath made the tag.  Rhino ran wild on Deaner and Doering.  Fans chanted “ECW” and “Gore”.  Rhino hit the Gore on Deaner for the pin.  Heath and Rhino hugged after the match as fans cheered.

WINNERS: Heath and Rhino in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was short and about what was expected.  It delivered the moment the fans wanted to see).

-A clip was shown of Gail Kim inducting Awesome Kong into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.  Kong thanked the fans and encouraged people to follow their dreams.

-Clip of Jordynne Grace becoming the first Digital Media champion from the pre-show.

-Gia Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace with Rachael Ellering.  Grace said she was proud to be the first women’s triple threat winner.  Grace said that Rachael would win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match.  Moose and W. Morrissey approached and said one of them would win the Gauntlet match.  Morrissey said it wouldn’t be Moose.  Moose said he liked that attitude.

-Video package on the gauntlet match.


The winner gets a future title shot of their choosing.  A new person enters the match every two minutes.  A wrestler has to be thrown over the top rope to be eliminated.  When it is down to the last two, it is pinfall or submission.  Chris Sabin and Rocky Romero started the match.  Sabin and Romero traded the advantage.

Romero wound up for a punch but poked Sabin in the eyes instead.  Romero clotheslined Sabin.  Madman Fulton was the next person in.  Fulton took Sabin down.  Romero and Sabin teamed up to take Fulton down.  They tried to throw Fulton over the top rope.  Rohit Raju was next.  He ran wild on everyone.  Tasha Steelz was the next entrant.

Tasha stomped Sabin.  Rohit threw Romero over the top rope.  Rohit gloated and mocked Romero.  Rachael Ellering was next in.  Ellering clotheslined Tasha.  Rohit pulled Fulton’s hair and Fulton fell to the floor.  Savannah Evans was next.  Evans attacked Ellering.  Johnny Swinger came out next.  Evans and Ellering were eliminated.

Tasha took Swinger down.  Fans chanted for Swinger.  Melina was the next wrestler.  Fans cheered and chanted her name.  Melina attacked Tasha.  Swinger and Melina mixed it up.  The Kiss Demon was the 10th entrant.  Swinger thought he was Gene Simmons.  The Demon had blood coming out of his mouth.

Swinger pulled out a little notebook and asked the Demon for an autograph.  The Demon threw Swinger out and the fans booed.  Brian Myers entered next.  Myers went after Sabin.  Myers and the Demon squared off.  Matt Cardona was the next wrestler.  Cardona and Myers battled.  Laredo Kid entered the match.

Kid went after Rohit.  Kid DDT’d Rohit.  Melina threw out Tasha.  Myers threw out Melina to huge boos.  Sam Beale was next.  Beale attacked Cardona at Myers’ urging.  Rich Swann entered next.  Swann attacked Myers.  Beale made a surprise attack and threw Myers out.  Ace Austin was in next.  Ace eliminated the Demon.

Moose was up next.  Moose threw Beale over the top.  Eddie Edwards entered next.  Eddie threw out Kid and attacked Moose.  Moose powerbombed Eddie on the ring apron.  Alisha Edwards was in next and brought two kendo sticks.  Moose approached her on the ramp.  Eddie and Alisha attacked Moose with the sticks.

Eddie and Alisha broke the sticks on Moose.  W. Morrissey was the final wrestler.  Eddie and Alisha attacked him with the sticks.  Morrissey threw Alisha over the top onto the Learning Tree members.  Moose accidentally hit Morrissey with a stick.  Moose threw out Eddie.  Rohit tried to team with Moose and Morrissey, but they threw him out.

Sabin threw Ace over the top.  Fulton ran in the ring and attacked Sabin.  Moose and Morrissey threw Sabin over.  Cardona hit Radio Silence on Moose.  Swann attacked Morrissey.  Moose threw out Swann and Morrissey at the same time.  It came down to Moose and Cardona.  They went back and forth.  Cardona clotheslined Moose.  Moose speared Cardona and got the pin.

WINNER:  Moose in 30:00

(D.L.’s Take: A fun match.  New people were constantly coming in, so that kept the match moving. The surprises were good too.  Moose winning keeps him involved in the mix).

-Gia Miller interviewed Heath and Rhino.  Heath said he was never worried because he knew Rhino would show up at the right time.  Rhino said that Heath never gave up on him.  Rhino said that Heath could tell his kids that Uncle Rhino is back.

-Video package on the tag team title match.

(5) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)(c) vs. BULLET CLUB (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs. FINJUICE (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)- Impact Wrestling Tag Team Match

Bey and Finlay started the match.  They had a nice exchange.  Finlay dropkicked Bey.  Finjuice tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Bey.  Doc and Hikuleo faced off and slugged it out.  They ran into each other.  Hikuleo punched Doc and dropped him to his knee.  Finlay got stomped by Finlay.  Hikuleo made the blind tag and took Finlay down.

Hikuleo got a delayed suplexed on Finlay.  Bey and Hikuleo tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Finlay.  Hikuleo suplexed Finlay then put him in a chin lock.  Finlay made the tag to Juice.  Juice ran wild on Bey.  Juice got a series of punches on Anderson.  Juice got a two count on Bey.  Bey DDT’d Juice.

All six wrestlers were in the ring and traded moves.  Doc and Hikuleo clotheslined each other.  Fans chanted “This is awesome”.  Juice got the cannonball on Bey.  Finlay suplexed Bey and Juice splashed Bey.  Anderson threw Juice out of the ring and got the pin on Bey himself.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers in 10:00 to retain the Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match but the wrestlers kept the action moving.  Not a surprise to see The Good Brothers retain the titles).

-Video package on Minoru Suzuki.

-Gia Miller interviewed Christian Cage.  Cage talked about helping to build Impact.  He said he’s not ready to pass the torch.  He said Alexander hasn’t proven he has what it takes to carry the torch.  He said Alexander’s headgear will prevent him from hearing the disappointment from the fans, his wife, and kids.

-Video package on the Deonna Purrazzo/Mickie James feud.

(6) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. MICKIE JAMES- Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

David Penzer did the in-ring introductions.  Mickie attacked Deonna at the start of the match and they fought on the floor.  Mickie threw Deonna into the ringside steps.  They brawled on the entrance ramp and by the crowd.  Deonna drove Mickie into the side of the stage.  The fans had dueling chants.  Deonna dragged Mickie to the ring.

The bell finally rang and Deonna continued the attack on Mickie.  Deonna choked Mickie over the second rope.  Deonna suplexed Mickie.  Deonna stomped Mickie in the corner.  Deonna sent Mickie to the outside.  Mickie got back in the ring and Deonna threw her into the corner.  Deonna powerbombed Mickie.

Mickie fired back on Deonna.  Deonna and Mickie cross-body blocked each other.  Fans chanted “This is awesome”.  Mickie and Deonna exchanged punches.  Mickie kicked Deonna in the face and got a two count.  Mickie did a rana on Deonna, followed by a flapjack.  Mickie got a Thesz Press from the top rope on Deonna for a two count.

Another dual chant broke out.  Deonna pump kicked Mickie and got a two count.  Mickie came back with kicks on Deonna.  Mickie DDT’d Deonna for a two count.  Mickie got out of the Queen’s Gambit piledriver.  Mickie kicked Deonna.  Deonna got an armbar on Mickie.  Deonna locked in a second arm, but Mickie got her feet under the ropes to break the hold.

Mickie kicked Deonna in the head.  Deonna got the Queen’s Gambit piledriver, but Mickie kicked out.  Fans chanted “This is awesome”.  Deonna brought a chair in the ring.  The referee took it.  Mickie and Deonna fought on the top rope.  Deonna pulled the referee into a Thesz Press from Mickie.  Deonna went for the chair, but Mickie kicked it into her.

Mickie got a two count.  Mickie went to the top rope.  Deonna met her there with a punch.  Deonna put an armbar on Mickie and threw her off the top rope.  Mickie kicked Deonna followed by a tornado DDT for the win.

WINNER: Mickie James in 14:00 to win the Knockouts Title

(D.L.’s Take: This built to a really good match.  The fans were really into it and cheered enthusiastically after the win).

-D’Lo and Striker hyped the Hard To Kill PPV in January in Texas.

-Video package on the Christian Cage vs. Josh Alexander feud.

(7) CHRISTIAN CAGE (c) vs. JOSH ALEXANDER- Impact Wrestling World Championship Match

Josh Alexander’s wife and son were shown in the front row.  David Penzer handled the in-ring introductions again.  Fans chanted for both wrestlers and chanted “Bring it home”.  Cage and Alexander felt each other out at the beginning.  A dueling chant broke out.  Alexander worked Cage’s arm and took him down.

Cage and Alexander traded punches.  Striker noted that Cage had tape on his right shoulder.  Alexander knocked Cage off the top rope.  D’Lo said that Sami Callihan was tweeting support of Alexander.  Alexander had the advantage on Cage and gave him a backbreaker.  Alexander suplexed Cage.  Cage backdropped Alexander over the top rope.

Alexander put Cage in an ankle lock on the outside but Cage kicked him into the railing.  Back in the ring, Cage stomped Alexander.  Cage gave Alexander a neckbreaker.  Cage put Alexander in a chin lock.  Alexander got out of it, but Cage came back with punches.  Cage chopped Alexander.  Alexander fired back with chops of his own.

Alexander German suplexed Cage into the corner.  They traded punches.  Alexander backdropped Cage.  Alexander booted Cage down.  Fans chanted “This is awesome”.  They showed Alexander’s wife clapping along in the crowd.  Cage punched Alexander in the corner.  Alexander dropped Cage over his knee.

Cage put Alexander in a sleeper.  Cage choked Alexander over the second rope, then punched him.  Alexander went on offense and got a knee to the head for a two count.  Cage got a tornado DDT on Alexander.  Alexander got a Chaos Theory suplex on Cage for a two count.  Alexander had Cage in crossface submission, then a sharpshooter.  Cage made the ropes.

Alexander missed a moonsault off the top.  Cage followed with a spear for a two count.  Cage splashed Alexander from the top rope.  Cage backdropped Alexander.  Alexander got the ankle lock on Cage.  Alexander stood on Cage’s hand so he couldn’t escape.  Cage tapped.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 19:00 to win the Impact Wrestling World Title.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match)

-Cage presented Alexander the title after the match and they hugged.  Cage left up the ramp.  Alexander celebrated with the title.  Alexander’s wife and son joined him in the ring to celebrate.  Striker’s voice was cracking as he talked. Moose entered the ring and cashed in his Call Your Shot Title contact.

(8) JOSH ALEXANDER (c) vs. MOOSE- Impact Wrestling World Championship Match

Moose speared Alexander and got the pin.

WINNER: Moose in :03 to win the Impact Wrestling World Title.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a really good show and worthy of being called Impact Wrestling’s showcase event of the year.   The IInspiration match was solid and they brought star power to the show.  The X Division match was excellent and it’s good to see Trey Miguel in a featured spot.  The Heath and Rhino reunion provided the “feel good” moment of the show.  I enjoyed the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match.  The surprises in that match were fun.  The Knockouts Title Match really delivered and again the fans were absolutely into it.  Mickie should have a fun reign and it will be interesting to see how Deonna reacts to the loss in storyline.  The main event lived up to the hype and was really good.  The Moose surprise title win at the end was kind of a bummer for the fans, but should lead to some interesting storylines.

CATCH-UP: New Japan legend set for Impact Wrestling appearance

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