11/17 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Adam Page Victory Promo, Jay Lethal vs. Sammy Guevara, Tomohiro Ishii in action, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The Elite were backstage to open the show. Kenny said that he lost his match, The Elite lost the night. Kenny Said that he needed The Bucks to hold the fort down, not really Adam Cole, while he was gone. John Silver announced that it was Cowboy Shit Day, he then introduced Adam Page, the new AEW World Champion.

Page said that he didn’t deserve the title, he earned it. He said that he was still a man, with a boss to answer too. He said that boss was the fans, has asked if he could celebrate Cowboy Shit Day with them. He said that the title carries a lot of weight and responsibility. He said the next responsibility was Bryan Danielson, whose music hit and he walked out.

Danielson said he came out to congratulate Page, he then shook his hand. He said that he is very excited for their upcoming title match. He said that he was disappointed he wasn’t facing Kenny Omega. Page said he beat Kenny, and it was under 30 minutes as well. Danielson said that he didn’t mean to start beef, but he was coming to beat ass. He said he wrestles every week, unlike Adam Page. Danielson said after he won the title at Wrestlemania, he wrestled the next night. Page offered to wrestle tonight, Danielson asked dates crowd if they wanted that. Danielson said he was ready to wrestle, but Page was dressed as a cowboy. Danielson then said that Page has a long list of reasons why he has failed and he wants Page to be ready and not have any excuses when he takes the title off of him.

Page said he would still fight tonight, and then he got in Danielson’s face and was pulled apart by members of the dark order. Danielson said they wouldn’t let Page go, and they did and the two brawled into the break. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: A very WWE opening segment, which felt odd here. I don’t hate an opening promo, it just is so WWE that it is hard to avoid the comparison. Overall I liked the segment for what it was. But, this is the reason I think that Miro should have won if Page was going to win the title. I don’t love that Danielson has to lean into heel tendencies to frame this match. I also hated the tease of the match tonight to not actually have it, again very WWE style.)


Bryan Danielson took down Evil Uno and held him in a hold in the ropes right up to the 5 count. Uno then hit some offense and got a roll up for a two count. The two men then traded chops, with Danielson winning the exchange. Danielson then kicked Uno and chopped him in the corner. Danielson then hit a front chancery suplex, the two then traded chops once more. Danielson laid in more kicks on Uno in the corner.

Uno asked for more chops, Danielson pushed the face of Uno several times. Uno hit a kick and then several chops on Danielson for the transgression. Danielson then worked over Uno after taking some more shots. Danielson then hit some kicks, Uno countered and hit a big boot. Uno went for a senton, and Danielson got his knees up. Danielson hit the big running knee, and then grabbed the wrists of Uno and then stomped the head of Uno. Danielson Locked in the triangle sleeper and tapped out Uno.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match that continues the story between Danielson and Page.)

-There was a video of MJF backstage after his match. He said that everyone on the roster is claimed to be a great wrestler, he said that he can out wrestle everyone. He said that he is the best on the mic and the best in the ring. He said that even if you hate his guts you have to admit that he is the best. He then asked what is next for him. [c]

-A recap of Eddie Kingston and CM Punk was shown and discussed. Tony Schiavone was backstage with Kingston. 2.0 confronted Kingston and said that he was a sad boy. Kingston asked them to shut up, he then said that he doesn’t respect Garcia. They then pushed and Kingston walked off.


Ishii and The Butcher started, The Blade was tagged in before anything happened. Blade and Ishii then traded strikes, with Ishii  dropping Blade with a forearm. Cassidy was tagged in and he hit a splash for a one count on Blade. Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and hit the shin kicks on Blade. He then hit a pocket drop kick, Butcher was tagged in and he took out Cassidy. Butcher then hit a number of duplex’s and then tagged in Blade, who continued to assault Cassidy into the break. [c]

Ishii and Butcher were in the ring once the show returned. Butcher hit a number of chops in the corner, until Ishii was powered up by it and walked into forearms by Butcher. Ishii then hit a superplex on Butcher and eventually Blade and Cassidy were tagged in. Cassidy hit a DDT on Blade, who kicked out at two. Cassidy went for the Orange Punch, but was intercepted by Butcher. Ishii broke up the cover and then Ishii was legal.

Ishii then took out both members of the other team. Ishii was about to be hit by the brass knuckles, but Rocky Romero stopped it. Cassidy hit a dive and Ishii hit the Brainbuster for the pinfall.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy and Tomohiro Ishii

(Sage’s Analysis: A pro wrestling match if I ever saw one. I am very excited for people who have not seen Ishii before. I also hope that this Cassidy/HFO thing can finally be over.)

-Andrade was backstage, he said that he was better than Cody and Pac. He said that he will now show them the bad side. FTR was there also, they said they were made as well. They set up a 8-man tag match. [c]

-Tony was backstage with Britt Baker, She said that she is tired of holding the Women’s division on her back. She said that Jamie Hayter would beat Thunder Rosa next.


Nyla attacked as soon as the bell rang, Shida recovered quickly and then hit a drop-kick off the middle rope. Nyla Rose then then tried a move, but Shida hit a knee slam and then a running elbow. Shida then hit a kick to the head, Nyla then rolled to the outside and Shida rolled out as Nyla rolled in. Nyla hit an elbow drop as Shida rolled back in. Nyla then dominated her opponent with shoulder blocks and then knees. Nyla continued to work over Shida in the ropes as Vicki attacked Shida with a Kendo Stick.

Shida countered an attack and threw Nyla into the barricade. Shida tried to set up a chair and Nyla countered and set up Shida on the chair. Nyla then did a front flip into the chair, but Shida dodged and Nyla went through the chair. Shida then took the Kendo stick from Vicki and hit her with it. [c]

Nyla got Shida on the top rope and tried a move, but it was broken up and both women fell to the mat. Nyla then tried for a beats bomb, Shida countered it with an arm bar. Nyla was able to pick up Shida and power bomb her opponent. Shida then tried a pin for a near fall. Nyla caught a katana kick and then put Shida in a stretch muffler and tapped out Shida.

WINNER: Nyla Rose

(Sage’s Analysis: Wow I did not have a ton of expectations for this. But it was really well booked and well worked. I think this was Rose’s best match and I feel like she is built to be a monster and set up the person she faces in the next round to look like a giant killer.)

-Malakai Black had a video talking about next week’s 8-man tag match.

-MJF came out the the arena. He gave the mic to Shawn Spears he said that MJF would like silence for his promo. MJF addressed Norfolk in a southern accent. He said he checks all the boxes and the most complete pro wrestler on the planet. He said he will cause a bidding war in 2024, and that he is the past, present and future of wrestling. He said that he could take out Adam Page, but the rankings don’t allow him too. He said he deserves to be the next World Champion. He said no one in the locker room is as good as him. CM Punk’s music hit and he emerged from the back.

The crowd chanted Holy Shit as they looked at each other, MJF said no and cut off the chant. MJF said his name and extended his hand, CM Punk did not extend his hand and he walked out.

-Tony was backstage with Darby Allin, he said that he was not broken mentally. He said that he wants the biggest and baddest in AEW. So the Gunn Club (LOL!) walked in and challenged Darby. [c]

-The Young Bucks and Adam Cole were backstage. Cole said that he hates Cage, JB and Luchasuarus. Cole said that it would be himself and Bob Fish against JB and LS.


Rush and Martin dove out on The Acclaimed before the match officially started. Dante and Lio traded high flying moves on Bowens leading to a two count for Rush. Dante tagged himself in and continue the attack on Bowens. This was countered as Bowens laid in chops, Martin responded with chops of his own. Caster tripped Martin and The Acclaimed teamed up on Marin on the outside of the ring. Caster was back in the ring with Dante, Bowens was tagged in and The acclaimed worked over Martin as he tried to hot tag in Rush. [c]

The assault was ongoing throughout the break. The hot tag occurred and Rush took out the opposing team. AN ax kick by Rush lead to a two count. Rush tried a frog splash, but Bowens Dodged it and was taken out by Caster. Lio fought back but Bowens hit many moves. Dante hit a drop kick to even the odds as all four men were on the mat. The Acclaimed then worked over Rush like they did to Martin, who broke up a pin attempt and then battled with Anthony Bowens. Rush then took advantage and hit a frog splash for the pinfall win.

WINNERS: Lio Rush and Dante Martin

(Sage’s Analysis: A really, really fun match. All four men worked well together. Dante continues to be a rising star, Lio is already paying dividends as a talent. Great Stuff.)

-Team Taz came out and said they are trying to get Dante Martin on there team. Taz said that they will be patient. Ricky Starks gave the example of Will Hobbs for Martin to ponder over.

-Christian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus had a video. Cage said that they accept the challenge. Jungle Boy said that they are better than they have ever been.

-The announce team ran down the card for Rampage and next week on Dynamite. This included a hype video about the upcoming Jade Cargill and Red Velvet match. [c]

-The Lucha Bros called out FTR for losing, and then set up the 8-man tag match next week.


Sammy and Jay started with a waist lock and then a GTH attempt, leading to back and fourth inning attempts by both men. They stared each other down and slapped hands. Jay did a cartwheel counter into a drop kick. Lethal then worked over Sammy by punching him in his injured ribs, and then kneeing him in the same spot. Sammy then threw Lethal out of the ring and then dove out onto Lethal with a flip. Sammy tried a shooting star press, but Lethal got his knees up going into the break. [c]

The men were battling when the show returned. Lethal then launched Sammy up high in the air, he then tied a lethal injection but was caught by Sammy, who then took advantage. Lethal threw Sammy out of the ring and tried a dive, but Sammy caught him and hit a brain buster. On the outside still Sammy put Jay on the outside table, he then went to the top and did a front flip. Lethal dodged and Sammy went through the table.

Lethal got Sammy back in and he hit the Macho Man elbow on Sammy for the near fall. Sammy hit a thrust kick, Lethal then hit a big suplex and then locked in the figure four leg lock. Sammy was able to break the hold, Sammy tried to pick up Lethal, but couldn’t. Sammy then hit a running knee once then twice. Sammy then hit the GTH for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara

(Sage’s Analysis: Another really incredible TV match. I covered ROH for a long time and I have not seen this Jay Lethal in teh ring for years. This AEW contract seems to have renewed him and I could not be more bullish on what teh future holds for hime and any other top talent in ROH, please sign Gresham.)

Final thoughts: A good show, but not the best post PPV show. The negative would be the WWE style first segment and I do not think Danielson needs to be made a heel for this feud. Also, there are a ton of rematches after the PPV which I am not a huge fan of when it is not warranted. On the positive, the second hour of the show was fantastic. Nyla Rose/Shida, The Acclaimed/Rush & Martin, and Sammy/Lethal matches were all top tier tv matches and show the depth of the roster outside the top 6 men. Also, teasing MJF and Punk was great and I look forward to their long story.

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