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You were busy with holiday events over the weekend, so our “Black Friday Sale” has been extended to “Cyber Monday.” Take $8.50 off any VIP subscription, which brings a 1 month subscription down to just $1.50.

Start with my exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Tony Khan featuring an hour of insights and topics he hasn’t covered anywhere else including his thoughts on Cody Rhodes being booed (I pressed him on this), C.M. Punk’s ratings impact (I cited key numbers for him to respond to), the roles of the Executive Vice Presidents (I asked what they *actually* do now compared to his expectations two years ago), and more.

Jump on board the new daily “Focus on AEW” podcast series Wade started on Nov. 1 just for VIP members with a daily dose of 10-20 minutes of AEW news and insights with special guests, breaking news, TV previews, off-beat items, and more.

Then explore our famous insider archives, including Wade’s long-format “Torch Talk” interviews with some of pro wrestling’s biggest names over the last several decades. Our Torch Talks are cited as historical interviews of record during the pre-podcast era where there weren’t other on-record, long-form interviews with pro wrestling’s biggest stars and executives. Our Torch Talks have been cited in major newspapers and books and most recently on Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring.”

Jump to our back issues covering the Vince McMahon 1994 steroid trial that were utilized for research for Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring” and cited in the documentary, and also discussed by Wade on recent episodes of “Talk with Jericho” and “Wrestling Observer Radio.” (The back issues covering the pre-trial news, daily trial diary, editorials on the trial, and post-trial comments by Vince McMahon can be found HERE in our 1994 full back issue listing after you subscribe.)


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New in 2021:

•Apple Podcasts single-click sign-up. No cutting and pasting an RSS feed, no advanced settings, no passwords. Just subscribe and click the link and your iPhone has instant access to VIP podcasts.

•Pay directly via credit card or debit card in addition to Pay Pal. You can also subscribe via Patreon (*coupon codes don’t apply to Patreon subscriptions).

•The new signature podcast series hosted by Wade called “Everything with Rich Fann,” covering the A-topics of the week and an eclectic mix of other topics with Rich’s distinct points of view

•The new “Focus on AEW” daily podast series this month by Wade Keller covering everything AEW including news, show previews, highlights from commentary, special guests, roster analysis, and more.

•Other new podcasts series such as Saturday’s “Nick & Tom’s Intercontinental Adventure” focused on just WWE, the “VIP PPV Roundtable Vault” marching through our post-PPV Roundtable podcasts starting in 2004, and more.


•Become addicted to “The Fix with Todd Martin” hosted by Wade Keller every Thursday night with rundowns of the top TV shows and top stories each week plus weekly segments on New Japan and MMA. Also experience the unmatched “Fix Mailbag” podcast with one surprise after another thanks to great questions from our VIP members on current events, history, and off-beat challenges for Todd & Wade.

•Ad-free access to our free podcasts for a streamlined listening experience, including the Wade Keller Podcasts & Post-shows and Dailycasts.

•Our weekly newsletter with VIP-exclusive content like Wade’s recent cover story on “Hangman” Page’s AEW Title win; Greg Parks’s recent column assessing how AEW has utilized the latest big signings of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, and C.M. Punk; our PPV Roundtable Reviews for AEW Full Gear and WWE Survivor Series; a transcript of Wade’s interview with Tony Khan; and more.

•A new 20 years ago PWTorch Newsletter back issue posted every week with fascinating insights into another era.

Explore more details on VIP membership benefits detailed HERE.


Enter coupon code “blackfriday21”

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