12/8 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver, Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal, The Young Bucks vs. Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor, Riho vs. Jamie Hayter, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


DECEMBER 8, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

-MJF was cheered to start the show as his music was played, CM Punk walked out and was booed by the crowd as he walked to the ring. Punk started by saying Chicago is much louder, he then mad fun of the Islanders not winning a game in this arena. He then asked if MJF was their guy, the crowd responded that he was. CM Punk then called MJF out for making his Britt Baker remarks sexual and called him an Incel. Punk then made jokes about MJF comparing himself to Piper. The crowd then continued to joke about the Islanders and how them beating Ottawa is like him beating QT Marshall.

Punk said he was shocked that MJF was this guy, he made an anecdote that MJF is like Dennis Rodman, who Punk Hated until he played for the bulls. Punk then said that he wants next on the AEW champion, he said MJF feels the same way. He said they need to have a match before either of them moves on to the AEW title. Punk said on the outside it looks like two guys arguing and it’s hard to tell who the idiot is, but Chicago knows who the idiot is. Punk said that he wants MJF one-on-one, he said that if they cheer for MJF then they are all chicken shit. [c]

-A video of MJF driving a Ferrari and a voice over talking up Long Island and said if you were not a fan, you are in fact Mid. The voice over actor then went over all of MJF’s high school accomplishments as he walked on his high school field.


Jay Lethal nearly eliminated MJF at the start, Wardlow made the save. Shawn Spears saved MJF as he was thrown over the top rope. Lee Moriarty was the first man eliminated. The Bunny gave Matt Hardy brass knuckles and he punched Jay Lethal, who was then eliminated.

Dante Martin then took out Matt Hardy. Martin and Rush had a stare down. Then Hobbs and Wardlow traded shots, with Wardlow getting Hobbs to the apron, Lio Rush finished the job. [c]

No one was eliminated during the break, Rush tried and take out MJF, but was picked up by Wardlow. Dante stopped that. MJF then took out Wardlow, Lio Rush and Lee Johnson. MJF then took out Frankie Kazarian. It was then MJF, Starks andDante Martin. Martin then turned on Starks and it was announced that next week it would be MJF vs Dante Martin. MJF and Dante then shook hands after Dante ripped off his FTW armband.

WINNERS: Dante Martin & MJF

(Sage’s Analysis: A roller coaster of emotions, I am left puzzled by the motivation of Dante Martin. Was he trying to work with MJF, or just wanting to screw over FTW? I am not sure and don’t think it was executed well, but I was still entertained and willing to see what happens next.)

-Rickey Starks came in and beat up Dante Martin after the handshake. MJF then ran in and got in Starks face and then they teamed up and beat up Dante Martin. CM Punk then ran out and made the save and hit a GTS on Starks. [c]


Anthony Bowens and Jungle Boy started the bout. JB hit an arm drag on Bowens and then threw out Caster. Jungle Boy then hit a springboard move to take out 2point0. Garrison and Pillman Jr. then joined in and shortly it was Pillman Jr. and Caster battling. Pillman was thrown to the outside and beat up by the opposing team. Caster then threw Pillman into his teams corner and the heel team worked him over as they tagged in fresh members.

Pillman was able to get the hot tag in to Luchasuarus, who in turn took out all four members of the opposing team. Caster hit LS from behind and Luchasuarus choke slammed Bowens into Caster. Jungle Boy was then in and took out some members of the team, Pillman was in as well and helped even the odds for Jungle Boy. Daniel Garcia got on teh apron and Eddie Kingston came out to even the odds. Jungle Boy then locked in the snare trap and won vs Caster.

WINNER: Jurassic Express & Varsity Blondes

(Sage’s Analysis: This match felt like a house show match, in a good way. Very fun for the live crowd and the continuation of the Kingston Garcia Angle was fun and felt organic.)

-Post match Eddie Kingston and Ortiz were attacked by Daniel Garcia and 2point0. [c]

-Tully and FTR were backstage and said that they will be the first two time AEW Tag Team Champions. They challenged the Lucha Bros. on Friday night during Rampage.


Nick Jackson and Rocky Romero started the match. Romero got wrist control early, Nick Jackson then had wrist control. The two men then traded fast paced moves after running the ropes. Matt Jackson and Chuck Taylor then were tagged in, with Chuck controlling action until Matt got him on the apron and Nick hit a drop kick sending him to the outside.

Rocky Romero then hit a dive to the outside, but Nick took out Rocky, and threw him back into the ring where Matt was waiting for him. Matt worked over Rocky and then tagged in Nick who dove over the top rope and then continue date assault on Romero. Nick tagged in Matt, but was taken out by Rocky. Chuck was the tagged in and hit a big DDT and then a front flip dive out onto The Bucks.

The Bucks then hit a super kick on Chuck then Romero. The Bucks were then back in the ring and then rolled out and kissed Adam Cole. Nick then focused back on the task at hand and kicked Chuck form the apron. Matt then held Chuck as Nick did a front flip onto Chuck. Nick then got Chuck back in the ring and did the same flip slam onto Chuck Taylor. [c]

When the show returned, Orange Cassidy tried to bloc and attack and was taken out by Cole. The Young Bucks then were in the ring and tried to take out Taylor. But Chuck was able to take tag in Romero, who was able to even the odds. After a series of moves, Romero was bale to hit a DDT on Matt Jackson. Cole and Cassidy were then in the ring, where Nick hit a super kick on Cassidy. Then some shenanigans with Cutler leaded to Romero and Matt in the ring.

The bucks then tried the Meltzer Driver, but Romero countered. Matt Jackson then set up the Meltzer Driver a second time and got the pinfall.

WINNER: The Young Bucks

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, with the right finish and a really fun reveal of the return of Trent.)

-After the match Cassidy ran in and was taken out. Wheeler Yuta tried to make the save and got a super kick for his trouble. Cole then hit a Panama Sunrise on Cassidy. Then as a BTE Trigger was about to happen, Trent came in to teh arena with teh help of his mom and her van. Trent then entered and helped to clear out The Bucks and Cole. All the Best Friends then hugged as they celebrated in the ring.

-Ruby Soho had an interview that was interrupted by Bunny and Penelope Ford. They challenged Ruby to a Six-Woman tag and asked if she had any friends. Anna Jay and Tay Conti made the save, setting up the match.

-Tony Schiavone was on the stage with Sammy Guevara, Cody Rhodes’ music hit and he entered the arena stage. Cody said that he would be defending the TNT title against Sammy. Ethan Page was in teh crowd and laughed, he companied that Cody got a match with no work. He then said that Dan Lambert was coming back. Scorpio Sky then called out Sammy for not taking a match against anyone in the top five. [c]

-Thunder Rosa and Jade Cargill had a back and fourth video package setting up their upcoming Semi-Final match in the TBS Tournament.


A collar and elbow tie-up started the match, Hayter quickly hit a scoop slam and tried a series of covers. Riho tried a drop kick, but was stopped by Hayter and then she hit a backbreaker on Riho. Baker then got some cheap shots in on Riho as the ref was distracted. Riho then countered and hit a diving cross body on Hayter. Riho then tried another cross body. But, Hayter did not catch her. Hayter quickly picked up Riho and slammed her in the ring post and then worked over Riho back in the ring. Hayter continued to work over Riho into the break. [c]

Hayter hit a suplex on Riho as the show returned. After a few slams into the corner, Riho hit a counter roll up on Hayter, for a two count. Hayter hit a back elbow after a full nelson attempt. Riho hit a Dragon Screw and got a near fall on Hayter, who hit a Brain Buster and got a near fall on Riho. That was followed up with a back breaker and then a single leg crab hold.

Riho countered for a roll up once more, Riho then hit a destroyer for a near fall. Riho went to the top and hit a double stomp and got another near fall on Hayter. On the top rope, Rebel pulled on the foot of Riho, then a crucifix bomb off the top and a running knee need up with Rhio getting the pinfall.


(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match from a workmate standpoint. I am not personally a fan of this type of match from a psychology standpoint. Having a heel beat up the much smaller opponent for 85% of the match and then the babyface getting the win with a few moves just leaves me wanting more.)

-Post match, you guessed it, a post match beat down!

-The announce team said that the Revolution PPV will be in Orlando, FL and then hypes Rampage and the Winter is Coming card next week.

Tony Schiavone was on the stage with Varsity Blondes and Julia Hart. The lights went out and Malakai Black appeared and sprayed the black mist in Hart’s eyes. [c]


The men locked up with a collar and elbow tie-up, Danielson then got wrist control and ran the ropes to take out Silver. They locked up once more and Silver took down Danilson and flexed, then did it once more. Danielson then offered a test of strength, and then kicked Silver as he went to engage. Silver then hit several kicks of his own on Danielson. Bryan Danielson then put John Silver on the ring apron, face down and hit a diving knee. [c]

Danielson chopped Silver in the corner and laid in several kicks. Danielson then tried a dive kick, but Silver turned that into a power bomb. Silver and Danielson then traded kicks in the middle of the ring, with Silver locking in a leg hold on Danielson, who hit heel kicks and then grabbed the bottom rope. Silver then hit a cannonball senton out onto Danielson.

Silver hit a number of kicks, but Danielson countered and got up and hit a roundhouse kick on a kneeling silver. Danielson tried the running knee and was countered by Silver. Who then hit a German suplex and got a near fall on Danielson. Bryan then raked the eyes of Silver then he hit several strikes on the head of Silver. Danielson then hit a Gotch style Pile Driver and then locked in a hold on the passed out Silver for the win via ref storage.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A strong match that didn’t have Silver acting goofy, which was a nice change of pace. The match never felt in doubt for Danielson so the longer length didn’t bother me.)

-Danielson then grabbed a mic and went though all the men who’s heads he would kick in he said he didn’t knock in Silver’s head and went to do so. Adam Page ran out and made the save for Silver.



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