2/11 AEW RAMPAGE TV REPORT: Young Bucks vs. Roppongi Vice, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus vs. Gunn Club for AEW Tag Team Titles, plus Hook and Britt Baker

By Ryan Howard, PWTorch contributor

Full AEW Rampage results and analysis


FEBRUARY 11, 2022

Announcers: Excalibur, Taz, Chris Jericho and Ricky Starks

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-The opening video aired and “It’s Friday, you know what that means!” from Excalibur welcomed us to the program as the opening contest is ready to roll immediately.

(1) THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matt & Nick Jackson w/Brandon Cutler) vs. ROPPONGI VICE (Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta w/Orange Cassidy)

Nick & Trent had a fast start until Nick was sent outside and ate a quick hurricanrana from Rocky. Back inside, a frustrated Nick tagged Matt, who was ping-ponged with punches. Rocky & Trent cleaned house a bit, they high fived each other as The Bucks headed up the ramp. Trent & Rocky chased after The Bucks, who cracked them with dueling superkicks and sprinted to the ring, as they hoped for a countout. Rocky made it at 9 as The Bucks took over with their somersault back breaker and head trapped assisted dropkick. With Rocky & Trent outside, Nick did a springboard moonsault off the top with assist from Matt. They went after Orange Cassidy, who slid under the ring. The Bucks went to pull him out, but a very nice, very evil thumbs up emerged as Danhausen appeared. The distraction allowed Trent & Rocky to wipe out The Bucks with dueling dives as Danhausen showed his approval. [c]

The Bucks hit double powerbombs on the side of the apron as Matt suckered a staggered Rocky into making a hot tag to him. Matt wiped out Rocky and The Bucks did the Best Friends hug. This allowed Rocky to hit a double hurricanrana and hot tag to Trent, who cleaned house. Matt was dropped with a half and half suplex, while Nick ate a Tornado DDT. Matt pulled Trent to the floor, but ate another half and half suplex for his troubles. Nick ended up on the shoulders of Trent, while Rocky hit a Doomsday Device knee off the apron. Nick was hung up on the ropes, Rocky hit a top rope knee drop and Trent clobbered him with a running boot for two. All four men collided with one another back in the ring for a reset as Rocky & Matt started a forearm battle. Rocky hit the rewind heel kick, but missed Sliced Bread. Matt almost countered into a Meltzer Driver, but Rocky rolled through for two. The Bucks tried More Bang for Your Buck, but Trent hit an avalanche German off the top. Trent dropped Matt with Strong Zero, but Nick tackled Rocky into the pin to break it up. Rocky & Trent went for a Doomsday Device, but landed on his feet, dished out superkicks and The Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver for a super close two. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on Rocky for the victory.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks in 13:00

After the match, Brandon Cutler tried getting footage for BTE by spraying Orange Cassidy with cold spray. Orange did his little kicks, but ate a superkick for his troubles. Trent made the save, but Switchblade Jay White appeared from behind and laid out Trent with the Blade Runner. Excalibur put over White’s NJPW resume as he nodded to The Bucks as he walked past them. [c]

(Howard’s Analysis: This should surprise no one, but these four had a fantastic opening contest. This was worth the wait with Rocky getting over Covid and I’m glad we got to see this match on Rampage. There were some close near falls for Rocky & Trent, but The Bucks are after the Tag Titles once again, so it made sense for them to take this one. I’m very intrigued to see where the Switchblade comes into play as the weeks go on. Is Adam Cole forming an army to overtake The Elite right in front of The Bucks’ eyes? What will Kenny think of this when he returns? There are lots of possibilities to go from here.)

Ricky Starks said next week Dante Martin will face Powerhouse Hobbs in a Face of the Revolution Qualifier.

-We go backstage to Tony Schiavone asking Bryan Danielson’s thoughts on Jon Moxley teaming with CM Punk on Dynamite. Danielson said it doesn’t bother him, as what he wants from Moxley is a long term commitment, not a one night stand like the Punk team was. Matt Sydal interrupted with Lee Moriarty, insulted Bryan wanted to take Lee Moriarty away from him. Danielson wanted to teach Moriarty violence. Moriarty stepped up, which made Danielson happy and told Lee he wants him to show that violence on Wednesday, when they have a match.


Robyn worked an early headlock, but Britt quickly turned the tables. Both ladies traded wrist lock counters before Britt hit a throw for two. Britt argued the count, which let Robyn hit an enzugiri and some chops. Britt was sent to the corner, but Robyn missed a double knee as Britt took over at the break. [c]

Robyn was dominated the entire break, but made her comeback when we returned with a shotgun corner dropkick. Robyn hit a big frog splash for two, but Britt rolled through the suplex follow up and hit some superkicks. Britt hit a ripcord elbow and spinning fisherman’s neckbreaker, which led to the Curb Stomp for three.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. in 7:30

Post match, Britt put the Lockjaw on Robyn before Thunder Rosa hit the ring, leveling Rebel on the ramp in the process. Rosa pounced on Britt until Jamie Hayter finally showed up to break it up. Mercedes Martinez hit the ring and pulled Jamie off Rosa, which angered Jamie. Britt separated the two and calmer heads prevailed while Rosa was left lying.

(Howard Analysis: I’m not sure this match needed to go through a commercial break, but once we returned, the crowd was behind Robyn getting her comeback. I liked the post match beating, as Robyn is a Thunder Rosa trainee, so Rosa making the save needed to happen. Mercedes & Jamie being on different pages I assume will prove to be their undoing and lead to Rosa getting her long overdue shot at Britt for the title.)

A video package highlighting Leyla Hirsch & Kris Statlander was shown. Both ladies trash talked one another as Hirsch wants to destroy Statlander, who wants revenge for the beating with a chair Hirsch put on her last week.

(3) HOOK vs. BLAKE LI (w/Q.T. Marshall)

Li is making his AEW debut and is Q.T.’s prized pupil of The Factory training facility. Hook immediately picked the ankle and walked away. Li tried to do the same and failed, as Hook applied a quarter nelson before a rope break. Hook lit up Li with corner strikes and flipped out of a Li hip toss into the El Camino throw. A huge side throw from Hook led to a submission, but Q.T. ran distraction on the apron. Hook stalked him down and ate a Li back elbow. Li tried a cross body off the second and Hook walked away like Samoa Joe was known to do as Li went splat. Hook hit an overhead throw, cross face strikes and Redrum for the submission.

WINNER: Hook in 3:00 [c]

(Howard’s Analysis: The ovation Hook gets when his music gets is incredible. This was another statement three minute victory for Hook, who is now 5-0 in AEW. Q.T. keeps lining them up and Hook keeps choking them out.)

-Mark Henry interviews both teams in the main event. Austin & Colten look to have raided Shawn Michaels 1992 HBK wardrobe. Billy talked about having the Jurassic Express’ number and tonight they will win the tag team titles. Jungle Boy said tonight they will defeat The Gunn Club to the chants of Ass Boys. Mark Henry informed us there was enough talking as “It’s Time for the Main Event!”

Excalibur ran down the card for next week as Dynamite will see Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara for the TNT Title, Thunder Rosa vs. Mercedes Martinez in a No DQ Match, Wardlow vs. Max Caster in a Face of the Revolution Qualifier, Bryan Danielson vs. Lee Moriarty and Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Santana & Ortiz. While next week on Rampage, Jay White makes his AEW debut against Trent Beretta and I assume Powerhouse Hobbs will face Dante Martin in another Face of the Revolution Qualifier.

(4) JURASSIC EXPRESS (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage) vs. THE GUNN CLUB (Austin & Colten w/Billy Gunn) – AEW Tag Team Championship

Austin hit an early shoulder block and crotch chop, but Jungle Boy did the same thing, crotch chop included. Jungle Boy hit a hurricanrana and dropped Austin right on his face as Colten jumped in and ate a bounce back lariat. Austin & Colten regrouped outside and were attacked by Luchasaurus, who sent them both inside. Snake Eyes connected to Austin and Luchasaurus swatted him down by the chest. A stalling senton off the top by Jungle Boy for two, but Colten got a blind tag and wiped out Jungle Boy. [c]

The Ass Boys had Jungle Boy isolated the entire picture in picture. Jungle Boy clotheslined Austin over the top, but mid move, Colten got a blind tag. Austin cut off Luchasaurus before Jungle Boy could make a tag and Gunn Club remained in control. Austin trash talked Luchasaurus too close and the dinosaur got his hands on Austin, let go and Jungle Boy hit a suplex. Luchasaurus made the hot tag and tossed The Ass Boys all over the place like Ass Dolls as Chris Jericho pointed out. Austin & Colten avoided a double chokeslam, but got wiped out with a somersault dive by Jungle Boy outside. Colten ate a chokeslam and standing moonsault by Luchasaurus for two. Austin saved his brother, popped Jungle Boy with a roaring elbow and took out Luchasaurus outside. Austin dodged a Jungle Boy dive and Luchasaurus was wiped out by his own partner. Austin hit a Quickdraw on the floor, Colten got a roll up back inside with his feet on the ropes and Christian knocked them off. Billy took the ref as Colten popped Jungle Boy with a title belt for a super close near fall. Gunn Club wanted a double team, but Luchasaurus tripped up Colten and chokeslammed into the front row. Christian hit a Spear on Billy Gunn on the floor, while Jungle Boy planted Austin with a Kill Switch for the victory.

WINNERS: Jurassic Express in 12:30 to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship

(Howard’s Analysis: Lots of stuff was crammed into the last few minutes, but it all came off pretty well. I liked the false finish with the belt shot as Colten & Austin held their own in this Rampage title match main event. Jungle Boy accidentally hitting his partner and ultimately winning with Christian’s move is most likely a little tidbit that will lead to the bigger picture down the line. We’ve seen so many heel turns in Christian’s career it’s not a matter of if he’ll turn on Jungle Boy, but when. I’ll be interested in seeing when it ultimately takes place.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a very entertaining episode of Rampage tonight. The opener was an excellent showing from both teams, the Women’s champion continued her feud with who I assume is next in line, HOOK ran through another and finally we had Jurassic Express defending their titles successfully once again. The lineup for Dynamite this Wednesday looks incredibly stacked, so hopefully AEW can maintain their strong rating from this last week. It’s important to note that Rampage next Friday will be on earlier before the NBA All Star Weekend festivities, so adjust your DVRs if necessary.

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