3/9 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Sammy Guevara vs. Scorpio Sky, Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa, AEW Revolution Fallout, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


MARCH 9, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-Chris Jericho’s music hit to open the show, he walked out to the ring as the crowd sang Judas. A recap of his match against Eddie Kingston was shown as he approached and entered the ring. Jericho said that Revolution was one of the greatest nights and one of his best matches in his career, for sure in AEW. He thanked Eddie and said that he pulled a part in himself that he wasn’t sure was still there. He said that he did live up to the stipulation and he did not shake his hand, he said that he agreed with the crowd and wants to shake his hand. He asked Eddie Kingston to come out so he could apologize and shake his hand.

Eddie Kingston came out and walked to the ring with a mic in hand. Kingston said that they were gonna get real deep. Kingston said the Friday night before the PPV he wanted to no show and go out and drink. He said that Jericho got in his head and he was afraid that he couldn’t do it. He said at fan fest on Saturday, that people said to him that they helped them because he read his article on Player’s Tribune. He went back to his hotel room and cried, he wouldn’t miss that event for the world because of those fans.

Kingston said he needed to win, not the handshake. He said Jericho needed the handshake, and him not doing it says something about him as a man. Kingston wanted to pull out Lion Heart, not the current version of Jericho. He said that Jericho proved that he still has it and is still the man, but that Jericho needs to find out if he is the man that can shake his hand. Jericho said Kingston was 100% right and he hasn’t slept the last two nights and asked him to shake his hand. Jericho put out his hand and Kingston shook the hand.

2point0 and Daniel Garcia came out and took out Kingston and Jericho. Santana and Ortiz came out with a bat to even the odds. Jericho took the bat and hit Santana and Ortiz and joined forces with Daniel Garcia and 2point0. Jake Hager came out and joined Jericho as Kingston, Santana and Ortiz were destroyed. Jericho hit Kingston in the head with the bat, Hager then put Kingston through a table off the apron. Jericho announced the new group was called the Jericho Appreciation Society

(Sage’s Analysis: A big angle to open the show. The double turn nature is a little cute, but it worked for me. I did buy that Jericho was honest, but I think him being a snake in the grass works better and doesn’t make his actions at the PPV irrelevant. I don’t love his new group minus Garcia. But I do think that Jericho is always at his best and most creative as a heel.)

-A recap of Punk & MJF was shown. Punk had a promo underneath the video, he said the old Punk is dead, long live CM Punk


The two men shook hands as the match started. Adam Page had wrist control as Martin did a backflip to get out. The two then worked back and fourth with Page hitting physical moves and Martin hitting high flying counters. Page and Martin then traded chops, Page then hit a fall away slam and a clothesline, sending Martin to the floor. [c]

When the show returned Martin was in control with a drop kick off the top rope. Page went for a punch and it was dodged, Martin then hit a moonsault out onto Adam Page, and then threw the champ back into the ring. Dante went to the top rope and tried a dropkick, but Page turned that into a power bomb and a near fall.

Page went for the buckshot but Martian dodged and the match went to the outside briefly. Page countered and hit a Buck Shot Lariat for the pinfall.

Winner: Adam Page

(Sage’s Analysis: A very good match, I like the champion being featured. This is a step in a positive direction in that front, yet not perfect being the second match with no build. The post match interview was good and is strongly alluding to The Bucks joining Page instead of Cole next week.) 

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring after for an interview. Page asked Dante to come back into the ring, he said that he lost his brother to injury. But Dante made it all the way to a world title match. He said that he is one of the best talents and if he works his way back he will be happy to do it again. Adam Cole came out and told hime to shut up, he said that Page got a fluke victory against Cole. He said that he will not be so lucky next time. Cole challenged him to to a six man tag match next week, where he hinted the Bucks would be on his team. [c]


JD Drake and Moxley started the match, with Moxley getting the advantage early. Bryan Danielson was tagged in and laid in kicks to a kneeling Drake. Anthony Henry of the work horsemen was tagged in and beaten down like Drake was. Moxley hit an inside out slam for a one count. Henry made a counter and hit a dropkick and tagged in Drake. Moxley and Drake then traded chops and slaps. Danielson hit the running knee, then the face stomp into the Labell Lock for the submission win.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A good display of the new tag team, with minimal offense given to the Workhorsemen. The post match promo was emotional and worked on that level. Regal was a lute long in spots, but it was his first personal promo in decades so I understand and like that more than pure character work.)

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring with William Regal and his team. Regal said that it has been 29 years since they were on TBS together. He said that he has lived a hard life for a 53 and that he does not have much time on this planet as a result. He said that this is the first time that he gets to thank Tony Schiavone, that he was one of the first people to help him. He said that he totally checked out after he was fired by WWE. He said that he was mentioned by Bryan Danielson on AEW, so he had to watch. He said that the only reason he is still relevant was because he was associated with Danielson.

He said the first thing he did was tell him what to do that he didn’t do, that saved him 10 years. He then said that he was the best wrestler in the world and then how he and Danielson trained in the early days. He then turned to Moxley and said that it had been 11 years and they inflicted so much pain on each other then. He said that the perfect wrestler and most violent wrestler could be an example for the younger generation. He then called out anyone that takes on them as a group.

-Dark Order were backstage and asked about Adam Page. Hangman came into frame and apologized for his actions on Sunday. John Silver asked who would be on his team. Page said that Jurassic Express asked him already, to give some distance form Page and the group.


Yuta and Pac grabbled just before the break. [c]

The show returned with Yuta getting some punches and a release German suplex, then a cross body off the top for a near fall on Pac. In turn, Pac hit a kick and then a deadlift German suplex. Pac then hit a Brain Buster off of the top rope, Pac then locked in the Brutalizer for the submission win.


(Sage’s Analysis: A match that was mostly in the break, well worked but felt pretty inconsequential, from a story perspective.)

-Cole was backstage with reDRagon and The Young Bucks. The teams bickered and Cole asked them to stop. Cole said that the six man tag would change everything. Cole ran down the team he was gonna pick, The Bucks then said no thanks and Cole said he was always going to pick reDragon. [c]

-FTR was backstage and were asked what their plans were. Dax was about to call out The Bucks and reDRagon, Tully cut off Dax and said they had to go after championships. Cash then fired Tully.

-Hardy, Andrade and the rest of the group were in the ring. Hardy said that every time he puts on a suit he acts like an asshole and he apologizes to everyone he hurt. Hardy said that he wants to make it right, because he does not want to be fired from the AHFO. The group then took a vote to kick him out or not. Hardy lost the vote 4 to 1 and was kicked out. Everyone then teamed up and beat up Matt Hardy. Darby and Sting came out to help save Hardy. They were overwhelmed, then Jeff Hardy came out and saved the group. The Hardy’s then stared down Darby and Sting.

-Swerve Strickland was backstage and it was announced that he will have his first match on Rampage. Tony Nese came into frame and said his first match would be against him, better than losing the TNT Title to start I assume? [c]

-Wardlow was introduced, he walked to the ring in street clothes. Sadly, without the big dumb brass ring. Tony asked if Wardlow was still under contract to MJF. Wardlow said that he was building someone else’s dream and empire, but getting nothing in return. He spent his energy going that for MJF, he asked for an apology for being associated with MJF. He said that he grew up very poor, he wanted to be a wrestler because he loved it and because it could make his life better. He said that Max got him in the door and paid him a lot. But, that does not give anyone the right to threaten you, your family, or to hit you. He announced that he is no longer MJF’s body guard or a member of the Pinnacle. He is free, he said that he hopes that Max releases him from this contract. He said if he does he will wash his hands of him, and does not have to power bomb him into oblivion. He said his only concern is to win the TNT Title, and he wants it all after that.

(Sage’s Analysis: A good promo from Wardlow, I enjoyed the Wardlow Manifesto)

-Keith Lee and QT Marshall were backstage. QT said that they have a mutual enemy in Team Taz, QT said they have Keith’s back. Lee said that he was good.


Jungle Boy and Anthony Bowens started the match, Caster was tagged in quickly. Jungle Boy fought back and tagged in Luchasaurus. The Gunn Club was shown at ringside, after that Jungle Boy was thrown out of the ring. [c]

Jungle Boy was worked all break, JB then tagged in Luchasaurus and he took out Caster and Bowens. Lucha tried for the double choke slam, but teamed up with JB to take them out. LS hit a choke slam into a moonsault then pinned Caster, but Bowens broke it up. Bowens and Jungle Boy battled, Caster was tagged in and hit the Mic Drop, but that was broken up by Luchasaurus.  Bowens and Caster hit a group move on Jungle Boy for a near fall. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus teamed up and got the pinfall win.

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match, these teams do not disappoint in ring. In fact the match was the best on the show to this point. But, this should have been cut as I type this at 9:30pm, and made a feature match on Rampage or next week. There are still two more matches after this and these teams had a match for the title just a few weeks ago, which made this feel like a meaningless match until the Jungle Boy near fall. The last two matches will feel rushed almost for sure as a result.)

-Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling asked who’s next and who is left. Jade asked who wants to step up and get the kiss of death on TBS.


Leyla Hirsch and Thunder Rosa had a grappling exhibition to start the match. The two then ran the ropes and Hirsch took control going into the break. [c]

Thunder Rosa made a comeback and put Hirsch in the ropes and hit a step kick and then a drop kick into a northern lights suplex for a two count. Hirsch countered with a German and then some ground and pound punches. Hirsch then went to the top rope but was stopped and Rosa was able to counter her and hit a suplex from the second rope.

Rosa then hit a neck breaker and a running lariat for a two count once more. Hirsch went under the ring and grabbed a turnbuckle, but was stopped by Red Velvet. Hirsch changed plans and locked in an arm bar. But, Rosa countered with Rosa Driver for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match after the break, but the stuff with Red Velvet and Hirsch felt very forced and the whole thing with Rosa losing on the PPV to win in her home town two weeks later still doesn’t feel great. But, it is what it is.)

-Tony Schiavone got on the mic and announced that Thunder Rosa’s title shot next week would be contested in a cage match.

-Britt Baker was in the back and said that she beat Rosa, and asked why she gets another match and in a cage. Baker said the conspiracy lives on, and asked where Mercedes has been. She said that she is not afraid of Thunder Rosa, but she is afraid of what AEW will become if someone like Rosa is champion.

-Excalibur ran down next week and Rampage. [c]


Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky started by trading chops in the corner, Scorpio was sent to the outside and there he took out Sammy briefly. Sammy then threw Sky into the barrier and pulled out a table and set it up in front of Ethan Page and Lambert. Sammy set up Scorpio on the table and went to the top rope and hit a 630 into just the table as Sky had rolled out of the way. Tay Conti came down to check on Sammy. [c]

Sammy made a comeback by spitting in the face of Sky. Scorpio quickly threw Sammy out of the ring, and then back in. In the ring, Scorpio hit a back breaker and then another, and then a third for a near fall. Sammy fought out of a hod and the two traded chops. Sammy hit a running spear for a cover, Sammy then hit chops of Scorpio. Sammy then went to the top rope and hit the springboard cutter for a near fall. Scorpio went for the TKO, Sammy then hit the GTH, as sky rolled under the ropes. Sammy moved him and hit the 630. Sky got his knees up.

Paige Van Zant then entered the ring and took out Tay Conti. With the distraction Sky hit the TKO for the pinfall win over Sammy.

WINNER: Scorpio Sky

(Sage’s Analysis: A good high flying match, with simply too many shenanigans at the end. The compressed time they had to get everything in did not help. I like the direction with the TNT Title, but having Tay and Paige’s story feel equal to a major title change feels like an odd choice.)

-Sammy and Tay Conti were beat up and Van Zant signed her AEW contract and placed it on both of the bodies.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good show from a storyline and roster reset perspective. The wresting felt secondary to the big character move by Jericho, Wardlow’s promo, William Regal’s promo, Jeff Hardy’s premier and the story with Cole and the Bucks. The possible stories coming out of the show are exciting. But, this show felt like 3 1/2 hours packed into 2 and a match should have been cut to not force the big angle and title change at the end of the show.





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  1. Love watching Sammy get his comeuppance. No idea how he is supposed to be a face at all. This felt like a big face win for Scorpio and I barely know the guy

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