3/24 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Tasha Steelz vs. Mickie James championship match, Good Brother vs. Violent By Design, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Impact Wrestling Announcers: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Recap video of last week’s events.

-Josh Alexander was shown arriving at the arena. He immediately walked to the ring as his music played. He took the mic and said after Bound For Glory he thought he knew everything that Moose was capable of. He said that Moose crossed the line by showing up at his house and talking to his family. He said that Moose has pushed him over the edge. Alexander said he is more motivated than ever.

Alexander said that he would make sure that Moose would feel pain, loss, and disappointment. He vowed to take the Impact World Title and the fans cheered. He challenged Moose to come out now. Moose’s music played and he walked to the stage. Moose said that Alexander was mad because he failed to protect his family again and he would fail in getting the title.

Moose said after he wins at Rebellion he might show up at his house again to be a role model for Alexander’s son. Alexander charged Moose and they brawled on the floor with Alexander getting the best of it. Alexander chased Moose to the back and the brawl continued. Alexander threw Moose into a door and they brawled up some steps. Alexander tried to throw Moose over a rail, but wrestlers came in and broke up the fight. [c]

-Scott D’Amore was backstage and urged Josh Alexander to keep his emotions in check right before his title shot. Alexander said he could keep his emotions in check as long as Moose stayed away from his family.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and discussed the Multiverse of Matches card and the matches for tonight.


The winner of this match will advance to the X Division Triple Threat match at Rebellion. Mack took on Kid and Bailey by himself. All three traded ranas. Mack dropkicked Bailey out of the ring, then did a dive over the top rope on Kid and Bailey. [c]

Mack leg dropped Kid and got a two count. Mack and Bailey exchanged chops. Bailey gave Mack a series of quick kicks. Bailey kicked Kid off the apron. Bailey charged Mack and did a dive on Kid on the floor. Mack punched Bailey to the floor. Kid did a dive with rotations from the top rope to the floor on Mack and Bailey. Fans chanted “This is awesome”.

Kid suplexed Bailey off the ropes, then followed with a frog splash. Mack gave Kid a big punch. Mack gave Bailey a Samoan Drop followed by a standing moonsault. Kid broke up the pin attempt. Kid gave Mack a running forearm. Mack gave Kid a Razor’s Edge and the fans roared. Bailey broke up the pin attempt. Bailey kicked Mack. All three exchanged pin attempts. Bailey nailed Mack with a kick, then a flipping splash for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Bailey in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This match was all action and everyone had a chance to shine. There was some spectacular offense throughout. Mack’s Razor’s Edge was a nice tribute to Scott Hall. Based on the storylines, it made sense for Bailey to win and advance to the title match.)

-Bullet Club backstage promo. Jay White said that he broke up the pin attempt at the finish of last week’s tag team match against the Motor City Machine Guns. He said he and Bey would have a rematch next week against the MCMG. Karl Anderson talked about their upcoming rematch against Violent By Design tonight. Chris Bey said they would have backup tonight. Doc Gallows talked about the history in Philadelphia and said they were coming for the tag team belts tonight. They all did the Too Sweet. [c]

-Shera was shown pinning Crazzy Steve on BTI. Raj Singh and Shera did a backstage promo. Singh said that Bhupinder Gujjar lost his chance to team with Singh. Shera yelled that he was back.

(2) HEATH (w/Rhino) vs. STEVE MACLIN

Steve did a recorded pre-match promo vowing to beat Heath tonight after being Rhino last week. Hannifan talked about historic ECW moments in the 2300 Arena. Fans chanted “He’s got kids”. Maclin chopped Heath. Heath clotheslined Maclin and gave him an atomic drop over the top rope. Heath punched Maclin on the floor and ran his head into the apron. Maclin gouged Heath’s eyes and threw him in the ring.

Maclin pretended that he had been hit by Rhino, so the referee made Rhino go backstage. Heath and Maclin brawled at ringside. Maclin gave Heath a backbreaker over his knee, followed by an elbow. Maclin continued on offense. Maclin hung up Heath in the ropes and charged him. Maclin said ECW sucks and got caught with a boot from Heath.

Heath made a comeback on Maclin. Heath gave Maclin a jumping DDT and got a two count. Heath tried to give Maclin a Wake Up Call, but Maclin held on to the ropes. Maclin pinned Heath using his feet on the ropes for leverage.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 6:00.

-Rhino ran in after the match and gave Maclin a gore to the delight of the fans. Heath and Rhino celebrated afterwards.

(D.L.’s Take: A basic match, but the crowd was pleased and they were into Heath.)

-All About Me segment. Tenille Dashwood introduced the show and said that Kaleb was the host today. Kaleb scrambled for questions to ask Tenille. Tenille told him to ask what she was thinking. He asked. She asked where his loyalty lies: with the Influence or with the IInspiration. Kaleb struggled for an answer. Tenille asked him if he meant to slide her the title belt during the title change or to help the IInspiration. Kaleb faked a neck injury and walked off.

Kaleb accidentally walked right onto the set of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne. Madison introduced the show and her co-host Johnny Swinger. Kaleb tried to escape, but Tenille pushed him down. Madison asked Kaleb which team he was loyal to. Kaleb said The Influence. Madison brought out a lie detector. Kaleb said it was time for a commercial break and he ran off. [c]

-Highlight video of Tomohiro Ishii.

-Jonah promo. He talked about his dream match with Ishii at Rebellion. He said at Impact Rebellion “We will fight”.

(3) VIOLENT BY DESIGN (Eric Young & Joe Doering w/Deaner)(c) vs. THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson w/Jay White & Chris Bey) — Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Title Match

This was a lumberjack match. Gallows and Doering started the match, but all four wrestlers quickly got in the ring and started brawling. The Good Brothers clotheslined VBD over the top rope. The lumberjacks, including Jay White, threw the VBD back in the ring. Anderson punched Young. Anderson clotheslined Young and gave him a spinebuster.

Doering slammed Anderson and got a two count. Doering twisted Anderson’s head. Anderson gave Doering a jawbreaker. Gallows made the tag and ran wild on VBD. The Good Brothers gave Young a neckbreaker, but Doering broke up the pin attempt. Doering punched Anderson and knocked Doc off the apron. Young gave Anderson an elbow off the top rope. Anderson kicked out of the pin attempt.

Doc kicked Doering and Young. The Good Brothers gave Young the Magic Killer, but Deaner got on the apron. Black Taurus pulled Deaner down. Doering dove on a pile of wrestlers. Mike Bennett gave Anderson a low blow and Matt Taven gave Anderson the climax, which allowed Anderson to be pinned.

WINNERS: Violent By Design in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A basic tag team match and the lumberjacks didn’t really come into play very much until the end. Looks like Bullet Club may feud with Honor No More, which is an unexpected twist.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans. Tasha mocked Gia. She said she was a fighting champion and that since Mickie didn’t want Chelsea Green in her corner, she wouldn’t have Evans in her corner. [c]


Hannifan talked about Romero’s accomplishments in NJPW and ROH. Fans chanted for Rocky. Rocky took Eddie to the mat. Eddie put Rocky in a headlock on the mat. Rocky put Eddie in a headlock. They got on their feet and exchanged hard chops. After being chopped to the mat, Rocky poked Eddie in the eyes. The action spilled to the floor with Eddie getting the best of it. [c]

Eddie clotheslined Rocky to the mat. Rocky put Eddie in an armlock, but Eddie escaped to the floor. Eddie dove on Rocky and attacked him at ringside. The action returned to the ring and Rocky DDT’d Eddie. They exchanged offense. Rocky kicked Eddie while he was tied up in the ropes. Rocky dropkicked Eddie and got a two count. Eddie gave Rocky a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Eddie powerbombed Rocky. Rocky put Eddie in an armbar. Eddie was able to roll it over and got the pin on Rocky. Eddie attacked Rocky after the match, but Jonathan Gresham ran in for the save. Eddie escaped and walked up the ramp. Rocky and Gresham squared off after the match, but shook hands.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An evenly fought, entertaining match. It was unexpected but cool to get an appearance from Rocky Romero. Always fun seeing Jonathan Gresham in Impact Wrestling.)

-Swinger’s Dungeon segment. Zicky Dice walked out of a room that had a Swinger’s Dungeon sign on the door and he was delighted. He thanked Johnny Swinger and said this is just what he needed. Swinger asked Dice to team with him and challenge a team next week. He called it the “Chump Chump Challenge”. Dice asked if he could go back in the room after the match. [c]

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and ran down the card for the Impact Wrestling Multiverse of Matches:

  • Ultimate X
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  • Josh Alexander & Jonah vs. Moose & PCO
  • Alex Shelley vs. Mike Bailey
  • Chris Sabin vs. Jay White
  • The Good Brothers vs. The Briscoes

They also plugged the matches for next week’s Impact Wrestling TV:

  • Josh Alexander vs. Madman Fulton
  • Jonathan Gresham vs. Kenny King
  • Jay White & Chris Bey vs. Motor City Machine Guns

(5) TASHA STEELZ (c) vs. MICKIE JAMES – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

This was a Philadelphia Street Fight match. Mickie threw a trash can lid at Tasha before the match. Mickie and Tasha brawled at the bell. Tasha escaped to the outside but Mickie followed her out and attacked her. Mickie punched Tasha and threw her up the ramp. Tasha hit Mickie with a golf club. Mickie gave Tasha a neckbreaker on the stage. Mickie put Tasha in a trash can and rolled her down the ramp. Savannah Evans attacked Mickie from behind. [c]

Tasha was beating on Mickie in the ring. Tasha threw chairs into the ring. Tasha and Mickie threw a trash can at each other. Tasha choked Mickie with a chain. Mickie reversed it and threw Tasha into a chair. Tasha threw Tasha into the chair. Tasha and Mickie hit each other with a chair at the same time. Evans attacked Mickie on the apron, but Mickie bit her and threw her into a table at ringside.

Tasha knocked Mickie off the apron into a table. Mickie threw Tasha into the apron and hit her with a trash can. Mickie hit Evans with the trash can. Tasha gave Mickie a cutter and got a two count. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Tasha hit Mickie with a street sign and said “I hate you”. Mickie got the sign away and hit Tasha with it. Mickie gave Tasha a flapjack into a chair.

Mickie gave Tasha a Thesz Press from the top rope and got a two count. Tasha poked Mickie in the eye. Mickie gave Tasha a DDT and went for the pin, but Evans pulled the referee out. Evans argued with the referee. Evans caught Mickie and ran her into the post. Evans got in the ring and choked Mickie with a chair. Chelsea Green ran into the ring. She set up a chair and sat in it.

Chelsea watched while Tasha and Evans attacked Mickie. Chelsea didn’t help. Tasha gave Mickie a frog splash from the top rope and got the pin.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 17:00.

-Tasha and Evans celebrated and went up the ramp. Chelsea smiled and gloated over Mickie. Chelsea wore a shirt that said “Do you love me now?” (a reference to Mickie’s WWE feud with Trish Stratus). Mickie got up and attacked Chelsea. Chelsea escaped out of the ring. Matt Cardona snuck up behind Mickie and gave her the Radio Silence. The fans were upset and booed. Cardona picked up Mickie and Chelsea hit Mickie with the cast. Chelsea slid the cast off and threw it on the mat. Cardona and Chelsea kissed and celebrated as the show went off.

(D.L.’s Take: An intense match. Tasha is really growing into the role of champion. Mickie was good throughout and showed great fire. Even though I could tell where the angle at the end was going, it was still fun to see it play out. Everyone played their roles well.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A very well-rounded show. They continue to make the Rebellion title match and Josh Alexander’s quest to win a priority. I thought The Influence/Kaleb segment was clever. The main event was really good and the show-closing angle was effective. Cardona and Chelsea had good heat and could be major players going forward.

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