3/30 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Darby Allin vs. Andrade El Idolo, CM Punk vs. Max Caster, Mystery Wrestler in Owen Hart Tournament is Signed, FTR vs. Gunn Club, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


MARCH 30, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


The match started with a collar and elbow tie up between CM Punk and Max Caster. The two men battle back and fourth and locked up once more, Caster then hit offensive moves in the corner. Punk hit a suplex and worked the shoulder, he then went for the Anaconda Vice, but Caster wiggled away. Punk countered with a shoulder tackle, Caster then hit a rib breaker. Caster went for the fall and got a two count.

Caster was in control and did The Acclaimed hand move with Anthony Bowens. Punk then made a comeback and went for a knee strike and Caster moved, as Punk kneed the turnbuckle. Caster then hit a big chop and then a fisherman buster for a two count on Punk. CM Punk then hit a hurricanrana off the top, Punk then hit the knee strike and a bulldog leading to a two count on Caster.

Bowens put Punk on the top rope, Caster then did a coast to coast on Punk and got a near fall as a result. Caster then went for the Mic Drop, but Punk dodged. Punk then hit a Tombstone Pile Driver and then locked in the Anaconda Vice for the submission win.


(Sage’s Analysis: A good “CM Punk,” style opening match. The post match stuff did really answer when Punk would challenge, I assume he is the next guy up.)

-Tony Schiavone got in the ring and asked if Punk wanted the AEW World Title. Punk asked what it means when you do that hand gesture for the belt. Punk said he didn’t know if Adam Cole or Page would be champion, but before he is done in AEW he would have more grey hair and scars, but he will also be world champion before he leaves.

-MJF and FTR were backstage, MJF said the Pinnacle were back and they were gonna get more wins. Dax Harwood said that MJF is his friend, but so is Wardlow. MJF said they were family and that Wardlow used to talk shit about Dax and Cash all the time.


Jay Lethal offered a handshake of honor, Jon Moxley slapped it away. Lethal and Moxley locked up, and they went in and out of the ring. The two men then grappled on the mat, with no real advantage being had. Jon Moxley put his hands behind his back and offered a free shot, the two then traded stiff forearms. Moxley won the exchange and hit down punches in the corner. Moxley then went for a superplex, Lethal pushed him off and then dove out onto Moxley. [c]

Moxley and Lethal traded chops as the show returned, they both then hit cross bodies at the same time. When they got to their feet they laid in strikes and sold that they were both broken down. Moxley was able to hit a King Kong Lariat and followed that up by setting up a driver that Lethal fought out of. Lethal hit a strike combo and got a two count on Moxley.

Lethal went to the top rope, but hopped down. Moxley hit an elbow and tried for the Paradigm Shift, but the knee was to0 injured. Lethal nearly hit the Lethal Injection, Moxley tried a submission. Lethal then hit a brain buster, and then an elbow off of the top rope for a near fall on Moxley.

Lethal set up a Figure Four, Moxley countered into a roll up. Lethal kicked out and Moxley hit Paradigm Shift for the pinfall victory. [c]

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, that helped to elevate the AEW version of Jay Lethal. It also felt like a PPV match condensed into a 10 minute TV match.)


MJF joined commentary before the match.

Dax Harwood and Colton Gunn started the match, with some basic testes of strength. Austin Gunn tagged in and locked up with Dax, Cash Wheeler was tagged in and you guessed it a lock up occurred. Cash hit two arm drags and then took out Colton as he jumped in illegally. Dax was tagged in and continued the beat down. Cash hit a knee off of the top as both Gunn’s were laying on the outside of the ring. Here, Billy Gunn hit a punch on Cash Wheeler as the show went to break. [c]

Cash made a comeback after being beatdown all break, Colton stopped Cash from getting the tag in and got a two count on the weary Cash. Dax was finally tagged in and he took out both members of Gunn Club. A lariat led to a near fall on Austin. Dax was about to hit a vertical suplex and Colton tripped him.

Wardlow entered the arena and took out members of AEW security as he entered the ring area. Eventually Wardlow was overwhelmed and went off screen. Cash and Dax were able to hit a Big Rig after much interference by Gunn Club. This led to the pinfall for FTR.


(Sage’s Analysis: A really fun match, FTR are on a top gear as new baby faces. Gunn Club also looked that they belonged in this type of match.)

-Post match Dax and Cash pushed off MJF and said that Wardlow is their guy. MJF then raised their hands in victory.

-A promo for Rampage’s main event Keith Lee vs. Powerhouse Hobbs was shown. [c]

-Chris Jericho and his Appreciation Society were backstage. He said they were the biggest thing in sports entertainment. He said people are begging to get in, but no one is allowed in. The group checked and no one was there, until Hager reveled Santana, Ortiz and Kingston. All eight men then brawled. Kingston brought Jericho out to the ring area and was trailed by everyone else. Kingston hit a backlist with a taped hand and then helped Santana take out Daniel Garcia. Magic Daddy was sent into the stairs. Hager entered the ring and evened the odds, as the JAS overwhelmed.

(Sage’s Analysis: The promo work by non-Jericho members was really poor here. The violence felt forced and the crowd’s reaction at the end proved that this was out of left field.)

-Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling announced the her 30th match would be against Marina Shafir.


Bryan Danielson pushed Wheeler Yuta into the ropes and hit an had elbow in the chest of Yuta. Danielson then worked Yuta on the mat, Yuta bridged and Danielson countered. the two men went back and fourth with counters and then stood and the crowd cheered for Yuta. After a battle on their feet, Yuta was in command in full guard. Danielson countered and locked his legs around Yuta’s and the two men broke the holds. [c]

Danielson and Yuta battled throughout the break and were trading vicious chops as Yuta hit a suplex and chained that to get a two count on Bryan. Danielson then got the control of the back of a seated Yuta, He tried for Cattle Mutilation, but Yuta broke out as the crowd erupted. Yuta hit a submission of his own that Danielson broke out of. Danielson hit the running knee on Yuta. Danielson then grabbed both wrists and smashed the head of Yuta. Danielson then hit a Gotch Style Pile Driver and Danielson locked in the cross face for the win.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: What a match, that was one of the fastest pace technical matches I have seen in North America. Really good stuff and even in a loss Yuta was made tonight.) 

-A promo for the main event of Darby and Andrade was shown.

-Adam Cole and reDRagon came out with their stolen belts, the world and tag team titles. Adam Cole welcomed everyone to the championship celebration, he said that Adam Page and Jurassic Express were not here tonight. He said they were embarrassed and that is why they are not here. Cole said you cannot steal something that belongs to you, he said this celebration is for AEW and the fans. AEW needs new guys running the show, the three of them are the best wrestlers in the world. O’Reilly acted like he forgot his line and said that he had too much champagne and laid down. Bobby Fish said that they are the best, bar no-one.

Adam Page entered in a Tesla with horns and took out all three members of Cole’s group. Jurassic Express with Christian Cage then came in and joined in to help take back their belts. The four good guys celebrated in the ring. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: Cole and reDRagon were childish and non-effective here. Page’s music hitting and them getting the belts back was effective. But, this was an odd mini story that didn’t amount to anything, very strange.)

-Tony Schiavone introduced Thunder Rosa and they stood in the same place as last week, when Nyla Rose attacked her. Rosa said it was a shame that her celebration was interrupted. She said she is the first Female Mexican Champion, she said that she wants to be the face of all women’s wrestling. She said that there are bullies that want to bring here down. She said that pillars fall down, but foundations are always there. She invited Rose to use her words next time. She said that she will always defend the title.

-FTR was backstage, they said that on Friday they will become ROH Tag Team Champions and then will be 2 time AEW tag team champions. Dax then challenged The Young Bucks to another match.


Toni Storm hit a forearm on The Bunny to start, then an elbow strike and a neck breaker. Storm then hit several punches sin the corner, Bunny hit a thumb in the eye. Storm quickly countered and hit a drop kick and got a two count on Bunny. Storm ate a knee from Bunny, the match continued on the outside. [c]

Bunny dominated during the break, near the end of the split screen Storm hit chops and tried to make a comeback. Both women traded shots with Storm getting the upper hand. Storm hit a head strike and then hit a fisherman suplex for a two count. Bunny then hit a Death Valley Driver for a near fall on Storm. Bunny then hit a thrust kick and a second for a near fall.

Storm countered with a German suplex and then hit Storm Zero for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: I really like the addition of Toni Storm. This match was a good way to introduce her to the AEW ecosystem. I think she should have one more convincingly, but her match was much like CM Punk’s match tonight. So I cannot complain to much.)

-Tony Schiavone was backstage with Nyla and Vicki. Rose said that she was the cornerstone of the company, she said Rosa had a death wish and she would be her genie. [c]


Andrade did a twist dive out onto Darby and then hit him with his own skateboard. Andrade then slammed Darby into the barrier and then onto the table at ringside. Darby was then tossed face first on the apron, Andrade then slammed toward Darby and went shoulder first into the stairs. Darby fought back with the skateboard, Andrade then put Darby into the crowd area. Andrade then slammed Darby onto the propped up stairs.

Both men entered the ring and the match started officially. Andrade flip slammed Darby into the turnbuckles, and then tossed him into the adjacent ones. Darby tried to make a comeback but Andrade back dropped Darby and threw him airborne in the process. [c]

Andrade dominated throughout, even throwing Darby into Jericho’s dread square ring post. Darby made a comeback as full screen returned. He quickly landed a Code Red and evened the odds a bit. The two traded slaps to the face, Andrade ended the exchange with a punch. Both men were down as the ref started a ten second count. Andrade was up first, and he took off his belt, which the ref pulled away.

From here Darby got an attack in leading to a stunner and a two count. Andrade hit a back breaker and put Darby on the top rope. From this point Darby fought back and hit a crucifix bomb and tried to lock in an arm lock on Andrade. Jose the assistant came out, and was taken out by Sting. The Butcher and The Blade entered and Darby fought them off Sting. Darby came back in the ring and Andrade hit El Idolo for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Andrade El Idolo

(Sage’s Analysis: A ass kicker of a match for Andrade. He should have won with or without interference. He dominated 90% of the match and it would have been hurtful to that character if he were to lose.)

-Private Party came out to help attack Sting and Darby. The Hardy’s then came out to even the odds.


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