Freddie Prinze Jr. set to start new wrestling company



Freddie Prinze Jr. will soon start a brand new wrestling promotion.

On his Wrestling with Freddie podcast this week, Prinze revealed insight and details into what will be his brand new independent pro wrestling company.

“I started looking at arenas locally and what it would cost to rent them,” Prinze said on steps he took to give his project a green light. “And then as I saw what my opportunities would be in this business, as there would be more of them after I did the Netflix thing. I said, well, I can accelerate the plan, or, I could keep the plan as it is, do a couple more of these (Netflix shows) and own the space (for the wrestling promotion), which I believe right now is the plan I’m going to execute. I have a commercial realtor that I know and love. She’s already looking at potential properties for me. I would love to have a full-time home for this. The plan was originally a two year plan, now I should have the money for a three year plan. Meaning, it doesn’t have to make money for three years.”

Prinze Jr. did not announce a roster or promotion name during the reveal. He also did not announced an official launch date for the promotion either. In the interview, he did say he’d like to have a two-hour show and a distribution deal of some kind.

Prinze Jr. is a former writer for WWE. He worked in that role for two stints with the company. First, from 2008-2009 and then again from 2010-2012.

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