Pat McAfee calls Sasha Banks and Naomi situation “very fascinating”


Pat McAfee challenges Happy Corbin at Summerslam
Pat McAfee (photo WWE)


Pat McAfee has broken his silence regarding Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of WWE. On Monday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee spoke about the situation, calling it “very fascinating.

“The Sasha and Naomi thing? That was my first time hearing what Cole was saying live there,” McAfee said regarding Michael Cole’s remarks on Banks and Naomi leaving the company during Friday’s episode of Smackdown. “I have no idea what to think there. I have no clue. This is very fascinating to me. She’s (Sasha Banks) is a superstar talent. They were our champions. What happened? I honestly have no idea what to believe in this whole thing. They keep me out of the loop with everything. I have no f***ing idea. While Cole was doing his thing, I was very fascinated. Like, what is going on? I wish I had more answers for people, but it’s like I feel like you (fans) know more than I do. Literally, as it was happening I was like ‘oh, god damn.'”

McAfee is the color commentator next to Michael Cole for Smackdown on Fox. He wrestled Austin Theory and Vince McMahon at this year’s WrestleMania 38 event in Dallas.

Banks and Naomi walked out during last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw due to creative differences with Vince McMahon. They were both suspended indefinitely and stripped of their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

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  1. Fascinating? No.

    The only option I see is suspend Sasha until her contract runs out and downside pay her. She’s not as great as the websites seem to think she is.

    Naomi… must be future endeavored or every second tier wrestler will do this.

    Vince has combined 4 MILLION viewers for the 3 shows each week. Now yes, a lot of them are cross over but he gets more viewers in a week than Cornette got from every wrestling show he ever promoted in his life… COMBINED. Sorry for the ‘smart marks’ of the world… but Vince won, you don’t like it use the remote or close your browser.

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