7/7 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Middleweight Championship main event, Real 1 vs. Dorado, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion



MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-A video recapping the interactions between Real 1 and Jacob Fatu was shown. Fatu was backstage with his head heavily bandaged and feeling the effects of last week’s surprise attack by Real 1. A fired-up Fatu said that Real 1 embarrassed him in front of his family last week and that while he and Real 1 may have similar backgrounds, Real 1 hasn’t seen or fought anything like Fatu before.


Before the match started, Real 1 did his usual shtick, going through his usual insults.

Once the bell rang, both men locked up, looking for an early advantage. Real 1 slapped on a side headlock and forced Lince to the mat. Dorado forced his way out of the hold and rolled through, transitioning into a knee bar. Real 1 scrambled to the ropes, getting a break. Lince went right into a hammerlock, keeping Real 1 down. Real 1 countered with a snap mare takeover as he tried to shift the momentum. Lince kept the pressure though and went for Real 1’s leg again. Real 1 hugged the ropes until the ref forced Lince to break the hold. Real 1 caught Lince with a bodyslam and elbow drop combination, slowing things down with another side headlock. Real 1 shot Lince into the corner and ran towards Dorado. Lince was able to leap over Real 1 and connect with a head-scissor takeover. Dorado mocked Real 1’s trademark shuffle. An enraged Real 1 charged into Lince who sidestepped the attack, sending Real 1 to the outside. Lince immediately followed up with a suicide dive.

Lince tossed Real 1 back into the ring and hit a crossbody from the top rope, getting a two-count. Dorado positioned himself for a moonsault but Real 1 jumped up and shoved Dorado to the outside. Lince crashed hard onto the floor, clutching his leg. Real 1 slammed Lince down hard onto the guardrail and then drove him into the ring post with the running-crucifix bomb. Real 1 waited for Lince to come back into the ring and attacked as soon Dorado recovered, stomping away in the corner. Real 1 speared Lince in the corner. As “Muscles Marinara” tried again, Lince ducked the move, causing Real 1 to run into the ring post. Dorado hit Real 1 with a deadlift German suplex. Dorado sent Real 1 into the corner and hit a series of chops until Real 1 was able to get a boot up, stopping the onslaught. Real 1 caught Lince with the diving DDT but got a two-count after Lince got his foot on the bottom rope. Dorado hit Real 1 with a handspring cutter and went for a series of moonsaults. Lince was able to land two moonsaults but took too long to connect with the third, allowing Real 1 to roll out of the way.

Lince tried to drag Real 1 out of the corner but Real 1 held on as hard as he could. The ref briefly looked away, giving Real 1 a chance to hit Lince with a low-blow and Done-Zo, getting the win.

WINNER: Real 1 in 10:00

(Analysis: This was a good opening match. Real 1 was never known as a “ring general” but Lince Dorado did his part to make him look really good. Lince was the standout for me. It’s great to see talent get a chance to shine once they get to a new environment. The Lince Dorado being portrayed here is a far cry from “Lucha House Party” and is more in line with the wrestler I saw in Chikara long ago.)

-Dave Marquez was backstage with Taya Valkyrie. Taya proudly displayed her multiple championships and said that she was willing to defend the MLW Featherweight Championship anywhere in the world.

-A vignette for the return of Mance Warner was aired.


Before the match, Kane took a mic and proclaimed himself to be the best fighter in the history of MLW. He said that it didn’t matter what style he went up against, he beat them all. Alex said that he had a treat for the audience, and hyped up the championship match. Kane and Mr. Thomas said that the city of Philadelphia has gone soft since no one has stepped up to the challenge. Kane even challenged members of the audience. A challenger did come forward though and it was revealed to be…Davey Richards!

Richards used his speed advantage early on, ducking and dodging several attacks from the champ. Davey caught Kane with a roll-up and transitioned into an ankle lock but Alex made it to the ropes. Kane went to the outside and took a moment to strategize with Mr. Thomas. Kane tried out-muscle Davey but Richards used his technical ability to move into an armbar. This didn’t last long though, as Kane was able to switch gears and put on an armbar of his own. Richards kicked his way free, breaking the hold. Kane changed his style to more of a ground-and-pound format, exchanging holds with Davey. Davey was too much for Kane and Alex once again went to the outside. Richards followed and hit Kane with some vicious strikes. The American Wolf periodically rolled into the ring, stopping the ref’s count, and went right back on offense. Richards tried one time too many, as Kane caught a kick and dropped Davey onto the ring apron.

Kane had the momentum and flattened Davey with a big splash on the apron. Alex reentered the ring and demanded that the ref start the count. Richards tried to come back into the ring and was cut off by Alex, who dropped Richards with a modified backbreaker and got a two count. Kane signaled for a powerbomb but Davey blocked the move. Both men countered each other’s attempts. Somehow, Kane came down with a sunset flip. Davey kept his balance and hit Kane with a double-stomp. Kane and Richards exchanged strikes until Richards was able able to hook Kane with a dragon screw into the ropes. Richards went for the top rope stomp but Kane rolled away. Davey chased Kane down and locked him in a trailer hitch. Kane clawed his way to the ropes. Richards stayed one step ahead though and was ready with a Saito suplex, getting a near fall.

Davey went for a handspring elbow but Kane caught him and slammed Richards down with a high-angle German suplex. This was followed up with the Kane-Maker, giving Alex a near fall. Kane tried to fight off a superplex attempt but Davey connected with several headbutts until he was able to send the champ crashing down.

After another striking battle, Richards was able to roll through and hit Kane with a PK kick. Davey planted Kane with a brainbuster, getting a very close near fall as the announcer called for the two-minute warning. Richards went right to the ankle-lock and went back to the trailer hitch as the clock ran out and the match ended.

WINNER: 20 Minute Time Limit Draw

-After the match, Davey went to shake Kane’s hand but was jumped from behind by Mr. Thomas. Kane joined in on the attack until Myron Reed made the save, armed with a chair. Reed gave a wink to Kane and nailed Davey with the chair. All three men started to beat down on Richards and Myron hit a Pillmanizer on Davey’s arm. Mr. Thomas gave Myron a Bomaye Fight Club jacket, with Reed accepted. The BFC celebrated as the show ended.

(Analysis: It may be cliche but it’s true what they say: “Styles make fights.”. This had a little bit of everything. There was technical wrestling, strong style, brawling, King’s Road, and even a little high flying. This was a great showcase for the different styles of wrestling in one match and it ruled. Davey Richards has had a tremendous run since his return to wrestling on a full-time basis. Alex Kane showed me something here. Not only was he able to keep up with Davey, but he was also able to seamlessly move from style to style. I expected the swerve from Myron Reed but wasn’t expecting it here, nor was I expecting him to join BFC but I like it. Bomaye Fight Club having two out of three men’s singles championships and a new member, helps to establish it as a bigger deal and I can’t wait to see where this goes.)

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