6/30 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Sandman appears, Samoan SWAT Team vs. Los Aztecas, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


JUNE 30, 2022 (RECORDED)

MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-Jacob Fatu was shown outside of the 2300 Arena trying to sell items that he took from Cesar Duran’s office. He was joined by Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i. Fatu introduced the segment as “The Polynesian Chop Shop”. Finau tried to sell EJ Nduka’s chain and Calvin Tankman’s towel. Lance tried to sell a decoration that he jokingly referred to as “Microman’s mask”. Fatu offered up Duran’s fan and trademark bull statue. Cesar showed up and tried to shut down the operation. Cesar went to call the police. Fatu said that would be a bad idea. Duran agreed and suggested a match between the Samoan SWAT Team and his crew.

-Joe and Rich went over tonight’s MLW Fusion  card.

-Cesar Duran approached the ring, accompanied by Los Aztecas. Duran said this team was the most brutal and most vicious group of luchadors around and that Fatu would be no match for them. This immediately brought out the Samoan Werewolf. Fatu said that he never rolls alone and that he always has his family ready for a fight and called for Juicy and Lance. A ref entered the ring and a match was underway.


Lance picked up Los Aztecas #1 for a Samoan Drop and hit Los Aztecas #2 with a dropkick. Fatu joined the commentary team as Lance tagged in Juicy. Finau took out #2 with a running hip attack and flattened #1 with a senton. Lance tagged in and he and Juicy double-teamed #2.

After a break, Duran announced that this match is now a “no disqualification” match and a third member of Los Aztecas joined the match, armed with a chair. Los Aztecas #3 swung the chair at Lance but missed. Finau punched the chair, causing it to slam into #3’s head. Lance hit a superkick and Juicy followed up with a splash in the corner. Anoa’i connected with a coast-to-coast dropkick. Finau hit another corner splash, this time hitting the other masked men. Juicy got both of them up with a Samoan drop and Lance hit #1 with a big splash, getting the win.

WINNER: The Samoan SWAT Team in 2:30

-After the match, Real-1 (formerly nZo) attacked Fatu from behind and ran to the back as Lance and Juicy made the save.

(Analysis: This was a simple squash match but it did a great job of establishing the Samoan SWAT Team as a new group of heavy hitters in MLW. I like the team of Lance and Juicy. As a fan of the original iteration of this faction, this new generation is definitely an homage but is different enough that it has its own spin.)

-Los Maximos were in the back. The OGs of MLW officially requested a match against Hustle & Power for the MLW Tag Team Championships.

-Another Killer Kross vignette aired.

-A Richard Holliday video aired on MLW Fusion. The video was shot in black and white as Holliday spoke about how “clothes do not make the man, the man makes the clothes.” Richard said that he appreciates the cut and the stitching but he has come to appreciate color…particularly the color red. The camera zoomed out showing blood stains all over Holliday’s suit. Holliday said that the reason that he appreciated red, was because of Alex Hammerstone and that it was Hammerstone’s blood on his suit. Holliday closed the segment by saying that seeing and tasting Hammerstone’s blood unlocked a new side of him that he didn’t know existed and that he will take things to a new level when they have their match.

-It was announced that MLW will have a line of action figures available soon.

-Myron Reed was speaking with Davey Richards. Richards complemented Myron on his training lately and suggested that they have a match, in the spirit of competition. Reed looked incredibly nervous and replied only with, “maybe”.


Right as the bell rang, all six participants of the match began to brawl. Arez and Mini Abismo Negro double teamed Micoman as Holidead stomped away at Taya.Holidead shot Taya into the opposite corner and charged into her but Taya caught Hollidead with a big boot. Taya connected with a spear, causing Holidead to roll away, tagging in Arez. Valkyrie tagged in Lince.

The two luchadors traded counters until Arez caught Dorado with a dropkick. Arez tagged in Abismo and they double-teamed Lince with a series of combination strikes. Taya tried to make the save but was cut off by Arez. Abismo took out Lince. Arez and Abismo set their sights on Microman and brought the micro luchador into the match. Arez held Microman in place as Abismo hit Microman with a superkick. Lince flew into the ring and rolled up Abismo, getting a two-count. The two members of Strange Sangre went for another double team but Dorado hit Arez and Abismo with a double stunner.

Microman took out Abismo and Arez with a handspring double arm drag. Microman followed up with a double head-scissors takeover. Holidead entered the ring and hit Microman with a kick to the head. Taya got involved, hitting Holidead with an STO. Out on the floor, Strange Sangre chased Microman around the ring. Microman crawled underneath the ring. Arez and Abismo tried to drag Microman out but found the Blue Meanie instead. Meanie fought off Arez and Abismo, giving Microman a chance to hit a splash on Abismo.

After a break, Holidead and Taya fought around the ring as Lince hit a trilogy of moonsaults on Arez. Dorado went for a cover but Abismo broke up the count. Microman hooked Abismo with a hurricanrana, getting the surprise three count.

WINNERS: Lince Dorado, Taya Valkyrie, & Microman in 6:37

-After the match, all of Strange Sangre swarmed the ring, taking out Lince and Taya. Microman tried to fight off the rudos but the numbers advantage was too great. As the four-on-one beatdown began, the Sandman came out to make the save with a kendo stick and six-pack in hand. Sandman shared some beers with the crowd and eventually entered the ring, ready to take on Strange Sangre. The ECW legend blasted all of the members of Strange Sangre with the kendo stick. Microman found another kendo stick and got some more shots on Strange Sangre. Sandman handed Microman a beer and they celebrated in the ring as the show went off the air.

(Analysis: It took months but there finally was an explanation of the rules! Of course, it didn’t matter much but getting some rules established was a nice touch. The match itself was OK but it seemed to be more of a setup for the post-match shenanigans. That being said, seeing Blue Meanie and Sandman made me smile, even if Sandman’s involvement was longer than the actual match. As a die-hard ECW fan, seeing MLW Fusion pay tribute to the promotion and the 2300 Arena was a cool moment.) 

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