7/27 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s report on return of Undisputed Elite, Jericho vs. Yuta, Gunn Clubb vs. Acclaimed, Hardy vs. Christian

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


AUGUST 3, 2022

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Jim Ross

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


-Excalibur and Tony Schiavone introduced the show.


Excalibur talked about Orange Cassidy & The Best Friends winning their match on Rampage, but said that’s not the whole story. Taz said he admires Cassidy’s “no hurry” attitude to getting to the ring. Excalibur said his pulse rate is so low it alarms the medical staff. As Lethal walked out to the stage with Sonjay Dutt and Satnum Singh, they aired a clip of Wardlow stepping up to defend Cassidy from a three-on-one situation after their match. Fans chanted “Freshly squeezed!” at the start.

Cassidy got in some hands-in-pockets offense including a kip up in the ring and a dive to the floor onto Lethal next. Cassidy slo-mo kicked Lethal on the ramp. As they were plugging what’s coming up on the show, Taz said he’d have an update on Team Taz later. Satnum Singh walked onto the stage. That caught Cassidy’s attention, so Lethal got in a cheap shot. The Best Friends came out with Chuck Taylor holding Trent Beretta on his shoulders; they were dressed up like a tall giant. Taz said Taylor’s head made for an interesting crotch area of the so-called giant’s body. Lethal stomped away at Cassidy’s ankle on the ringside steps and then dropkicked the stairs into his ankle. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Lethal stayed in control during the break, but Cassidy made a comeback right after the break. Lethal yanked Cassidy off the top rope with a Dragon Screw and then applied a figure-four. Cassidy rolled to the bottom rope to force a break. A few minutes later Cassidy’s leg gave out to stop his rally. Lethal smiled and took his time taking advantage, so Cassidy hit a Beach Break for a near fall. Cassidy limped to the corner and went for an Orange Punch, but he was still hobbled. Lethal kicked his leg and then landed his Lethal Injection for the win.

WINNER: Lethal in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match.)

-Right afterward, Dutt walked out. He put his arm around Lethal and brought up Wardlow coming out after the match on Rampage last week. Fans began chanting “Wardlow!” Dutt told the fans to shut up. Lethal said Wardlow came out to protect his new friend Orange Cassidy. He said he’s going to put the figure-four on Cassidy now and break his leg unless Wardlow stops him. Taylor and Beretta ran out; Wardlow followed. Dutt challenged Wardlow to put his TNT Title on the line at Battle of the Belts III on Saturday night. Wardlow breathed in the crowd chants, then accepted the challenge.

(Keller’s Analysis: Wardlow is still just “okay” on the mic with his inflection and mannerisms. Dutt is trying to be annoying, and he’s succeeding, but I’m not sure his overall character is established enough to provide any context for what he’s offering Lethal or why fans should dislike him short of his whiny, sniveling, somewhat generic promos.)

-A video package aired from last week of Hook beating Ricky Starks to win the FTW belt.

-As Adam Cole’s music played, Taz said he was proud of Hook and didn’t know it was going to go down like that.Cole was joined by The Young Bucks, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Brandon Cutler. Cole said it feels great to be back in the ring, but he’s not medically cleared yet. He said he’s had time to process a lot of things including the success Undisputed Elite have had. He said he’s been thinking of ways they can improve, which is what a leader does. He said the five of them have great talent. He said he thought a lot about loyalty. He said he came to AEW because of the Young Bucks. “That is loyalty,” he said. He said he has traveled the globe with O’Reilly and Fish. He said loyalty is power and success and everything.

He shifted to the Trios Title Tournament. He told Matt & Nick Jackson that he’d love for the Undisputed Elite to be winners of the tournament, but if he and O’Reilly aren’t medically cleared, and they don’t choose Fish to be their partner, they can’t do the tournament. Nick and Matt didn’t like being dictated to. Cole saw their reaction, then said he didn’t choose his words carefully. He said what he meant to say is they, too, won’t be physically able to be in the tournament. O’Reilly and Fish attacked the Bucks. Cole joined in. Hangman Page ran out with a pipe in hand and made the save. Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish fled. Fans chanted “Cowboy Shit!” Excalibur asked if this was the reunion the fans have been clamoring for. Hangman offered his hand to help Matt to his feet. Matt accepted. Hangman turned and left. The announcers wondered if The Elite is back.

(Keller’s Analysis: This was forecast last week and was executed suitably enough here. The dynamic with Cole and the Bucks has been muddled for months so this didn’t feel like a red hot turn. It’s not clear if Cole was lying about not being cleared or not for the Trios Tournament. The Bucks seemed fine enough after the beatdown so maybe The Bucks & Hangman win the six-man titles and then when Cole & O’Reilly & Fish are ready, they’ll be their first challengers.)

-They went to a promo from Jon Moxley talking backstage about Chris Jericho vs. Wheeler Yuta, with the winner getting a title shot next week against him. He said people are asking who he hopes wins. He said he doesn’t care, and that’s not a stock answer. He said when the bell rings, he is trying to hurt his opponents and paint the canvas with blood and litter the ring with teeth. He when BCC is all said and done, they’ll make the Hart Dungeon look like a day care. He said whoever wins better show up next week ready. “This is my life, and when you step into the ring with me, this is not a game.”

(Keller’s Analysis: More excellence from Moxley there.) [c]

-Schiavone interviewed Christian Cage backstage. He said Jungle Boy was raised by horrible human beings. He said he brought his personal life into it, which he’d never do. JB then sped into the garage and ran out of the car and went after Christian. Security pulled JB away. Excalibur announced that Christian would face Matt Hardy again later.


After a couple minutes of back and forth action, Storm and Rosa isolated Hayter in their corner and tagged in and out against her and did some tandem moves. Hayter distracted the ref as Baker interfered against Rosa from the ring apron. They cut to a break with the heel duo in control. [c/ss]

After the break, Rosa made a sudden comeback when Baker tagged in and gave her a Death Valley Driver. Rosa tagged in Storm. Rebel stood on the ring apron and distracted Storm. Baker, meanwhile, raked the eyes of Rosa and threw her out of the ring. She then climbed to the top rope and delivered an Air Raid Crash. Hayter tagged and covered Storm. Rosa broke up the cover. Storm caught Baker with a DDT. Hayter gave Storm a backbreaker. With all four down in the ring and slow to get up, fans chanted “This is awesome!” Storm landed hip attacks in opposite corners. Hayter then surprised Storm with a clothesline for the win.

WINNERS: Baker & Hayter in 13:00.

-A video featured aired announcing that Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti were away this week because they were in Paris. They showed footage. Eddie Kingston interrupted the video backstage and said nobody cares that they’re getting married. He said money won’t buy him health, and then told Guevara to sign a contract to defend his TNT Title against him at All Out.

-A video package aired with Powerhouse Hobbs turning on Ricky Starks last week.

-They went to Taz who said he didn’t know that was going to happen last week. He said he’s out of the loop, and so he’s disbanding Team Taz. He wished Hobbs, Starks, and Hook the best, but said he’s done with them.


Hobbs carried himself with more menace on his way to the ring and, thankfully, wasn’t leaning hard on that half-lip snarl thing he’s done in the past. Hobbs attacked Jones at the bell. He hit Jones with an Oklahoma Stampede and then a short-arm clothesline. Schiavone said Hobbs must’ve had some deep seeded hatred for Starks to do what he did last week. Taz said none of them know.

WINNER: Hobbs in 1:00.

-Starks charged out and attacked Hobbs. Fans cheered. Starks shoved the ref when he tried to separate them. Hobbs took that opening to give him a spinebuster. He left the ring as his music played.

-A vignette aired with Miro. Miro said a female has been visiting him and telling him things. He said everyone reveals themselves and soon The Redeemer will too. [c]

-A vignette aired with Darby who told Brody King to remember he’s the one who asked for the match. He said next week the last thing he sees will be his hand before he slams the coffin door shut.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m enjoying the brief vignettes and recaps throughout this show. It just flows better with the variety of settings, everything has been produced well, nothing overstayed its welcome, and it serves to build matches and characters plus just refresh people’s memories of key happenings over the last week or so.)

-Jim Ross made his entrance to his theme song as Justin Roberts introduced him. He joined the announcers on commentary.



Hardy knocked Christian to the ring apron and the floor, then went after him there. Back in the ring he stayed in control and rammed Christian’s face into the turnbuckles. Fans chanted “Delete! Delete!” Hardy landed a powerbomb for a two count. Christian rolled to ringside. Christian shoved Hardy back-first into the ringside steps and took over offense. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Back from the break, Hardy scored a near fall after a superplex. Hardy backdropped Christian off the top rope a minute later, then landed a second rope flying elbowdrop for a near fall. Christian came back with a diving headbutt for a two count. Hardy landed a Side Effect, then put Christian on a table at ringside. Fans popped. Hardy went for a flying elbowdrop off the ring apron, but Christian moved and Hardy crashed through the table. Back in the ring, Christian hit the Kill Switch for the win. Ross said Christian is probably the least-liked wrestler in all of AEW.

WINNER: Christian in 11:00.

-Afterward, Christian pulled two chairs out from under the ring and slid them into the ring. Christian put Hardy’s head on a chair. Luchasaurus walked out to his music. Christian stopped what he was doing and looked concerned. Jungle Boy entered the ring from the other side and went after Christian. Christian ducked and fled through the crowd. JB’s music played as Luchasaurus lurked at ringside.

(Keller’s Analysis: They kept it ambiguous whether Luchasaurus is actually on JB’s side. Good match between these two.)

-Schiavone interviewed Danny Garcia, who said there was nothing ambiguous about last week’s outcome. He said he tapped out the American Dragon. He said he can have another match when he’s ready and he will slay the Dragon again. [c]

-Excalibur narrated clips of Pac defending his All-Atlantic Title in Europe. It included a person with a box over their head in the crowd following Pac around from match to match. Excalibur said they presume it’s Kip Sabian.

-Ethan Page was in the ring and said he was there to ask why he’s not on TV every single week and why doesn’t he have an action figure or have his face on the side of a bus. He said he deserves better. He got some cheers. He asked why they are cheering. He said the fans don’t buy his t-shirts, they buy Orange Cassidy t-shirts and C.M. Punk t-shirts and they believe Kingston’s b.s. He said the company is leaving money on the table every week he’s not on TV. Stokely Hathaway entered the ring as he ranted and asked what he was doing. Ethan said he needs his spotlight. Hathaway offered him his business card. Excalibur said Lee Moriarty accepted his card already. Ross asked what Ethan has to lose if he’s unhappy.

(Keller’s Analysis: The announcers didn’t bring up Scorpio Sky or Dan Lambert.)

-Schiavone interviewed Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Anna Jay. Mendard asked Schiavone if he wants to know what makes his nipples hard. Schiavone said, “No.” Menard said in one week, Jericho is going to become Le Champion for the second time. Schiavone said he has to beat Yuta first. Parker accused Schiavone of being a wise ass. Anna said she’s the newest member of J.A.S. and said she’s the sexiest and toughest. She threatened to chokeout everyone within her vision. She attacked and choked a staff member. Ross said, “What a way to go!”

-They went to the announcers for a brief reaction.

(5) AUSTIN & COLTEN GUNN vs. THE ACCLAIMED (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) – Dumpster Match

Justin Roberts stood mid-ring and introduced the Dumpster Match rules. Bowens bashed Billy Gunn on the stage with a trash can to the head. Colten ran up the ramp for the save. Bowens bashed him with a trash can. He did the same to Austin when he charged. Caster then asked for his music and rapped. He said, “We’ll make the Trash Boys retire like Vince McMahon” and “I’m more positive than Joe Biden’s COVID test.” Bowens then yelled, “The Acclaimed have arrived.” He tried to get a “Trash Boys” chant going. The Gunns took over control early.

The Gunns dumped The Acclaimed into the dumpster, but came up short of closing the lid. When the Acclaimed took the Gunns down, they cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

They brawled up the ramp after the break. Bowens put Colten on a table. Caster then leaped off the top of the tunnel and landed a Mic Drop flying elbow, shattering the table. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” The Acclaimed then put the Gunns in a trash bin and closed the lid for the win.  Taz said you can smell the stench from the trash bin. Excalibur said it was just the Gunns. The Acclaimed rolled the trash bin off the side of the stage and it tipped over.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed in 7:00.

-Excalibur noted that Mance Warner won a battle royal at Ric Flair’s Final Match event last Sunday, so he will face Moxley in a title match. He also hyped Madison Rayne will make her AEW debut, plus Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland face Tony Nese & Josh Woods. Then he hyped Battle of the Belts III’s main event featuring Claudio vs. Kenosuke Takeshita for the ROH Title. Claudio said he knows Kanesuke is waiting for his first big singles win in the U.S. He said instead it will be his first successful defense of his ROH Title. Also on Battle of the Belts: Rosa vs. Hayter and Wardlow vs. Lethal. Next he hyped next week’s Dynamite: Brody King vs. Darby, Lucha Bros. vs. Andrade & Rush, Jade Cargill’s open challenge, and Moxley’s title defense. [c]

(6) CHRIS JERICHO vs. WHEELER YUTA – Winner Gets AEW Title shot

Yuta came out first. Jericho came out to his music with Parker and Menard. Claudio came out to suport Yuta. Jericho pointed at Yuta, then slapped him. Yuta popped Jericho in his nose and took early control. When Mendard and Parks interfered, grabbing Yuta’s boot, the ref ejected them from ringside. Claudio chased them to the back. Jericho knocked Yuta off the top rope. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Jericho controlled during the break. Yuta made a comeback. Jericho took over again and applied a Walls of Jericho. Yuta forced a break when he reached the bottom rope. Yuta dove through the ropes and speared Jericho at ringside. He did it two more times in a row. Jericho caught Yuta with a Code Breaker mid-air for a near fall. Yuta raked Jericho’s face and then applied his own submission hold on the mat. Jericho broke free by grabbing the baseball bat and, as the ref threw it out of the ring, he gave Yuta a low blow. Yuta ducked a Judas Effect and leveraged Jericho down for a two count. Jericho applied a Lion Tamer in the ring and got a tapout win.

WINNER: Jericho in 13:00 to earn the AEW Interim Title match next week.

-Jericho held onto the hold after the bell. A second ref ran out to pry him off of Yuta. Moxley then came to the ring through the crowd to his music to save Yuta. Jericho retreated, but said Mox just opened Pandora’s Box. He said he asked for Lionheart Chris Jericho, he got it. He said he’s going to stretch the shit out of him and walk out as champion. He guaranteed it.

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  1. Not too shabby, Tony continues to remember he had employees before Vince started throwing mid carders at him. Now to just convince him the great Toronto show is in a horse palace that is 100 years old.

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