HEYDORN’S WWE NXT RECEIPT 11/15: Both title matches exceed expectations, but highlight lack of main event depth


Bron Breakker makes big challenge on NXT


This week’s episode of WWE NXT has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner was on the higher end of my expectations, but they were about as low as they can get. Von Wagner got some chants and cheers over Breakker and while it was likely meaningless, that’s not what you want to ear if you’re Breakker.

-Zoey Stark surprised on the microphone this week. I thought she struck the right tone, had the right content, and sold the angle from last week with Nikkita Lyons in a really strong way. She hasn’t shown this level of acumen on the mic, so it was a pleasant surprise and a good sign for her long-term potential with the company.

-Apollo Crews vs. Bron Breakker seems imminent at this point. That do anything for anyone? Crews will make Breakker look good in there, but he’s another opponent that just doesn’t have the credibility to be taken seriously as a threat.

-Indus Sheer have a long way to go in terms of becoming a viable tag team and a team with chemistry in NXT. That said, they freshen up the division because they are different and that goes a long way.

-Apollo Crews vs. JD McDonagh was a strong match, but highlights the lack of depth in terms of challengers for Bron Breakker. This is a big weak spot for NXT television at this point.

-Booker T aside, the contract signing between Carmelo Hayes and Wes Lee was the strongest segment on the show this week. Lee has figured out to play the sympathetic babyface and Hayes played really well off him in that role. They had chemistry and the match between both next week is appointment viewing.

-The Iron Survivor Challenge? I’m interested. I think the idea has potential in both directions. Crash and burn or a staple match for the brand. The determining factor will be just how many falls happen. Too many will alleviate the purpose of it all. If they can balance and tell a strong story, though, the match could help make someone. It will also be interesting to see which talents are in the match.

-By the way, Shawn Michaels had a pretty great cowboy hat on as he delivered the news of the Iron Survivor Challenge. And umm, its not on WWE Shop. What gives? Get Shawn that merch money, WWE!

-Say it with me now! “The Dyad needs a story. The Dyad needs a story. The Dyad needs a story.” Look, a group like that one can’t wander around aimlessly week to week. They have to be booked strong and booked opposite an opponent that can help showcase their strengths. The gimmick as an after thought in the mid-card is more comedic than anything else. Who they work with and where they work on the show will determine the success of the faction in the future.

-A better Last Woman Standing main event between Mandy Rose and Alba Fyre than I thought we’d see going in. The last man/woman standing stipulation is overdone as it is and while Rose and Fyre have done a nice job getting their feud to a point where this type of match felt right, there isn’t many places to go anymore with the match itself. Both women did a nice job building drama, but didn’t overdo it with the counting near falls. The match also had the big spot that’s essential to make it stand out.

-Isla Dawn debuted and helped give Rose the win. Fyre lost, but in losing, gets a new feud. Pretty much the only way to wrap this thing up even if it wasn’t ultra clean for Mandy.

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