12/13 NXT REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on Perez and Waller aiming for Rose and Breakker, Valkyria’s debut, Nile & Paxley vs. Toxic Attraction, Jones vs. Wagner, more


Full WWE NXT 6/13 match card


DECEMBER 13, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” (including me) to break down the show with calls and emails.

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-The show began with a video recap of Saturday’s Deadl1ne event, where Roxanne Perez and Grayson Waller won the Iron Survivor Challenge matches for shots at Mandy Rose and Bron Breakker, respectively, and The New Day defeated Pretty Deadly to become the new men’s NXT Tag Team Champion. If you’re VIP, you can check out our roundtable recorded just after the show for our full thoughts and if not, then go VIP today.

-Vic Joseph welcomed viewers with Booker T as they stood ringside next to the announce table. Perez was in the ring.


She thanked everyone as they chanted for her. A car started honking from outside. Waller drove up in a yellow Hummer, almost as loud as his shirt and himself, telling the camera it’s his time and to keep the camera on him. He entered through the crowd with a mic and said he’s going to show them a real superstar. Perez was just in the ring going hello, calling out his name, but he just kept talking over about how he made history. She yelled at him a few times and that finally got his attention as she told him to shut his mouth. He asked who interrupted her and then smiled at her. Perez said he wasn’t the only one on Saturday and yeah he won, but so did she and she did it before him. She said unlike him, she did it from the number one spot as the crowd went ooooh.

Waller called her Booker T’s favorite wrestler and adorable, but said she was first because she had to get home for bedtime where her mom was reading her a bedtime story while he was out there doing shoey after shoey after shoey (gross). He said she’s right about it being the biggest wins of their careers, but that she’s already peaked and can’t beat Rose. Breakker’s music hit and he said Waller’s wrong, calling Perez the ironwoman in NXT for going the full time and outlasting the competition. He entered the ring and said we just don’t give a damn about what Waller thinks because Perez is the future NXT Women’s Champion.

Waller said that’s wrong and he doesn’t care about anyone else. He asked how Breakker’s jaw is feeling, then said it’s not about how long you were in the match, but how many points you scored. He reiterated he scored two falls in 20 seconds and that he’s taking the title. He said he’s about making moments. Breakker said they should make a moment right now and literally chased him out of the area. Rose then suddenly attacked Perez from behind with the title and yelled that Perez will never be champion. She stood over Perez while holding her championship high.

-They cut to a video where JD McDonagh was being checked out by medical and McDonagh listed off the actual diganosis as written without looking at it, cleared to compete, then looked over and said that must be Julius Creed checking into medical again. Julius said they were good to go on Saturday, but McDonagh had to do that dumb thing to his knee so they won’t clear him. Brutus said since he tried to hurt his brother, he’s going to hurt McDonagh.

-Suddenly, Perez yelled out for Rose on the mic. She called out Rose for her title match tonight instead of at New Year’s Evil. Rose said she got it, and again we have a dumb babyface calling for their match after being attacked.

-Wes Lee was making his way from the back as he was suddenly attacked by Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. Tony D’Angelo egged him on as the camera hit the floor. They made their way to ringside.

(1) WES LEE (c) vs. CHANNING “STACKS” LORENZO (w/Tony D’Angelo) – Non-title singles match

Lee threw Stacks into the steps and then into the ring to officially start the match. He hit a bulldog out of the corner, but then ate a neckbreaker. Stacks, in black jeans and wrestling boots, hit a big rotating uppercut after sending Lee off of the ropes for a two-count. Lee began using his speed to avoid Stacks, then hit a head scissor and kicked out Stacks outside of the ring. He then hit a tope con hilo that was more back-on-ground than on Stacks, though Stacks tried to catch him. [c]

Stacks had a modified rear, well, face lock on Lee as they returned. Lee rose to his feet and hit some elbows to the gut, but Stacks sent him toward the corner. Lee stopped and hit a dropkick to the knee to send Stacks into the turnbuckle. Stacks came back with a kick, but Lee responded with his own before hitting the second rope. Stacks grabbed the leg and pulled, causing Lee to hit the back of his head on the top turnbuckle. Rose vs. Perez for the title was made official, then Stacks hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two-count.

Stacks grabbed a one-legged Lion Tamer, driving that knee into the back of the neck. Lee rose enough to get the knee out, but Stacks pulled him from the ropes and reapplied the knee to the neck. Lee was able to roll over and hit some kicks, but ran right into a pendulum backbreaker for a deep two-count. Stacks went to pull in Lee, but Lee turned it into a release teardrop suplex. Lee and Stacks then exchanged right hands to the face and body. Lee got the better and hit a rotating uppercut, spin heel kick, palm strike combo, snapmare, and basement dropkick to the neck. He hit a running enziguri in the corner, then a release German. He set in the corner and hit his back handspring Pele kick for the victory.

WINNER: Wes Lee at 9:53 (back handspring Pele kick)

-Dijak’s music hit as the Blade cosplay-inspired wrestler calmly walked to the ring. He stood on the apron, took off his sunglasses, and then D’Angelo attacked Lee with basically a cobra clutch urangae. He told Lee to keep his head on a swivel, then told Dijak he just did Dijak’s job for him. Dijake just glared at them as they walked away.

-Thea Hail and Andre Chase were walking in the back. They saw Duke Hudson shaking hands with Drew Gulak. Chase asked if Hudson is thinking about entering the transfer portal. Chase said he was wrong for blowing up last week and said he was wrong and Hudson was right. Hudson said to repeat it, and he did. Chase said he appreciates Hail’s enthusiasm, but she wasn’t ready. She agreed. Hudson said he’s not transferring and will be giving his opponent a “Chase U sized ass whooping.”

-Katana Chance and Kayden Carter made their entrance to join commentary. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: It was a fine match, not as exciting as most opening matches, but it was coming off of that opening segment that actually spanned multiple segments. Stacks is getting better, but Lee helped cover up some bad spots – like the neckbreaker early on. This little triangle they have probably results in a triple threat at NYE, but I think it would be better to have Dijak beat “The Don” and have a singles match with Lee at NYE.)

-Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley were in the ring as they returned, Toxic Attraction making their entrance after sans Rose, who was presumably preparing for her main event title defense.

(2) TOXIC ATTRACTION (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs. IVY NILE & TATUM PAXLEY – Tag team match

Nile and Jayne started, but it quickly became all four. The heels hit tandem superkicks, then threw their foes outside. Jayne hit a somersault senton to Nile off of the apron as Dolin hit a PK to Paxley, who was without her mask! The nose must be fully healed, but no Rip Hamilton situation here. Jayne taunted and slapped Nile, which is basically asking for a death sentence, then tagged in Dolin as they hit a quick double team for a two-count. Nile countered with a big elbow, but it’s not looking very fluid. Dolin hit an elbow and then her short-arm STO for a two-count, then tagged in Jayne.

They looked for a double team, but Nile countered with a simulatneous gut kick to Dolin and a straight right to Jayne. On the outside, she took out Dolin, but Jayne tossed her into the Carter & Chance at ringside. All six attacked with Paxley hitting a crossbody to two of them. Well, that was a waste of a segment.

WINNER: No contest at 2:29

-They showed Fallon Henley in the locker room on the phone with her dad as Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were there. She said it’s going to be tough with the bar. They said they have her back, and she said her dad’s looking into things. How much you want to bet one of the things he’s looking into involves Kiana James and whatever agency she’s running?

-They showed Von Wagner (w/Mr. Stone) and Odyssey Jones (w/EnofeBlade) making their way. [c]

-They returned saying the official theme of NXT is “Shredder.”

-They showed Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the back, talking about how Angela Basset is the definition of “good Black don’t crack.” Hayes told Williams not to listen to others; he didn’t miss, he just didn’t win. Williams looked like he wanted to believe, but then showed him being “posterized” by Axiom. He zoomed in to show Hayes with the :O face. Hayes said to delete the picture because he’s going to delete Axiom’s ass. Williams: “It’s on Twitter.”

-Wagner and Stone were in the ring. Jones made his entrance.

(3) VON WAGNER (w/Mr. Stone) vs. ODYSSEY JONES (w/Edris Enofe & Malik Blade) – Singles match

They locked up to begin, Wagner hitting a knee as Joseph called Stone a “bum ass James Bond.” Wagner called for a three-point stance, basically an Oklahoma drill, but was bowled over by Jones. Wagner hit a punch and went to the top to hit an ugly leaping clothesline that looked like it did no damage, but Jones bumped. Wagner hit a running kick to the head, then set and hit a running lariat to a kneeling Jones. For some reason, he thought this was the best time to apply a rear chinlock.

Jones rose and rammed him into the corner, but Wagner locked on a sleeper. Jones rammed him again, then hit his own set of lariats and a corner avalanche. Wagner hit an elbow, but then ran right into a World’s Strongest Slam. Jones set in the corner, but Stone grabbed sweater vest from them. He scrambled in the ring, distracting everyone, allowing Blade to hit Wagner with an enziguri. Jones hit a running splash for the win.

WINNER: Odyssey Jones at 2:54 (running splash)

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with Javier Bernal and she said in full transparency, she’s supporting Ikemen Jiro and while she’s unbiased 99 times out of 100, who doesn’t love Jiro? He said he’s going to do this for his Big Body Bandits, then Big Body Ballers as Mitchell said he’s anything but a baller. He said she’s right, then said Big Body Bulldogs because he’s a man of the people. He took credit for Georgia being ranked number one, then called them Big Body Believers. Mitchell said no one is believing in, “never mind, I hope Ikemen Jiro beats Big Body Javi, next.” [c]

-They showed a, sigh, Nikkita Lyons TikTok from Saturday.

-They were both in the ring.

(4) IKEMEN JIRO  vs. “BIG BODY” JAVIER BERNAL – Singles match

Bernal went quickly after, but Jiro dodged and gave him a chicken pose. Jiro popped up after being knocked down, then took the left arm and transitioned to a side headlock. He yelled chicken before smacking the hell out of Bernal, but Bernal hit a big left arm lariat. He hit a running bulldog out of the corner like Chris Jericho, but added a sliding lariat for a two-count. Bernal applied a rear chinlock as Booker T hyped Bernal, but not enough to be a “Big Body Believer.” Bernal hit a big back elbow to Jiro, sending him outside, then followed. He told the crowd to move like he was going to toss Jiro, but slid him into the ring. As he posed, Jiro hit a tope con hilo right onto Bernal. Jiro began his punches with the blazer, but ran into an elbow. He hit Bernal with an enziguri while sitting on the top rope, then hit an avalanche rana. He set and hit a running head kick that showed a lot of light because Bernal bumped too early.

WINNER: Ikemen Jiro at 3:15 (running head kick)

-Suddenly, Scrypts flew in out fo nowhere and attacked Jiro. He donned the blazer and climbed to the top, hitting his version of the seated Houston Hangover right in front of Booker T. Scrypts posed with the blazer.

-They showed the new men’s NXT Tag Team Champion, The New Day, making their way. [c]

-They returned with Wendy Choo saying she was just so relieved that Cora Jade didn’t win on Saturday because good things shouldn’t happen to bad people like Jade, harkening to Jade throwing the orange soda in Choo’s face during their match. Choo said she knows she’s done that before, but only to people who deserve it for being mean or degrading to others. She said she had friends who were just like Jade as a kid and was invited to a slumber party. She forgot an extra pair of clothes, but a girl threw a drink at her and she was so embarrassed. She said that feeling where you want everyone to like you instead of pointing at you and mocking you, that drink throw brought her back to that moment, feeling like she was two inches tall.


-They showed Perez pacing in the locker room

-Taylor gave The New Day an intro like she did Perez before their music hit. They entered, the third team to win the Tag Team Championship triple crown, as the crowd chanted for them.


Xavier Woods took the mic as only he holds and said ladies and gentlemen, it’s yo boys The New Day, and they’re the new WWE NXT World Tag Team Champion (hip swivels included). Kofi Kingston said aka tag team triple crowners, baybee! They entered the ring and Woods said Kingston is racking up accolades like crazy, becoming the first singles and tag team triple crowner. Wow, good for Kingston! Kingston also has the record with the most tag team title reigns in the company as Booker T said he has 16, so that’s not true. Kingston said he wasn’t going to say anything because he didn’t want Booker T to get any more salty, but he is!

He said as special as it is for him (“you deserve it” rang out), it was more special for Woods. They chanted for Woods. Woods said it is full circle considering he was in NXT a decade ago when it started and was actually the first NXT match ever, against Big E! A Big E chant then began. Woods said he was also the first person to graduate from the PC and go to Raw, but something always didn’t sit right with him in NXT: he never held NXT gold…”BUT LOOK AT YO BOYS, NOW!” Kingston said let’s get to celebrating and to hit that celebration music, but Pretty Deadly’s music hit instead.

Elton Prince yelled out “NO BOY!” Kit Wilson said they took their titles and ruined their Christmas. Woods said they would never ruin Christmas, Santa’s in attendance and they would never do that to him. A Santa chant started. Woods rubbed it in that England lost in the World Cup, then that Pretty Deadly lost. Kingston said he even out-twerked Prince in front of his home crowd. Prince said to please just stop talking and they just want a rematch. Woods said they’re all about it and Kingston said it’s because on Saturday, they made magic in the ring. He said he’s been telling everyone that they’re the future, “But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but,” they just have one small thing they need them to do for The New Day: recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

For some reason, Briggs and Jensen’s music hit. Jensen had the U.S. flag on a pole and entered the ring. They took the mics and congratulated The New Day. Jensen said if they’re giving out title shots for saying the pledge, then they’re in. The hell, they all (except PD) just recited the damn Pledge. That was not incredible, Kingston. Kingston said they’re going to look into Briggs and Jensen getting their title shot next week. What in the actual hell? The four then started signing the national anthem. Aiyah…

-They showed Rose warming up in the locker room as they hyped the main event, including the sneak attack from the opening segment.

-McDonagh made his entrance for his match with Brutus Creed. He had a little shiner under his right eye. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Sigh. I was hoping The New Day would bring a much-needed boost, but this segment is not what I had in mind. It started out fine, but the whole Pledge of Allegiance thing – and then just giving out a title shot to a team that hasn’t done much of anything recently – is just a bit much. I guess it’s some subliminal messaging for the Tribute to the Troops show on Saturday, of which an ad just ran. Just…sigh.)

-They returned with some of the women in the back, notably Elektra Perez, Amari Miller, and Lash Legend. Perez said she would have won the whole damn thing after berating Indi Hartwell. Suddenly, Hartwell kicked the hell out of Lopez. The other women separated them.

-Brutus Creed made his entrance with his brother.

(5) JD MCDONAGH vs. BRUTUS CREED (w/Julius Creed) – Singles match

They locked up, Creed forcing McDonagh into the corner, the latter climbing up. He came off of a rope run with a stiff forearm that Creed no-sold and asked for another. McDonagh obliged, then hit a bunch of chops and strikes and a dropkick, which Creed no-sold everything. He smashed McDonagh to the mat with one strike, then hit rights and lefts in the corner. He picked McDonagh and hit a bunch of mounted strikes. McDonagh recovered and sent Creed outside, then hit a shotgun dropkick from the apron, knocking Creed into the announce table, favoring the left arm. McDonagh slammed the left arm into the table and the apron, broke the count, then rolled out to send Creed back into the ring.

McDonagh went for an arm drag, but Creed countered and threw him outside. He hit one strike, then hit a standing German, flipping McDonagh. McDonagh snapped the neck on the top rope from the apron, then gave a PK to Julius. He dodged Creed, sending him outside, then giving him his own PK. McDongah grabbed a chair, but Sanga grabbed it as McDonagh tried to hit Creed. He then ran over Creed and hit Devlin’s Side on the outside. Back in the ring, McDonagh hit another for the victory.

WINNER: JD McDonagh at 4:18 (Devlin’s Side)

-Mitchell was in the back with Zoey Stark, asking about Lyons’ TikTok. Stark asked if she’s seriously asking about TikTok on her time, about clout chasers. She said here’s her opinion: Lyons is a waste of roster space. She said get Lyons in her ring, and she’ll bring the real talent.

-Lyra Valkyria’s debut vignette played once more as her debut is next. [c]

-They returned with an Isla Dawn video about her victory over Alba Fyre. She said stuff about spirits entering the ethereal realm or whatnot, that the winter solstice is next week, and that she called on the spirits to lend her strength with the elements. SHe said the black mist is something powerful and that under its influence, anything can happen – like the ending to the match on Saturday. “The Unholy Enchantress” said some more spooky stuff.

-Amari Miller, my number one pick for Valkyira’s debut opponent, was in the ring. Maybe I should bet on pro wrestling! The arena went black before lighting up for Valkyria’s music and entrance. She got the full cooking: lights, graphics, original yet generic music.

(6) LYRA VALKYRIA vs. AMARI MILLER – Singles match

The former Aoife Valkyrie quickly took the advantage, then egged on Miller to come at her. Her gear and demeanor is reminiscent of a face paint-less Thunder Rosa. She sent Miller off of the ropes, hit a leapfrog and duck under, then hit a huge kick to the head. There was still smoke around the ring during the match, which Miller was kicked into. Valkyria is really laying into her strikes, and it looks good. She tossed Miller back into the ring, but Miller fought back, sending her into a corner and ramming her head into over and over. Booker T: “You don’t want to touch a sista’s hair.” Valkyria countered, hit a beautiful bridging Northern Lights for a two-count, then sent Miller into the corner. She was tripped by Miller, then ate a running senton for a two-count. Valkyria caught a kick, then hit a stepover back kick. She climbed and hit a big frog splash.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria at 3:03 (frog splash)

-Mitchell was in the back with Axiom and that he stole the show, but Hayes is upset so they have a match next week. Axiom joked that he is very nervous about the match. He said as great as Hayes thinks he is, he isn’t so he’s not afraid. He told Mitchell to look deep into his eyes. She tried her best, then he said you can clearly see that he fears no one. He said after he beats Hayes, he’ll look just like this with a huge smile on his face. OK, that was a pretty funny segment.

-Chase U made their entrance. [c]

-They showed Jensen walking in the back as James approached. He took off his hat and asked if she’s talking to him. She said is there anyone else? He said there’s a Brooks in catering. James asked if he should be happy about the match next week. He said yeah, but nervous about Henley. She called over Gigi and gave him a nice dress shirt that fits for an early present. She said if he’s going to be a champion, he needs to look like one. He let slip about Henley’s parents’ financial problems. She left as Nile & Paxley broke down and fought out with Chance & Carter, then Toxic Attraction joined in.

-Damon Kemp was in the ring.

(7) DAMON KEMP vs. DUKE HUDSON (w/Andre Chase & Thea Hail) – Singles match

Joseph called Kemp selfish and self-centered. Hail was SCREAMING for Hudson at ringside. Kemp caught a leg and hit a trip, then mocked Hudson. Kemp worked the left arm, but Hudson spun out into a side headlock, then a running shoulder tackle and big bodyslam. Kemp rolled to the apron and hung up Hudson, then shoved him into the corner and hit a running neckbreaker. He mounted for strikes, then just shoved his forearm across the face a few times. Nasty. Hudson hit a few gut punches from his knees, then a rapid fire combo, but Kemp hit a big gutwrench suplex and a big shoulder tackle for a two-count. He immediately cinched in a rear chin lock. Gulak appeared at ringside as Chase got in his face and said Hudson is Chase U. Gulak said something I couldn’t hear and then backed away, but Gulak may have been there for Kemp after Saturday.

Hudson started hulking up, gave the U, then hit a bunch of punches and some running back elbows. He finished with a sidewalk slam. Hudson then hit a running corner clothesline and an overhead suplex. He hit some Dusty Rhodes punches and then called for the Chase U chants for some Chase U Music, uh, Chase U Fight Song? He hit the running boot for the victory.

WINNER: Duke Hudson at 3:53 (running boot)

-They showed Perez making her way as she worked out her right arm from the attack earlier in the night. Rose was next. [c]

-They returned with a countdown video for…the January 10th show. Joseph then hyped next weeks matches, including Axiom vs. Hayes, The New Day defending against Briggs & Jensen, and I think a triple threat with the three women’s teams.

-Perez made her second entrance of the night, saying it’s her time. Joseph said this is the biggest moment of her career and Booker T said a moment is something that is there and gone just like that…yeah, that’s what a moment is, Book. He discussed her being ROW and ROH Champion, and that he feels like she’s going to make history again. Rose made her entrance next. After formal introductions, the bell might ring at about five minutes until the top of the hour. Taylor gave formal introductions from the ring, ref Daryl Sharma on the call.

(8) MANDY ROSE (c) vs. ROXANNE PEREZ – Women’s NXT Championship match

The bell rung with about five-and-a-half minutes until the top of the hour. Rose quickly worked the arm and taunted Perez. Rose is about a head taller than Perez. Perez hit a stiff shoulder tackle, then cartwheeled over a dipped down Rose, bowing in taunt to Rose. However, Rose came back and hit a big dropkick for a two-count, then immediately grabbed the arm. Still, Perez came back with two deep arm drags, holding on after the first. Perez went for a wheelbarrow, but Rose blocked only for Perez to roll through into a in for a two-count. Rose sent Perez into the corner, but Perez dodged and Rose hit the post, rolling outside. Perez hit a lope, then a measured spin kick to the gut. She went for Pop Rocks on the outside, but Rose countered and shoved her into the steps. [c]


Rose was holding an arm lock to a seated Perez as they returned. After zooming in, it’s a modified Americana. Perez rolled out and hit a jawbreaker, but held the arm. She came off of the ropes and went for a side Russian leg sweep, but Rose grabbed the affected arm and prevented it only to wat a big dropkick from Perez. She hit a running uppercut with the right arm that also has the tape, but ate a kick. She came right back and hit Rose while Rose was on the top, then climbed and hit an avalanche rana…the second of tonight’s show for a two-count. Rose then hit her inverted sidewalk slam thing for a two-count. She set for Kissed by the Rose, but Perez rolled her up for a two-count. Rose kicked out into a crossface, complete with the right arm trapped in the leg. Perez reached for the bottom, feigned tapping, then rolled back on Rose for a two-count, but Rose hit Kissed by the Rose! Perez then kicked out after a deep two-count! I mean, we all knew Perez was winning after making the challenge tonight. Rose berated Sharma a bit, then lifted Perez into a double underhook. She lifted, but Perez rolled her up for a two-count. Perez hit a quick spin kick to the gut and then Pop Rocks for the clean victory just like that.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 9:37 (Pop Rocks) to become NEW Women’s NXT Champion

-They showed replays after as Booker T reacted like a proud papa, saying, “We did it!” She posed with the title at the entrance as the Tron had her name and NEW NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION. Booker T just kept laughing as the show went off the air.

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was a good match, and props to Rose as I keep saying, regardless of what you think about her character and skills, she won most of her defenses clean with her finisher. Her finisher had been one of the most protected in all of WWE – until tonight. Her reign will probably be looked at as one of the two worst for the Women’s Championship alongside the then Raquel Gonzalez, but it’s also the title that may have had the strongest lineage in WWE’s modern history, so that’s not too big of an insult. 

They made the right decision in holding off on Perez’s coronation until now rather than after the Breakout Tournament because not only was she unprepared – as we saw with some of her growing pains in the coming months – but I don’t think the fans were prepared to accept her quite yet as the title holder. The journey is what helped, not to mention being involved with Rose and Toxic Attraction either directly or tangentially the entire time. Rose seemed like the only possible choice as the dethroner ever since her debut, really, but it just took a little longer than some of us anticipated. I’m hopeful she has a nice reign as there are a bevy of heels in the women’s division to work with, including her eternal rival in Jade.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well, that first hour was rather tepid coming off of Saturday’s great show, and the second hour started off iffy with The New Day segment, but the rest of the show picked up and had some noteworthy moments, topped by Perez’s ascension to champion. There were other stories that had a few more, if not chapters, at least paragraphs written tonight in those backstage segments, and this is something NXT has done really well since Shawn Michaels took the helm. There are a few good matches to look forward to next week, including at least one title match and Hayes vs. Axiom, which should be an absolute, in the words of Sheamus, banger.

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  1. “They returned with a countdown video for…the January 10th show.” – I think that was also a tease for the return of Tiffany Stratton?
    I think everyone should be very cautious about referring to the New Day as “boys,” by the way.

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