1/18 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight, Darby Allin vs. Kushida, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JANUARY 18, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


As the match started Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh walked down the stairs and sat front row. Jay Lethal then took down Orange Cassidy, Cassidy then stood up and got wrist control and tried for a press pin. Lethal went onto the apron and threw Cassidy down to the floor. Danhausen then acted like and usher and checked the groups tickets, then The Best Friends walked and took seats next too Jarett and company.

The match resumed action and Lethal stepped on the throat of Cassidy, then continued the assault with a snap suplex and a two count pin. Lethal went to the top rope, Cassidy rolled out of the way. Lethal tried all four top ropes until finally jumping, Cassidy got his foot up and blocked the attack. Cassidy was able to counter more moves by Lethal, then hit a DDT for a two count on Lethal.

Cassidy went to the top rope, but he was caught by Lethal for a Lethal Combination. Cassidy countered and tried for an Orange Punch, Lethal dodged and hit a Lethal Injection. The groups in the seats distracted the ref, Jarret gave Lethal a guitar, Danhausen stole it and ran off. Cassidy hit an Orange Punch and pinned Lethal.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: A LOT going on here, most of it okay and fun. It just feels like everyone involved is in the fun light hearted sports entertainment part of AEW and should be viewed that way, including the All-Atlantic title.)

-The Best Friends celebrated in the ring after the match.

-A nice video package for the main event Darby vs. Kushida was shown.


Dante Martin and Nick Jackson started the match, Nick got wrist control. From here, Dante did a standing flip to try and break the lock. Darius and Matt entered the match, with Darius being the one in control. Dante tagged in and the Martin brothers teamed up on Matt. But, he countered and The Bucks teamed up on Darius and hit a combo stomp then Nick hit a backstabber on Dante. [c]

Dante Martin countered and tried to tag in Darius as the show came back, The Bucks continued to team up on Dante. They hit a Risky Business on Dante for a near fall. Dante hit a springboard double arm drag and then a leaping move and finally tagged in his brother Darius. He proceeded to lay out Matt the legal Buck and then knocked Nick off the apron.

Darius slammed Matt and then hit a dive out to Nick, Darius then hit a rebound Spanish Fly for a two count pin of his own. Nick was legal and hit a super kick on Darius, Dante blind tagged in. Then Matt blind tagged in as well. A driver by The Bucks was stopped, then Top Flight hit a powerbomb nosedive, the pin was broken up by Nick.

Nick then had a near fall on Darius Martin, both Bucks were in the ring and they hit the doomsday device for a near fall that was broken up by Dante. Dante then tried a springboard dive, but ate two super kicks. The Bucks went for a BTE Trigger, but Darius dodged and rolled up Matt for the pinfall. [c]

WINNER: Top Flight

(Sage’s Analysis: A surprising finish that some of you called today on YouTube. Does this set up a trios match or set up Top Flight for a tag title match?)

-The Gunns came out when The Acclaimed were announced, Austin and Colton walked down to the ring. They said that they were embarrassed on national tv, they said they made The Acclaimed popular and tag team champions, and they even gave them their dad. Max and Bowens walked out and The Gunn’s cut the music. Max Caster got the music back and rapped. The four men then fought in the ring. Billy tossed Caster and Bowens off of his sons as The Gunn’s retreated. Billy got on the mic and tore down all four of them and said that they would be all sitting down next week.

-Adam Page was backstage, he was asked how he was feeling. Page said fine physically, he feels like he has a part of him back after the win over Moxley. Page was asked about his dynamic with Moxley, he said that he makes him better and would gladly do that fight again. Page said that he wants to mend some fences next.


Jake Hager charged at Ricky Starks and locked up and threw Starks into the corner, he then was handed his hat and put it on. Starks hit a kick and chops then hit a knee kick and walked the ropes with wrist control, Hager pulled him down but was pushed outside the ring. Starks then tried a dive, but was caught by Hager. Starks was then tossed into he ring post and then slammed around on the outside. [c]

Hager had a power bomb set up, Starks got out and kicked Hager to the outside. Starks took out Daddy Magic and then hit a crossbody on Hager, then a clothesline. Hager went for a Hagerbomb, Starks got his feet up and then hit a DDT for a near fall. Starks then hit a spear for the pinfall.

WINNER: Ricky Starks

(Sage’s Analysis: A totally fine match that continues the story of Starks taking out JAS, I Like The Match!)

-A recap of Adam Cole’s return last week was shown. [c]

-Jericho was backstage he said that Starks has been beating JAS. He said next week it would be Jericho and Guevara vs. Starks and Andretti. Guevara said he would give his spot to Garcia if he wins on Friday.


The crowd cheered for Bandido to start the match, Bryan Danielson tried for wrist control and let up as each man circled one another. Both went to the mat, Danielson tried an arm bar then transitioned into leg submissions. That was until he tried a rolling pinning attempt on Bandido.

Each man stood up, here Danielson did a gun gesture at Bandido. Each man tried a Romero special on each other, the both stood up and reset. Danielson hit a shoulder tackle, Bandido then dead lifted Danielson up and tried to submit him in the air. The men then traded a test of strength, Bandido then locked in a wrench hold and then hit to dives out onto Danielson. [c]

Both men traded chops and slaps when full screen returned. Bandido hit a thrust kick when Danielson did his corner flip, Bandido then set up a delayed vertical suplex and hit it for a near fall. Bandido went to the top rope and went for a frog splash, but Danielson got his knees up. Danielson then applied a cross face and demanded Bandido to tap. Danielson pulled the arm going for the bottom rope, but Bandido got a foot on the bottom rope.

Danielson then laid in chest kicks, Bandido grabbed his leg on a running kick attempt. Bandido hit a go to sleep and then hit a 21plex, but Danielson flipped out mid air. Both men traded pins with Bandido getting a near fall. Bandido hit a combination, Danielson then countered and sent Bandido on the outside. Danielson hit a slide kick and then a knee strike off the apron, he then tossed Bandido back into the ring. Bandido then hit crucifix Spanish fly and then hit a 21plex flush for the near fall on Danielson.

Both men traded chops, slaps and kicks. Bandido tried for a brain buster, Danielson countered and tried to lock in an arm hold. Bandido picked up Danielson from that hold, Danielson got out and hit the running knee for the pinfall.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A fantastic match that started a bit slow, but was near perfect until the end. My only small note is that the victory didn’t feel as earned as a match like that deserved. Maybe this is the start of the running knee being a protect finisher?)

-MJF was on the video screen, he said Danielson has only been dealing with the masked Max. He said that no one wants to see the monster behind the mask.

-A video of Saraya, Toni Storm and Shida were backstage talking about the kendo stick incident. [c]

-MJF gave Brian Cage an envelope of money to hurt Bryan Danielson next week.


Willow and Toni shook hands to start, Toni got Willow in a side headlock and held that for several moments. Willow tossed Storm into the ropes, caught her and hit a slam and tried for a pin. Willow countered with a cartwheel and asked for another hand shake, this time Toni slapped her in the face and then sent Willow to the floor with a hip attack. Shida came down to the ring with a kendo stick. [c]

Storm had a full nelson applied, Willow countered out and then attacked Storm in the corner and then Willow dropped Toni and hit a spine buster after for a two count. Willow went for a cannonball, but Storm dodged and hit a hip attack then a DDT for a near fall. Willow pushed Storm out of the air and then hit a cannonball for near fall of her own. Saraya then got on the apron and distracted Willow. Storm then rolled up Willow for the pinfall.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match with a real story throughout. Willow and Toni are right up there as the best workers in the division right now. Saraya and Toni turning heel and not Shida was really surprising to me.)

-Saraya attacked Willow after the match and Storm joined in. Ruby Soho ran down and made the save, Shida remained neutral.

-Matches for Rampage and Dynamite were announced. [c]

-Konosuke Takeshita was backstage and called MJF an asshole.


Both men locked up in a collar and elbow, Kushida sat on the mat and invited Darby to attack, Kushida got brief control on Darby, then Darby did the same to him. Kushida then sent Darby down into the ropes once they traded strikes. Kushida hit a standing arm drag then a cartwheel dropkick. The match went to the outside, Darby threw Kushida into the barricade, then both men reentered the ring.

Kushida had Darby’s arm in-between both his feet and twisted his arm and shoulder. Darby caught a Pele kick and hit a Code Red for a near fall. Kushida was on the outside, Darby did a front flip to the outside. Keshida dodged and then hit a jumping arm breaker on Darby. [c]

Both men were trading slaps, Kushida tried a move and Darby hit a Scorpion Death Drop, but he was unable to cover and the ref started the ten count. Darby slapped his opponent, Kushida hit a front flip kick and then a knee strike off the apron, on the shoulder that Darby was selling. Both men battled on the apron, here Darby hit a stunner. Both men were on the floor after that.

Darby set up a chair and put Kushida in it, then he laid in forearms. Darby then jumped off top rope and Kushida moved oddly and Darby fell pretty badly. Kushida locked in an arm bar and then again on the top rope. Kushida hit a time splitter off the top rope. Kushida then tried for a Hoverboard Lock. Darby countered and hit a quick pin attempt for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Darby Allin

(Sage’s Analysis: I liked that match a lot, it started slow but was really good through most of the final ten minutes. I didn’t think these two had awesome chemistry, but they still made the match work.)

Final Thoughts: A really solid Dynamite with a 4+ star match in the Danielson/Bandido match. A lot of stories were continued and Top Flight got their biggest win ever. I was also really shocked who went heel in the women’s division, for the better. Saraya as a heel is the way to go.

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