WWE RAW RESULTS (7/8): Keller’s report on Money in the Bank fallout, Breakker-Sami fallout, Jey vs. Gable, Rey & Zelina vs. Dom & Liv, more

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


JULY 8, 2024

Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 7,601 tickets had been distributed; arena is set up for 8,432.



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-A video package aired with highlights of WWE Money in the Bank from last Saturday night in Toronto.

-They showed Damian Priest arriving backstage at the arena with the WWE Hvt. Title belt over his shoulder.

-C.M. Punk’s music played and he made his entrance. Michael Cole said Punk “screwed his arch nemesis out of the World Heavyweight Championship for the third time.” Pat McAfee, back on commentary, noted that Seth Rollins “is a little pissed at C.M. Punk as well.” He noted that Ottawa wasn’t, though.

Punk kneeled and said, “It’s been so long since I’ve been here.” He asked if it’s great to be alive in Ontario. He said he had a lot to get off his chest, but surprisingly the first thing he wanted to do was congratulate John Cena on his retirement announcement. He noted he has had harsh things to say about him in the past. He said he’d like to have at least one more match with him. He said Cena isn’t there, nor is Drew McIntyre. Fans booed. He said he wanted to look under the ring to see if he was lurking there. He said he has a million dollar body and a ten cent brain. He said Drew got himself suspended. He threw to a clip of Drew barging in on the post-show, shoving two referees down and then back-elbowing Adam Pearce. Pearce was enraged. (If only they cared as much about the security crew wrestlers constantly attack when they’re just doing their jobs!)

Punk said it’s unfortunate the ratings just took a dip because Drew was on TV. He said there are consequences for one’s actions. He said when you pick a fight with Punk, Punk fires back. “C.M. Punk is the consequences to all of your stupid actions,” he said. He listed the times Drew “blew it.” He said Drew will never be champion again as long as there is air in his lungs. He said what he did to Drew was just the tip of the iceberg. He said he wants to get his hands on Drew, but he can’t if he’s suspended. Punk said he was fined $25,000 for his actions at Money in the Bank, but it was money well spent. He said Drew got fined twice that. He begged Pearce to lift Drew’s suspension because the fans want to see him get his hands on Drew. “I want Drew McIntyre!” he said. He called Pearce to the ring to lift Drew’s suspension. Instead, Seth Rollins’s music played and Seth made his entrance.

As Seth made his way out, Punk visited with Cole and McAfee. He gave Cole a hard time for using his “government name” (“Phil”). Punk said McAfee never invites him on his show. Fans sang Seth’s song as Punk sat cross-legged on the announce desk. “Let me get this straight,” Seth said. “So now you want to sit on the sidelines?” He asked if he’s afraid he’s going to kick his ass. Punk got up and made his way to ringside. He picked up a mic and entered the ring. He told Seth to watch what he says because he won’t let him talk disrespectfully toward him. Seth sarcastically said he wouldn’t dare disrespect the best in the world.

Seth said he’s trying to understand why Punk’s statement that actions have consequences applies to everyone around him other than Punk himself. Seth said Drew had every right to cash in his MITB contract. He said he can’t wrap his head around Punk doing the one thing he told him not to do, which was sticking his nose in his business. Punk said he was handling his business. Seth said, “Right, right, right, of course.” Punk said he would’ve thought being a husband and a father, he’d understand. Punk said Drew is walking around with the name of his wife and dog on it. He said he’s going to get his pound of flesh.

Punk told Seth he has no quarrel with him. As he said if he somehow screwed things up for him and his pipe dream, he got irritated by Seth. “I’m trying to apologize to you,” he shouted with a sharp tone. “Pay attention, legitimately.” Seth told him to spit it out, adding: “I know apologizing’s not your forte.” Punk told Seth he was sorry and he didn’t mean to screw things up for him. He said he’s “a little snow-blind with rage.” He said because it’s Seth, he can’t really be that sorry, though.

Seth told Punk he always has an excuse. Punk said he always has an answer. Seth said he calls it gaslighting. He said nothing is ever Punk’s fault and he’s so smart, he has it all figured out. “You’re the kind of propaganda,” Seth said. “You have to be the dumbest smart guy I’ve ever met in my entire life.” He said the one thing that would make him the hero he thinks he is is that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Some fans cheered.

“So look, you can be a selfish bastard anywhere else,” Seth said. “You can burn bridges anywhere else. I’ll let it slide because I’m above you.” He said he was willing to let that slide until what happened Saturday. He said if not for Punk, he’d be the champion. He said now he’s out of cracks at that title. He said it’s not a pipe dream because for him, being World Champion is the most important thing in the business. He said Punk took that from him, so he’s going to take something from him.

He said if he wants to get a pound of flesh from Drew without regards to collateral damage, that won’t happen on his watch. “I could take a cheap shot at you right here right now, but I know your fragile little body isn’t at 100 percent,” Seth said. He promised that when he’s cleared, he won’t be able to say the name “Drew McIntyre” before he snaps his arm and puts him back on the shelf. “Actions have consequences,” Seth said. He dropped the mic and left as Punk soaked up his words

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s a hell of a segment. Punk and Seth were both strong making their cases for their recent actions. The crowd acted like their parents were fighting and didn’t seem excited to take sides, although Seth did get some cheers along the way. It’s interesting Seth got the last word and, mic in hand, Punk didn’t reply. I’m curious where this heading in terms of the timing of Punk’s opponents when he’s cleared. Seth was given latitude to go far enough that some fans might’ve felt things got more intense than just the planned storyline; it did so without going too far in that direction to become a lame worked-shoot.)

-They went to Cole and McAfee. Cole said he hoped McAfee’s family is doing okay. McAfee said his wife is and he’s pumped to be back on Raw. Cole hyped the mixed tag team match main event with Rey Mysterio & Zelina Vega vs. Dominik Mysterio & Liv Morgan.

-Backstage, Pearce apologized to Dom that he didn’t return his texts yesterday because he was dealing with Drew. Dom said he didn’t want to tag with Liv. Pearce said she requested the match and she said Dom would be happy about it. He said he’s not happy about it. After noting that Dom has interfered in recent Women’s Title matches, Pearce said he doesn’t give a damn about it, it’s signed and it’s happening. Pearce left and then Liv walked up to Dom. He rubbed his face and, in an exasperated toned, asked why she was doing this to him. She said she felt bad about last week and wanted to make it up to him. He said, “Fine; you just better make sure we win.” He told her they should talk strategy. She was very flirtatious.

-Jey Uso made his entrance. [c]


Gable’s ring entrance aired after the break. He was clutching his ribs. The bell rang 29 minutes into the hour. McAfee said he’s glad he wasn’t around for the situations with the Wyatt Sicks. Jey armdragged Gable over the top rope and then dove through the ropes at him. Gable caught him and gave him a belly-to-belly. They cut to a double-box break 90 seconds in. [c/db]

Gable controlled the match during the break. Cole said Gable didn’t treat members of the Alpha Academy well, but now he’s trying to butter them up now that he’s alone and facing the Wyatt Sicks situation. Cole wondered what Jey thinks about his former Bloodline and everything going on there. Jey went to the top rope, but Gable knocked him off balance and then applied an anklelock at 7:00. The lights then went dark. Gable dropped the hold and looked around. Jey speared Gable and got the pin.

WINNER: Jey in 7:00.

-Fog filled the ring and then Nikki Cross appeared at ringside. Gable scurried away and retreated up the aisle. Nikki then placed another box on the announce desk in front of McAfee, who was standing a couple feet away from the desk.

-Jackie Redmond interviewed Sheamus backstage. She said the scene at ringside was weird, and then she congratulated Sheamus on 15 years as a WWE Superstar. Sheamus said it takes that long to figure things out.  Bronson Reed interrupted and said they should be talking about him instead of being stuck in the past. Sheamus said he should know what happens when you rudely interrupt him. He said they should settle it in the ring like proper fellas. Reed said he’ll face him anytime, except tonight, because he’s going to beat up his mate Pete Dunne tonight. [c]

-They showed scenes of Ottawa.

-They went to Cole and McAfee at ringside. McAfee pulled a VHS tape out of the box and then handed it to Cole. He said he did his thing and he was done with it.


Reed came out first. Then Dunne. Cole noted that Tyler Bate suffered an injury last week on NXT. The bell rang 47 minutes into the hour. Dunne knocked Reed to the floor and then hit him with a flying forearm followed by a leaping moonsault press. They cut to a break at 2:00. [c]

Back from the break, Reed was in control. Dunne avoided a senton and took over again. He scored a two count after a running knee. Dunne yanked on Reed’s wrist while battling on the top rope. Reed shoved him down and then landed his Tsunami for the win.

WINNER: Reed in 8:00.

-Reed dragged Dunne to the middle of the ring. Sheamus then came out for the save. Dunne recovered and joined Sheamus in attacking Reed. Sheamus sent Reed out of the ring with a Brogue Kick and then he let out a yell. He hugged Dunne, but Dunne shoved him off. Dunne then left and Sheamus seemed perplexed. Cole said there is a story there because Sheamus walked out on the Brawling Brutes and Dunne hasn’t forgotten.

-Backstage, R-Truth, Miz, and Braun Strowman congratulated Sami Zayn on his win. [c]

-C0le plugged Summerslam in Cleveland as an aerial shot was shown of the city.


-Damian Priest was chatting with Finn Balor, J.D. McDonagh, and Carlito backstage when Seth approached Priest and asked if he had a minute. Priest asked his guys to step away. Seth said Priest was very lucky on Saturday, but also very good. He said Priest kept his word since his guys stayed out of it, so he’d keep his word and not go after the title. Seth said if he wants to keep his title, he has to be even better. Priest said he still has a lot to prove, so he’s throwing the gentleman’s agreement out the window. He said when he’s done with Gunther, just name the place. Seth offered a handshake. Priest shook it.

(Keller’s Analysis: They continue to lay the foundation for Priest to be a stand-up guy for him switching to a babyface role once he breaks up with Judgment Day.)

-They showed Zac Grown in the front row.

-Sami made his ring entrance. He said he was proud to stand in Canada’s capitol and represent Canada as a champion. He said Bron Breakker made the mistake of walking in with the impression that he was the underdog against him. Sami declared that he isn’t the underdog anymore. “I am a champion,” he said. Fans chanted, “Sami! Sami!” He said he has been defeating top-level performers in the ring for years and he should have earned a certain amount of respect in the ring. He said Breakker didn’t bring that respect to Toronto. He said it’s one thing to knock him down and another to try to keep him down. Breakker’s music interrupted.

As Breakker walked to the ring, Cole said he came up short for the first time since coming to the main roster. Sami asked what he was there for. “You looking for a fight?” Sami asked. “You looking for a rematch?” He asked if he was going to say anything or just stare at him all night. Breakker said he came out there to look the only man who beat him in the eye. He said he didn’t think it was going to be him. He said he’s a smart guy and he knows how this goes. He said there’s no reason for him to get a rematch for the IC Title, but he’s been thinking. He then speared Sami suddenly and pounded away at him. Referees and producers ran out and pulled Breakker away. Breakker began to leave, but then charged back out. Ilja Dragunov ran out and wanted to get at Breakker. Officials kept them apart, so Dragunov ran out to check on Sami. Cole said Dragunov has long admired Sami.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like that Breakker acknowledged that he doesn’t deserve a rematch. I was wondering how they were going to justify a rematch, if they were heading that way, and the tried-and-true approach over the decades has been to have the heel attack the babyface so the babyface insist on it.) [c]

-As Sami was getting examined backstage by trainers, Dragunov insisted to Pearce he wanted Breakker in a match. Pearce gave it to him tonight.

-They went to Cole and Breakker at ringside. Cole said it was bittersweet night on Saturday because “the greatest of all time” announced he was hanging up his boots. A video package aired with big corporate media headlines covering the news of John Cena’s retirement announcement.


Cole noted that Balor and McDonagh grew up in the same area of Ireland and that Balor trained McDonagh. As Truth rapped and Miz danced, the heel trio attacked them. Braun ran out to even the numbers. Miz and Truth gave Attitude Adjustments to Balor and McDonagh in the ring. Cole noted it was an homage to Cena. Braun threw Carlito into the ring and the bell rang 22 minutes into the hour. Truth slammed Carlito. With Truth, Miz, and Braun in control, they cut to an early double-box break. [c/db]

The heels took over during the break. McDonagh took a cheap shot at Braun on the ring apron and smiled. Miz leaped and tagged in Braun. McDonagh begged off, but Braun tossed him around roughly. Braun then chokeslammed Balor when he tagged in. McDonagh and Carlito broke up the ref’s count and attacked Braun. Braun powered up and knocked them both down. Fans cheered. Truth asked for a tag. Braun tagged him in. they ran around the ring, arms hooked, and knocked Balor down. They kept running and knocked Carlito down. They played to the crowd. Braun then chased McDonagh through the crowd. Truth asked the crowd, “What’s up?” They didn’t answer, but just repeated the question. Miz told Truth to pay attention to the match. Balor dropkicked Truth into Miz in the corner. He followed with his Coup de Grace for the win.

WINNERS: Balor & McDonagh & Carlito in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: So are we heading toward a Miz heel turn against Truth?)

-Pearce told Punk that his issue is that he’s “half the problem and not medically cleared.” He said he’s frustrated and it has to stop. He asked Drew if he’s in a place mentally where he can even be professional at all. He told Punk to stay home next week. Pearce said Punk he didn’t start it, but he likes to stir it up, and if he doesn’t stand back, his chance to get a match with Drew and his title aspirations are out the window. Pearce asked Punk to let him deal with Drew. Punk said he would go home and work on getting cleared.

-They showed Rey and Zelina chatting backstage. [c]

-Cole hyped Undertaker’s “One Man Show” Summerslam weekend.

-Liv asked Dom to work on double-team moves. Dom resisted and reiterated he didn’t even want this match. He said all he wanted to do was beat his dad. She shoved him down onto the couch and stretched his leg while leaning into him. He said it felt good. Priest walked in. Carlito, Balor, and McDonagh peeked around the corner like voyeurs. Carlito said, “That’s cool.” Priest asked what was wrong with him and said he should’ve put an end to this by now. “It’s not that hard,” he said. Carlito looked at Dom’s crotch and said it looked hard to him. Dom said to Priest, “You’re just like my dad.” Dom said he’s going to put an end to her. Priest told Balor, “That kid is going to learn something about consequences.” Priest said he had a secret he was going to keep to himself that Dom would find out about soon enough.

-They went to Cole and McAfee who threw to the latest from the Wyatt Sicks.

-Uncle Howdy asked Bo Dallas to talk about his family. Bo said he gave them a purpose. He said they are so happy that he remembers them. He said being a glutton for punishment doesn’t make abandonment feel any better. He said grief is the price you pay for love. He said now they must set the captives free so they need no master. They showed images of the other members of the Wyatt Sicks. Bo asked if he thinks they’re sick. The distorted voice said, “Yes, I do.” Bo said, “Then sick is what we’ll be.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Bo is rising to this occasion with his performances in these videos.)

-The camera was showing Pearce for no particular reason backstage when suddenly Gable yelled for him. He yelled at him for not doing anything about the Wyatt Sicks who are clearly focused on him. Pearce asked why they’re focused on him. Gable said he’ll take care of it his way and then said he’ll expect an apology from everyone after that. He asked for a vacation after all he’s been through. When Pearce opened his office door, Bo Dallas was sitting there and looked over at Pearce and smiled.


As Breakker came out, Cole said Breakker was in a bad mood after Sami beat him. Breakker happened to be smiling widely as he said that. The bell rang 51 minutes into the hour. Breakker gave Dragunov a released Germans suplex out of the gate. Cole talked about Ethan Page becoming NXT Champion at Heat Wave on Sunday. They cut to an early break with Breakker in control. [c]

Dragunov made a comeback at 7:00. He landed a senton off the top rope for a two count. Fans chanted, “This is awesome!”


Breakker made a comeback and dropped Dragunov onto his knees for a two count. Breakker drove Dragunov upside down into the corner. Dragunov fought back and slapped Breakker off of him. He then blew Breakker a kiss and went for a Coast-to-Coast. Breakker moved. McAfee said he shouldn’t have been blowing kisses. Breakker charged at Dragunov at ringside, but Dragunov caught him with a boot to the face. Breakker threw a chair at Dragunov. Dragunov sold it with his arm shaking.

WINNER: Dragunov via DQ in 11:00.

-Breakker attacked Dragunov afterward. Sami charged out for the save. He clotheslined Breakker over the top rope to the floor. Fans chanted “Sami! Sami!” As Sami checked on Dragunov, Breakker yanked him to ringside and threw him into the ringpost and then into the crowd. Dragunov went after Breakker, but Breakker threw him over the announce desk. Breakker then stood on the announce desk and let out a yell. Cole said Breakker is “a dangerous, unpredictable badass.”

-A vignette aired with Priest talking about retaining his title. He said he didn’t ask for Drew cashing in or Punk interfering. Priest asked what champion hasn’t had controversy or interference affecting his title reign. He told Gunther to show up to Raw next week and confront him if he has something to say.

-Cole and McAfee chatted about Priest inviting Gunther to Raw. Then McAfee commented on a replay of Liv stretching Dom’s leg while gazing at another part of his body (his crotch).

-The ring entrance began for Damage CTRL. [c]

-Clips aired of last week’s angle with New Day and The Final Testament. Cole said Kofi Kingston suffered an AC joint sprain and could miss several weeks of action as a result.

-A promo aired with The Judgement Day laughing at Karrion Kross injuring Kofi. Kross said he won’t be able to play the accordion and laughed. Kross said he always thought Xavier Woods was a hell of a talent and noted that he even beat him, which Kofi couldn’t. He said he can create his own legacy or stick with Kofi. He said New Day is dead, and Xavier is the last to realize it.


The bell rang 17 minutes into the hour. They cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Valkyria landed a gut-wrench sitout powerbomb on Sky for a near fall at 7:00. Carter and Chance landed a double-team move on Dakota a minute later. Chaos broke out. Carter riled up the crowd. After the chaos, Sky landed an Over the Moonsault on Carter for the win.

WINNERS: Damage CTRL in 9:00.

-Afterward, Sonya Deville, Zoey Stark, and Shayna Baszler attacked Damage CTRL. The crowd wasn’t sure how to react. They took all three Damage CTRL members down with a series of signature moves.

-Cathy Kelley interviewed Zelina and Rey backstage. She asked if it’s an advantage that Dom didn’t want to team with Liv. Zelina said if not for Dom, she’d be champion. She said those two are a hot mess and they’ll be even more of a hot mess after they’re done with them. Rey said they need to put an end to this story and shut up Dom and Liv. [c]

-Cole touted headlines about Money in the Bank doing big business. Then he commented on a replay of the angle before the break.

-Redmond asked Baszler, Stark, and Deville about their actions. Gable was chatting with the Creed Brothers in the background. Baszer said they sent a message to the entire locker room who runs the Women’s Division. Stark said they gave Deville a call because they were getting screwed over. Deville said this is a warning shot to the entire Women’s Division. Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre walked up to them and said it’s their division as long as they’re tag champs.

-Cole and McAfee threw to a video package on Gunther, noting he is getting a shot at the WWE Hvt. Title at Summerslam. He said he realized years ago he enjoys making people miserable. He said he restored honor and prestige to “this great sport” and that’s what on the line at Summerslam.

-Cole and McAfee plugged the Summerslam main event of Priest vs. Gunther. Cole plugged that they’d go face-to-face on Raw next week, plus Drew would return.

-Liv and Dom made their entrance. Liv was very excited and Dom looked something other than excited. [c]


The bell rang 45 minutes into the hour. At 3:00 Rey sent Dom head-first into Liv’s crotch. Dom rolled to the floor and looked grossed out. Liv met him at ringside and smiled and said she’s okay. They cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

After several more minutes of action, fans chanted “We Want Mami!” Liv gave Zelina three consecutive vertical suplexes and then danced like Eddie Guerrero. Zelina blocked an Oblivion attempt. They went to a wide shot of the crowd as Cole touted the “capacity crowd.” Rey and Dom tagged in and battled. Rey landed a springboard moonsault for a near fall at 11:00.

Later, Dom went for the Three Amigos on Rey, but Rey stopped it after one and then set up a 619. Dom caught his legs. Zelina then gave Dom a 619 to the crotch. Rey leaped off the top rope with a frog splash on Dom for a near fall, broken up by Liv. Zelina sent Liv into the ropes and gave her a 619 also. Liv knocked Rey off balance on the top rope. Dom then landed a top rope frog splash for the three count. Cole said that’s Dom’s first win over his father ever.

WINNERS: Dom & Liv in 14:00.

-A elated Dom smiled and hugged Liv. He then backed away when he realized the situation. Liv leaped into his arms and fell back. Dom leaned into her face and it seemed they might kiss. Rhea Ripley then walked out to her music. Dom and Liv sat up, wide-eyed. Liv rolled out of the ring and scurried away. Ripley confronted Dom in the ring. Dom hung his head. Fans chanted, “Holy shit!” Dom moved in for a hug, but Ripley shoved him aside as the show ended.

(Keller’s Analysis: Great closing moment. And a really clever way to have Dom embrace Liv since she helped him beat his dad for the first time.)



On the episode, Wade Keller will be joined by Chris Maitland from PWTorch to review Raw LIVE along with VIP member video caller, viewer emails, and chat room interactions plus an on-site correspondent. Join us and let us know your thoughts on Raw during the show.

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